Kim & VB - Can a squirrel be a comfort animal?

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Tuesday, November 14th

A man is suing his resident development because they are attempting to get rid of a squirrel which he has deemed a "comfort animal" which he needs medically. 


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Boston rides to work with Boston's morning show with Kevin BVW. Martino. I just to give you do in order you some electrons are nothing murdering which runners and Roy Moore. Big. Special counsel for Hillary big. Don junior tweeting or texting was WikiLeaks. We joined shop days on Fox News right now. You got three bigs I got three days today we'll be talking about all three of those and well I actually think that the biggest. Florida. I had run that's an office squirrel I don't put that in announcing murder discussion nobody thinks that's enough consumer. Good morning everybody good to have you with us Tuesday morning I'm Kim he's been me Jimmy is here as well. And have you ever. Consider squirrel to be a. Paris it is ceremony. Animal. This is my if it is my ignorance through and I'm glad you and I do have to tell you this we have had very quickly we have a little him. Exchange student who's staying with us. It's a little one well actually she is just the little people it's not like you're describing squirrel goggle eyed young lady and and she's in Barcelona. And they don't have squirrels there. Regularly write and so honestly she hits like he. She every time she sees world our backyard which is gone up she's like you hook or shall soccer we've been eager about the likes dogs squirrel. You know which she did it does what she's been doing at the house score. Scorer so I think it's been sort of therapeutic for heart hurt but not indicted Florida is the same rivers killing dogs and that is how. It did he show you my dog world front are bad and having enough to go away and a big Arabic and his. It's a machine my dog would get along great scurrilous and Baikonur to everything I know all right now. Because one of the most under rated movies of all time autopsy which was the sequel to the 11 Siegel but it is a faulty airplane right playing and those there's gonna do next zucker as they do is more adults not secret which is sort of a permit that movie. Unbelievably funny not the least of which is at one time when me there in the restaurant and the German restaurant in the waitress start speaking amends is enough. Did you exit the doubt Gilbert they're used auto RN although German. Why Jiri is now and in Germany I'm looks at if what are we what's the easy phrase burn the size general all they had comes already goes yard hole and starts talking to the waitress and translates form. You sounded like that so I have this little added citing a sticking to my ears yeah. Because. I said mind out of a lot of it also does this guy in Florida he's a Condo owner in Clearwater he. So during the boys are learning Matthew I think here was down there he. Rescued a squirrel that was caught up in the hurricane Knight knows I don't need rest what I eat our game like. Those bullies generally find that fairway gap they're not lost a look and for mommy let's put it that way but he apparently thought this world needed some help so. He he tokinio. Some some neighbors in the Condo association amid like what in the hell is this world order around our boys are. He's so they complained he has since tried to register the thing as he therapies world. Says he can't really. Do without it in and why is he near therapy squirrel we your car accident not too long ago when he feels he has PST from that car accident. PT EST excuse me. And so he needs this world to keep them balanced. So. There aren't earlier than in years of these nuts. And then I yeah I ask is off. Both worlds are there teams. I got it I got a I got it up with yet I went here and I'm distracted a little bit because. I've gone all right it's therapies behavioral therapy squirrel in my mid therapy no I've got I've I've put this I put therapy squirrel. Indeed Google. I think you might be Sean I know people actually have squirrels as therapy pets. What he's doctor well I think he's be investigated to quote I have prescribe Brian to obtain emotional support animals the presence of the animal. It's necessary for the emotional mental health of Brian. He didn't say specifically this world right centers and am right so that's why I'm not hastily calling I showed me something look at this. Can you seem to have. This is it a fat in its letter trying to score a fat also world that is serves as a therapy animal for this woman. But this puzzle why hills world but it wasn't out. This has no training as I understand do you get to just say I've befriended this animal and is now we therapy animals and I can violate all other ordinances and laws. Where I live. You just get to determine that that things needed for therapy purposes well I don't. Mean at some point therapy. Thirty dogs are trained force and yes monkeys are dreamed for such there's no training of a third of this therapy squirrel. Which is why by the way a Condo complex might say yeah I know how well are they biting no pets except. Therapy animals. Right but that's because they have treaty if we knew or categorize is that the European pack. So. They're caught I don't know can you imagine that there have to start saying no pets but. Ferrer being trained. Animals yesterday we have the story about the therapy dog that bit some haunted. Well we do you mean that was at ten people. Who do we did do it may who has just not somebody's path bringing on the plane. I mean I don't this is this if I lived in his Condo complex I would be very. The center about pets are dealing you're gonna dissect it that they use in my apartment though it's all over roll over in if he's caught in a mousetrap which I will have out. That's too bent I don't know why the agency William keeping house. Can't be outside and I must shirt wife Betsy