Kim & VB - British Airways boarding planes by ticket price

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Monday, November 20th

British Airways has announced plans to change their boarding procedure so that passengers who paid more for their tickets will receive priority boarding


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Wake up with Kim in DD is unbelievable it's infuriating Obama. Boston's morning show WRK. All right so maybe before the break I sort of set this up the the fears of so. Up British Airways has decided that. We you buy your ticket from this point forward and get your your. Boarding pass you'll either have 12345. And one will be people who paid the most for their tickets five being the people who are in. Electronically. In tunnel class if you will and they can only carry one bag on and that's it. And he'll be the last ones to board. They say that this is. To simplify the boarding process and that this makes a unified. People against the say are you kidding why would you do it like this why would you just do it like Southwest Airlines does for example. Where if you wanna simplify it you just depending on Wayne you've checked the and that's the group that you go into your. Or. You just bored by sheets the back of the plane forward right. But they say oh no they believe that this is the way to do it and people are arguing that this is. Shaming people into not buying the cheaper tickets and identifying those individuals so that should they decide they need to. Get someone on the plane get someone off they know now which tickets were. You know the most expensive in which people paid last. Reporting some of us surprises me any easier for customers to understand the sequence. I felt like I had a pretty good grasp if I didn't think it was that complicated if you're in rows twenty to thirty Nadal at all and the candidates are lining up. And I and by the way if you're in first class as you go first that's part of the verse plaza right it's fine I invigorate a complicated apparently there was. As a capitalist I don't object to this has been bothered me in the least I don't feel offended by it and gonna make me. I get an a category three I'm going to have five every time it looked exactly the cheapest ticket and I don't care what kind of shaming you're trying to do one mean well. The bill they had the story we're glad that this just like at finding cat five on to sit back laugh that you people I think I'm getting at the same place and I don't I cannot I might put me in the back so I don't walk by everybody got. How much did you not weigh you when I signed an enemy that same Keenan's as you know now have you given up three times I was meet the wide designed smile on CNET bothers me about this is that you know how these airlines they're so all. There there there just so greedy. And the problem I figure set yourself up for and I noticed by the way for everybody who's wondering there is another airline does this. And we I don't think we'd be in no way and it's American Airlines. Now how many problems have there been with you at marketing airlines American just has 45 different categories to board and I mean so but the problem here is that when you identify these people who are in these cheaper seats this right. You've identified them. And they all like overbooked these flights than somebody shows up and there's say a liar to pay for this then they check and they don't. All will mr. Smith and you paid 75 bucks more than. Mr. Gotti did so I know exactly where he is so get up and get out. So it's another week for them to identify who you are what you paid and to talk show for playing I think. This whole line about one curfew rules are good the airlines are apt to everything they touched it screwed up security. Boring. Honestly I luggage. How you handle on flight stuff like everything in this month. You know why is it to board a play you know why don't other industries don't have this problem buses don't have this price aliens and a lot of the reason is because they don't have any competition. Because we have no other way into a particular plane. So they're all almost into it's it's it's you know collusion. Where to begin at this. We don't have to do this well. We can do crafty stuff like this to the pastor is guess what they're not going anywhere but maybe another airline but back. Yeah really it's really met it really is Joe's and he answered this morning hey Joseph good morning your WR out. Morning guys. You know I can't help but laugh when I saw this because. First of all it only affects economy collapsed because as everyone knows they always let the first collapsed on her and the business collapse on births. I have the economy collapsed tout you up if you are only what socket and paying the highest price but this. Economy collapsed or all (%expletive) together on the same crappy seats. You now get to spend a little more time in the vikings Galley slave ship this big call army collapsed. What's it like Heidi and I can hand while. I'm not only can handle ask but I get more aren't allowed to appear at the gate and be a little bit more relaxed. All have a out and I I'm Jim I don't read the very last person to go on that plane. Called him a lift my I'm up but as they. Oh no you are like I mean compared to make you wait until the end anyway. What I always wait until everyone all sports to get on I just sit there and read a magazine during Garnett yeah and disarmament biking get a little more trying to just at least you know. They have one in six square inch is this basically you'll like DR. It makes me mad about to get not last though is the overhead bins situation because these jerks you bring way too much on. And then you know they've they've extended beyond their row they've now gone into the next role in the next road they're out. Actually