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Thursday, October 19th

The Las Vegas security guard at the center of the Las Vegas shooting mystery randomly showed up on the Ellen DeGeneres show for an interview that many found too soft


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Righteous truth can indeed be. Boston's morning show WR KL. This deadline day for. Amazon. They are looking for all of the applications for cities that would like to be the second headquarters. For a new plant that they're planning to build Boston of course is submitting something many many cities are and one of the news Londonderry New Hampshire when New Hampshire submitted there. Big. They talked more about why you shouldn't go to Boston good why you should go to New Hampshire we're gonna give you some highlights. And talk about whether New Hampshire went about this in the right where you offended as someone who lives in Boston. Because New Hampshire win after Boston's that are just touting their own message. And I'll have a clock and. Is there anything that New Hampshire set about Boston we don't take that back that's not grow in Idaho or really got to die soon right. Yeah sock so. Right some but right now let's talk about. Ellen yesterday Ellen DeGeneres interestingly enough Allen. Had. The security guard that nobody has seen. Since the shooting October 1 in Las Vegas she had him on yesterday. Only appearance he says that he has made only appearance he intends to make. And during the course of it Allen asked him and the engineer who was also on the floor called to the floor when the shooting occurred. I'm asked them their personal experience and what happened. Proposals seem on. Came out and its owner could go but insider wasn't safe we will bomb shortly after thoughts and soon was approaching. And I told them to stay beckoned to cover. And that's when more rounds were dispersed. So that is that is so the security guard talking a little bit Allen walked through his exact experience which I have to say DV was. No city it was interesting to hear him explain how it all went down and she had. Like three the diagram of the forsaken me be more readily understand it. Music Powell. Of the experience was pretty close to what we've heard or what you thought Ewing was called up there because there were some door that was open. He came up the fire. XT errors the tires keep tried to open the door the door was he could didian. He was coming from the 31 floor he's had. He called downstairs and said there's a problem here he'd get in the storage GM and they said Wilson an engineer. Meantime he goes back down to the 31 four and it's on the elevator and comes after the 32. Comes down the hallway. Goes to check that out sees that it's been actually bold thing closed. Calls back downstairs and he says there is there was sort of a breeze weigh between one door and the other when he left the door slam. He said this drilling sound that he heard stopped. And he kept walking away. And that's when the fire on him started. So he thinks that when the door slammed he alerted the shooter that he was out there and initiator start to shoot him in junior comes up on the floor. The guard is tucked into sort of a portico if you will up against one of the doors. And tells the today engineered get down get down I start shooting again. During the course of the whole thing some woman pops her head out he tells her and get back in get back and. But posters on question one what is Jamaica what do you make of columns I mean you're you know we've all thought this you guys publicist has upped his company's new you know something needs involved in something and there. What's his deal. This is our first chance to hear from me it's probably our last chance to hear from home what do you make of and a second is what do you make of Allah. And Allen's the easier one because man there's a ton of stuff she left on the table. It just couldn't believe it a person I couldn't believe. That she is an hour long show and the student come on until like 4049. Minutes past the hour. And there's a commercial brick in the middle of it so why this wasn't the entire shall have no idea unless he just would not do it. But she never asked. Explain. The timeline. The way UCL. What he did say was that wind he got on that floor he heard. What he thought was drilling and now believes it was gunfire. The engineer said as he approached he'd heard what he thought was a Jack hammer bit new as the engineer of the building that there was no construction work going on. So they both heard that sound. So for them to say that the security guard was shot first and then he started shooting outside. Still does not match. Both of down. Did they recapping it in such a way that the shooting was going on the original timeline the shooting was going on. The security guard was the one who distracted. The shooter and that he started shooting in the hole. They'll never asked about that. One thing you would like out of this interview which is you know where it's the only somewhere near from the guys so continue at least clear some of this up. There was nothing clear not almost not. Good to see that guy Goodyear from home but you did not mean. The first thing you have to do who who called the cops when was that cop call made in of course that wasn't astle did there's from the again I don't expect Allen to be. You know Mike Wallace yeah I mean we're Chris Wallace Ellen does but but Allen missed she knows this already she missed huge opportunities for well and issued and a half hour minimum it really should have been an hour army chief should have done an Oprah thing. Are in she didn't. Putted you know maybe there wouldn't c'mon programming write it on TV minutes and that's it which is crazy you know and of itself. But I don't know if you is if he is restricted based on. The FBI investigation I mean we don't we that there are a lot of unknowns here. But it was it was just very surprising that she didn't even say as he's