Kim & VB - On this day..... October 23

Fun and historical facts about October 23rd


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Wake up with Kim and DD unbelievable it's infuriating longer. Boston's morning show and WRK you know. Just a quick reminder that we're going to be talking. JFK hate first. Investigation. Assassination coming up at 9 o'clock lots of questions. To ask. Our guest. Which is again coming up this morning Connecticut new issue and Sanjay I don't even that but he's made it. My guess I. Could not to say get to pick up the photo of Hartford because I around the city and he knows he doesn't wanna be in a tunnel and we lose in the thirties and now he was worried about it. He got there Fuzzy doing with the fog Allen have to ask him how he's doing with the thought I mentioning that reason relates to him last night and any wish you reform please I'd. How long old men in black pens right and his push on an up and I'm a OK okay presents. Com desk day. Have there on the stage when he seventeen in the Balkans not on a plane the details from her legs and the went back home. But why how how GAO. The last time they were in winning. The last time their in the Super Bowl my favorite player in the second game of the season blow worries me. And they were horrific and didn't make the playoffs now you're the next and OK at least then I knew what had Jamal Anderson and her love and they were not the same team about Jamaal Anderson. This team. There's no explanation for what is going on non. How that team could put up seven points against the worst defense in the league statistically. And they didn't really even put up seven points I mean to put up zero points until it didn't matter. Are right. He's just had children and I would argue this is big patriots led up seven points as opposed to them putting themselves. 23. Happy birthday Massachusetts happy birthday Massachusetts. Sixty to 84 more all. That's impressive that you kept dating either. Yep how colony in Massachusetts is established under the British crown. 1684. Happy birthday Johnny Carson. Happy birthday Johnny Carson was born in 1923. Died in 05. It is Boston cream Qaeda now are now we're getting somewhere on that stuff and your euros into the food stuff that you never ultimately participate Henman. Boston cream pie if you're gonna do one day it does sound so good. Have a good window. The decree is going to be seeing pitching being there arching his. Boston cream they are important I've done some research into this thing before as we've these two of them do food specials on the TV show that we worked on yet. It it is still unclear why it is called upon and his case and why it was ever called my in the first place them in the word Kate was around men now obviously has been around a probably ornament pot is now why was it called Boston cream pie and not Boston cream cake we may never kind of but it wasn't entity or Boston but it sure is good. I liked it I like it little sponge you're in a little I like their custard to be a little more consistent some people like it feel running here. I'm a resident as a boy or used hate people that would make authentic ones and by that I mean what role at the moment sliver commons are always great balls off. Now if I were to ever read it again I would be demanding that it had on omens on because that's that's the true thing in all moment. Is also Doug Flynn he's birthday he's 55 today through the 23 it's national mole thing I do not know if that's the animal so there's a I think on your case it but he offs I don't know which one it is. But it is national mole that. Ticket for whatever you'd like it to be I'm not sure which one deserves a day and if it was back in 1970 through the Richard Nixon turned over the White House tapes to a judge on this day. And my favorite story the one that I thought we should have done up Sunday on book okay not a teletype. On the state 1990 to a woman was detained at an airport for having an usually large buttocks she was attempting to smuggle how and a half of heroin through Colombian airport in her but. While I don't remember that story and I should but I don't remember that at all and reverting either. I do we're premier event in Europe and exceptionally large budget talks I I task new chip Ross if you're out there listening this one's for you about it. A lot. Harder. But I mean you get detained for that that Glaus hit a Fiat much effect if you and that doesn't get didn't think he deserves what stocks. That's a gross story actually gonna just say that it's. We've. Look anywhere else and as I've I've been left speechless thanks to you. Honesty do you drug problem the end zone. Manhattan which are greeted like that most of course it was somebody actually does boggle and yeah Zambrano would like again. When where how bad. Point of let's shoot this in someone's cheat. Then we'll get a hold of the cheek and then we'll have it's like could you imagine being the guy that had a tap on the shoulder go excuse me ma'am. Your putts are. I really large that was probably like a delicate act out now they're just all over here and whatever but in 92 yards. A really I don't wanna do ham it. I think 1989 is today. That's something at this this town will never forget right. It was in 1989 Charles dirt killed his pregnant wife. And shoots himself blaming a black Robert committed suicide when his story was unraveled so it was on this day October the 23. I didn't live all around here then but I felt I was gonna say we knew that having that was a huge story I was still living back in Missouri that was huge story there. That is his signature. Crime in in one's lifetime and for this city. And even now like yeah we all know it but it's hard did it. To tell somebody like how big of a deal that is it you can't possibly recreate. Why that was so sensitive and likes to know what was asking earlier about why certain things just stand now we're right hundreds of them right. Hundreds of people got murdered in Boston. In and that period. But that one stuck out in its sole obvious to people at the time why did. And other people it will never make sense in it's hard to recreate it yeah but you gotta go back. Can you got to understand why Boston just. Immediately sunk into the lie that it was this black guy. And they found the guy immediately and the guy didn't have a ready story bit. There is just so many reasons why that became the perfect storm of all my god this couldn't of happened at a group of and it was. And again it always I always tell you know that a crime is reached a certain level when it when it produces a really tasteless joke right you know the joke about one more true when Charles Stewart committed suicide you know what his last words were. As he was falling he was heard to shout at anybody see the black candidate pushed it. That was a joke that came over. And nobody really laughed at that joke not just by that point it was not allowed no matter I mean the joke is on Charles Stewart obviously heating get away with it etc. But that that woods. Unbelievable you could never make a movie that we even come close to. Capturing what all of that was about it and why it was. There was an 89 which Olympics was it that day. Care game. News at him and that was all. Was it to me that I whom I don't know that I can remember not living in Boston. This is reporting my story and they're being these big Boston stories and you know Boston. Newton getting to know Boston through these big news stories that could happen not right or changed has had them and we still had ammunition still often in his and we tanker driver yes it's really hasn't. It is a serious threat that brought there were quickly Panasonic today via tiny tear gas. I happen on this date in 2015. A Dell released hello the first song ever to download a million copies. In its first week I do think it is one of the great songs and it certainly. It's certainly showcase what's okay. From its toll on us. 2001 the iPod came out that song is too long conspired with two minutes to one in the video of the 42 beginning to realize I don't like at all. But. But I love sonnet one DB to follow up joked that joke was none other guided pushed him was Italian if you know I mean there was that story that. The mob find them what was left to the loss to Montana and took care from Bloomberg just will never know if that's true we're not put. Maybe maybe that'll be released in the papers. It say about the ability. Paper that we may see before the week is Alex we're talking JFK papers in order to talk about that when we come back.