Kim & VB - Interview: Tom Samoluk, Dep. Dir. of the JFK Assassination Review Board

Tom Samoluk calls in to discuss what potentially could be revealed if President Trump releases the confidential JFK files


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Can indeed be. We're BP stands for very boisterous Thursday's variables all of yeah right whatever it's Boston's morning show on WR KL. I'm excited about this. You're excited about the release of the documents public about how I'm excited to talk to Tom Campbell served to her about that release of the documents. I told I I'm not sure didn't win their release there will be any more answers to any of the questions people have I was like this kind. So JFK documents the assassination documents that what the government has. George Herbert walker bush signed a thing that's a 25 years from now we're gonna release these that time is now. Supposedly on Thursday they're gonna happen the president tweeted out over the weekend. Because there was rumblings that they were gonna go soft on this and they were not gonna right there we're gonna extend. The calm. Hold that they had on it the president said not all we're gonna release these sorts common unless there's some specific writings. We're gonna release them so in light of that. Yeah a friend of ours Tom Sam locked. Happened to a served on a review board in the in the 1990s. Which met for four years by the four or for a million documents related to the Kennedy assassination he was one of the guys that reviewed that. He joins us now on the W York there was no I'm morning's honest. Hi all first question Tom. Is this going to be a Capone vault thing when this are when these document to dump or are they is do you think there is something there. Well I have to say that I think expectations. Are are growing and had been set very high. But what people have to remember is that this review board which I would be deputy director in the mid 1990s. Reviewed these records that are set to be released on and on Thursday barring the president doing something. And I can assure you that the board would have released back then. Anything that went to the core of the assassination narrative. What that means is that under the law that created the order in the JFK record collection. There are certain things that precluded us from. Releasing records it typically it is CIA the FBI and the NSA. Would make an appeal to the review board and give us reasons why the record shouldn't be released and that sets the stage. For those which the board didn't release which relatively speaking it's not a big number but it's that's the the stage for the release that is supposed to occur on Thursday October 26. 45 years after President Bush signed the law. Well in fact there were five million documents in the beginning were down a 1% here so Tom let me ask you this. Will this answer any questions related to the government's knowledge because there's a lot of experts out there who were saying they hope that's what these. Final documents will clear up. The government's knowledge of movement the government's knowledge of the players in all of this and may be more time line. Again I think that they the records first ball are important to be released and I mean all of the record after 54 years because. I think the American public has a right to know. As to what they will mean to researchers and historians. I think that. Yeah you'll be very few mines that will be changed by what's released. But I didn't think debt. That record will still in some of the gaps in the history that narrative around the assassination. Which will also be important. It'll give you one example there are records which I hope will be released at relate to a particular CIA operative. That was in ball would impact Castro Cubans. Who had a run in several Ryan's actually would Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans before the assassination. The review board was not told by the CIA. About the relevance of this individual the rule book he would play it was only after syllables five million records that the review board put out there publicly. Better researchers found out that this individual fight kind of connecting the dots. Realize that this person in fact was relevant in their records related to him and what he was doing. Prior to the assassination. That are relevant and I hope he'll be release that it could be some very important nuggets. That much like in the mid ninety's what we release records that still been some gaps. When you looked at all these documents and you guys talked about what these things man for four years. What was your ultimate take away Tom. Well I think dead Bibi much like the House Select Committee on Assassinations which investigated in. The late seventies and in fact they came to a different conclusion that the Warren commission and you know. The Warren commission which came out near report 1964. Said that Lee Harvey Oswald. Was the lone gunman there was no conspiracy. These select committee in 1979. And their final reports said that there was probably conspiracy although he was too late at that point. 2.2 who might have been involved. I think did it's very difficult at this point to say what happened it's kind of been lost in 54 years of history. Nevertheless getting the record daughter important. And I think dead Jean filling in some of the gaps in the history will be will be important. Are there papers that are so sensitive 54 years later they can't be released in your estimation Tom. Kim I don't think so I had been in contact with the media chairman of our board who will say yep. A federal judge in Minneapolis and we have been kind of going back and forth about what's left we greeted expectations are very high. In May be too high but that it's important to get all the records up because that's the 54 years what really. Is there that needs to be protected. I do think that the some of the records that. The media reports over the weekend before the president tweeted that he was going to let them all go. I think debt they were appointee to rule out letters that were written to the review board in the 1990s. About records from the sixties and seventies. That may reveal. Things that need to be protected us. Tom's analog great talking to you as always my friend and you Abbas meetings I don't wanna get in trouble the hot cup. Effective immediately. It's always very Arafat and desires we may have to check in with him again now and they're right there Monroe Ireland this stuff comes out and.