Kim & VB - Former President Bush on Nationalism vs. Nativism

The former president made a speech which many saw as a shot at the current president about the divisiveness of the debate of Nationalism in America


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Morning with Kim and BD on Boston's morning shell. WR KL. I wanna just give back Jerry pursuing him like did you did you hear Bush's speech yesterday I did if you. How event. I isn't excellence and really do. And I know that bothers the hell do you guys because all you do is there's there's a part of it that's anti trumpet and that's it for your. There's also a part of it that's anti Sanders in case you missed it but that it's irrelevant because everything do you is the second there's something anti trump. That's it it's all lawn and you guys can you can't go for it. I think it's a great speech especially under the circuit but. Remember why he was delivering an OK I mean he's at the it's a form on liberty yes. He's a former president of the United States to form on liberty and he starts he with the which you know was sort of played for laughs but but really wasn't a if you're gonna be at any you. Listening right now in your car if you were gonna be delivering a speech anywhere college campus. Some form of your choosing an NFL stadium would you want Madeleine Albright on your stage. If you're if there's no why. So what bush does is he says. But I can't tell you how thrilled I am that Madeleine Albright is sitting there next to Condoleezza Rice and I think if you don't understand why that's significant in this day and age. It means something to me. That is a statement those two. Indeed on this stage and be civil because ten year old. I'm sometimes lose them myself I have trouble this. I just Elizabeth Warren is in the building and I'm like Cabrera lizard horns and a Melbourne but. That is where where you're at that he's what he was talking about yesterday is there is any level of discourse and hatred in the country. That for him he doesn't see healthy in your response to that is the globally bureau. That's exactly what he's talking. I know it what I what I don't understand again this you know stop being so defensive I heard I heard the exact same speech. And I heard him speaking to both sides. That's the problem ever immediately people like well he's going after trop so I hate him and I hate everything and does its 'cause we're right in everybody else is wrong that's not what I heard in saint. I get the globalism part of it in and he's strong in a dead bush believes in you know all of our citizens dissing democracy and all that okay. But within that that's a policy discussion and right. He's talking about extending liberty the world and he would like the world to all be democratic Kim everybody's colonel free markets and whenever. Fine that's his world view I don't share all of it but I don't think it is personal tax either I'm sorry about the when he was talking about the climate of the country. Mike is in New Hampshire hey Mike good morning. Yeah I'd just I'd just can't believe. That. The Republican the Republicans are the worst but just the worst I mean they are they were. They were such anarchy for eight years under Obama didn't do. 10-Q are there any. And it just hand the secular polygamy George W quote people. Obama is any justice program that all of these. Gave it up a book about it I don't know about Bill Clinton a ticket and. And if not object and it and it. That's all I guess it makes it. It makes it like that portal opened actually doing what he said he wants he was gonna be real estate terminal acquired he's he's trying to get as many of his campaign promises. Perot is being obstructed by the Republican Party including the last Republican president. We have to say here it's all. Exports came out that against Obama we be saying it's good it's all good look at slide. He didn't okay it saying it against prop it's ridiculous to make it. It's as if they can. Did you. Like I'm sorry you're going to an out I got I only write the air I understand your your position I know you're angry because saying. Talking against the president who's trying to do what he said he was standing by but you're going in now let me go to. Who go to bill bill is in Boston hey dale. I don't know I couldn't hold my nose. But tried not to root for at least NFL play is there a bit motto should be. A black dug so I was mad. That should be very helpful bill appreciate it. He yelled for a long time. You for a long I don't know where that gets you bill how that makes you feel but okay that a product of Mike for a second. It because robredo about it and I was interested to see where Mike was going on. If you have the did you view and I know understand that this is how it's been before where president shouldn't comment on other presidents. OK then bush was wrong yesterday that's a legitimate point I'm open to it. I didn't mind what bush said guessing is he aiding call amount directly he's talking about but everything is personal the U. And by you I mean that the all in on trump all times. It's personally George Bush has a view of immigration for example. So was bush not allowed to talk about immigration anywhere he goes because trump has a different view of immigration and you'd take it personally. That it's an attack on trump right bush said yes it in his speech. Let's let's not forget. What this country was founded upon in regards to immigration any point to somebody that sitting near from Afghanistan and several