Kim & VB - Boston's traffic is so bad that it is affecting tourism

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Thursday, October 19th

A new study says that Boston's traffic has become so difficult to navigate that tour groups are now avoiding certain areas to keep from running over time


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Giving TV talking about what you're talking about Boston's morning show. WR KL. Exemption. From binge and which one is this is the original the cover personalized. Besides. Because I don't ever want you to. I hate that we were I wouldn't think this year between lynchings and frequently has Muzak. Nothing bothers me more than when I'm in the car and I'll have on. The rare times I don't have lives playlist joining. If I if I guess I'll go to classic rock station in this kicks in and then it is queen. I. I wanna throw something is a peek at song and I don't want a year I wanna hear that Ritter was that the music on. That was even allies when he broke out OL it was instrumental it was this initiative and it just like music is like what you hear in the elevator. No need to keep talking about Amazon no but I will say tell principal question up. I wouldn't put up where would you go Londonderry or Boston except my iPhone is dead at the moment. Well we have up. What's the Bostonians what's the proper bust on in reaction to Londonderry ripping Boston and everything Amazon and currently. Almost 21 in the proper responses gathered their right to write about boss the terrible. If so how many of those responses are coming from people live in New Hampshire though. I think almost none of them I think they're all coming from Boston because I think we do know larger well what does were honest whether. Let's talk about our short one of our shortcomings because it is on the front page of the newspapers today it's all over everything in balance that. We get such a traffic problem in the city that actually. Others are concerned it's gonna start cutting into tourism numbers. And the reason is because. Tourists are as frustrated as we are when they come to tour and they can't get around. They used the example of the you know tourists who get on the duck boats to get on the trolleys. Who try to get into cabs in two. Hoover. Lift and they can't make their way around the city because we have such. Terrible traffic. Now. They're gonna steal back the numbers meaning indeed the revenue they think he's gonna come from tourism but my question to our listeners is this. And what do you do what do you propose. That we do. About this problem I mean what will not reduce it and would bow what is your most recent out of horrific tour how I ever ran it would have won every day I mean I. I wasn't I so far every day. Some Saturday I had to come into the city as you well know we came down deceit telling him though and the reason why don't come into the city very often has reversed two reasons one is to paying to park and it. But. We we left an hour earlier than we would have laughed because we said we don't know. If there's going to be a problem get man and we did hit traffic it wasn't too bad actually was probably like a ten minute thing. But remember cinema wife like this is how what is in Boston where your only delayed ten minutes you feel good about that. I have a project that I do pretty regularly I have to go to queens he and I leave Quincy usually about two 230 or three. And the evening commute his started and I can leave cuisine at 230 years three. And I can roll into swamps cut at twenty to five. And that is not a joke and that happens to mean probably twice a week. It is so horrible coming throughout the intensity and the commute. You know like any major metropolitan area the commute now starts so much earlier. And then later 'cause people are trying to get Iraq I don't know what the answer to it is. Short of the idea that we. You know we start using more public transportation. But the problem is that the public transportation not great eagle airlines aren't. I wanna know though like here's out roaring need to explain about this. If the traffic has gotten so bad that their legitimate lead. Re routing towards yeah. Kurt how easy this is true because. Are there more horrors. Because we've that we made these big bike pushed right to which I think is another problem with traffic by the way I think it's a bit it's a major major problem made his big bite pushed stop driving in the city take bites. That's apparently an off track because that's nonsense is just causing traffic to back up because these people or bike Childress scored the upside of the vices we're gonna save the planet and we're gonna cut down on the cars we're not cutting down on the cars we you're cutting down on his. Traffic availability by having these crap liens that are causing drastic nightmares so let's evaluate his bike thing. Is this a mistake and should we undo it. Secondly it. How much money that we spend on public transportation every year because if public transportation isn't cutting down on our vehicle use. Wondered why are we talking about expanding this thing what are we doing here why are we throwing good money after bad. I feel like if I feel and increased to a level that it's just