that's actually getting a little bit better these days get my you can back from Japan three weeks ago four weeks ago I was they're good to wake. I would like Matt travelocity bill watcher are about six blocks I got away our trip to Japan would only one stop the Chicago. But 630. Bucks round trip on united. While I I ran into this guy should go to a restaurant we were talking and it paid 3500. Ball for the same seat. I'll meet you got a base model than the average they had these eighty economic gets socket. Yeah he couldn't have that extra two minutes on the plane for that 2100 all reports were a part of rarely. There are answer okay where this could come into play worry it could cause venom. Again you know I'm in favor of high ticket. Blame on the pike where. You know it's going to be slow but if you pay a hundred block you can go three or you could see where that would tick people off. This CNET doesn't bother anybody right. Well well I don't know Robby don't look at it I'm looking at some some tweaks you know as a result. Nothing quite like a British class system to let you know your place that's from one person here's another quarter. I'll fly in BA which is British airlines but the cheapest European ticket. From December the twelfth by the way you'll be boarding the last one passenger said it's very card debt Sheehan like it's all about wealth and status. Everywhere knows exactly how much money you paid for your ticket depending on where you're standing in line so why. Yeah my desserts and guard as she gets on vs your view not that bad it is there any getting in your gonna sit and wait for me. I might have to stop time my shoe on the way down and I dropped my that I I get hot little Watson and go you know what the extra 200 dollars you need to get on so that you could get that over had been spot I paid twenty to check my bag and. An honor and relax that's term jobs and growth would this morning hey John good morning. Guy how are you super thanks. Happy Thanksgiving thank you sir. I wanna go marching bands then I just tuned in their guys were kind of ribbon airlines. I've got son who's serving in the US military active duty US Marines. Hot and he's got home Thanksgiving however are. Pete. Flight. That's normally from op Jacksonville, North Carolina and up a Boston Logan is you don't want to speak to prick you'd read fifty. I'll roundtrip. The other Thanksgiving week. It's were panel 800 calls per flight. Yeah there are are active. Military any help whatsoever I might be. But even like a 5% off or 10% off. Now that they get a flight free went on orders when they're when they're traveling on orders but just become a police. On our on our quality jobs we did just get jacked up I pray god and by the alliance. This just. Reidy money hungry big bloated corporations. Don't care bought a little people don't they especially don't care of veterans serving and protecting our country. But it it did get off on the ball all that Syria is 10% opted to get you know something. A diet that stinks and I'm sorry about that especially on holidays that's when muscles you know men and women are trying to get home right. Exactly yeah not some sort of not on orbit so that they're not at all sir. Sure you know and and then you know it took a bite out tickets because it ought to get as a bit easier than. It's just stop and look at their block that got back. It is it's tough. The thing and there's states decide airlines Margaret played just traveling in general like to turn of the last century not this one. Where have you know steam ship was the way you would go in you know WW time we also argue that certainly your favorite movies Titanic. You had to make a decision and I really gonna go third class or fourth class is. Don't know I don't know along your journey and I'm going to be suck on Cole fumes for seven days or whatever and it's gonna be three seeing two like. You let go like making that decision about what you could afford and what you were gonna do win that trip this singing that you know. You're now live and on this plane for an extended period of time so I. I still think anybody is gonna get that worked up about this other than people just have to complain about stuffed everything because everything is such a huge affront to long. Well it's I just think it's really funny that. In Britain they are getting really worked up about it because they think this is such. I've you know you have a scarlet letter on your back when you get on the plane because you are getting on last but. I mean who almost has doesn't go try to find the cheapest tickets available that would not that would change me either. I'm spending that money when I get wherever you go vita I have to spend it on a huge hit there if there. Shame honey class wise and make sure I'm feeling yeah. I don't are not under the buzz our traffic when your blow one by because you're Richie Rich. I don't feel on that right like of me OK if he. If you get on at the end and there's no room left yet to keep your suitcase in your lap. Now why I wanted to cut a they strapped into the back of this right I get really Carlos concrete had all I gotta yeah hey what can our life. But I will say this though if it does make you more vulnerable to being knocked off the plane. The net state that's already happening right actually we found out and the last calendar year is that they do that on purpose anyway. Which that and that to me now that's where you you know because you Barbara Starr put that in this rule pray that. That you're the first person who's gonna have to give appears he can get to me pay more for. The federal waiting like you got a reward frequent flyers and high rollers you have that little executive lounge move. Now I get the upside of that numb look at that going I would mind being in there that is one thing. This is.