of the country is a you guys know what these democratic ideals are and that's why I love the you're sitting here. Is he not allowed to do is act like where is the line mercy women former president. Of course he is an end I I would also argue I mean as much as people. Mail like it but Barack Obama has a right to go out and campaign for other. Candidates and clearly he is going to point out again did not use presidency. He's gonna point out what he believes is negative about Republicans in an effort to get a Democrat elected. I don't this'll shock yeah I have a little more concern with what Obama did yesterday than when bush I know that's a shock and but. It's one thing campaigned for two it is another to make it personal like this gets back to the New Hampshire think we're a bit. What George Bush doesn't he doesn't accurately George Bush years it was about campaigning for someone really dumb idea and I think I tend to be of the mind that that they shouldn't do. I that's sort of my feeling and this is why. Because what Obama did yes it was very similar what New Hampshire do their Amazon bit. They didn't have enough to sell their own self so they ripped the other guy. Why he's there championing this candidate for governor he's doing it in a way. But the weight he choose to do what is not talk about how great he is but to rip trump. Well I have a little less future of that in what bush was doing which we were talking about it Philippines. It does he doesn't have to happen with presidents and former president any usually doesn't. It doesn't. We'll let me ask you I guess Reagan and bush know OK and yes Obama yesterday yes is it. Fair let me ask you this and and I am asking you this then is it fair for the current president when asked why have you not commented. About these four beret in green berets being killed his response was the last president didn't call people an ideal. We you know I answered that your phone into our toll cancel my tweet yesterday was. Winner in all of this general Kelley loser in this trump why because he called out former presidents and that was a mistake. The big loser and it is is the congresswoman from Florida who now goes I'm nobody I'm nothing why are people paying attention to me when that is ultimately your defense. You're the Biggest Loser northern. Patrolled he's a loser in this what do you guys when he or not because. What he for me because what he did was wrong don't call out what other presidents do first of all when you don't know what they did the second of all. Their is no reason to justify you or is. By saying but they didn't do it that's no justification what's right for you was right for you regardless of what they did so I didn't like that at all and you know that I've been consistent on that. I don't like Obama doing what he did yesterday. I can live with it but I don't like it bush. I'm totally fine where Elin is in Framingham good morning Ellen. And Elaine thank him ally good thank you. I asked you every time. I love trump I think he's exposed this government Republican and Democrat with a hypocrites that they are. And there's things that he's trying to do this country is like hold on its circle the wagons bringing home Barack bringing term values springing up. I don't know and you. I lap only because wholesome in jumper towards the usually don't go to you know. What he's rich are kind of I feel like he's working pretty sure I'm. Threatening I don't wholesome holes is a funny what I think is a different word you want only like these days get back to American values of some one. Well not perfect people right Coble is so walls and you realize reexamined and even the last one of them for. In Nebraska Elaine what is your what is your point where eagle. On that. Are passionate about Tron and the country. And in the country of the dipper in group of people would not white nationalist where does the national this country could be wanted to see. And you know I you called trump he'd like to call ago that. You have to let you know is great that you anger. It's not it's frustration. Carbon getting beat up. Left and right and when he goes out of our heartland who with a people that he go back and say OK and that people there are people that are we if you wouldn't do. You know I he and you don't like how they aren't. And Belinda I mean. Elaine I am sorry it's a lingering ball what was I went out and we were negative out I'm an opportunity. At only think any of them are not trying. Listen I'm just not his biggest fans I don't. I don't see him the same way you do I'm I'm sorry about that. I'm listening I try to find the best that I can't in him I'd I defended him this whole situation. With his call I believed that he did not mean that in a negative way by any means I try to find the best engine that I can. High and you know I've but I don't worship him the way you do I don't think he's doing the same job that you think he has. You know what it is like he'd you know right so we also ask what you. Thanks yeah sometime if you wouldn't do that can't back that isn't perfect but it's art. In the right place in the tying it to the best country. URG you know go. Voice over Boston. So I just pulling for 12 Kelly variability still back. Not because she actually use the word game console did what I'm fascinated with the bush. And where we stand up like I walk I really want you guys to read the speech or hearing the gold to view the thing and then you know. Just think about the speech and what do you like the speech in one passage that