Kim & VB - Lynn coffee shop closes down after owner's daughter pens anti police rant

A woman who owns a coffee shop in Lynn has had to close it down after her daughter took to Facebook in several rants against the Lynn police force. She fired her daughter and attempted to host the police to make amends, but has now given up and was forced to close


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RJ well the voice of Boston. Take can I give it gripped. Think for people to do tweeting an hour right now on new podcast stuff. Infinite wisdom would be the wise. There's a movie out today. As you may or may not know called go by Christopher Robin about the author into some of the Winnie the Pooh series. Bomb Simon Curtis is the director of that movie. And last week to key means studio for about a half hour and got to talk to him about that movie about movies in general. It was the day the Weinstein thing broke actually talked and we did not talk about Weinstein in case you're wondering. But. Just had a very engaged in conversation him about his movie and movies in general. And if your interest at all and that sort of stuff. Our podcast page. Is where you can find that and I hope you're checking up whether you have a good podcasts out there to. Yeah I do. In fact this is national. Mammography day. Of course October being national com. Breast Cancer Awareness Month I spoke to one of the foremost researchers over at Dana Farber about the state of breast cancer research. I I cannot stress enough about how positive I felt after I walked away from this interview. And I would encourage everyone to check it out when you go to that that page to listen to. On the director and be sure you stop and listen to what the doctor had to say about research. And about breast cancer in this country it is. Really encouraging I think get it you appear anybody who's had breast cancer in your life in any form and I think all of us have. This is chock full of information. And information that really I think we'll make you walk away and smile. Hey I wanna talk about a story stop making me smile this morning and I wish that we. I wish that we knew more about the background. Of this. Business. And these people involved but we've got a ticket for its face value for right now okay. There's there's a business since Italy it. It's a little coffee house it's called white rose coffee house it's in Central Square it's been open for about a year. Open by a woman named Kato may merely. And she is fifty years old. She had better former. School bus company manager. She always dreamed of hoping a place like this we can hear music can drink coffee you can be there and win and it is that's her hometown. So she sold her home. She took her retirement 75000 dollars and she opened this this'll place which bile accounts looks adorable. Last week her daughter who was her single employer. 23 years old. But FaceBook post op talking about outraged that she feels toward police. She called police. She said they keep murdering people. And if you've ever met. Officers in lane I think you know that this is not much going on in land however I think it's going on anywhere but I know it's not going on land. She said that she would never allow the business to host a coffee with a cop event. The outrage in the backlash of this has been incredible. So much so that missed melee has. Been forced to close her business down. She took steps before James Cameron she did she fire her daughter. In fact she her daughter not speaking at all. She forced her daughter to take the FaceBook page down completely. She invited police officers in last Monday morning to have a coffee with cops know what showed up. And in fact her regulars didn't show up. She's been threatened her life's been threatened. It's turning into a nightmare. So here's my gut on this in years Roman needs some help my gut on this is that this woman needs to be helped. Not hurt. She's answering for her daughter which is unnecessary and she is recognized the error of the families ways and she has tried to rectify it. And she's been shut down I don't know are right maybe there's more to this story if you're firmly and I would love to hear your version business. But I feel light. I feel like the cops and we need to. Not let her frail they need to that's my god on this Tellme and walk right I feel like the Linn police chief says it needs to say. When you why did we not attend this thing on Monday. Let's do this now we're going there we're gonna make a point of going there in every Friday is gonna be blue Friday going forward where we get our copy edition. This is the quintessential local business to all of our town's one right but we do our eyes Starbucks because. Right we don't want Starr international company will this is someone that took them on and did a local. You know why mere making coffee every morning for you and now she's gone. Because her daughter did something really stupid in as a stupid political view because she doesn't know better. So let me just going to be a little bit of thought info here but there was a lot of outcry can only imagine on FaceBook. And a lot of people were saying things like the apple doesn't far too far from the tree what kind of parents a ball while this. I don't know that that's true I think you know I'm. I don't think that's true at all I don't know what I I I don't know I say again we wish we knew a little bit more about this woman but let's just taken at face value. She's a 23 year old she's not a child her mother does not have that kind of control over her at this stage of the game to control the mother did have was. She fired her. She is she she'd pointed out the error of her ways. She reached out to police and others in lean to try to make this right. And someone wrote you know why should a small successful business suffer from one employees poor judgment. Regardless of whether she's related to the person who owns it. The business took appropriate action