Kim & VB - Londonderry NH slams Boston in a bid to lure Amazon north

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Thursday, October 19th

Londonderry NH put together a presentation to convince Amazon that they were the perfect place for a new headquarters. But the pitch spent more time bashing Boston than celebrating Londonderry


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Given DV. Boston's morning show WR KL. Seven no wait. Good morning everybody that they have be a long. Have you ever. Felt jealous of you here sure or felt the need to go out and seeing nasty things about New Hampshire because. Early that's a New Hampshire feels about Boston. The Sununu administration is submitting their bid for the Amazon. Warehouse. In headquarters and it supposedly. Could be built here on this coast. They were being bi coastal they have one in Seattle they're looking to possibly move out on this coast. And it is that did they went after Boston they really even sell the virtues of New Hampshire so much as they did. Downplay. A move to Boston and how bad he would be. I love this story for so many reasons one of which is that I know everything they said ripping Boston is accurate about Boston that that it. But he spent the bulk of the what is it 71 page yes. The bulk of the 71 pages as it is ripping Boston right but the signature headline. In their page which is the headline in the union leader today is. Governor tells proximity to Boston in a Amazon parrot so. Boston is awful Boston sucks you don't really need to come to New Hampshire we're really close rich Austin but we're not her. Didn't Google Londonderry because Hafez. Well what it NATO if you read it and I. You can't dispute most of what they say we'll point out some of the Korean but. And I think they're PG is. You know take the great things that Boston has. Just don't be in Boston to get them well. And doubling zero I do and I wanna hear from our listeners on this obviously but let's just because they've started yes. Let's be droplets pushed back like we're gonna look like that's gonna get ugly all absolutely. Let's just rip on New Hampshire. We all love it we get it but in good in good fun. Since new managers felt the need to rip on us let's rip fact what sucks about New Hampshire doesn't do one thing about this though. I would much rather seen this. I would much rather see this it was on facility being in Londonderry New Hampshire than I would. And Suffolk downs or anywhere in Boston because busted the flip side of this Boston should doubting it. Hey put Londonderry New Hampshire so we. Can reap the benefits of it. And not have it here the only thing we do we wouldn't get would be the tax base which is the only reason you wanna write music have 50000 jobs. But most of whom are gonna come from the Boston area by the. 603. But again I preface six on three after. Ahead right Boston socked. The traffic's terrible places a disaster to get around the commuter rails awful Boston's terrible. Okay if I thought a stipulated. Assigned to an airport manager refused they hate us in Massachusetts man but they don't. That's were you wrong I actually think they do. Another Abby is and I just does a lot appears all jealous and missiles small I think there's a lot of people from. Massachusetts who have moved to New Hampshire because they just they had a yes and those of us that state make fun of them. Debts and I Medicare. They don't care because they get out of bed every morning they reap the benefits of living in New Hampshire. They don't put up with that traffic and all the jazz that they were just talking about many of a working day and over. You know they they still they still have good jobs and and they just don't deal with the issues of living on the South Shore and we you know coming up to Boston. Let me just read you one of the very prominent lines in this big game for Amazon it's this. When you leave your tiny 4000 dollar A month apartment only to sit in two hours of traffic trying to make your way to an overburdened airport. You'll be wishing you were in New Hampshire. Who aren't. I feel like you know it's not too late I feel like Providence should make their pitch in just CCE New Hampshire like it or say. We agree. We really good Londonderry and however we're better at Londonderry on so bright you lose their logic but given to opposite. We're more centrally located come on down. By the way all of our taxes you're not gonna get any calls because there is nothing wrong with the New Hampshire has nothing to rip them. I don't know Ers here's Stephen New Hampshire are things that sucked about New Hampshire but here we go Steve departing. Did not that this Steve from Braintree. Think the thing that's correct but only after all of mass transport transplant for the screwed up their politics but they're in the middle purple plaid blue state that if Japan that's the thing that's like about New Hampshire. You don't want it all week that it violated their work rip big dog attitude they are saying hey. Don't go down there because they're about to have a millionaire tech it's gonna