Kim & VB - Paul Ryan roasts President Trump

At the annual Alfred E. Smith dinner, in which political roasts have become a tradition, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan took some shots at President Trump


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Breakfast with Kim in TV greedy that needs help there you know. Those are the marrow donor Boston's morning show WR TL. This too. I don't like to go back we'll solve. I had eighty quick reminder of which one I've done sooner. Resume hello this is the music version I'm sure because remembers he. All of our for the Muzak ones here. It a quick reminder that coming up at 9:30 this morning. Scott what is going to be with us we're going to be talking food like we'd like to do on Friday mornings I don't know what's Scott always kind of springs and honest at the last minute what he wants to talk about how many tell him I never have gotten more feedback from a top discussion that piano we've had with him and I did last week I am not a must be fast yeah I had more people talking to me about how. Roast beef places that they love as a result of that decision. It's worth I don't need is right I never gone to why not true but I almost I very rarely no pun intended. Go to a place to get a roast beef yeah. I him in the minority in the North Shore people still absolutely and they can't tell you what was your favorite is I think I might I need to hit while premier was most on are you ordering all yet. And what you've got to do that I indeed do certain roles that it can if it's not some people it is not an unusual it's moderately in portrait like a glove on a roll now is that true Padilla. Anyway. Right so I'll last night we had we had sort of a roast if you will or is bigger don't you remember last year. Hillary and trump both were making jokes at the Al Smith dinner in trumpet and trouble to some people thought he went too far I actually liked most of his jokes. And Hillary's retain and some of them are funny actually believe or not these trump which of course she's a drum what's the statute so most people look at the statue of liberty and see a symbol of freedom train accidents. There's more right we have a very funny joke this is also the dinner where I'd I I remember very clearly. Deborah how this was so ho analyzed all the body language and all the stuff going on at this dinner and you know also walked over to her involved blonde. Any interest of equal time that was one Hillary joked one trump joke which got eviscerated for an eye that was a great line is. I love being Erica is Hillary's here pretending she's a Catholic yes and I thought the core children get why that was a problem right. But nonetheless people found an issue we've had so anyway. Paul Ryan the speaker of the house where I know Ryan as you like to call him he was the guest of honor a last night so. We dad. Why did not funny guy and he's good he's a nerd yes he's he's on his geek so he's got to now trying be funny that's a problem. Sort of all he's got a trying to be funny knowing that trump is watching so do you make trump jokes Ryan decided to. So here's what I'm gonna ask you guys you haven't heard these yet we're gonna play some of these jokes. Any aren't they funny. Deep what you have delivered the kill a quick door wouldn't you have to ask the is the game right here's Paul Ryan had the Al Smith dinner first joke lightning. I wake up in my office and I scroll Twitter to see which tweets that I'll have to pretend that I did not see you later on food. He's had a funny alliance not a as I like it would sure delivered dad Joseph yeah I think it's OK I absolutely would not have I don't think trump likes that joke at all. Real. Well I'll look at how they're not a put down I had an analyst at I I don't know that I think that the president is like. Any of these jokes where he is the bottom of it but I think there are some he can take more than others. I think that was okay. I think he's okay with I don't even think that's funny you know I. Because again my standard always amuses when bush I think it was at his dinner might have been correspondent and made the joke about he looked under the Oval Office desk and said. They know WMD and here in many flipped over trash can no WMD in here. I don't think you should be joking about things that are. The jury involved in that are controversial and trust tweets. Hack Amy electing we all know the terms we can all laugh about I don't think we plan and I don't think trump blasts about the winds at all. I if there were me I would have made that joke to from easel for one you say he's one I think our next show to lightning. I don't last year. That Donald Trump offended some people. I know these comments according to critics went too far. Some said it was unbecoming of a public figure and they said that his comments were offensive. Well. Think he cannot he's learned his lesson. I would out of delivered that would. At it hit a unit used on any and I'm adding I'm laughing only you know black. I would never delivered. And now. I think and as a power. It does funny joke I would have delivered and not scrap it can like that and what he does nothing is Q. I act on my diverse and I think that one is fine and I think that's money. But I've got a medal for two in terms of when it comes into the exact reasons that you did like the first when idol like that would because I think a lot of people are offended by the president and what he says. And so like I think that's very controversial coming to tweets are the tweets. But that line and I'm I'm very surprised to blow RI as speaker of the house joke number three lightning. Enough with the applause all right you decide to cat island Donald Trump walks in the room. I'm. Okay. I don't think it's funny I'm laughing only ball come on that is a great line does anybody not think that one was funny. I don't know I. We've all seen the video I mean it's not produce my kids. What are. Do you believe this guy and to the dorm to do. It's that would as a tough but I don't know I would have hurt when either. I don't think the president thinks that's funny. At all. So for me I would have delivered that joke I would have done it in a series of drug jokes however it. I think I would've carefully set OK I'm gonna do two or media three from joked that. Now we're have been what do you think six and their seventh and if there's like three more to your body right I think he's over rated. You can use one birth yeah I think whoever very light and joke number of war a. And we read the papers tomorrow everyone's gonna report this thing differently bright but can lead with Ryan slams the president amongst liberal elites. New York Times get a report Ryan defends the president in his state Hillary won. And the president will tweet 300000. Et Al Smith dinner cheer mention of mine named. Know that I think is funny highlight that. Good I can't believe I'm laughing at Portland. And I'm blogging live Paul Ryan. I think that wins OK. And I I if the president came to me instead what the hell I'd be like really. Yeah rarely got bothering you know I would I wouldn't deliver that baby in in the context of the ones he's got to give himself. I think that would was OK you government to reflect our I've got to know one of moral what you've got to met with your think all four of these have been fun. Do you believe he did that is a gutsy man Patrick hit the ball over and I think are let's get us let them before I'm linemen. A lot of people they ask me you know. After Wisconsin what's it like to work on a daily basis with an abrasive new Yorker with a loud mouth. But you know once you get to know them. Chuck Schumer is not all that bad. Now of course challengers are gonna pause from the ground. I resident it's fine with that or he absolutely is a hot. Oh we as he's called a loud mouth new Yorker early New York with a big loud mouth seems to be you know what I think he I actually think you Wear that as a brat badge of honor. I really do I think the president's fine with that one and I think he had Chuck Schumer can even stand laugh about that. You guys are laughing at something written for Paul Ryan bowl last year I was laughing at something written for know how. And I was right. That's a lie. And it's not like jokes from the NRA I watch I left every night when I went and the U being so I want he sought to 978 so far not funny Ryan socks and you're very predictable on the text line. Look let's put this way Texans. Are you telling me that not one of those five jokes quote unquote do is funny not one of them. Because if you think that I think you have no residency. It doesn't mean he should have delivered my digits again you have to know your audience if you're all right you have an audience of one. Yeah your audience he's the president or almost at the time can we have one more applicable us and our hearts go fire want to give me dealer's choice lightning play anyone you want to you've got the revenues. My primary opponent in Tony sixteen was endorsed by Sarah Palin. I am really not that mad about it because they're not actually have a lot in common. We both lost for vice president. We both debated Joseph Biden. And given the current investigations I too can see Russia from my house. It. All right that's more or Ryan joked that you would expect. And it's all right overall I thought he was good I don't know if the president thought he was good I I think to present system humor.