Kim & VB - Governor Baker wants "phone in hand" to be a first driving offense

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, November 22nd

The Governor is backing a law which would make even holding your phone in your hand while driving a first offense for drivers, allowing police to pull them over and give them a large fine


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Boston's morning show with a killer beat me. WR KEL. All right thank you guys so much for calls in the quick reminder Michael Harrison is with me beat me. As the morning off because he had a baby early this morning we're heeding his wife did. Benjamin. Gave to the world are about 140 and we are very happy for he and his wife so congratulations. To them in there and enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving you'll be back mid week next week. And Michael Harrison is with us he is the editor of talkers magazine he I don't know if you saw this. What is it that you they're taking via an outcry. But. Charlie Baker came out yesterday error only in our. You say that he is in support. Of a bill that has passed the death house are dissent rather. And is moving through the house and I wanna see what our listeners that you wanna see what you think about office. This bill. Would find drivers a hundred dollars for first offense 500 for subsequent offenses. For holding. Their phone. In their hand and while driving. I agree. Why how that we would again you have to think about. The cat and I'm I'm on the media freak I love communications I love freedom by bud I consider holding a phone in your hand while you're driving. The same as holding a bottle of liquor in your hand while you're driving. Well let me tell you this this bilking about peak times. There's currently you know a law against texting but the problem is that police officers say. They can't force it. Number one to second it's a secondary offense so they have to be able to pull you over they pull you over for something else and then they find out that you've been texting which they don't. Because you protect from a minute that a officer pulls. You over secondly. It's hard to prove people say oh no I was just talking on the phone I wasn't taxed. So the senate and now the governor believes that the way that we can do away with this completely is you just can't have a phone your hands period. Yeah you either have to be our Bluetooth. Horror you don't communicate with people. And I'm anxious to hear what our listeners think about that because this pretty FT 500 bucks first time you get caught again 500 dollars and then it goes on from there. Which ultimately gives you you know I think ultimately you could actually face losing your license or your license being suspended if you're caught enough times with the phone in your. Kim distracted driving is as dangerous if not more so than alcoholic driving it it it it. Is there anything more terrifying than looking in your mirror and seeing the guy behind you is texting or. I mean there are there are so many accidents out there. And being defensive driver is hard enough as it is now you don't know if somebody's gonna come out of left field smack NT because there. Texting or on the phone or dialing or. You know getting frustrated because they're dealing with something that can't wait and they're in an emotional states that makes them an incompetent driver. We we we trust in each other so much when we're out there on the open road. I don't see anything wrong with the way Charlie Baker is doing well. Everybody questioned six foot 72666868. X eighty succeeds it's excellent. Do you support this bill number one which is very close to her to come through governors already set comes through I'm signing it. It's already passed the senate it's it passed back in July in the senate. And it's now on the house different question for you. And I look at this. I have my own flaws god knows but it when it comes to this kind of issue. But I also I do have Bluetooth in my car so I do speak on the phone I don't hold the phone. And I don't hold that number one thank goodness yours there is an advantage to getting a little older I can't see. So I would bill I can't predict what that'll drive with my glasses on I can't I can't see its auto tax cutter doing that while driving. But my question is you know for younger driver. OK so they're on Bluetooth. Yes. Yes they are distracted and young drivers at my house and this is I worry about this'll get to play. You should worry about it yeah and and and we should all worry about it we sure about our kids we should worry about teen teenagers and younger adult drivers who don't have life experience and think that there are invulnerable think that the bad things don't happen to them. But there is it's been there have been tests and studies that indicate. There's less of a distraction when you're talking. Then when you're holding your hand. For for a variety of physical reasons from my site to try to. You know hands on the wheel to all kinds of things right and and I try to figure out myself why is it that when I'm talking to somebody sitting next to me in the car I'm driving it doesn't bother me but I'm talking on the phone and actually takes me away. It it their all kinds of psychological neurological aspects to this but it's less dangerous but the fact of the matter is. Even it even if you're on a Bluetooth even if you're just talking to the ball. You should still be very careful about the nature of the conversation and whether or not it's necessary. Let me go to Mike in North Andover and see how he feels about this would you support this bill like. I. Tried. Five days we don't I'm not into band yeah well I don't let