and fired her in publicly apologized for her actions. Text or seven anyone but you won't forgive trump for things he said decades ago he apologized to use such a double standard for all you're that guy. That person who just can't see any issue this is not a trump issues so now debating trumpet that's number one number two I voted for Thompson don't tell me whether I'm. For gave him or didn't. What I'm asking what I think what I would do here I think. I'm not from lands I don't know the intimate details here but my instinct is to go buy a coffee at these I work out how many would think. After right well guess what we got people from Lynn calling right now Linda appear we seeded you guys are calling hang on OK if you want to hear from you guys watched. Work with our morning show Kevin TB WR KI. So we've got folks college related we want to hear from from everybody people are criticizing this woman again her name. If you don't really and she owns a little coffee shop it's kind of like you know like the coffee coffee how most music kind of being in land. It's only been there for a year her daughter puts up a FaceBook posts that's in Thai police. She sent a letter being the owner to the the police and expressed her. How proud she is a police house Hari she was for her daughter's mistake she fired her daughter she invited police to come in. Four. Coffee you know sort of summit last Monday. No officer showed up. Nobody issue. And she has been criticized wildly. On many of social media sites. And she says she's gonna have to close this little chop down. And I am very sad by this I'm saddened because you know she's criticized for being a bad parent rope her daughter is 23. And their does come a point where you do not have control of what your kids are seen. Linda is Elaine good morning Melinda. Good morning to you and baby thank you so much for taking my call. How tight it's something I live inland has that ever been to the copy shop. But if they reopened that I'm going to drive over the air today's my day off work so I'll go over and check it out but what I've read about this article last week. In the list items my heart went out up to. To the owner of the copy shop she sold her house she put everything in her life in this copy shop and her daughter is that well one man. And she has that this woman has no control. Over what her daughter doesn't social media analysts say needed to other parents as well when your children get on social media. And do stupid stuff like connect. Granted that was that dumb thing to do by the daughter. But the mother needs to be supported in this instance she fired her daughter immediately apparently according to the paper article last week. They are on the on the outs and I've been speaking to each other. And I feel bad that she may now have to closer entire business as she lost everything such as a community Atlantic. It's a great place to live at the police got here are fantastic. Please drop its support the woman everybody and I plan on being there to I'd today. Good for you Linda I I don't know I don't know I it's yeah like they're not but I think I'd cut my government offense yeah like thanks Linda. I jedi fury why nobody showed up on Monday when she had you know free copy for cops and light but. I know you like they made a mistake I'd like to hear from a police officer find out wide the don't want to accept her apology let me let me read you something else she wrote she said. While I loved her deeply this is the mother speaking of her daughter she made an appalling statement on her social media page. With which I very much disagree I truly believe spending some time with an officer. And humanizing him or her is the most important step for her and for others who engage in this type of rhetoric. That's she's making reference to her daughter. Tonight I just. I feel like did it may be on a snowflake may be I'm Obama I wanna have a beer summit. But I feel like. I feel like to lean cops should be there in the should say. We're not Latin descend like this this is wrong. And luster something in this mother's background there we don't know about Wright seems like people have been looking in. I don't know how and why this has to end like this. He may be unless she's like what I just I I'm Don but I don't think so I think it's not too late I feel like leaves their howling right and I think you can. You can make her make gold this in you can use an ET I need to use this phrase is I know you're gonna rip me. This is a teachable moment they do really is I actually see it that way as well in fact if if I were the police chief there. Why not say OK I'll tell you what. Some of our offices are gonna come over we would invite the public come in and meet some of our officers and and talk with some of our officers. You hope it up to may turn into something. This is more dialogue starts right. Because if you don't and you were. You're countering the narrative that the police to. Apartment or bullies by forcing this woman closer business it's another they're bullies it's just that there used your better than that right I don't. I agree I now free but bullies is like they were actively telling people screw or what they're just like look when I participated there's accompanied Renault why would I get that. In theory. But I. I don't know what I'm always about as a geez in this society now where are we when someone makes a mistake granny is that just did your. Screw you we're in we're done review would forget it or is there another way witches. She even do this right he wasn't hurt that put it up it was the daughter. I don't know what happens is the daughter going forward like again night. Part of me wants is they look the daughter's not a lost cause to out of that that's gonna take a lot more work obviously bright the mother. General how the authors write do you know how hard it is to make Cree chief this in to go and rest a bit luckily this would using. Nine out of ten of them fail. But