Kim & VB - Jeff Sessions may hire a special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton

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Tuesday, November 14th

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering hiring a special prosecutor to look into whether Hillary Clinton did anything illegal in the Uranium One deal


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Austin's warnings show. Ice. Let's give it a shot here I talk about Jeff Sessions shall we yesterday Jeff Sessions coming out and saying that he is thinking. I have are is they say entertaining the idea. Of appointing a second special crime prosecutor. In the investigation. Of the Clinton foundation. He he says that there are Republicans who have great concerns related to some of the issues. I've obviously their re uranium sale. Me and some other issues related Clinton foundation so he is thinking about this question I posed to our listeners Phoebe EU. Jim everybody. Do you actually think the special prosecutor will in fact be appointed to investigate Clinton's. Mortal beings things you recession says today and girls my guess is nowhere as of this time I say no they're not going to. What I mind if they did absolutely not I've of course my my view on that is the same as all of these which is that I want. The truth to come out and if that is a way to help the troops to come out and I'm all in favor of it and I do believe it sessions call like. I know these partially recused himself on some stuff but he is the acting it to use the attorney general. And if sessions as go forth and yeah he goes forth I'm also in favor of smaller I know you guys aren't but I am so. So my question would be this. Indeed it is what is he doing this under the the pressure of other Republicans saying you have to do it. Are already doing it because he believes. There are issues here that need to be investing. Diamond I've many easy answers say a little bit of both my guess is it's a lot more performers in the latter but I. Do you not think there is an issues call to be investigate. I think there are a lot of issues need to be investigated actually I think there are a lot of questions that need to be answered now I think he has though I think he thinks that too. So I think that's that's at least part of it which is enough for me but I don't think they're gonna do it. I cannot. It would be different if she was in office I think then you're absolutely would have through but I and I don't think you whatever happened man. But this. This would be an interesting one and this would be. Who who would be that person. Courage I don't know. Six or 7266686868680. Detect finally learned though from year to. Do you think a special prosecutor will in fact be. Appointed to look into the Clinton foundation and do you think once Charlotte. Is it his business to do you think it will happen is not what do you think it should but I'm asking well I know but right so just for me. You know me I'm fine with constantly looking at the clintons and look at in Norman I think there's just enough about. I would like to know all there is to know about this uranium one DL and who knew what when and how it all went down and what the time I'd love to have a timeline everything is timeline visas but I would love to have a time line. And when the president was involved in when Hillary was involved in all this other stuff to come finalists of the special counsel can do that let's say about it. I just don't think they're going to I think sessions has been reluctant on this and I think he still is reluctant I think. His comment partly was. Now he's gonna he's he's testifying tabled some of his testimony is gonna come up as a result of this and this is easier ground for right and so I think it was Smart play by him to say this past. Six or 72666868. X 8680 is our tax line and what do you think do you think there will be a special counsel. Appointed by Jeff Sessions related to the Clinton foundation when we go to Scott. Has got good morning. Good morning MVP and snowflake. So like you're almost since season here in the destroy the lives in Austin earlier. I'd so hit here we go big big. Finally a we'd finally going to expose the clintons in the awful disgusting. Greedy pompous people they are. Is there equal justice under the law according to the constitution is supposed to date by the clintons are proving otherwise until now. Can we finally. Finally expose. Disgust. They'll also known as the Clinton family and it gets so collapsed. Taking money that's quite send uranium and they did just so disgusting literally I could throw a lot with the name Clinton armaments. Do you. Okay this you must pass I don't know what about the fact so obviously you knew want this to happen and OK that's fine you think Jeff Sessions. It's saying. Trump as the United States senate than there. I've and a you're asking me every stated that what I what I think I'm asking you. Do you think it's gonna happen that's what I'm wondering. Probably not which is disgusting the corruption and that the government is so grocer now would you like to like trump got elected. We finally heavy public servant in the White House not a politician someone who acts. Really OK I was slapping. Do you think that Kim most well known adds to this. Yeah I'm a small place. Questions I've always felt like derogatory I don't mean to date yeah but I'm eastern and referendums are Jim gem gem about school outplayed him from this point forward thank you gem. Let me ask your question yeah. Can Hillary Clinton do anything that would turn you walked over. Absolutely