Kim & VB - General Kelly speaks on Trump and the Gold Star widow

General Kelly held an emotional press conference in which he discussed the gravity of letting a family know when a member of the military has died which included his own personal account of being on both ends of that conversation


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Given DV Boston's morning show this if you miss a beat you relies so casually. WR KL. It becomes so it. I was at the proper response from congresswoman Wilson after yesterday's events him her did you think maybe she's a little money. Well listen. I thought all along that. I thought all along that the president said what she said he said I've also said that I think that she interpreted it. In such a way. Tim to make it a political thing and I think that's gross. I thought the president made the whole thing political when he started out out the other presidents not doing it I mean. The political side of this is terrible and I hope they all be quiet and stop. Because this whole issue is so much bigger than they did not meet congresswoman from. Miami and the president trying to. You know constantly talking down President Obama it's just it's it's bigger than. It's about gold star families. About people who make the ultimate sacrifice in the country I think it's so much bigger I hope they'll stop talking about it now. SR three while at all what Jimmy Kimmel and it did a Tiggers Joan Goldberg put it out but where was this thing around. This is typical as they put it Jon Stewart path. Make your career out of wearing a clown nose telling jokes and take the clown nose off and talk down to people about some issues it's important to you when you get pushed back you put the clown nose back on him but hey I'm just clown. What Wilson did bear is that. The press is following looming I can't believe it I'm gonna tell my kids about that is I'm just a little. Your congresswoman first of all second of all you called out the president directly on CNN breaks on multiple occasions. About and I feel like our I don't worry about me I just I'm a little old nobody ball. It's too late for that at the jets out of the bag and that one and nice try. Practicality for a minute may mean normally replace sound bites like that they're fifteen or twenty seconds. I assume you wanna hear general Kelley as much as I did when I heard him yesterday shall we that being said I wanna play you. It's almost a two minute sound byte which probably would never played two minutes on my before on the show around we Kim. That frequently but there's a number of them that are worth it to that point here here's Kelly just talking about his reaction to the hole Wilson saga. I was stunned. When I came to work yesterday morning and broken hearted. At what I story number congress doing. Member of congress who. Listen there are a phone call from the press United States we don't want. And in his way try to express. That opinion. There's a brave men. Fallen hero. He knew he's got himself into because she enlisted there's no reasonable list in which. News where he wanted to be. Exactly where he wanted to be was exactly the people he wanted to do was when Detroit was taken that was the message. That was a message that was transmitted. It's stuns me that a member of congress for the listened in on the conversation. Absolutely stuns me. And I thought. At least that was safer. Known as a kid growing up. Lot of things are stated our country. Women were sick. Looked upon with great on that's obviously not the case it more receipt from recent cases life particularly your life is sacred that's gone. Religion. At seems to be gone as well. Gold star families I think that left in the convention over the summer. I just thought. The selfless devotion that brings a man or woman to die in the battlefield I just thought that that might be sacred. When I listen to this woman what she was saying. What she was doing on TV. The only thing I could do. To collect my thoughts was to go. And to walk among the finest men and women on this earth. You can always fun to your knowledge and actions after that we'll know their for an hour and a half. Walked among the stones some of whom I put it. Because they were doing what I told him to do when they were killed. I hate coming off him and added to mean there's so many Mike drops in there it's unbelievable. Do you disagree at any event yes idea. I want to because I I think it he paints too negative picture I don't think it's true I don't think religion is not sacred in this country anymore I don't think he gold star families are sacred. I don't agree I don't agree with general Kelly I know these crushed. I know that this woman did something terrible and again. The Brett the president in my estimation did something terrible first. I think the whole thing is it has gotten completely out of control I don't think what the what he says is true I think people in this country respect these feelings. I think people in this country Holden sacred I think people in this country recognize the unbelievable sacrifice. I I I think. That part of it I think he's hurt and I understand why he's hurt but I have more faith in the American people I have more faith in the country I really really do. I think just some bad. Some bad rhetoric went on here and it was wrong. So I I refuse to believe that that's the case and I don't in general Kelly really believes that down deep in his heart I just think that he was crushed by what he saw. Annie was crushed as a father