kill most of the bulk of the eye level executive might be out there. Right it it's ludicrous so they've failed bid they're just flapping on the things that we don't hate about Austin. But traffic. Congestion and the high housing price is it everything that that is true. When you're at that picture. At no point in Boston's pitch I'm going to argue I haven't seen it fully. But at no point in their pitch and they say here's why another place box and you should come off all the they're telling you why we're where you need to be brought the one and answers the bulk of their pitch. If I quiet different. Nominee is not worthy debts and to a certain domination. Well all day one and that one of David that quotes is all the benefits of Boston without all the headaches. Austin loves you I love you and I'm not factual way so yeah absolutely full of Bahrain and GD yeah. Boston's morning show don't you are. It Kelly for the whole question. And mrs. Amazon did Rick Boston for being. Among other things too expensive and have for traffic so what should be proper response from Microsoft's phone and it's true. If I believe we have to socks or C both. Finally being number one it's true or is it 60%. In both territories were present in other words 87%. To responding. You know we remember when mark. Well listen to this though they do get a little personal. That for a course or do they say. It's grown beyond capacity to the point where Boston actually had to withdraw from the Olympic consideration. Because its citizens. Were in a fury over the traffic congestion. When we first talked locked as I mean how how I got exactly all of it right. We didn't want the Olympics because there was no benefit to the city to it tape I know that's not wanted to there right on us should. Again they're right on us. Whom we first talked about dissolves street diner I told you the reason why Boston's never giving Amazon and we're not even. The should even waste your time is the Olympics is that is the might drop on the city. You can't if you can't run something for two weeks. And handle it you're not gonna handle lots. They are put this it Suffolk downs you're joking right now. He's a nightmare the number one reason why Everett got the casino is because of traffic for a casino at Suffolk downs is going to be to march. Why would Amazon as a private company go all. But I have reason to believe they'll be able to fix the traffic that they couldn't fix for the casino that they desperately wanted there. So New Hampshire right on all that however. I get back to this tax to 978101. Of salesmanship. Never trashed the competition. Well I agree with that but I again I think what they're trying to point out here is that you get the benefits. Of being close to a major metropolitan area without having to live with the headaches. I mean I I really do believe it's more about that all the benefits of Boston without all the headaches mean they actually use that lot that line. So where is Londonderry get a almost money. Although what money. They're gonna have to do major upgrades to well they point out some of the things and some of the issues that exist there for example 93 it has its own exit in the Londonderry in 93 has been expanded and continues to be expanded. That's one of the things. They have a shovel ready site. They also point out that he Manchester Boston area airport has much more room for expansion then does Logan. So people can use that airport more rattling. You know I would like to do I really did some of these ever since you were rough is like Burlington. Herb. Montpelier. Mused Azeri. How awesome it all the benefit all the benefits without the headaches of Londonderry left. Because it might play big F you know we had shovel ready projects. Underdeveloped areas right led to different areas that people have been taking passes on so you have these huge Parcells. Idiocy here. Nebraska hasn't pitched because they have massive fields. They're not. They're not urban hubs that there is not a that. And as a hobby but that's why they are doing what they're doing because they're trying to say look. We do have all these things we are underdeveloped but we. Our wind in proximity. Of incredible talents. You know and a great work for Ers goat is young people who com were so talented he and Dick to a great dinner. To a baseball game to all those things. Unlike quite frankly if you're sitting in the middle of Nebraska and I have to be familiar with Nebraska. You can't get anything hit fairly devastating knock down when you heard how sorry guys. Cool right did you remember that dating scene and I mean and always a struggle for the but what are the men cast doubt the guy aired or to guide broke off terror. And then she kept going on you about what a jerk that guy is the journalists and I heard you think I still images to the Meghann might if it becomes my way I'm gonna take a shot there. Well I get your knowledge or do we give we're going with his except that I happened to be familiar with Londonderry and I'm familiar while general and just like hair right. Why did you'd rather all