Kim & VB - As the dust settles in Texas, who is to blame?

As it happens with all tragedies of this nature, sadness over the loss of life quickly moves into the "who is to blame and what should be done" phase of a tragedy.


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Kim in DBs were DV stands for very boisterous they're big variable and what do you write whatever it's Boston's morning show one WR chaos. 718 and Dublin live from. Costing me good morning Glenn your WRKO. Good morning. I think this lack of empathy for life. Or indifference. I think it goes back to last forty years of the video game turned very graphic with the new digital age but it looks so real. And the movies. That these kids especially in the Torre the thirty year old range. Cannot distinguish. Reality. From fiction. There's a great degree of fruit cigarettes there's a there's an there isn't a great degree of truth to that. And it's I I think social pressure has to be brought against that is supposed to necessarily making laws saying what you can and can't do in the arts. Because that that would be just as big a problem. But some of these video games that kids are playing and getting really good at their brains are being wired into that reality and who are extremely. Violent extremely realistic and extremely. Addictive. Absolutely. Well there's no question in my mind it being paid. I don't want to sound like some good old funny daddy bit. You know over exposure. For a lot of people this and this social media world this videogame world this. You wrote it we are exposed. To a lot. Carol long of of people out there like the you know the DeVon Kelly's of the world who. If you hit it if you look at what people say he was seeing on FaceBook. I mean this is a guy who has been sort of sort of a sort of a loser all of his life and he was looking for an opportunity to make a splash have to be somebody. To make a difference to get people's attention to. If that's acacia who should we be saying his name for wont no we shouldn't and typically I don't say people's names he you know when they are these kinds of these. That's what they're looking for tuition just home. That they got hurt yeah right my guys too nice and worry right now about the topic killer the color that and that's what it is and murderous. Killer but these these killers. They're looking for some kind of notoriety. And this is been the case through the years for a long long while now and aside it's going Magnus our John Wilkes booties forever is for ever enshrined in American history. Because he he was some unknown actor politically active a bit of the nut case we and he killed president Lincoln. And now for ever he's there Lee Harvey Oswald of Carter such madness side YouTube Q you kill somebody big where you create a big killing and now you're in history. And one of the things about this FaceBook your one of the things about social media is the young generation coming up not only violence in video games. But they believe if he isn't recorded if it is just on FaceBook at today's extra sent out it isn't real oh my gosh a world doesn't know what I ate today I don't exist. Yes that's correct. And this is part of I think what is desensitized. So much. Of our culture because you seem at all. You hear all. You do at all and that's what they think anyway and it's really has desensitized us. You know this guy was a loser or. He was on FaceBook that he'd gone from being you know opt for mafia lead there was apparently attending this church. To now you become an atheist. He was spouting hatred. A lot of people are former classmate said they got off FaceBook because he was so crazy. And this is why can't we have to keep from calling good people with whom we disagree. Losers because it blew worries are. Focus on the real loser in his. If we call a politician that we don't agree with a loser if we call somebody that might have a political ideology that might not be ever good when he and and if we we insult them back to the demonization. Then how to we separated that loser from our real loser right. Hot and evil and evil looser there's a difference between her ideology differences yes and evil. Just wish we should be more. Circumspect in the words we use work out they're taking shots at each other words have power to your bullets. And if we can throw these words around to people that really are not criminal not losers there there respectable people that just have a different point of view and I'm looking at all the tax coming to an end about Obama is to blame for this sort or Reagan used to blame for this or you know how it should not to blame for what's to blame for it is the way he we think and how we speak and treat each other. Is part of it I do believe. Most people are good. They aren't good and that's all portable bar good we would really be in LA if most people were bad I couldn't agree more and I do believe there's good and bad in each person there but I got chorus but that's not new. That's not new window always been that way correct a problem is that we've just ratcheted. It up in such a way that people. They give people like this. Like this murderer. And they've always exist in our society as well. But we've opened it up for them to think what they're doing and try