if Palin. He's going to be visiting every day and that's the difference like we'll continue imagine listening to that store or upstairs. Mean you if you ever atom and get better score earlier and a different kind of art again I live in south and I would kill for a squirrel being if I have to listen to yeah I delivered that. And miles. Drill through her yeah you right. Wake up with Kim in DP and Boston's morning show. WRK you know. The big show this morning host checked out there are some of the that are going happy he's been could be utilized is just put up should begun Florida. The kind of complex get to keep his wild therapy squirrels. Yes he needs it or hello. Early returns on them on line yes. 100% no forty votes and a 100%. And I actually would be yes I would let him keep it a defendant but it. It and my brother went last week we we thought we had a first you pick which I think I would guess the less who's been trump is like any other animal. I I don't care what the and one other than maybe alligators. OK you can ever run added until there's a problem and there has been not been any problem with this as far as I can now it's no different than a cat or dog your dog's fine until it's Marcum to louder it's. Open on my porch then you're gone. In the same listen to this thing is a problem your final well I I think about it gives flooded out right doesn't run around elsewhere. I don't know if there's water all in the thing about it is I think that surely the thing that come hole so we unloaded a brief. Scratches at the door. Andre. I'm not clear culprit therapy session outfit but because they they do carry disease like big time. Not only just you know last week we had the pole it was supposed to be a 100% and boy did I forget what it even ones but is Hillary not your favorite urgently. It was 99 to one so we still lab. This could be our first airborne while we never done that let me see reject and Salem has to say about service animals guarding Jeff. Good morning. And Salem and I can assure you know the story of what I would have my support that or YouTube hurdle for the are purchased some. I was there one time and I saw this part. Walking and with his flat brim is well tablet paired up origami like. Blue shirt well look at all the look like 2 o'clock steroids to repeat ninety yet. Where a certain spot bad on its side no one dared say boot Odom. Because that nervous start back from outside the get these service start practice on web site he could have been made you can make yourself a lot of that says that on there. Base you know what has anything to anybody anymore because everyone. To upgrade its a snowflake because these. These people it's been I haven't got a vacation day in the globally so that's around you want them on a mid day so you know this kid. But it mother's basement ordered mode apartment probably apartment my be my location where what. And it doesn't work is on in the system pretty rent free blue free medical we everything they dumped in or I know what shake kids' pulpit and it's. You would look at all my store get a job until like but you know. Know what's gonna say it and that's the road going down. Leo looked at some point that your it's not today but at some point local municipalities. Experiment stuff and it's it. Through my wife's sister is a service dogs as 978 it's not trained at all never has been she just wants to bring him in size stores will record an approach to many that it's the truth and it's problem is that. What he just said and that's that. You can get those badges. I do know that to be cracked and then anywhere so there needs to be something that officials some people can make that determination that this actually is an official service at these I have to say. An official service. Animal they're unbelievable. And if people need those they blew up and I have no problem with that what's artificial ones post that paperwork but you're supposed to keep on in the jet to have with you at all times right to ask for a dry don't ask our managers to larger problem the risk in the risk reward on matters forget what Jack and Jeff soccer percent right you got somebody like that US can't afford the. Service dogs papers and. Six the service going. Well site and others like in theory you know we're going to be when you fly an airline that literally their slogan was no children allowed on this airplane. Every time wouldn't you moved to a town that says literally no pads are around him like we go wild west no guns there's a sign this is check your pet tradition are few and not bring an end here. It it's unfortunate that people have. Actually put well it's a Portuguese people of pushed us to a point where. I think so much of the population just wishes it was segregated in different. Ways like that no kids because people keep their kids under control so now I don't have kids in order to get. Now that's because they miss you very narrow over the region of the stone walls that was reintroduced to Yellowstone you see that's isn't it. I kept. Think about their like different when I have a conversation with a gun in person might sit did you consider knowing animals all on Syrian all of them. These are looking at animals as a thing I'm thinking don't go it didn't surprise it's. Only there's good. With animals is not the. It'll all usually call it except it hit Apple's rules. And I I would have except it's about staying put but I'd wannabes. Should I continue. Think there are some. Jack tonic we Dario did you have hit a remarkable on this I'm giant Veronica about those three foot long crabs that might economy millionaire proved those Ron is. We've we've run him out of there bear habitat now there where we are speaking of would let's get down to brass tacks who's bringing all of them to the rewards are going to be that yeah absolutely wild that is tough. But that's for speaking up Barack Leslie let's not sure why are we talking to her on as a pariahs and could be there you go Arnold and not questioned.