look people have cars in so many more people here is that I only this increased at all. I don't I don't think the population increase is the issue I think the first and foremost issue is public transportation. I think the you cannot depend. On and public transportation to be on time for even being functioning. At. So many terms that people are skittish and they won't take public transportation. And I think that's a big big part and I'd love to hear from some of our commuters who. Probably are gonna say don't use it because I I can't depend on whether it's going to be functioning. Two legs under you can't take away the bike went oh yes you could you could do it within one day right. Just between overall accident. Recordings show woods Kim. Co Heimlich and Tzipi. Literally the most interesting man in the world WR KL paths to. Kitty quick reminder to everybody that we're bringing up at WRL box office at 830 we're giving away our system which is woods' Key West hurt. What Landis that you're cortex sure is scary. Our talk about traffic in the city in this news story that says that people are. Re routing two or is among other things in Taurus away from the city because traffic is horrific this text there says this is five minutes ago also on May be achievement. I just putting GPS address in the CD from Plymouth. Okay it says it'll take me two hours and 37 minutes because of traffic I believe that. Two hours and 37 minutes from Plymouth the boss and now I'm gonna get that it takes when he but that's just. Can he imagine every day camp. I mean I'm not kidding when I told you that the story coming up from Quincy and it's between 230 and 330 every time they do it in its. Two of every day two hours. To get to swamp sky. At that hour of today it's absolutely ridiculous. As you and I I attribute I attribute public transportation. And still love to love this problem because I mean I hear is so much else you lay out and it's. Part of that they're best selling point about the city is the history of the city on the negative things as its history is enough. You know builder but do you go to any city it's optional would noses being from the south of Iran's recent years. Just go to Charlotte again these cities that word. They they've been built for cars and so they are laid out any proper way in they never. After they got it right there it is with a nice yes but otherwise yet they have this correct agreed that makes sense and they work. Right away but I think that is a car in Birmingham isn't so much more expensive than it is here but they don't how public transportation do you. Have to car yeah. But the the it but it probably is India. Traffic solely to embed here in your lying if you try to say it's word you know it's never been bad and all the sudden Scott horrific but. It's that volume of hope those darn cars coming from the south that's taking it has only works and it's because you can't. Guess got a horse isn't in the twelve years that I was going from. But where I live now Oxford to Dedham in traffic got worse and 95 used to be. Where as long as you got on 95 by 3 o'clock yeah you're gonna get where you're going now if you're on the air after Newman. It doesn't matter I mean there is no afternoon time in which you know I can sneak a 93 you used to be able to time it. I don't know why that is now that forget it. Just an interesting part about it is we handle seeing dig allegedly you know you're supposed to be able to fly right through there right on right on through the go north or south right bet. It's again I just think it's holly and I just think that people like. Let's also indicated he's not the fire if you've got a five wings go into the city and they do lake combined with three other lanes into a three lane road. Once you get out of its right. There's Dennis all the expansion you want but once you go into that first bridge you're down to three point 857 just Diddy Dennis to the Parker house right now GPS hour and 45 minutes mover. Linda is in bill working good morning I got. Good morning. I'm sitting in traffic as these eight I bet you a heart we're normally don't. It's bill we're two Kendall Square in Cambridge. That's probably eighteen my heels. It's now an hour and a half to get in and an hour and a half to get loans. And I should eat it seems the buildup in Kendall Square. They're building. Buildings as. Fact is you can point and I and there is so congested and you just cannot maneuver and out of Cambridge. The road it's like it's that we're not it is not quite. Linda you realize you all know horse. I'm not even joking are you could grow alongside since we're gonna do this let's turn the clock back and have Windmills in Ferris wheels. And bicycles that's going to be our modern in and solar panels there's all going to be our modern world that we live in. Maybe we don't bring back the horse because she could get there in fifteen minutes of horse limit do everything in your everyday right. Forties so we attacked I credit K picking near Hawaii. I am working in their forties delete. And the last year and a farm progressively worse with the queen where I'm actually thinking of trying to find a new job. Not looking right. So bad why do you think it's worse. Well again we just sit