Kim & VB - A Florida woman running for congress believes aliens are talking to her

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Tuesday, October 17th

Would you ever consider voting for someone who believes she is in contact with aliens that abducted her as a child?


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The voice of Boston is you every morning I. Could pick the right are just now Boston's morning show acumen VP. WRT you know. Good morning everybody it is 607 and welcome to the morning so I'm Kim along with CD and we got to get started immediately asking you a question. TV have you ever seen. An alien. Have they ever visited you have you ever chatted with one and if so. What did they look like. Now. If a darn however. And I'm not real well real bonus yes there's equation so. If somebody running for congress in your district. Opening openly says yeah I have been abducted by an alien group. But I am not the blue man up in New Hampshire for example running for president I am a legitimate. Either Democrat or Republican I am going to be on the ballot I am running a little congress removed. Is that a dear deal breaker for you Oreo I am so whenever. Does that change your initial opinion of that person. Listen this isn't abducted this is even a little bit I I didn't think this is worse telepathically. She has been in contact with them on several occasions three of them. One male to females. All are tall. Taller blonde. And all are blue line. So Bettina Rodriguez regularity as rename 59 she's running for. Ilia narrow Ross retain and she's are in Florida she's leaving congress of this woman is running for her seat in 2009. Man. Among other times it is not the only time she's ever talked about this for who she gave a television interview. And she recounted being taken up to a spaceship I wore his ball was the aliens as she described them. 23 position on my email Swedish yes cute two females one male heir large. They're blonde and their blue ice. Guy would reiterate and everybody good solid you don't move. So readers rate lifter is if you know what they immediately I thought of veteran guys have seen this in your neighborhoods but. This year's Halloween. Big blow up. Is like this really big. Hall almost looks like a totem pole then on top of it as a Jacko lantern that's this season's big blow up. And I see it as like something very tall like me happy but at the top is at a Jacquelyn heard. It's a ball the on 0617. So you're telling me this politicians already been probed and not just by the FBI apparel so let's have some bonds here about how I. Six X 86 it is a tax on let's fund the congressional candidate doomed from Florida claims she's been abducted by aliens. I mean seriously do you immediately go com on clearly. Bettina. If you've seen these aliens and you claimed that telepathically. You're communicating with them on a pretty regular basis that. You just are capable or you wouldn't be while mics and started as she's not a week or not she's like very connected politically. I know I don't like actual yeah seriously yes the judgment as a mortar would you vote for summary for congresses of the gonna blow abducted by aliens yes no or maybe. I'm maybe. Well because every every politician I've ever known. There's like this theoretical we all wish they were Daniel Webster. Or are they all weird. And they all have weird call again how is what she is claiming any different than what our senior senator claimed. She claims she was in Indiana and when the proof was putting from ever that she isn't she still says she's 132. Indian. So I don't know where this is that. How different and real well I think this I don't fresh serious I mean they all seriously and he didn't distinction here is they all don't tell the truth. Or they fabricate stories by two saving your telepathically talking with three illegals and two females and male. One little wild there are no pun intended one difference is I can't disprove that. We've Elizabeth Warren I can the children be one difference is who is the point is. They are all charlatans they're all flam flam man so let's not act like she. Why are you shaking your head's not because it. Okay great white Netanyahu Elizabeth Warren is is is crazy as someone who claims to be abducted by aliens sure. You don't think. What percentage of people in congress right now do you think were a little off well I listen I think all of them that little ice. I think they fabricate things to make it to make themselves something sometimes they're not. Point is where all the rides in your case no flight let's say. And we purposely are telling Europe party Yankee she don't know. Let's say she says she was abducted by aliens however she's running against Roy Moore in Alabama if she happens to be a pro abortion. Pro gay rights pro transgender candidate of course she would vote for now. How would you use so you would either not vote I would not vote. I don't know how that's so you would then elect Roy Moore which I don't know how that would be good for here. I don't know how would be good for you to have someone in congress that's on your side and