the Donna resulting really pissed me off ever done anything wrong the dotted brutal thing really pissed me off I really didn't like just glad to report to the point where I think she should be done I would I would vote for her again. Wild wild strong step on the trust you most of you little cohorts would would not always knocked. A lot of people on my C feel like a lot of people on the left want her to go away I absolutely want the strike days ordered to be quiet and go away. The clintons know like herpes they just that you didn't expect on the combat I go way personally I would like number. Much to go away but I don't think that changed the fact that there's not been here with the earning him is that true misses the mark your purpose. That is strip map to where what is science what is these Biotech companies. All the billions all of us. Had a chat making this special counsel and as always wanted to ask got a question back and said he's got out of sorrow that's on me my question for Scott as if they'd if they do this they have a special counselor in the special counselor finds nothing. Like happened and Ozzie. Are we gonna be done with Bill Clinton and how are now entering a unified stuff. Two indicted or two started you know remove its everybody yet we did Ben Ghazi over and over and over is that what this is gonna be here gonna keep prosecuting actually find something or. Is it gonna be one and a. Where this is more tricky everybody wanted to be locker rob and OK we do the lock her up and down. But where this gets tricky is so for example Biden Stalin you yesterday's cinema Raanan point one well. If the vice president in the previous administration who is involved in this uranium one deal which would then be being investigated by a special counsel. Why the guy he's attorney general of the guys that Biden would be running against. You can see where there are a number of ethical dilemmas for this and where this is. It's not as simple as law school there's a lot of people that would be involved is to be a lot of moving parts. And this is where. This stuff gets very trick. I agree Donna is in Boston hey Donna good morning. Good morning to you how high you well thank you. Well I just want to weigh in on this set I would just like to say that it Jeff Sessions doesn't elect a special prosecutor to take on that Clinton. You get back on Chongqing iron and put somebody in yet it absolutely gonna do the job because I mean. Of the Clinton okay Donna can I ask a question. Chill out so the point of a special prosecutor means that their reason for special prosecutor means that the means of normally investigating something have been compromised. Do you feel like the intelligence could be Canadian or part of the Republican congress. Is not is compromised and how they look at Hillary Clinton. Because that's right there's a special prosecutor for trot. This is why are you and you know what. I don't care whether it's the Republicans I don't care whether it will the Democrats well that's because it's the Republicans during the investigation that's why you don't hear. I'd I don't care what was the Democrats doing the investigation what they are trying to do what they are so you'd trust Democrats to investigate Hillary Clinton. No no you don't you well know it all depends on who would it and I mean I think about it Marleau right now I mean he do it looks like. He looks like to meet academic Amy looked like the undertaker is Al I mean I did I get into any of them but I. No reflecting one thing you would interest and Donna is like it does plaza before but who would you would you. That tortured by if you gold trust smaller. Who who wins the Russian thing would you trust for a Clinton. Special counsel like would be experts everyone keeps saying there wasn't a special counsel and been causing no because there were two congressional committees that work right that we're investigating this over and over they didn't need a special counselor and the one you keep saying to me is that trade doubt he should be to betray Gotti was the guy in the Gaza all right what ultimately he's in shape its in tray got did find some stuff but it won they won actionable -- one unbelievable it was enough to make Hillary look and and and somewhat on the president of while those players not to make her look tainted yeah for sure you're sick every hole I honestly I don't know who. This is a limited pool in which you could find somebody that doesn't have a horse in the race that. Isn't connected. In some quick look if you can find. A connection to the woman that accusing Roy Moore she has a connection with the clintons. It's going to be hard to find somebody. That you don't have any issue with the that would be the special counsel. Two. At any Hillary Clinton investigation because the clintons have been around that long and that their hands and enough stuff. This would be altered. Because the one you would say is already anybody that trump wants. Claudia yeah. That list is braids that initial list is thrown out obviously by anybody on the left we don't wanna try and those guys. You're looking for someone in the middle but in this day and he's there isn't any medal for Bob Mueller is not in the middle and you guys have consistently told me isn't. I don't know what would be. Given CP talking about what you're talking about that Boston's morning show. WR KE. Aren't you let's let's focused way. During 9 o'clock we're talking about Jeff Sessions. So the idea that he's entertaining. The suggestion by numerous Republicans. That a special counsel be appointed to look into the clintons. Larry