Kim & VB - John McCain slams the president for Nationalist Dogma

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Tuesday, October 17th

In an acceptance speech for an award this week, John McCain took the time to slam President Trump and Steve Bannon for their use of "Nationalist Dogma" in steering the country wrong


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Jim in DV Boston's morning show. WR KL. It's definitely financial pushing through computers have high heels some tax cut in the what do you make of John McCain decrying the quote. Space for various nationalism. He season trump and then in eighty speaks truth to power. Bees are revealed. That's currently an underpass just wanna. A lot of it was on term limits grumpy old man McCain's been seen now for awhile now. Make them now. Let's say that the guy doesn't know you know down the stretch. I just wanna be on record that I don't love these guys I'm not afraid it's that I have played in theory he isn't that all we do want. From people yes and by the way I don't think he's I don't think you seem like I do not think he's seen now I think you just don't agree with him. I think this is how he feels and I think he's felt this way for a long time. I mean have we seen moments when we've seen not as sharp yes but I think we know why. I don't think it misses civility and I do I do think that he's getting weaker and weaker and eventually I hope he stops you know going out. Just for reasons of not wanting to watch them per grass as difficult as this is going to be. But that's selfish on my part I understand that but I still want to see anybody have to go through what he's about to go through. But having said that I don't think this is civility this him just set the record straight or one question I whatever John McCain mentioned before the break out one form is. What is half baked stories nationalism. Is their bait nationalism. Because to me there's there's nationalism. You're you're doing the condescending thing or you're you're trying to tell them that they don't really believe it. I don't know I got it I would need that defined digests. He gives his view of nationalism abandons you more McCain's hinting at is some sort of fascism here obviously. Bannon and went at least have you believe that he's not talking about that in. But if you believe in like America first whatever that phrase means does that mean you are a half baked nationalist or can you beat. Hey look I just care about the country and I want this I want to take care of our own without being half baked any for bush isn't isn't nationals and banners or. So yeah but what that's on saying Bennett definition of that in McCain's definition of that I think are obviously very different. I think I've heard band in the interesting thing about bandit as I've heard him use. What I think John McCain's. Definition of it is at times and his own definite you know another definition depending on the group is talking to. Why I've never heard him say tired dogma like dog mine is one of those words were once you throw that out. Hey it's and it's. I mean you are now being offensive to understand to the other side you're not engaged in an intellectual discourse you party pass judgment on them and you're looking down at them and you're also saying that they can't think for themselves. Which is the which is a mistake you often make here and that. People have done with strong supporters all along and that only emboldens them when you do that so I don't know whether this is a good speech or not for what it was intended to do because. If the intent is to mobilize in an enraged the opposition than he's gonna we're done that. I don't know why he would want. Let me go to victory in Maine good morning Victor. Failure today aren't. I cannot imagine why is spending so much time comedian John McCain. And saying well the only reason he's doing this because it's a little loose. If oil lauer representatives. Ought to vote. What they were going relevant to sheeting all the time for the fact that they want to win so they go along. Things like that maybe they'll should quit say what's on their mind. But you haven't you don't want to view. Ship allure of a boat. The words she used in the words each service you agree with everything that is said and I. Feel like I just did that speak truth to exhibit are I I I'm John McCain supporter. And. Don't don't demean them by saying daddy's not as Wales welcome victory he has on his way out and the fact of the matter really say don't use that term just say that's why he's talking like that but always I. Your eyelids that is why he is doing it I think that he feels strongly this way I think that he sees something here going on that he doesn't like. And I think that he recognizes that if he doesn't speak now he may never have that opportunity to start out so it. I mean I I don't believe that as we we haven't heard him use these kinds of words and we haven't heard you use this prior. I think he's felt this way but I think he's made the decision that you know what I have to stand up I have to speak out I may not have that opportunity a month from. Oh good enjoyed it Bob quote now speaking out. It maybe a few other ghost Dutch speaking out about social what do they have in common is a straight