saying. I thought it was a drill and then I realized it was gunshots. He she didn't even say so what you're saying is we knew got on the floor. You heard a sound and you believe that was him firing out the windows she'd say that just just sit here even if he can't. And declare a timeline. Just to clear that up a bit. I don't know I I I think illegal we just tell you real quickly what I need and I what you're our listeners did but what I thought of him. I see why he has not gone on in the show and I see why he doesn't he's clearly extremely shy. He was sweating profusely. He was in tears most of the time. It was a very difficult thing for him to do I don't think he would have done it had that engineer not come within that guy was. Has he had on his back and was just trying to give him support through the whole thing. He's very humble. And he probably analyst at things he's not allowed to say they do. I mean I imagined the FBI said if you're going to speak publicly you can't say 12345. Right. Pity he's got two guys doing now one is the FBI the other is it his employer which he still works for presumably who her. There's apparently told where to take care you which can't screw office. So war. I have to assume that he was part of the deal was you are not going to ask me about calling the cops. I don't know why she could Natalie I don't know I was on the floor I got shot. I went to my radio and said shots fired that's the last I know I don't know why that's so hard. But apparently it is not. She passed who have been told she could now. Well yeah I'm sorry that she didn't preface the interview by saying please understand the investigation is still under way. Pacers compost and and Stephen white guy I forgot his last name the engineer. Have graciously accepted our invitation to come into just. And just be seen in less time tell us what they were observed but that's about as far down. I wish you were just done that before you know should let herself off the bookish would have if that would have been answered some questions. But I will tell you this. They Allen is known for this you know she likes to give heroes gifts and choice to give euros things. Both of his great it is I'm fine when both of these been said nobody we will not take money. We will not take anything like that if you wanna give money you give money to the fund we are not here to profit off of this. So. One of her sponsors did give money. Q 25000 dollars to the gulf that the fund that is going toward feelings. They did give them both its tickets to see their favorite sports teams which was cool just just that kind of thing. And it was from the key. For the teams themselves but they wouldn't accept money. URG you know. Voice oh Boston. Did Ellen make him dance is 50 right now we've. He would be dancing he's still has accused him. Yeah I mean there was there were no chuckles in this whole thing you know wasn't it wasn't like that at all. And she was certainly. You know she was attempting to make a serious. She just. Fail you've got to feel miserable for several taxes. You know and they are fifteen sounding like a drill. I. Troubles are no more than I say what the layouts of the rooms are what patting what how how it would be easy at that would be the case Troy drilling gunfire at that level could be confused. But. Well I'll tell you the the the engineers said he thought it sounded like a Jack hammer. Which might make more sense to me. As you said you know being the engineer and coming up on the floor it sounds like outside there's a Jack hammer and I'm thinking. I know we're not doing work at this hour of night what is that sent. So that you know. I that that makes sense to me. Let me get a genie in Dorchester Hage and good morning. Wanting to be rewarded VP I remember hearing now a lot of people told me all around Quincy torturous they were listeners just cool good. It was a different version where. Security data had to meet its guy come in culpable to meet you guys called. This spent much weird it was a delayed the police come and nick you know why is that so does not want police inside that hole twelfth. So to sum up all this guy just watching one I would suck my body speaks with the Internet engineers is going on. That would not really you know real true. Should look like chipset the they just signed. It at all we reports and nudge chip was talking on this program basically a ball is virtually from what you heard from ma. The newspapers and all sources in big strike that strike shut its thanks a lot of art and so. Well I think is this guy that you're talking about is the guy who was on their yesterday that is this guy he's been named he was named early on and he's been he is. That's who they're talking about Jimmy. It's something nobody suggested. You really believe are the veterans basically there's always that one guy could have done somebody else wasn't ball would be several people were ball. Well one thing with the guy has. I our combat that is that is the rule we Christie's the guys telling you all them this is what's happening but you're you don't wanna believe it so you keep Washington was something else corner. Can't just be that this is. Kind of a dupe security guard who walked stumbled into a situation. How he has no knowledge because what he's telling you is. I wanna better check on the door that was blocked I saw the door there was blocked I got shot in the leg and went down called it in. That's the extent of my knowledge he was never in the world like I don't know what you want him to know from the Rome so what happens is. Because there is no answers. You can view continue to go with that guy must know something but but what. He'd know right what what you know he also would no win police were dispatched you really know when they arrived on the floor and that I'm not sure once you've been shot in the leg in the guy shooting in your whenever. But trees paying attention to the exact timeline. But he wouldn't know when police were dispatched he just