she rolled the dice and that I want to be gay community coffee shop right in December and something went wrong and community sort of turn their back on American. It's such a cool kind of concept for Lee in the end for any community Beck Lin doesn't have a lot of these little. You know types of things. And it like this and that's essentially what she said that I have really what I don't understand the way did I do and I don't want Linda turned their back on new businesses like this because then it's cures people and and this is the kind of business. The communities likely in communities like swamp Scott we all need those little mom and pop type businesses to keep things. Local. Pete is in Lincoln morning. Yeah it is good DB thank you particular call I appreciate it. Actually I'm from there I was just trying to brewer are okay and actually I don't pretty knowledgeable shop political orchards much. This morning. Comparable period give or take all of now I have a small but so. So I had this little that is to go through what you went through last year you know whatever its failure to search result accomplish. What what her daughter at what is meant to go back to the last. Conversation you have it was hate speech and it's taking that I have put people basically cause or course. I agree so are you age I can't remember hateful speech aren't built massive liquidity in touch with what I don't want that this past armed. But there is the number two that thirst from what I read on it but they read an article what are your web site. There's another coffee shop that has been doing this coffee with cops a little I don't street are up coffee shop. That's our you know all right yeah it has so that's why there's all the you've been right. It didn't like the coffee with cops going into inter establishment is well that stale and I thought about it and I mean where I felt it was out there if not better part of no order so that she could go Marta. In the you know it'll be hateful towards police officers so you know it's. And I don't I don't so I don't I think that's what every art you know that's kind of the way it works in essence you're gonna have people around you on that. But she fired her immediately peeling so we decaf critic for example what. Right exactly okay let's turn out for extra careful autopilot has every right to do is gonna do you know whether his employer allows it or not that's between now. You don't boycott and now allow the only do I have a much more recite your vote at Spokane. Okay what trump or what I mean. What trump said is. Get get those sons of bitches out there in other words fired them because it's. There are only there are repercussions to your actions in this is a lesson for everybody was social media like. You put this stuff up there there will be repercussions in an backlash but this was. I heard doing right it was the daughter he's an all you do center of this war. Do you have a small business and I just. If you have a New Hampshire assuming your employees I don't know employee makes a mistake like this social media it's away from your business. A bit making your home you know I do right. You're absolutely correct about that it's my son who also works with may. That's a different story why why it's holding signs you don't have control over what you're son does right right you're right no now actually Korea. No we still are able to afford it isn't quite there yet or are either go to. I just don't I don't go why that is different when Dwight is different than a China. I understand but. Although the rule is you're still you're by the content earthly area. That little support up you know it will support act out so while I understand what you're saying but I would. Not the spoke well that's another copy shop so to articulate hockey ops and will lower supporter of. See you're not you're criticizing her for she wasn't doing coffee with cops she's a year Inge she's barely got our feet on the ground you don't act. I know it's just it's not just yeah. A little like the vote quieter but I you know I'm okay with a about the couple big stupid that you a lot of. I don't like I don't know what you're gonna call you are are great copy thank you and I don't decide I don't agree with you Richard good call and that's just that's the thing on this is it's. For me I believe in personal responsibility I totally I tell you resolves an atomic daughter almost every day there are consequences. For your actions you must understand this. He's 43 year old didn't. Hear Condit not only the consequences of your actions to their consequences beyond you. Hear what your mother just put everything she had into this thing you will when get. For no benefit to you other than to be a loud mouth right. I actually fascinated by that I mean even if she really believes what she says how do you not feel badly destroyed demolished us. This (%expletive) I don't know are not speaking to one another there it's you know as she's that I like I did I lover deeply but she said the convicted did. The article today to headline is I lost my business and I lost my daughter and they can go back together at some and it's gonna take some time now. Now pressure is for all the dust has settled. What I'm outside I just wish I knew whether this is officially done. Is she actually gone and closed in this is not common but I think he's beef sticks that I want people look at his. If this woman let's see this girl was not this woman's daughter she was a 23 year old who was employed there. And this girl decided she would make this statement. If so many taken the steps that she has fired her sent a letter apologize publicly. That everything she. Would you boycott would you still boycott that business. Because I I think people are holding it against her because it's her daughter. And I don't think it 23 she has any more control over her daughter what are daughter says that she would if it was DB's daughter or my daughter working for her insane.