and think there's a huge build up but there's still why do you think that the traffic has gotten so much worse. Accurate point I'm looking around I just need single people on the driving in car as. I mean if you have to be somewhere at a meeting at a certain I mean it's that you have over fifty. You know you just it's not I mean I guess at that Campbell driving as well. But I just heard prep course stories about the need that. And it it's not convenient from I mean I'd have to take you factor that you train you know or needed it to go. And I'm different you know life of that in the traffic in my car and feel like I have more control. Right yeah that's it Lindy you do you even though like she said the it's unpredictable as well. At least you sort of feel like you're in control we go to Joseph in Boston hey Joseph. Good morning good morning spot spent the last thirty years in Boston or drive or moving to Obama tries to last thirty years and in Birmingham formerly Austin. I kissed up on the radio all right if these reports were that they've also has the worst drivers I don't agree with debt I don't know I greet you completely Birmingham drivers are a thousand times. What light are coming here you hear the trampled ores and there's congestion and really eager to action on the morning or afternoon drive if you listen live report in Birmingham. There are five or six hotspots where there is going to be accident even with no it's not an actor to be exactly what no traffic. Joseph I cannot tell you how excited down what you call a but at the. You can because there's nothing worse than being behind soon go into one in the left lane onto me right. Oh my god. If I had already moving on to lady don't. I. Slow our fat did Joseph thanks for your costs I'm that's so funny roses in New Bedford good morning rose. Good morning good morning. I'm identity and I need three after an hour and a half. They work in box cinema halls of the affair its so I need my cards right between eight and I don't have the option of taking. Public transportation I actually there are few read and write it that it's happening I think meeting here and ear. Why I think it's the infrastructure for her it wasn't meant to handle the volume of card. Two is also the public transportation. And three I think drivers are quite distracted people are multi act it's so you know you're in a car at their taxpaying. They're reading the newspaper or so people are paying less attention. To my community increased. Not at an hour and fifteen say quite. Normally start later than I do today and going home at two hours flat no matter what time you leave the city they whether it's 3 o'clock. 6 o'clock hitting an 8 o'clock installed traffic. On 93. And I actually met with my state rap about that on Saturday. Am looking into that texting while they were going to feel they're working on that bill. And also working on how to discourage people from driving and take the gap isn't that expensive and also don't want to take public transportation yeah. Other partner rushed to gas prices your 100% right about that but you know we did to her rose when I'm gonna ask to lose please don't talk to your state reps. Because I'm like where you are the last time they told us. The last time they tried to help there was the green bush line. And I was gonna solve all of the south shores problems because are now you have this great public everybody. But things like a bike path now does anybody use that. In the Demi traffic in and his I don't get so protection says 22 reasons why these avenues we used to be one. A family would have a car. Now everybody in the family has a car through the second ball Boston's too expensive to lives or liberties moved as the suburbs are. Both of those if those were truths all. Then that he would be payless crowded in would be more effective when Mitt. But I mean that all of whom they elect everywhere you look at Boston they're building new car I knew it. I think people are moving back into this again I think it's the opposite problem. Well I get more people have cars the kids that do right used to but there should be less kids on the heat than in less. And less uses passive population growth it's not being recorded somewhere but I think the kids on it he are moving it within this sitting. You know their I mean. We use that as opposed to buses in some cases what I'm Tonya is an innocent they're not moving from outside of the city trying to gain their needs to be an explanation. I thought I saw middlemen wanna say it didn't used to be just great I'm talking about within ten younger. We didn't those same ten years' worth hold the tears is booming kids getting cars and has been this big bike home. Both of those are supposed to reduce the numbers of people and he but the number of people and he's gone up. So how can those to be the same. URG you know the voice of Boston. I'll try it's that time it is 837 were opening up let them work PO box office hit sixth call this its web site. Q 66868. With a pair of passes to witches and woods it's in west for mass. Sixth caller right now it's 617266686. The aid good luck. For Italian ought to funny bit on that song right there. It and we George Bush. Giving out that phone number forward by Bill