called it down on. His radio. The B it's not like the prestige the timeline keeps changing they've not been telling us the same thing all time. What would it would regard to the security guards he hasn't told you when he sang and he's still real and told you much. Mining on the security guard is I think it's easy doesn't know very much. I agree I think he knows a thing he does what happened in that hallway and he just hole and I think he told it and that's it this is an navy seal as a guard I was getting paid ten dollars an hour over the hallways of a hotel right. You mean he you know he said he just the doors if if you watched that thing you see you know I mean he's served pretty humble you guys who would this is why you. You and tissue missing at Texas thank you Armas and that is why we started with the mole on his body double story we're cure all of sat. Its because it. We're mocking that conspiracy theory and all go on got conspiracy theory people are stupid but then you're doing it this year right you're doing it here. You're doing what you did he Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum those guards have to would have been an off. Maybe there were maybe they weren't maybe they were also just bear didn't really care that much about their jobs and and actually you know to get taped up. I'm down and some some stuff went missing capsule I don't know in this case I don't know either. I know you're not telling me and what is it you think he knows. Yeah I don't think he's the one who knows now I think fear I think there are people who know more about this timeline situation. And quite frankly I think those people own that hotel according to call the cops why can't we start with a right who called the cops was at the front desk person. Let's talk to the front desk person. What we're you to hold. If anything before you made the call if you're gonna speculate about an issue I think the issue would be more about the idea that. The policy. At the MGM is we don't we don't call police immediately first we deal with these issues internally. And then we go outside and when he they get this guy and he says shots fired. Immediately they're going what wait a minute. Somebody sent somebody else up there and acting that's where the breakdown is exploring the idea that Vegas hotels don't want cops inside. I don't think it's a security guard upon the 32 floor. Who's your favorite team more VD. I have to thank yeah. Pop crooner. Haunts it you're making the moves on Boston's morning show a link went WRK. There's a couple of taxes. Your entire show is based on speculation. Yeah it is because we don't know what happened in Vegas and Vegas is a seminal moment in the nation's history and so. We're talking about. Hey Joseph and Mika FOX & Friends open with Clinton uranium Russia's scandal that I just Siam. Thanks for the tip 339 read today yesterday and they didn't so I don't know where your point is but yeah that's an interesting story I wonder where fox was yesterday when that. Because they didn't do summaries and we work. But in in this one discredit Joseph opened Hannity you'll notice because he will only wanted to get softball questions from Alan. OK I think that's probably true weight seven might want to counter that is out of Hawaii. We what do you think trump did last week. Trump went on Hannity and what any yet did he get any art balls. Of course every in my point on that as everybody picks and chooses where they go to do interviews and they usually pick and choose. To insurer. More favorable to what you're trying to get compost knew that tell I was gonna. Be a little isn't gonna Hannity. Problem for only by the inning right now he doesn't want to me as you can always. What do you I don't understand what your point is there he should get some hard court. He's in our person of interest alchemy is getting hard questions from the FBI I don't know it would have been nice to Allen and asked him have you talked and yet I extensively. She and asked him that but I assume you are getting hard questions from them old gate. That's the one I need I don't need my television people. She should've been but don't feel like you've been cheated a year earlier like your being way to help or or that he's the bad guy in this. I mean Mike I'm only saying gosh I wish Ellen what do taking advantage of this. Because. I'm just curious as to what he thinks happened but. It's not on him one more fire away DB. Don't talk with your mouth full. That older than I do I did do that there and I you are correct they shouldn't put that much gonna stop but that's that's fair criticism I'll take that Jimmy is in debt and he just is back from Vegas hey Jimmie good morning. It more generally don't cut things go back to using right. And I was very fortunate it tournament. Metro canines these demonstration show the building's total. And now scored impressive because our. But it looked Arctic to treat police were real source personal trainer and and it party and everything that was available that night. Which so they will amount to two dozen. And it's what every Florida thought that this is Laurie from top to bottom side to side. In talking to these policemen and our need to you know how large pockets city tomorrow you know well we are your arch park. That was sort of the to the pace at the first stood certain forefront of saying. And our. Period a year ago most respectful policeman now because what they told me. I couldn't have done even with the dark. Going to build it not know an eagle Trace and you know every if we close lighted it before always was what would look at captured you know whatever he had. Each restored to a Larkin go and most are. But it did give appreciative Belgium Mullah Omar. Public spirited dark prescription have you betcha that or chairmanship. And these start. It's they they are noticing adored regular work stories start returning. If you Google go after a demonstration may be certain they're being married a king translation they're donation. And