is up this morning Gordon Larry. Yes good morning looked. Want to know what you bring up bomb I was sort of convince I didn't vote for Hillary Clinton but I don't sort of convince its it was a Smart woman. But anyway you think about it I mean she's she's dumbest person until America in the hell should he issue of all this. Baggage. And you know we that we listen to a halt somewhere in 2016. Everybody's saying lock lock broke all the trump supporters. Central Square and then he comes out and triple and a one investigate the clintons you know I'll let it go and what is she didn't she turned around and she just hopes that Bear Stearns you know she knows fully well which you have one behind me. We actually thought here at all it's not in achieved she she doesn't mean what when she's thinking. Well Larry I think she would she is she's she's dumb with power she's drunk with you know. The ability to be in the middle of the spotlight and for years and years no matter what's happened the clintons have been able to. To cover it up with a machine and she's forgotten that she's a real person. Like are we why didn't she just white or brown can go got a got away without one you'll just be quiet right now quote you know I don't. I I Syria take your dollars go home and be done with that right and think to yourself wow. Larry I would like to know eye of the people's that the techsters are suggesting could be this special counsel now they're very good suggestions and I think Ken Starr. There's no bias there at all I was at any judge jury or judge Pollack tunnel says to a seven Rudy Giuliani. And none of these nominations and any conflict so yeah there's a lot of people out there that apparently could. Chris Christie will be out of work since. Some of these I have adjustments no place texting him under pursued no suitor number I don't know what the word is about it. Judge Roy Moore and may have some time and again soon. His friend again and his friend of Jeff Sessions ugly but think about this okay so for everyone that wanted to special prosecutor in the rusher investigation is special counsel yes. And then the bigger discussion was well how limited are they have once you do this opens the floodgates and we've seen it already where. Again there's an argument to be made it to. Never just been indicted on to something that wasn't really his right. When you take on a clean and special counsel title. Is that the rest of your life yeah this you're like 35. Yes because. How much I in the job you can't just limit uranium one there's no way because once you go to the Clinton foundation. Hole easily Haiti hats to be investigate. All of the cleaning cash stuff is now on the table right. So how long would this be going on we're asking that his trumpet where guys we just one more to be done. The Clinton would be never ending wouldn't call who wants that job. I think you also wanna you wanna count and after about six months I know I'm sorry that I have more than I did she write I will chew you up and spit you anybody call and order is a hypocrite for saying it's a waste of money that what motorist that's like anybody else I consistency you brought that whatever you sick in theory whatever you said about smaller U van. To say here right but I say that knowing full that nobody is gonna be consistent on those. Patrick is in Waltham good morning Patrick. Patrick you there. Patrick is not there when we got to Ronnie Ronnie is in Boston he running good morning. Hey good morning you came Bibi and Jim you know this kinda reminds me of like. When you've seen those 95 year old mobsters go on trial and that got the oxygen masks and they're in wheelchairs. We are even if you convict dumb they're probably gonna die within the year anyway and I try to sort of feel like. That's where I am with prosecuting Hillary Clinton at this point I have no doubt she's here redeemable corrupts. I have no doubt she's committed many crimes and ethics violations. What I just don't really see that at this point of the game where both her and her husband or disgraced they have no influence left a title they're out of politics. I just don't know what all that energy I'd rather see that energy go in the building the wall and getting tax cuts to getting health care. On track and I I just don't know what we really gain. By prosecuting Hillary Clinton at this point other than it being able to virtues signaling out assault on the back of Stacy weeks. Finally brought to justice and belt probably won't come to shoot like 88. Yet we know are running in your first up your what that's where the most sensible calls or heard in young guns from England until thank you very much. And secondly my feeling I agree with this day Vick the you know at the American people gave her the worst. Outcome of anything that she could ever imagine and that's they didn't vote her in as president. I mean she has paid the price because she wanted to be president so desperately. That she was willing to do anything and stop on any one. She was willing to take every dollar she was willing to do whatever it took instilling get there. No one of things you do do is I'd you don't let her writer history like she tried to do that was what happened well. Maybe the irony will be what Larry informed consent which is that what happened is that you screwed yourself by not being able to be quiet and now. You're not gonna write the history someone else is gonna write about what I think we all are in favor of the truth right we all want to work out. I don't think well a pretty good idea what the truth why don't uranium now because again