right did the traffic is a nightmare. That it's over congested. That the airport is at capacity. Did the taxes are much higher had the cost of living is rock it's cleaner announcing all that true of any minute so okay so why don't we wanted. What do you really gonna go down the list of Boston vs Londonderry or anywhere in New Hampshire you can physically. Couldn't get people to use your airport without putting our name on it. You don't understand where that shows how small you are. I didn't you may have an oddity in Europe at shut if they had yeah because if they had what you're saying is if you bring 151000 workers here. We'll build our airport out so you essentially have even your hair. Poor but again usually you do this you see why when I just cut out the middleman why don't need you to go to the guy when I go to the guy if the guys Boston why would you go right to Boston when when he won that I report that I should. Because if you don't. He co write the Boston. Then you at all or just play at all and they think you are go to Austin writes why do you mean you have a nice you're our go to assure you that you often just drive forty extra minutes on top of the traffic but which nurtures great restaurants that's bogus. I it has every shift and here I sit there are giving it irony here is great stuff in Boston. Back. Think that I I think fit their point is that the bad day. In Boston for business people. In this particular case will outweigh. Will will there there are good I'm sorry they're good for business people up there well how way. Any good it is here in Boston went on bad is worse to tilt. Rim organ on a huge building in Londonderry right now and it's all big companies that are moving there. WM Pratt Whitney Milton chats they've all recently moved up there they got headquarters there were. Keep in my week this was a 77 page. Properties proposal we don't know all the things he said worse look at what they were saying about Boston. I mean I'm sure they're sold it like that I wanted to go out a lot of ultra businesses hold it. We we know there's 128 different pitches from the region which the Amazon to Paul's list for one and I didn't when you put. Has any other pitch. From anyone in the country to Amazon spent any time ripping another place. Because I'm telling you they haven't because that's not what you do. But New Hampshire has such Boston and the it's unbelievable. And they cannot. Talk I don't have to have bosses they you don't I don't. I don't New Hampshire blames Boston for all of its problems. They talk about Boston within five minutes of any conversation about New Hampshire they always mention Boston always. Because either Tuesday were right in Europe or to god they saw because there was a point of living in New Hampshire is to take advantage of everything good about Boston without paying for but they have well they are all they wanna DOS don't kid yourself. The egg just what they have that is sale pitch. Take advantage of all that's good about Boston and don't think for. Days had gone beyond us and by way our last caller was right. And by the way they should put this at the end of their pitch because the end of their pitch was the choice is yours and these are the things about Boston and these are the things in. So let us show you why you should live free or die. One of the things they shouldn't include as always bite away. For those of you who come with Amazon and make a million dollars class you're gonna pay just that much more tax. There is supplied I'm not gonna tell you would see if you can yes you guys did a million nod. Most of dominance but. I'm gonna read you attacks and I want you tell me the area code from which it comes to him is so right in this topic DV is so wrong we're pretty uncle that comes from just could yeah. Six of the very fact no I don't know why you're thinking that but it turns out it's from 60 yeah. I don't capture I love my eye to what Kerry this is -- this is an embarrassment in me and first of all because one thing you got to understand is. You're not generally that we you're not getting a New Hampshire. And Boston you're not getting him either so now you do where we're not going to be unify eight. So there are okay we're going to go there all your minutes. Yeah at some point new to luge turns the magnitude. Crash June whenever we fight means she goes with the clone. Well you're fighting in Amazon's. You're gonna go because not here I got here. Runaway that we mean not here not Boston I was they're not Londonderry model where I get I I do believe that they have showed an enormous amount of interest in being bi coastal. They are going to be out this direction they're not here there's been out item I'm. Convince him not gonna be here and it did they are it's Boston. Why would you not do it in Londonderry New Hampshire with an airport right because no one there are not going down Abdullah wants to go there not owner. I did ego thing that's why. And they're not going to Londonderry should not. It's not even a question. I think he's going to be surprised he could pay less tubes they're not