Clinton's and a knowledge and professional Soccergirl. I could really fun that is an even it and says. I know I'll have a few more years or I can do that joked yeah I wasn't hearing that song every day of the there was one. It's terrific. Quote Madonna about traffic and the hell holes this whole issue because it its oil front page of the papers today here's a new study out that says it. Traffic has gotten so horrendous that. And the tourism. Industry is going to be effective here they're starting to like make other arrangements they don't do those tourists. People can try to get around and other places and other ways that's the guy that's certainly good. When you feel that way though if you sit on one of those Duck Tours and you were to sit in the traffic wouldn't make you crazy. They would meet. I don't know you can you don't get paid you don't pay for that door by the minutes cookbook yeah it's okay but. I guide our tour is really di Torino or is this is the fact that there helps make of the point that traffic star will be right. Who's like we were gonna do the Freedom Trail but you know it's just so hard to get in the city let's heated for instance and I is that happened. I don't know I mean does it is where you've been going right I was that you're going to many punk and tragedy consider the right like I need to go to Fenway. And I will lead to two I mean I'm thinking do you think they're talking about. People staying outside the city and then they're not coming in at all I don't know I love that I love our taxes that are offering solutions. There right about some of this like for example. Increasing in the structural law works is 714 I've lived in California for a long time. We get six or seven lanes per direction and guess what we have worst traffic and you guys so isn't just about that right on human okay. So other really gunning Kristi agent ordered to get a license like are we gonna do that. In order to fix traffic nobody can afford 25 can drive what I would fix traffic it would. Ruins as I wanna face wrapped up. I don't know reverses a limit after seventy you're done can't drive in cities only in the country who are we gonna do that. But. I'm not going here. I believe it's 71 this is a monorail is the only answer. We're not doing the monorail think Ross and I doing the you know what's the door to door on that the audio or we're not gonna logos over the East River. It's it's a problem for any major city to show me the the older city that is eggs no traffic from this filly. To Chicago does new York New York's better than us but again they have a better grid in any great because their volume is rigged. Well they don't have been parking in the city that's one of portable so people are forced to use public transportation in and had more so. And another one of the issues here have too many places for people to park. No we have built enough armaments. Well I mean if we didn't have places to park people would be forced into use in public transportation has played who lives in the city you're advocating for less parking in the city I will come over this boy's. Console. Where where they're gonna put a little video appearance Amy and our media I guess you didn't have as much. In rebate to the front lawns. I'd you know did dead dead mythical place down with the Olympic village was gonna go and we ought to be that. The second we ate the Olympics wise and that is big huge tens story parking lot the city owns it. Just like the under common garage I get the union problems that are gonna come would that and it's going to be a boondoggle or whatever but. Just build more parking ramat. But build it like that. Out there were they endangered and you know it's a guy walked in light on you there walker you are you boss or UT year what ever run ever complains about real life because it's such a hassle but let's have male whites all around the city. And that would make some sense to me I I I couldn't agree more if you did. I mean you feel even more controlled as a driver and by the way I'm a driver who drives into the city I don't dignity and I don't take it. Trained I admit that. I also don't work on ours that that would be necessarily conducive back. If you could just get sort of close to the city park outside of that it be a heck of a lot cheaper I'm not even more reliable. You want my fix. I should be commissioner of all things we've talked about this stirs up and downs and we're never expanding the T in the way that they're talking about it but if you're going to expanded its like okay. You picked this spot north of Boston and it's I don't care where it is where there isn't that the currently. There's gonna be it's a shuttle that's gonna go to 45 miles. It's gonna leave every ten minutes is gonna go from a to be spot in just just on the outskirts of Boston that's it there's no stops right runs fast. It goes straight there it doesn't stop and it leaves every ten minutes. Back and forth. That's it that's the only thing you expand you don't do commuter rail stop where. It stops every five sack gains we got to deal with racquets. We gotta have this you might run at 730 also might run an eight and now this and it has to be. Like I do when normal cities like Vegas for example where you know