it that's what happened then we are good people. Have opened it up so that these people think it's okay to act on the way they feel more. And then and again it goes the other video game thing no there there is there is a syndrome in human psychology. That you do something in a fantasy world that could be sex it could be violence it could be anything and then you get to the point. Certain individuals one out of the 1100001. Out of ten. I do this for real cool wanna make my flight to see our re trying gyms in Boston hey Jim good morning. I think it ordering just a quick thought about it because most of these current talks. Scenarios and it would essentially useless these laws so change the system. So I got the idea you know people would start outlines that are out there that pretty well set up their. A lot of access or people look at that kind of help. There are people do these shouldn't it's loosening their. Many ways they're committing suicide they they go into it knowing that other guys are yeah. So maybe these lines that are already set up picket at. A must to our source architecture and slash homicide great point. And that that's all I had to. That's a good point. The these are suicides can. Yeah I absolutely these these are suicides this is but but it's not if it's a suicide and that is a selfish. Mean rotten sewers so well again it's it's this egotistical side of all of all of us. And then some who take it so much further who've decided if I'm going down and go in a blaze of glory. And we as this is Haiti have made that available to them. Whether it's through social media and through all the exposure and there we ordered out again talking about this guy. You're right don't don't say his name let's go to Mary and she's in Boston came area and good morning. Lot of art or renteria. He didn't they your wall it. You know all. Do. Things like what we will not start. They want it all off. So I won't vote for the score. 00. Well it's all. We are also worked on it but without. It's always it always is always a little are well. I want our site. It into the truth is like. I apathy. I don't understand. I think it's horrendous thing that arc and I think we have be apple still. Has that part. So. Murder but he is still person at eighty Powell 00. We can get things right in which I cannot write these situations are quite a bit here. I mean it is apparently got it right it's a game that every adult. Well. Society can't fix. So I have a great day and make itself. Marianne thank you very much and hail Mary and yet it's fantastic it's been talking with Dan. At. Our hike. She's a friend of mine by the way and her son is a very different my sons and we just happen to see him this weekend it was Interbank humanity and we are nice constant graduated. It's nice to hear something Marriott is one of those incredibly. And I've known her for years Osama bid by yes yes. She's she's very reasoned people who it's too bad that that more people. Can't take that same position she sounds like Communists to make up. Every day and how dare she right. Appreciate you know like she said you worry as we is we draw into these times you know of Thanksgiving for example you know. Why we couldn't stop and she is right. This person who did what he did. Is sick they're also they're there they're not writing their heritage is a reasonable person like us. Not going to do the kinds of things that he did. But the problem is that we are you bullying these people who have this sickness. To bring it out. And to glorify it and to make it. And make good on what it is there they have in their heads so we we circle all the way back to. How do we stop this how does a guy like this slip through the cracks how does a guy who has has the military recognized had issues. It ends up with a weapon in his hand on a Sunday morning in November walked into a small church and opened fire the way he did how do we as a civilized society allow that to happen how did that happen. In yesterday to again for those just joining us we've been talking about a lot of different causes like and I guess we have to be cognizant of them all. And we have to look to yourself to something else came up in the last few minutes we have to do. Raise our children which means this is a long term the only can keep this from being a long term solution is at an asteroid comes or or some terrible things happen and terrible disaster would wash us all away and we would talk about it again and we'd all be unified isn't it crazy how we become unified. And the best comes out of the human condition when their is disaster. Why do we have to have a nuclear war and earthquake and asteroid hit the earth. Some kind of plague for us to be able to finally beyond this why is it that when there's peace and good times sometimes the worst. Comes out of humanity are we doomed to go through cycles and cycle a cycle of misery. It's it's a yo who's who's running that it's it's her. It's it's hit strip or we are we do we can't be we can't be letting you know if you look at history. This is. It it's just the labels are changing and everything is exaggerated by the media and the technology but we've always had this rule to eight we've always had a mental illness we've always demonized. It's terribly frustrating.