there was a there was sort of a pass given on that so is there more to that or not. Once there's something criminals done there was there were quid pro wall. We are suspicions on that but was there. Was it definitively. You can go XYZ here's a timely news on what happened yes if there was that should be exposed yes. Yes. Morning show with Kim. How Heimlich and Tzipi. Literally the most interesting man immoral WR KL. So. Texas have been really funny because they're combatant and an ugly. He'll handle I want you felt like you're a good moment he went down if you go out yeah I do only because I I loved the one line at Ronnie said that I thought was so right. Let's take some money and use it for something else you know which I do agree with that. Won't your old married and you not till I don't like Hillary Clinton I really out your bank was Ronnie that's the most since you ever made derisive wolf you might double. Virgo sensible calls or anybody's had to cancel it's too good let's have the techsters questioned you on that characters they're they've been funny today 617 sensible all. You are your mind these people still believe in the wall really. All why no way don't need to Ronnie about that if there wants the wall that was on Ronnie this one's on use our heaven soaked him. If judge Mora loses does that mean he suffered an often shouldn't be prosecuted. Of course if there's a crime committed we need to prosecute since excellence and a I I don't think Roy Moore is going to be prosecuted and I don't think we're losing election he's gonna there's not as of now anyway there's a statute of limitations on these and none of these falls within up so he wouldn't be. Whether or not he should be is a different matter I guess we are you know you can decide whether you think you there should be a statute and sexual assault and blah blah blah in Alabama there is and he wouldn't be prosecuted. But I forget what the philosophy is which is that. A crime I want prosecute I understood circumstances I guess I I totally get that really do. But at the same time I'm sure I'm with Ronnie and that you know it was like prosecuting an old. Based are being distant and base I'm kind of waiting and gangsters by the way I mean when it was Whitey Bulger punished enough because he was Livan and hunt and land on the Lam and at money and on wall and among them upon life. Now we'll amend I don't care because there at some point there's a crime that becomes so ridiculous that. If he is breathing you do you bring amends I'm wanna make an uncomfortable I would be that I get that but what I don't want. He's I don't want this country to spend hundreds of millions of dollars and in the end we gal. Her. But it is I would like to CBO since this useless as they are. We don't have anybody better can you at least give me a cost estimate on when a special counsel for Hillary Clinton and I don't think they let me get all our I don't think they can get in the ballpark. Patrick in Waltham this morning good morning Patrick. More activity I think is that this is gonna come off a little bit different from what most people would click but I think that even though there Clinton. Would be this central point of the investigation I think they're just spoke in the wheel if we look at what's really come to life the last few weeks. As do. You know Robert Mueller it was a director of the FBI during the Iranian ordeal. He was appointed special counsel by Iran Rosen senior assistant attorney general. Who also. Was involved Jim Thome termination who was also still in the Justice Department during the hearing it ordeal. All of that hiring and back and forth between those in addition to Loretta lynch knowing and the meeting on our back. And Eric Holder. Knowing about the kickbacks and the bribery schemes with the Russian company who talked in the uranium. I think. The investigation. Would actually the expose a lot of corruption within. The intelligence agencies and higher levels. Government Washington DC and the Clinton foundation the current themselves. Would just be rolled up into the main Bill Clinton's five days after the Iranian deal went through. Do a speech in Russia and was paid 500000 dollars five days after. Did you want to be million dollars goes in the Clinton foundation. Carol from the Russian companies that had interest in the Energy Department. 515 million dollars into their account within a month and that the Iranian. I actually was a Canadian company but close. If you actually read our privacy and you see the company company. But offered overtake him all of those paying. Create. Conflicts of interest that you know and I can I do lose any main. On the other side the same as you just have veterans and and leave it attached to each other and do the same exact. Little spider web game you just it but that's not this is no actual you can't just. Well I cut likeable well Donald Trump and ambled just what I don't draw and what about what he just save water and Saturdays at the Clinton and Asia was given hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees ones don't have found there was air and brought Rosenstiel and we'll wait Robert Mueller Entergy you're not you're literally what you just endorsing means he's not know he DUH literally just listed eight means that were incidentally in the world but I think he's done at all they're they're not they're connected sorry you're you're just that name that I know rob Rosenstiel and why. Like Robbie Rosen I guess the hugest heart dispersed for now wait right. Days after his deal went through Bill Clinton was paid a certain amount of money