that tram is and you know it runs entering Disney we know this monorail. Is gonna be here at this time and it just goes in it's an. Not gonna stop until priced at a park which I totally sure what you got frustrated with that to just off. The word transfer and Bob. That's different that's a hassle as well. Given DD Boston's morning show. You Arcadia. All right so we've been stuck in traffic when love a few more folks and everybody gets up to say about traffic and I don't blame you its chances are very good many of you are sitting here right now Tony Quincy good morning. Are you guys. Analysts are good reasons aren't like I sold it to do you relieve some of the truck trick oh you do sort of a traffic lights in U quirky. You go to every awkward spot. Every block of stock that are you know desperate city it's big industry much smaller now to shoot low wage work out how cautious. And clothing and your destruction of Erin they're probably in our walk shall large picture of Robert tractor trailer at all. It'd debit purple heart their notre wreck you know struck the death of making sure they're gorgeous shaped gash in the ocean this property growing niche. They're there it's there and it cost a lot to do that. Donna pervading sense or petulant girl. Dick does I think if you if if like yours are in a little that's on my iPad does have not really does help yeah yeah. But again that's agreed. And so it till it's a little better on agree and I think you know but don't you have like we did we could we're not gonna do is we you can do. What is the worst traffic light in your commute wouldn't you have an answer to that absolutely I mean I don't want getting true. Route 3 in the morning that for some reason I have to sit at that thing for three minute literally I find it for three minutes if I hit it wrong. At 3:30 or 4 o'clock in the genes in our fourth do you sit there for the Fuller do you know sometimes she's right there and you never know what they're guys sitting there and Chrysler when you get off I hear that first light unit and you know the part that's terrible that has. Albany and they always stationed there and a left turn signal at the good guy turns fueling not a road yeah. You're right they don't there is no consistency of these -- I don't know if they don't do it some are right on reds some aren't I don't understand why any road doesn't and they don't like it you wouldn't when I driving it still I mean the lights are still blinking involved Andre and it's weird how certain lights will blink and certain lines won't and there's no rhyme or reason. Like major intersections have been linking all the lights. And then lake those intersection to turn into the the team bus stop which is closed. Is on on pars and a that is very straight track we go to Matt will be over the glory Matt. Could run into him at eight. That's what you earned since the goodness of principle in coming from missiles. We yeah we don't comfort is all I'm doing what I meant yeah I think we shot that I yeah different from ours I don't. Fortunately. Ride every ailment service representatives sought out all our drivers. And I think it's separate tanks. The traffic court. Six miles per corporate row back call from air power and our screen. Faults traffic yeah. Is that the thing that ships and yes. Right and sometimes fails there's been some times it doesn't matter if she came a day traffic and it helps it well it actually adding I mean they do that they do that a little bit later you know after the commute is over allegedly. But he's why I just got caught our problems should be it's just look at this school thing and word to where we're alleviating some of your prompt it just proves that threat there are gonna study on whether that he Jovi lane serves any purpose. Because I know what would work. That's a pay line. You gonna pay 203050. Bucks when he's doing like Virginia. I know you guys hated because we're in Massachusetts in two year old Elizabeth Warren and it's got to be free for everybody but now. If you do in high congestion times that plane you have to pay to get into any goes up as congestion goes up. But I do say my time is worth a hundred dollars to yeah slain. Well you can do or where you might do that it's like you were rushing to get you your delays are air powered tablet but I probably will become meet with that bringing. Is that we knew we are going he's right Winger like this the evening commute. Really hope you are all it doesn't really only does it just pushes the big issue down the if you went all of the split. Which a kid doesn't know. I don't think you can write so we did it to me it's just prussian terrific photo. The rest it's for show and it's yeah you think that's right and happen but it. What if what is the cost of that. On a monthly base it's gotta be high somebody's doing that is they are brought a benefit analysis to that yeah he has to meet. I'm wind Matt every time I drive down there had the opinion since the book signing in to chew and a couple of about a month ago. And my wife and I were both like acting sucks yeah and every time I'm down here that Sox it's silly to me it just doesn't have real purpose you never trust it. Because you never trust that your gonna game hitting go