going to lie under Barak they could paid last winter's gonna give you 500 million dollars did you see their pitch 500 million bucks. Archie you know the voice of Boston. Come the morning hey folks to overcome that now with all the benefits of Londonderry plus an ocean. Yeah western to them. Look at some of the other states and some of the other places in New England by the way just just to tell you so Connecticut is pumping. They're pumping New Haven Bridgeport Danbury. And in New Hampshire of course that's trying to get rid of us Rhode Island. Would you they're they're pumping in Pawtucket. Good luck with a Red Sox are leaving Pataki and I I mean I don't I got to understand why they need help me bear boats away makes more sense than Londonderry. It doesn't to me now enough Pawtucket you're in between two semi large cities Pawtucket is me. It's not a very nice place. New Bedford taunt from Springfield. If some of the Massachusetts cities Fall River Foxboro. Foxboro once this that they wouldn't wanna. They won that casino and. All argued that. London stir. Lawrence Hill Rick. Weymouth. It's disk tax as it. Right again this is something of dirty about the whole thing. I want you the exact quote and I wanna give the right credit to where it's due might free screen just froze signing on. This sounds like a couple of street walkers fighting over John. Well that is what it is and course wrongs it is but I mean this is I think in this is bin really. Out there for everybody to see. I think this is not unusual when you have missed something like this and this is huge that was a huge that's. This is it and it at the folks at Amazon say. We expect to invest more than five billion dollars in construction. And grow this second high headquarters as we said to 50000. High paying jobs. And then all that comes along with that. Which are is the housing around it. That. Infrastructure increases. Just you have 50000 jobs in one area like that you're gonna see a boom. Like you can't even imagine you know restaurants and bars and. There's two reasons why we said originally that they weren't coming to Boston German where there were. Traffic is one of them that's number one and what's number two. Traffic so now. That's not yet but I think there's really didn't like this error has the second problem Percival and second of all your New Hampshire and uninterested I know they're not. Dick to me I don't know where they're going but I would guess Charlotte. Somewhere along those lines they're gonna end up there. So Blake says that but he is says the Trenton new Jersey's doing to Philly yeah what Londonderry is doing the boss. Similar dynamic where you're just. Turk. I'll do that well just rip yeah guy but then you. So you're from draining your filly Sox Phillies Sykes there when you wanna move early taker in the fill air and that's what that. What do we have she does Hamas I I think they'd cube you could be right big East Coast could mean outside of New England. All I only because of the snow but I they definitely I mean they've made it very clear that I mean they're not going to Nebraska they're not going to taxes. They want to be bi coastal and wanna be on both coasts. That's just more I've been telling people really surprised if it wasn't in the Bible Belt I would be really I missed I spoke to figure we're Oklahoma no. Does this ditty East Coast of how did that nor the one of the Carolinas Jackson. I can why debt in the roads are awesome in the area airports. Depending on where they go if you're if you're Charlotte that airports. Corey Wright you're not there were those kind of planned funds into a field day every you can and give you they can pretend you care about culture as a business and they got there. Ida and they don't have this novel and I thank you. You can act like this is a good thing but it did things I agree with you I think you're right especially for a company that does mature thing yeah. You can't airports clogged up for problems with the weather related to that yeah could you imagine a snowstorm of the day before Christmas and Amazon's holiday is in Londonderry yeah that's a problem Amazon would never come to New Hampshire you just acquire other companies coming here. Well sure I thought you'd actually just doing literature out they're not coming here now they may eventually over time they may. They're not dis this is such a big splash being moved. Did knock on there. They're not coming here either I love that all the all the 603 textures that are saying I sound like it's knob as I'm saying Boston is better than New Hampshire read the actual story we're talking about. Is all about how New Hampshire thinks they're so great and so much better than Boston so works both way when one anyone I think again one of bought what New Hampshire is. Number one claim in this. With the number one claim his tax days. There's second claim is you get all the benefits of Boston. Boston must. Have some benefits then if your second claim as you get all of their benefits. Well he must then have benefit one hour and if you have any who's argued that I mean I'm