I think is is important in this thing and it isn't it this is bush talking as a quote. We've seen nationalism distorted into native Hisham. And then his followup to that is forgetting the dynamism that immigration has always brought to America now we do that one line. Bush says a ton of things. Because he's telling you that the Trump's trump supporters in the trump people are anti immigrant which I disagree with a 100%. In key sure glistening. Jerry in Weston. There's something that I'm disagreeing with George Bush on completely in these beaches today. Doesn't mean I hate George Bush doesn't mean George Bush should shut up doesn't mean George Bush needs to go away I just happen to disagree with a I voted for trump I'm not anti immigrant. I don't think trump is anti immigrant if he is he would be knocking down the amount of immigrants that we are bringing into the country legally he is not. You propose as he has not and that has not been voted on in front of congress in any way shape or form he talked about a travel ban. But that and he also talked about reducing the number of legal immigrants that but there has been an accent there has been no proposal on. So we have not done we have done a proposal tax reform we have done a border wall we have done think there's been no proposal one that has yet. So. They're not anti Emma go we we all art I just heard bush and how wherever the first part of that we've seen nationalism distorted in the nativist. Elaine said you know as nationalist. We've there are things that we believe in the country. Is there a difference between nationalism and made of his. Bush clearly sees it and he sees the native ism as a sort of Charlottesville type of thing I would argue. He sees nationalism as an as a sort of internationalism which is that as America is our duty. To go while in the world in making these people better in to make them what we are because we are the best. And I think that's the quintessential struggle within the Republican Party right now the nationalism vs negativism war. In bush is the first one to a set at that clearly Mitt Romney. Is completely on board with the George Bush my guess is that Paul Ryan is. There are those within the trump weighing in trumpets one of them currently he wasn't years ago but currently. Who is in that need to decide in this is what we're doing this in order that's why people were so shocked the trump wasn't for a Roy Moore and Alabama. Because more is considered to be on an eight deciding trump was with corn quote the nationalist if you wanna go that. Band and is a nativist. Bush Wednesday. And this is the quintessential struggle for the Republican Party the question is do they come out the other end as a whole or does that fracture. And until there is some sort of come to Jesus by the party and that I don't know how the party sustain itself long term. I think I think that's an ultimately fascinating thing in the reaction to Bush's speech yesterday. Absolutely. Is a magnifying spotlight on that as well that issue if you can't deal with him even seen it. Bright. I don't I dispute your word but there was a bill put forth fitted back in August with the president and Tom cotton. Not I David Perdue and there was a bill put forth what are the numbers numbers one of northern I see here let me take a lock there are three things in this girl first limit the number of foreign nationals who were able to get green cards and that exceed that number would be reduced from 600000. Over the span. 2500000. That's a pretty big window it's not in debt to pay our national yeah that's not him and it goes iShares or more it would it would lower mortgages that there's way too much copy here for me get in vacant lots of explanation would. Does as he puts it he puts an umbrella law under the word immigration and does what you're left does witches. There's there's multiple groups with the Internet some of which some of us who voted for trump thinks certain ones of those groups need to be limit shirt. Let me go to Cassandra consumers in Brockton and good morning Cassandra. Good I only my. I wanna do it out. Have a little you know carpet and we got it right out of pocket about the why. I missed. I didn't see adding I think that I got it got up about at a boarding regarding ambushes beaten yes I'm between that it is an act out of them. I am black I am perplexed and at what what Andy and Haitian American. Up my haven't voted and Ronnie voted where he voted or on any. It would location America. An outside it's being able. All an act that at about what the app or Republican. I am a born again Christian you know all the way in the island. It's still far back they are. But watching what they see that politics and the country. I said. That it. But all of that that I grew up and got that little private school flat on the memorandum that I. And it you know and it not that they have you would be. Finally they make it Christian academy. OK so now in the back. Is this an epic you know I hear it. You know we people. Or not I am when Nate in a different and all. What I bought at a missed the cut back on that. I might have to pay for me. It wasn't given me back up and what am I. The jaws been barred for trump to Cassandra. Yes we did connect it with the bat. EU. Ending up and that we beat and moon I've seen an all out and it didn't want to. I don't think he. I don't know you know army by. What dominant lead you know and an action. I'm my. Head that are pretty. Consider thank you thank you for your call appreciate it.