smoothly enough to get the worst thing is you get in that and then that's backed up yeah. And then your dog ran back to you always is when you get I know is because again there ever return to merge back out. So really I penicillin and let me go to frank in Revere hate frank good morning. Good morning. I wanna make a couple quote portage okay artists are. It's over where they had grant they east double double take took it away it never put it back so it's a nightmare oh yeah. They used to have a red state used to go from where you or so from the tore open. In the civil rights in 93. Wood beautiful because certainly. Not a station to fuel canal street. It would take you twenty minutes forget they're actually. Trench pretty pretty incredible. Believe Rowell and you medical parole and I don't know how many election. And then. Just think it's the French street but when you come down canal street to cause this country gold on that treat. Drivers goal. If you don't portal trying to get there early 1 morning my last night I alluded to. I would have been good article that I'm there and it was limited data broker speaking. A coroner can Oceanic currently only trying to get a you know I hope my dwindle. To a caller I can sit down dish street. Because that you triple made the turn out to closely. So I believe much the drivers. And the people make good decisions on these approach. But Mike franc while you might be good at. You had two cars and video thing always ends badly. He's the one thing's for sure you're not everybody's is so equipped to do handling and a leg I was just gonna say if frank I was driving down there read my daughter was coming the other way you don't that's not really where you want and every time I drank a that it cop there. And if a agreed to. Kenny is in Braintree Jake getting. Are good morning good morning. One example now where I tell my clients and customers. Normally. It would take half power. Element in this act on another ten minutes. I just and then like with tourists. And I used to get people to elect Gingrich walked into policy now boost it up like three. Moved so you definitely under your car service she definitely seemed change. Not what you guys got to do actually is tickets you know maybe some day if you're issue or other low big screen a flawless. And maybe do an assessment and that we keep this. He didn't get hurt my we already know I don't know can I like apply call upon a car you know this is like. What it was like any sex good ethnic I think I know the answer like a it is tell it what it is not questioning his stud hi all not at all. The question is just what in the world I'm trying to figure out what the heck can do about it. And I I don't know old five point please push the issue of abolishing mutual view lane it's screws me up every day I. Who is the big key Jovi champion who shouldn't fever I don't know. I mean maybe there was a time when it was affected because. It did get traffic away from the city got out right Dutch out. But now I think the issue is just that there are so much volume. Well that it just has turned into an six or seven you have to pay your trooper each time to baby sit that thing too that's that is glaring did you light from the god please don't if you. If you even think about you and any year without three people I always do that. Or three it's like they did it but I'm nervous about she would Boston its three New York this LA it's. She will occur swami go to Jimmy and if there weren't hate Jimmy. Very yeah. Well I wouldn't think I want to bring noted that pointed to specific changing housing pattern yeah. And I bet there he'd prefer associates like Jim that your your colleague Jim mentioned it. He seemed more more people moving into the city. Embedded with a rap people walking into this Boston's city prop up. Well with it but they tend to be young singles and older people but meanwhile you have your you know family oriented people. Moving north and felt that this treaty at an example I grew up in the form. Would give my whole like just so my whole life. And up a lot of my neighbors come from places likes own room all been Somerville Cambridge. It would happen is they'll tell me they could not afford to buying anything in the air reduce when they brought that would Abel brought up. So this has caused this like I guess you call it a suburban sprawl. You know what that lady called in from bowl record about you know 25 minutes ago you know bowl record it was off firearms and wood sixty years ago. So if so which if you had been due to the automobile. Into the creation of these this I wish system after world fortunately you have this this. Sprawl. You know that went north felt that wedge. From the city prop up. OK it was fine for awhile but now you get all these auto registrations. And we need people and I missed like everybody over seventeen Africa are right in the liberal can handle it you know at the policy global place Cechmanek was at my cousin. Port saint Lucie Florida you put out of that area dead air we'll be good that I weighed the roles within bank. Friends and our water traffic volumes of how we've we've essentially here we've paved the the trails of their horses and buggies Barack. Such we pay of those here in Boston.