not articles are all awesome socks would love what I thought about what I am. Saying is if I am a big company that's building. A big facility like this with a huge. Employment base I can see where the benefit to be in Seattle they aren't in Seattle period their way out Osama. Mean they don't they're not right in the Metroplex at Suffolk downs no way they're not they're not in a place like that they're not there right there. That's why I think you're onto something when you say you know I see him go one of the Carolinas. For the Indian sprawling and sprawling area and people can spread out. And warnings should quit killing DP. Neo. Quick reminder coming up here at 830 we're gonna open up the WR PO box office has reported late Tuesday. We're giving away passes for weeks is woods. Less field it is so much fun you guys less hurt Wes. Oh yeah it is this such cases with no detection whispered you're right. So anyway we're good enough to win it thirty be sure you stay tuned so much fun great. Family fun and you know eight fund any fund. It's great so 8:30 this morning let me go to Paula in Quincy this morning hey Paula good morning. Hey guys are you doing this morning word guides. You know what I agree with. Him you know 100% of Boston is. Terrible to boot system that traffic stinks that taxes. When you don't like. As a book so I don't want. The influx of people coming into the city. If you have to drive from Logan Airport from daequan he you know. There's two ways one goes to go see what goes to evocative or if it is that's. You know right I don't want these people come and he has to be honest with you. What else go and we will have. Although this is why they are going like this I'm delighted that are here. But you do know it's not gonna happen movie studio but. I know I think is right I think he doesn't want to be he doesn't want them like it's something downs. You don't want them their baggage too much. Castle. The but the problem boss is. For one love the city in view we all of the ban shouldn't that Republican invention a minute but. Because his tragic story that came out but the reality is Boston's a great city everybody knows however. When you're looking to come. It's something that this goal in you had your pick of the litter in the litter is begging you literally with open wallets to come to them. So you start to fight it's like Harvard taken college applications right. Just give me a reason to toss this one that's all Markham will bosses given you multiple. How about the Olympics. How about the IndyCar events how about racism. Right whether or earned it is accurate or not how about racism how about snow. How about traffic you've given me multiple reasons to say no. Where other areas don't have those glaring obvious issues. It's Saturday Boston there's no way did there's one way. Somehow just Beatles weeks opens a wanna be part of the history that is Boston and I just love that senators that city culturally and think it's great. But that ain't gonna happen as a black Condo here if that's not going to be there. Think in bygone hole in the seaport district. Six sort of. 2666868. X 8680 is our text line. And I think I love the city is well I don't want I don't wanna come off like I don't love the city fed in of the city I would live here I love the city I think it's one of the great. Urban centers in the country I really really do. And I think again it's and is ready for some of those that some of those issues but I have to tell you what's a better city I love Chicago. I I dialogue a lot of small part of Chicago well I. Other parts of the city out of a lot of new blood that he smaller part of Chicago than you do Boston and these are getting older I'm not getting into who dat in battle washes the message in the country it's a message. It's not it's a great city you're right it has problems but it's a message but it. But that the issue is that. I think that. There are some some down things here are some some negatives here there if you've got a great big. Business like this you wouldn't necessarily want to be right in this city Democrat put it in Manhattan either. Did think about if you don't want he's he's what is the things you've heard about Boston this year again we talk about racism. Top chef. You can you can act like does nothing but that's what the nation has heard about Boston is it's a union foggy. Well do you know business here in less you do business with us and you have to to. What is his numbers of the mayor's staff there are still facing issues what do what is his policy when it comes to union. You know employees that that could be a huge issue for. Here in Boston as well so anyone pushing their racism thing DB oh that's great. It's irrelevant whether you believe Boston's racists and you know I happen to think it isn't. It's what dupers when you don't know this CD in Europe. In Nevada. Or Eurasia and North Dakota in you only hear about Boston for a couple of reasons and one of them is. That it's a racist city or that pops open you're vs Londonderry. That is the ability Bert I Charlotte. Might know when I moved here