who has gone through what he's gone through and I understand that respect that's well. I would have taken out the women are sacred line yeah just because of his boss and I. Because I think when he said that a lot of viewed as a really does your guys think that. And I think was I mean that gold star thing he said that ended last summer at the convention that's I think that was all I partly trumpet diet yeah. And I think actually. A big part of that brought forth. How people do respect and how people were offended by what occurred there so I mean I think you know again I just think. I think that at that moment he was speaking as somebody who was crushed by the circumstances. That it occurred over the last few days and I am too but I I I kind of what. I mean that that's sort of what made it such a powerful statement for me is that he wasn't just defending the president you anyone. He was speaking about all of late he's I think Obama but I don't need him to call me don't want him to call me an outright buy them. I'm not bothered by and by a man. Com. I like I what I said this before when Kelly had his first. One of these sites and do things one is I need a bat signal that goes up that is Kelly's gonna take the Mike is I don't ever wanna miss it and that's still true. And second of all. Kelly is Jack Nicholson from a few good men without the program but Kelly is the guy you want on that wall and Kelly is on the wall now. He is the last line of defense. For trump and the for us you know if you're Bob pork or and there's a reason why. That's why again the poll question it's opera now of the Kelly financial poll question is. Which of corporate might might too hard to score Republican friends that text me almost every day. Both said yes sent me separate text that said Kelly for president but he could. They all think there's a woman on the tax on right now it's as the oh my god I'm crying in tears listening to that sincerity in general Kelly's voice tell quick I just. I don't think you could do would much better. They need this Jason and if you think it's sincere listening to him you had to watch it. Because there were moments when this man had to take a minute. Get a breath. This is a person who's made very clear that he doesn't wanna talk about this this is not a path he wants to walk down. Not only is he buried his son but at one point in this press conference he talks about another young man who stood directly next to him when he was killed. Was standing next to him he's very many many young men in and I'm sure probably a few women is well who were in his command. And this was not an easy thing for him yesterday now again it doesn't take away from me what he said I just don't fully there are some things I don't agree with him. And I don't agree to because I have more faith you know being the idea that religion is not sacred well in this country the president and his. And he's right about I disagreed meantime he's and we went to those people fight for religious freedom. We so I don't save it. He's talking about like I guess they're very. I disagree well it oh yeah anywhere in my life is sacred from from their perspective or from a day and age when you can't. You have to baking cake if it goes against her religion would be the simplistic argument. It's no longer sacred you can't there are religious defenses things when you have to give birth control even though you're religion tells you that you don't. It's not it's a longer sacred day that's what he would be saying at three I bombings from. I you know my views on religion period I I disagree I think he's right there is nothing. Since that night I disagree is that and I think if that's hit if that's where we are in this country than all but should just pack up and OK I disagree with. URKO all the boys so Boston. 636. Quick reminder really -- financial poll bumpy and they also work for a minute but at 7 o'clock we're going to be giving to the landing grand a great way to heading into the weekend so be sure you stay right here with us. Although the teaches us. The in case you don't know law of the view that knew that famous dinner in New York the Al Smith dinner. Paul Ryan was the headliner last night hand if they think if we're gonna Jason Paul Ryan for you and we're gonna ask you. If you work poll I think which you have delivered that joke and we'll give you a series Clemens we're gonna go to today your name on it is when Barack Obama delivered those jokes expert Donald Trump to run for president guy out. Larry Wright they got into Syria get yours hey they were they funny BM would you have delivered them as. In general Kelley took to the like yesterday to try to explain a bit of what had occurred would. The president called. The Waco. Of one of those green berets and then you know there was all this accusation that the president and offensive. Hatred explain some of it and. As a general stood there also tried to explain. What it is like to be a gold star family because he certainly knows he has won and lost his son back in 2010. And I want you to listen to. A man who has said that he would never explain or talk about this in public. And some of the details that he would need to to try. To help the media and the rest of the country understand what it is that these families go through. Most Americans don't know what happens when we lose one of us soldiers sailors airmen Marines. Or coast guard's been in combat. So Richard what happens. Their bodies. Wrapped them up and whatever passes as a shroud. Puts