certifiably insane because what happens in elections is one of my arguments of the trump elections at some point you we the you read or participate you don't if you do participate the easier choices it's either trump or Hillary that's why it took trump. In fact I didn't he's OK but to me you didn't participate. So in her case she's not running as normal but if she was that is your choice and that's what were often faced with a elections. I think she's not only for I don't mind knots in congress because they can't do worse than the non knots. So maybe we need a little mindedness down until we have to June 4 they have added I put children all the reporter. A day before his elect. That he and are six or 726668668680. Is attacks like you hear that someone running for congress in your district. Claims to telepathically talk. Two aliens. Does that change the way you feel about her getting started in the morning which can only be flat yeah. GB I hunter thought that was academy not. Given TV Boston's morning shelves WR KL. Scripture miner coming up at 7 o'clock this morning getting an opportunity until I am big grand DC stay with us 7 o'clock you get help. Key word for today. Would you change your mind about a candidate if they found other candidates had declared that they have been telepathically. Chatting. Wave aliens to females and a male. Big bodied to blonde blue lied creatures. Because that's what's happening down in Miami and I think we're gonna be surprised about the haven't heard about Tina Rodriguez. And argue Lara. But she is a Republican. And she is running for congress she's very well connected in fact so so well connected that her daughter. Has banned the the head of the Republicans. Hispanic outreach the Republican Party up at Hispanic outreach. And her son in law is the chief deputy director is that correct Russian deputy cheapest two deputy chief stepped thank you for Mike Pence. So this is a woman. Who is absolutely connected but says that she stays in touch with these aliens. The more earlier this race more than I would probably vote for a primary. Indicated the deal the two main Republicans won at a tax. Scheme. That he got busted and how my voting for back at the other guys. It was just the data spearheaded the boondoggle sports stadium down there that everybody hates him is. Bankrupt the city I go I go invoke wouldn't you say I got to vote for the alien idea it's important to execute keep those two hour. Grant you're you're gonna lose the general but I think I would. Well the issue is you know all what a lot of people down there are saying. Who are out pretty prominent in the Hispanic community and in the Republican Party. Is that. You know it's it's odd that she brought this out because this is gonna have an effect on our fundraising. And when you're in a three man race like she is right now. You fight for ever Republican dollar down thinking debt so she's pampering herself to a certain extent. As she actually made these comments originally back in 2000 and I mean me but she was asked by the Miami Herald in the last week. And she responded. Now she's saying for years people including presidents like Reagan and Carter. And many astronomers and astronauts publicly claimed. To have seen unidentified flying objects and scientists like Steven hawking and institutions like the Vatican. Have stated that there are billions of galaxies in the universe and we're probably not alone. Now there's a fine line between advocates are you a phone and I met aliens. Contacted by them periodically at ten record of a stretch there and she has incredible detail about these feelings she is she goes so far Bibi as to explain what the aliens have told there. For example they've told her that there are 30000 scholes differ from humans there in the heat in the Mediterranean. On multi. She says that they have told her that the world energy center is in Africa. And they have told her about ice this. They have told her that there is a coral castle which is in. Miami. AM she says that it's actually. Several series and after I come out. There's there's a lot of weird that like that the renewed triangle down there and they claim that there's not really weird things that happen now I've Wal-Mart ran assists she says that that's what they've told. And so on but this helps or you underestimate how many Americans believe in violence she said I go under. I don't underestimated it wouldn't be good morale. Heidi you know it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me it's a bit of a concern. It's a dirt into believing in them and believing that you madam. Those that's a big difference so the coral castle. Who was built in 1951. It just thrown out out there. She I cannot like oh yeah she says they cater ancient Egyptian theatre Ener1 shoot yeah you these these big. Long blue Dennis reed well. Abducted her she is this written that didn't they remind her of the aliens. Bug Christ the redeemer. You know what that is right and that's down in Rio you know it's up on the mountain town that we see that all the time she says that's what bees. These aliens remind her so which is