when offering. All praise god bless Joseph Lombardo. Sort insert. Jimmie thank you. That being keys are not the sheriff of course out there all let me go to you give being opened up I'm sorry. Where is the part we get be right there are serious okay. Hey give good morning. They go aren't I speak Yahoo! that it it would what happened it would just adding that support the audience have to understand and and and again. So our troops. You guys try to meet great people that you are right on the spot not that's. Is that the outside parties and I'm not saying police sunset and the SP IE everybody in general a little bit so badly. That they chose a timeline back to back and sports. They struck. I don't you know they are just seeing loop they're very they're I don't know no credibility. So you can record Uga people. I'm gras spirit strong outlook had trouble. You know you've got a little straw that you're good you don't matter. The country who are a little while we're sorry so how can't you can't blame it on Donald. Don't control and because bitter moon thing in the middle are you seeing it each. You know us. This you eat so strong he shot at the corner and garbage securities have been broke alternate not obscured and there are. Good security can't trust and are you sure that the people. Well. It was perhaps the wrong time and you know welcome back to it's it's got people going what is. And then they walked. Bit Elkins observes. This Google yeah. Only a sort of you don't want student of what's going on and the ecology in. Ohio. Maria looked to sheriff is to run outs and speculation and then stopped and that that didn't help either one but one things is though. I'm ever got the impression though that the sheriff was saying I think there's a second shooter. I better impression version I did not I I got an. I got the impression he thought somebody was helping him orchestrated all day while not necessarily. That there were two different people into different hallways into different floors on. Two different rooms shooting you know why did the woman in the second sure thing is that it. I get that that's easy for people to say I don't get where Howell worked. In lets you believe there was someone on the fourth floor that for some reason. Nobody noticed inside the hotel and they let him calmly walked out which I don't believe. There could have been somebody else in the world right we all acknowledge that is Laura my raw now they're they're good people think that this there was a second shooter. That was brief panic at some point in and that person laughed. They think you did did the second shooter was on a different floor but if you believe that the you have to believe that that shooter somehow opened up a window. Shot out of it and then closed it up again. Which we're told is impossible you know which I don't know how that happened on the get a Paul Paul's reign in hate pop. Good morning to reread it girl and her. On the by the way all the drill may be a language issue right now I mean he still wasn't right to morning what's in play. He may have meant drill like he meant Jack camera or just a pounding in general and drill may have been much more diffuse animal. Yeah I did. I don't think the fact that the bullets were going up so quickly that they sounded as though they were almost one. In the evening muffled and installation of the ball but. That aside you're the problem with this old vets. If it's that kind of being let. I mean I'm a big city mind you media I think this is a long whack job and that. The only Kyle brought that go one on its in. Inner departmental cover ups just to cover up the bitter response times and how. We can do this perfectly we were perfect in response today. Now two weeks regulatory curveball and Obama but. The issue is everything about this what they're dropping the ball on the moneys which in and around it and even. Where the children I who aren't police aren't trained who courted legitimately BD. Interviewed and get to talk about stuff. I'm only go 11 show. For eight minutes and that show and maybe when Obama shows in she's going to talk about you know. What kind of dog daylight again you know I mean she's not going to ask them. The question that we're all a little bit disappointed that she didn't ask and they are not going to be second interview where maybe if they're story isn't. Not accurate. Although it's not going to be brought out there's not going to be any time you said that in the time it said that. There's none of that and what that doesn't that stirred that pot. All conspiracy theory and then you know like black color tablet this graphic photographs of straws because though. Everything that you'd want conspiracy. It's here it's. You know the police are telling you by different stories and let's face in an investigation like this wouldn't know what most important. Critical piece of information this time line content until they're. Because that's where you can prove you couldn't have got it from here to there between the content people started needle stopped. This guy he was dead we've gonna still be able to be shooting. That's it's like what you'd kill looks up what he's still had him that he brought to you I mean that doesn't add up so there's always little. Yeah Apollo I think you know what I think you work. You were right on in the very beginning when you said it it doesn't add up but yet it does what it adds up to. Is that that hotel didn't make the call they should have win they were supposed to live. Those police did not get there fast enough. And indeed this was bungled and they've been trying to find two everybody's trying to cover their own you know why I think it's I think it is. As simple. As that now that's not simple but I I think it's more that than it is. They're trying to cover up that they were chasing another shooter missed the other shooter was coming from the floor floor and they did nowhere in. People want answers and they don't like the answer they have so far right at ten.