what do they have in common. They're both leaving. The ball on their way out so again you may not like that phrase but that seems to be the only time when someone's gonna stand up and and make a stand whether or not you think it's the right standard whether you think they're talking sense or not so different manner. Well the only time so it's gonna take this deal like this angst and have an. Or if you were going after on the other side in you had a if you plan to continue to stay in Washington and you that you go after your own party into to a. Yeah I mean I think McCain is ultimately this speech designed to visit and history books. If trump goes bad and if this. Quote unquote movement if you call a movement if this thing goes bad at least history books will show on step up against I am pretty happy truthful. An and I think that's I think that's been not just this speech I think we've seen those kinds of actions. Coming from him for the last two months I mean is why he stormed the floor and voted against. You know or repealing health care I mean he he has made his his position no. And he wants the history books to reflect that Steve is in Braintree good morning Steve. Good morning guys say he voted no to screw Donald Trump did nothing to do with a principled stand because he didn't keep repeat vote he ran on. Repeal and replace he had a very tough primary fight he took the GOP money. They can get back into office which he would have walked if it come out that I'm gonna vote against repeat on a play. So he's a typical swamped all. Right now we have a bitter old dying crow margin and that is what bitter old dying men do they lash out at proceeds goes to grievances. And Steve what is wrong with speed band and I'd seen it would be to me at times is not a racist is not a deal bold he's not trying to at. Put anything board accepted America first it's no different. Then twelve financial wrought with hope and change you find the slogan you find an untapped. Marketing message and you go with it. That's what he did he used a brilliant Paula political strategist at the right time in the right place no one complained about open changing. How that message may not have been good for America but it's just a message it's marketing it is what. Happened in politics but somehow because they turn speed band and into this evil only an 8 o'clock and axle rod. Brilliant political strategist Steve Bannon and racist anti semite hate monger I mean it's it's ludicrous. Absolutely ludicrous and and that's old school plays right into where it. With this particular speech about how. Awful it is this would be say they're. I now have an expert is nationalism EU ST he's he's supposed to put America first. He was in the military getting defended her what song were putting America first it didn't exactly. Children column to all people put America first when she voted against the array and deal. All of corporate deal and you talk about these why don't Republicans. He's ridiculous he's he's absolutely ridiculous that gets him lashing out like an old grumpy dying and would do. Yeah that's all. So pull off an axle rod you could argue that they were athletes various internationalists. Akin to what wanted to. That is debt of the idea this is marketing BD you know if you come up with a message. You find the camp out by a majority it would be one of say the majority and then you targeted that you get its votes. It's politics it's nothing more I don't know why we may get this evil all we naked eagle and a very good that the Republican and he's not attractive and you can make them look terrible. But that's. That's all within the politics let's just. You know let McCain have little rampant mobile you have. We never thought that was your most attractive Republican Steve. I you know little little a little Marco Rubio he goes left Latin flair and I'm right there you know I don't allow Marc Anthony a little little little Latin flair there I don't know what. Pretty well not and I never really thought of whether Brad Bannon was an attractive man and I guess I OY yeah as you have no I don't confrontational and numerous occasions I ever talk about men and women that are attractive to monies have he's got bad hair he's disease and clean up nice -- does not got sixteen there's a scenario we are like not we're all like many and he got an older they've got H you know. That they're the tasty. Like I said. I don't think Mitt I don't think McCain speeches as great as people think. The initial reaction to it is because it's anti trump the media is all and they love it whenever. I think if you look at the do you McCain goes on about the ideals that we've championed a lot you know. I'm not sure would that even means in 2017. With the ideals that Obama championed the same ideals that Reagan championed it's not like there's been a consistent act. Over the paint their many much simpler Rosie weighing. That that aren't based in reality. But I what's what's fascinating to me about him is that when a guy does speak out and you want people to speak up and you wanted to take a stand and you want to be bold. Somebody does it here yesterday and boy is he a jerk and Barack scratching your man and he needs to go play and we don't wanna hear from there. Those two things going in and amp.