them on helicopters continued. To send him home. Their first stop along the way. Is when they're packed in ice. To forbid they get to your head. And then have flown to using your. Where there have been packed in ice again. And flown to Dover Air Force Base. Where at Dover picture of the U remains. Bonds them. Meticulously. Dressed as women in uniform. With a remote with the medals that they burned. The emblems of their service. And input tomorrow another plane linked up with the casualty officer. Escort that takes them home. The very very good movie to watch if you haven't received just taking chance. Where this is done in a movie HBO sitting. Chance Phelps who was killed under my command right next to me it works and that if you've never seen it. So that's the process. Well that's happening. They casualty officer. Typically goes to the home very early in the morning. And waits for the first likes to c'mon. And then knocks on the door. Typically a mom and dad lancer wife. If there is a wife this is happening to different places of the parents are divorced three different places. And casualty to casualty officer. Proceeds to break apart if him. In states with that family. Until. Well for a long long time even after the internment. So that's what happens. So. Who. Ha ha it's very I mean again you know. So my thought on that part of this features like. And Mitt Romney was a guy. Remember when Romney did his religion speech. Mitt Romney lives to trying deliberate Clinton did this to where they can they try to write that speech that history's gonna judge you look back I don't want a powerful speech and never works. Fear is what makes those speeches powerful is when they're not designed for that this is Kelly just trying to think quell. A firestorm or whatever storm you wanted to call that came up within a week anyone had this to be over and he delivers that but that's one that should be remembered. If that wasn't I'm trying to do this for history I'm trying to do this for now. It is tonight of guessing that's a Lincoln a Gettysburg was willing and those are crap they got a Foreman is unbelievable images did you guys out any areas a quick to write statements sure that's that's forever remembered. I haven't seen taking chance credits you're Texan by the rigors several viewed told me yesterday DB you've got this he's taking champ put right doesn't tell you where he has talked about his. A little bit before is that. Chances chance Phelps and chance Phelps. With senators was under Kelly so when Kelly had talked earlier about visiting Arlington and beat knowing that he had put some of those guys there were a chance Phelps is one of those right. And its bid. Is remarkable that a guy needn't even these bordered on not keeping it together you thought is the general gonna bring down on my height I have to tell you know watching I don't know right. So. We played at -- you just because I think you know it's important the first of I think it's important that everyone if he had didn't hear him tell that story yesterday everybody in this country she hear that story. Everybody in this country in my estimation should understand as brutal as that sounds. Because it is brutal because when he started to say it. The first night I just thought well this is necessary due do we have to walk through these kinds of details but yeah it actually is necessary. Everybody should understand. What their big you know what these feelings go through. And I had and it makes it dead for me. The idea that any of this could have been politicized. Just that much worse. So I hope that all the parties involved in this all of the parties involved in this. Will step back and say enough for the. Quick quick. Text 68680. I this from seven I want I was in the army for eleven years. Hardest thing I ever had to do was escort my best friends remains from Dover to Denver Colorado. You'd spoken earlier in the week about the woman wanted to sing the National Anthem on the plane when they were doing just. Back to the text actually had to deal with two anti war protesters on the plane we landed on Colorado and it was unbelievably emotional just trying to remain silent there. So again it. For me what Kelly did maybe I'm overstating it for others but for me. There are those moments where as a parent you try to just. OK let's calm down everybody here's what we need to remember nearly all of this and all Iowa law. And all of the obsession would make him the other side feel like crap and telling them at face auction and I'm better than you. And all that tram remember via its okay. No matter what trump did. He called the woman whose husband had given her life for the country. He's his motive was to caller I mean to part one to tell people to stop telling me hadn't called but also to say hey. The country. Respects applauds and will never forget. However he did it awkwardly not awkwardly however went down what is important is who's that guy was correct and that this call was made whether or not it should have been made in Kelly again said probably shouldn't have been made. Would this is what it's all about the news in there was to me it was an absolute Mike drop. The immediate if you didn't see it intends tired you can find it anywhere but. Periodically throughout the day just just listen to a little guy yesterday because it does sort of remind you hey. There's a ton of noise right now but this is it good or what we're doing this is the adult in the room that's yeah what it is. Don't lose sight of what this.