let's. And it would do my hair get ourselves partnered than the current media drive right now talking you would. NIC and I definitely supported and soul much. People on all the all the time and what he's done it lapsed tax evening. I doubt on the highway and here aren't aren't and snugly like eating. Canada. Married very very here yeah it is so you're supported this and the hundred boxes somebody's buying 500 bucks second time. All good video. Now you don't like a lot more fun part. You back pain I can hear people should realize that if you do have an accident they can check out on your phone whether or not you were at that time texting right or on the phone and then they does leave me an electronic paper trail. Yes let me go to Nicole Nichols and Bradford good morning Nicole do you support the. Building that morning while I do by parent I think did the same state that want to have Sanctuary City. So people can come here illegally and break up bid billion car but I never thought in my hand and I need to figure how. Whether I need to collect our right and I'm gonna get a fine a copy he went my phone in my hand. Okay bit let me ask you this question Nicole Oca had so she because of the Sanctuary City issued yeah your card you are you compared all. Laws and safety issues related to that. Climate and Mike Bender so many loopholes. For everyone now on carpet it seemed like what I'm I'm trying to get to work Goran carnac you know. I don't know right now so why is this is that we were the other this is the worst kind of logic. And I don't have all due respect Nicole your logic is that kind of logic that breaks down intelligence and and and just turns it into chaos. If that there is no logic to what you're saying it's but on the other hand why can't people do this if this if they do it just is it's irrational. They don't mean to belittle you but it's your low rational it's an idiot country luckily. Happened to the old days of two wrongs just don't make a right do we have to say no I may. I mean if if if if she sees this Sanctuary City issue is being wrong OK fair enough. But does that mean we also should all be allowed to do a whole lot of other things that put people in danger I don't think so I like this bill by the way I like this bill a lot. Because number one most cars this teenage do you have Bluetooth or you can find a way. To Bluetooth I have a sixteen year old driver I don't want her touch and a phone. I'm Eleanor I don't Warner nearest I don't want to I don't reg earlier idol watcher sixteen year old driver on the road where there's somebody else with that right exactly it's not just your driver it's it's the other people out. A couple of techsters are brought up what about using your GPS. Okay well I understand that's an issue and I I am wondering what might happen here what are things that is in this bill is that. You can use your GPS chip to pull over okay so in other urgent Britain is so he can't beat. Holding it in your he had to put your you're drastic seeger at below market immediately that's a definable feds know. What yeses won't let you type fully removing anyone well that's in your car without it they would be your fault now he's probably. Couple of them are a couple of different GPS things on your phone ball really tight all I realize selection and that that I should be like I let my my car won't let late ways specifically says oh it seems like you're moving please pull over right and it won't what you technique that is and tasks as you're stopped. And Jimmy what this is gonna meet from this point forward is that if you are someone who's not using GPS in your car but instead are using your phone. You're gonna have to people have to get the only thing is gonna be legal is amount. Yeah except those mouse you put you drop your phone into on the dashboard. And then once you've said it of these that are right there it's gonna have to be mounted like that where again it's not your hand. But instead it is it's mounted and you can see it and you can adherents but the healing times. OK I can I. I don't you know some people look at the GPS. You know I I don't know of anybody does that anymore I I like you can't see it that clearly because I I have to two glasses one for distance one for reading. And admit it's matrix have they connect to four feet away thing. Yeah actually I can't deal that. But you know when serious telling me turn right turn left I can deal without but I I can't I can't read it while we're out doing it but I'll tell you something else do you remember the day when you would drive with instructions on your lap or how are. Burlap that was crazy. Come back up Scots in Boston haystack and morning. Providing we newest superstar. Listen I look special truck driver and I've been driving since I was nineteen years are now 62. And I when I know Nicole I'm like I just about jumped on my feet. I knew what happened it'd days like he said when you draw I would instructions. As a truck driver if I could cause you to my Paula I don't want the phone. I guess 17150. Dollar fine and Mike yup Mike and and that this happened. I truly years ago no trucks drive to continue to follow I wish you have to look observed. Already had second yeah I'm ready I'm sure you got to beat your opponent has to be released while Iranian seat belt in the abstract I mean we've got to talk. Cal's for the blue laws and regulations. That. That people like you and the caller she's. I'm not you know I can use my home powerful. The other I'm sorry it was good law I want to see that a lot of inactive I can tell you how many times people just flat on their balls. This thing at a satellite. Yeah light turns green and they're still sitting there.