from Philadelphia the first thing people sent to me as the weather really racist not earning a I know that there world bowl will be cleared because I came from Birmingham Alabama and they didn't say it about that. I'm all right exactly let me go to Stephen Boston hasty. Good morning. Actually didn't even mention I would I I hurt and I don't know unsure that I heard you Bedford was oh the picture it then I guess there are. And they have water front that is ready to explode would development. And that they still have housing stock down there we you can go down there are relatively cheap by its repeatedly else. Our two Stanley house there's a lot of the lap the houses that can be developed. You know still its employees of of like lower middle and out. It's ready to explode. Yeah I don't know that they're looking to do social experiment on that Suwon Amazon hasn't let us know that if they are. I think Newark aren't our guard Trenton rather might have might have a chance I think what we tend to do that it's Detroit I mean that ball way above that sort. The other a look at a couple on the East Coast not looking for something in Detroit but. I think I I would beat you again I would be shocked if it ends up and form I would be shocked. If wells in New England is going to be in Boston in there and all their noses and stuff. But I don't think it's even in. In consideration I don't think these guys and I don't think it's coming here. I think if they're gonna look for a place where they can sprawl. Where it's it's a nice environment for failing is because again 50000 people in need to employee. You know decent education. Because the kinds of things are gonna look for and whether weather is you've opened my eyes to that big time here. I think weather is huge and. That's evidence as your interest the Alabama of New England I don't know what that means but I love it so I repeated. Demands that yeah they are racetrack and people like to think that cap. There's this notion of New Hampshire being some redneck states which is silly young men and rancher recently and this mindset and I thought. But we DB is at its core moon that. That's based on what that Amazon doesn't wanna come to Boston. We go to Stephen New Hampshire hasty. And the audit and I I think that there is actually a good choice because. Not all wanted to look at Boston Pops Madonna probably want to get a union and yet. Is going to be dead against that look don't look at Londonderry. What did Larry sits in between two highways through three and I'd already. In addition what did Larry more than half yup what Manchester. Is an what did Derek. It would be ideal form. What's the name and I points to. What's the name of that airport there. Orton isn't isn't. Whenever they enter the Boston Manchester are not take it the other way around Manchester Boston regional airport but. Steve thanks Steve there and how mean they I why they call it that. I think it's such as bad ball. They're small and day out thick glob on to something big that's what it's the worst is so. So so yeah about being small. I don't know I it's difficult to swing I had even edit a lie I well when you let a life jacket and I think you're wrong nobody is I think you're gonna be surprised where this they end of going it makes it difficult to go to the top schools in the country and try to get the top recruits because you go well you can live in beautiful Londonderry New Hampshire you'd come work for us Londonderry is beautiful what I'm sure it's gorgeous. Whereas there's nothing that I love New Hampshire I do I don't wanna come across I. And you guys are way off base what how I mean you can go to the best schools in the world I tee schools in the world music. Let our common work for us in. North Carolina and they are gonna these kids are gonna be like a war like let's and I know led them. This notion that Boston has an edge because we have the brightest kids and we have all these colleges. Any one of those kids that wants to we're gonna Amazon won't go anywhere and is on wants them to go for those. Yeah and if I was which quite frankly I got four kids I got to say something I actually think you're gonna get you're gonna draw the brighter was because I gonna cost of. 4000 bucks to him and I mean you're talking about Charlotte, North Carolina yes they will go there you're talking about how are hatching North Carolina no no one is going there and why Londonderry will lose don't go anywhere I like they're not. Hi. Amazon's gonna make a splash this. It's just hard for me to envision that Londonderry is that splash or that. Worcester is that splash I agree fat or that Pataki brings you don't clash yeah I grew back why I think there are also looking ticket look for certain kind of cash a city I agree that. Viewing but I don't want to be on the short list. No I don't I think we're getting our I've covered it again I think we're gonna get down booted he needed depends on our journalism but have they narrowed to ten Boston's gonna be in it because. Boston is always in those but there's no way it's gonna be lost and there is no way.