comforting if that's literal I feel by aliens as well. I'm she doesn't say that they that was bill Biden she's just equating her. Torres extraterrestrial. Experience to that statute that's what they remind her of. On the one and it's pretty naive to think intelligent life is the in this planet is the only one and universities. He doesn't make it a little hard to believer stories is seven and one. What about Hillary. Didn't she's issue is under sniper fire when she clearly wasn't people believe all sorts of crazy things that have happened to them that we all go off lose. What about the president currently read you knew this was coming that. Thinks that it's a joke a bull story that his vice president wants to hang gay people. We'll get to that a little later as well as anyone ever voted for a Mormon. Instruments and referenced Mitt Romney again I don't know the Mitt Romney believes literally that story but that of how the Mormon Church was founded. That that is always an issue that comes up in these these matters. How did it take just take it one step further and then please could give us calls excellent 7666860. Would you vote for this woman. Again she's very politically connected. I think if we didn't know this about her he might look at her say she's 59 years old that she's there. She's a legitimate candidate for me this would be hard she says. That it hovered over her tone. Describing this space ship. And it opened up and she wins in. There were some around seeds that were there and some quarks rocks. That controlled the ship. It wasn't like an airplane. What you feel we're better off when people like this surface periodically like the wind Chevron mentions yeah the alleged witch that I am. Free time what my issue is going to be in the senate but didn't do not lose you go right. It should go to candlelight happened candidates like that periodically though don't they just make life a little more interest than any it's weird because. I did you have to believe that now I believe they could win but I up fairly regular bakery were used to be liars now there are little more wrong. But who cares about Republican debate for our congressional seat Miami. Now all I'm sure I had absolutely if this is devastated and I thought right she's his. Unless homer sought because of her you now have the legitimacy to ask the other candidates Cokie questions so. Let me come to you for all. Have you ever been abducted fill in you have to watch how they like specifically your and I had I think a lot and are they gonna treat her with dignity and respect them as things like. That's the beauty of our well I I can't tell. Yeah. I mean do we don't you wanna see you're in a debate because you know one of the very first questions going to be mayhem. You know can you please explain to us what your experience your interaction. We did with these expert terrestrial beings with like. And I wanna Syria to how this is he crazy person being treated like she's got legitimate. Answers. Scene just you realize that every day and every day she needs to be medicated she's just you would hit on the latest. You feel should be exploited if she was asked that on the stage you know I don't feel like you should be she would be exploited actually she should be laughed off the stage because. She is Hillary said once I think I'm pretty sure on this to achieve openly would talk to Eleanor Roosevelt the White House and ask her for advice. Do you mean why do is stop Ronald Reagan in his why we're guided each and every week by mediums. And by picking each and every week to date they did the White House to help them guide them through. What it was that they asked how they needed to do yes and they're mob then or it yeah. But they write and and it wouldn't I'm. I ran a conduit. It's sort of like to Hollywood right now if you think bed. Everyone didn't know we out of sight out of mind right all geez I didn't hold RV and every keeps telling him of course ever knew but a geez I didn't know I didn't now. They're all like yes there all the lights. She just went on. I'll cable access show and students center Al Loudon and the videos quickly yes. Spent seven when a guy that fought an island could be capsized by putting too many people wanted to was elected to congress multiple times like. They all have crazy believes these these are not again the idea that Daniel Webster is around anymore is gone. I don't even know if Daniel Webster was all that because I he wasn't around in the Twitter cable news world so who knows what he would have done. I'm I'm reading this right now her name Joan Quigley. Do you guys remembered that day. I was there she was the first lady's. Spiritual advisor or consultant or whatever she was her astrologer. The as she can the First Lady called her in after the John Hinckley accident. And she remained. The astrologers to the White House. Until 1980. To me and point seven you guys are marking her but I guess you're supposed to vote for Cleveland Jenner if she runs for office. Several people made that compares I don't see it but several Texas have made and you think that's normal but this review yes.