which is a large amount of money. By Russians and our original Robert Mueller Jim Carney and rob rose and somehow. Well this is quite I think his point and I understand where you're going to Melissa my because my mind off a mullet was right Moeller was a rally with as far as the intra department signed off on the deal OK but there is a that's different than saying you just said I could see trump Enron Rosen steam no you can't they're not there's no connection that. Mueller had some knowledge of these yield because. They have to sign off on it there were those fire departments he was one back. So there is in Rosen Steve was right hand man that's why they are. That's why it's session has been reluctant to do this along to sessions trust Rosen Stein and Rosa finest holding him. There's nothing to see here that may be true. We don't know either that's why I still think that he they're not gonna do this I think this is violating right. Well I think sessions said this to keep torture and he's white vote but twilight yet. And but I have to tell you at the same time I think Jeff Sessions knows it's a huge gamble. If he does appoint this this special prosecutor. He knows that dollar sign is going to be unbelievable. And if he does if he does trust Rosenstiel the way you've said. And he said there's not an easy year. He's thinking Jesus fine if her point is special counsel there's nothing to see there than houses got to shake out. No but I'd because of personal with twenty. I don't think they're gonna hide my god my god is there is of course my gut is that the NFL's might be Roger Goodell a contract in the news yesterday seems implanted on and so yeah I'm not a 100%. And yeah I mean I I I don't I'm not so sure this won't happen but he also runs the risk that it by the time. It's time to run for office again they have not come up with something pretty juicy over. The caught the hundreds of millions of dollars it's been spent even session they're gonna they're gonna find something new because earlier trials find something that's the reason why everyone so afraid of. That's 12 is. But the point we know they're going to the point of a special counsel is saying that the actual body that are supposed to be doing this and pricing. Cannot do it I agree. There's no way you can see trade Audi is not qualified to investing I Hillary why that's not right and I think this is. I think Mueller wasn't wasn't is an interesting precedent and I think this would be more interesting precedent if you do this. Did you we're we are are we going I'm very streaky my my how on all of that is the clintons. They are so unique. And they are sold above and beyond everybody there any special is Oxford as we're back to be the clintons are criminals but as they're criminals argument that we always end up what we've never had a president that and a former president in a former secretary of state of Nevada foundation that is handled that kind of foreign money we never had that so they are unique in that respect. We are also unique because of several things that they were involved in that you Quincy is conflicts. Whether or not they're wrong or not we don't know is we haven't had a special accounts so we're gonna assume that they're guilty. No do you know trump is guilty because smaller is appointed I don't know is the right thing people do that I don't think you're gonna get you additional. Remain patient for me I think what your goal with just to begin with his what is it forget about it forget about that part of it what does the president there were setting high cure every time something comes up. Like this. Instead of letting you go through the channels that need to be suddenly were reporting special cross always gonna did the president mean I don't think second singles party comes in you appoint a special counsel no way the last priority to that is out that's not going to be healthy for the country but I think this is different map. But you can see. An unintended consequence of this is going to be that tiger and that's troubling gyms in Boston Jim good morning. Guard mark thank MRI is good thank you sir I create be our other our original. Any outsider in her over out we already over here for a but they still have the tickets at bat. And it better that it all phrase prosecution. They're they're on it and they're the BCI. The US got. They got a completely illegal or. Completely illegal to secure bonds on this auspicious char gulf war. Oh. Absolutely a 100% and one thing that's ever happened and I let's put it that way but does your meal yeah let me let me ask somebody what what he you're gonna say he's a private citizens on what's not real they have been. Made efforts to his right Denise did they stop anything coming from now watch how Hamas. One to ten years ago where. I mean that if that can be done in the Clinton delegates can be done with eight conviction or with a indictments. Like yeah well that's what he started out so. They'll probably never be like watching your money he's not gonna they're just special counsel not to immediately come into. Your blogs however. Attack if it weren't flying Sunday and you know the answer would be an animal that money's gone yeah it is. Do you know what if they find something yes great locker optical money away if they were to find something Fuzzy edges around anything yet. Not that I want to bear our LA but they're not worry about here at W our tails. Archie well the voice of Boston. Country music star Jason all dean talking about the harvest 91 massacre. Good morning I'm Jacqui Murphy. Jason I'll be talking today on The Today Show.