Kim Jong Un claps back at President Trump

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Friday, September 22nd

After the president's speech to the UN General Assembly, Kim Jong Un had a less than pleasant response for Mr. Trump


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URG you know the boy still Boston. Well the president has created this morning in the air nice I don't know that I use and he's responded. Today so that's what you want Kim Jong-Il owner of North Korea because like we we know that but. Kim Jong known of North Korea who was obviously a mad man who doesn't mind starving or killing his people will be tested like never before. Exclamation point. That's the twin. So again I it's fine bill won the thing that we will forever keep coming back to his what happened. For whatever word you wanna use what happens if he passes or fails every test. He again you've said you're not doing it doesn't mind starving or killing his people so. You can cut off all funding and queued all money and he says I don't care. I'll be eating just fine in my generals rules they would me so I don't care. Well will his generals stay with him. The Wii you what possible evidence do you have that tells your. I mean I just I would if I had gone to the back in my head I would then I mean it's. 67266686868680. Is attacks by knowing what you know this morning. And I I would argue that the last 24 hours have been. Some of the most notable in this whole North Korean situation that we've seen in weeks. Oh. What how do you think this can end where do you think this is going to go out. Is this rhetoric bothering you in the rhetoric itself does not bother me at all I am. Encouraged by some of the sanctions were put in place yesterday in some of the strategic moves that were made yesterday. But then I wanna hear what are our listeners think are you encouraged are you bothered where do you think this is go. 603 of the animal replay is like this Kim Jong-un seize the light in the way Moammar Qaddafi saw the line only to be dragged through the streets and viciously beaten to death by his own people. Well wouldn't that be something. I just I don't know if the people bear habit in them or have any kind of resources. To rise up. To fight. I know and I wonder again if you go back to this idea and I think this is part of the sanctions. Yeah I think you know they did that the western world is hoping that if we just continued it choking choking choking choking. These people will eventually. Rise up but I don't I don't know. Seven they won its trump who doesn't mind starving in North Korean people war war would you have from do know what exactly and at some point you have to say this is not going to be tolerated in these are the steps ran out to these of the non violence that we're gonna tank. And then eventually you're exhausting nonviolent and you have to make a decision as to whether you will go violence there there. It's crazy B is is no gray here everyone knows what we're talking about in yet. No one wants to make that decision and no one not no one can possibly understand what the outcome that would me. I mean I I I can't see where you can put this on Donald Trump. Since 03 it's like honestly the Chinese could decline although it's all up in the air cargo runways of Corsica a Corning is uncertain and everything's. Changes immediately and most of the players here are untrustworthy by the says yeah it has to be a military coup why can't we buy some of these people lawful and it's complicated it's not just. You don't you show up but that is a case you guys wanna do this like. You can't even get near these gas. That's my point I think it's I think that we had infiltrated or tried to infiltrate I think that I also think they're part of this constant. You're trying to tamp down the rhetoric or our trying to hit the sanctions. I think that's just trying to buy more time while a lot of the rest of the world has tried to get in here I really do. I think that's been part of the game. You're buying time behind time behind time. And then like him how about this theory you take him out in you install democracy in the become a thriving country. That's a nice we've tried that and several countries over the last one years and and hasn't gone wild. Like you can't and I about this you take him out and then you replace him when they more friendly dictator well. We've tried that in other countries and how's that worked out like media. These things are complicated. The other are located there but it's also a little bit different in that. It's a peninsula in a portion of that peninsula does function in a productive way. Yeah and right below it is a country that will never let you says this is a democracy surrender discussion point. You've got both sides on top and bottom you've got China and North Korea and Russia. Not a lot of that concept. So it be one thing if China said the US there what you break it you won't it. OK then let's have a discussion is whether we should own this or not and I would say yes right but. That is not on the table as far as any of us knows. And again I don't know how many of those were gonna do America and in the world but. I'd. Let's talk about solutions that we have that we can deal with the. The issue here Bibi is for me. You can't go in and get rid of him. Without a plan because the issue is to admit that it's the nukes. So you've got to go in their few going to with another dictator. Mean united to win there with a plan that you're taken him out and is nukes are going within. And then you know whatever happens that you can't. Because all we be just be doing is just turned over to somebody else who what he works. So vineyard. Where you kidnapping are you were imprisoning. How many north Koreans that have knowledge of this program and have the capacity to rebuild and whatever it. How how is it going. Dares an option therein that is what you do for you. This 300 people are now imprisoned for fifteen years. And nobody else in North Korea has this kind of knowledge I mean you'd that is one way you can do it but yeah about. Massive amount of force that that would tend yeah. Lust and love can I love you and a non factual way though yeah absolutely forward Bahrain and GB I know what I'm. Boston's morning show WR KL. Staying away from London coming up in her in. 7 o'clock hour when we talk about. Aaron Hernandez. And if you heard that time it was announced yesterday that. His daily is suing the NFL and the patriots. And all of this related to the fact that it's been determined that he had a very severe case of CTE. She's one of our Kelly financial polls are now or through. I can't wait to defend that I'm we were talking about this whole night in my house. But by all out of my house and only when my kids. Why is that we're an alligator that way and dinner and walk us is that we were brief they were playing in the yard and we were talking about but then the phone went. So the Brothers my brother texted me how did you do Jamie say oh yeah they're probably the I told him my Brothers huge patriots. So that set it off and we we've. He got a lot of conversations about its of the killer financial won't question on that one is. Who what. Is the most significant reason for Aaron Hernandez having committed murder page CT. B drugs or see Aaron Hernandez right. Drugs is at 16% on that I'm surprised it actually. But Aaron Hernandez's 83% in CT is one person. First about that just coming up here and just a couple of minutes and ask you about how you. View this you know would it have caused him to commit murder didn't cause him to commit suicide. And should he should appear only be allowed to sue. But let's let's were I'll wrap up this conversation about what happened yesterday with North Korea and what people think the outcome should be. You know this is a tough one we we talk about this here on the show and now there's a lot of people who. Listen who just think. Why don't we just go in there and just drop a bomb and make this go away and that's that. But not that simple but yesterday to me. Beyond the fact that he denied it appears that Kim Jong Hoon responded directly to the president which is a bit surprising but. To me something happened that moved us closer to. Sorting through this and that's at their seems to have been some level another step. It of cooperation. With the Chinese related to dealing with this first we have the vote. And the Chinese joined in unity you know at the UN and now with that the Chinese saying that they will instruct their Central Bank. Not to do business with any kind of North Korean. Entity. Well let happen how will see right how much can we trust you have you have what. In your outcomes are either he wise is. We let him do what he's doing or we kill. I'm tests X-Files a pot but I don't think so in this case to on the he would go windy and I don't think you would either so. Do you think it's likely that he's Martin's up. I don't he's on this path to this point now its he's either he sees it to the conclusion he wants or he's taken out triumph I think that's where I use that. Do you think it's possible we let him do that. I don't because the precedent that we sent. For the rest of the there are countries that would like to have nuclear weapons that know that they can't because they'll be destroyed if they do it. Once you let North Korea do it isn't it Katie bar the door blowing you say to let North Korea do it what do you mean because I don't think we're gonna let him do anything. Where you you know I have some that we've let him have I think the problem that we have here right is is. Is. That in your right to the other option is telling him I mean again I don't know. Or disarming him in some way it's the right thing true weight again and let's just see if he wise is not but. But to every drop side Jim bomb it's over she has to go. We got to figure out army South Koreans we can protect and enterprises but he's got a girl won't let that bit you when you say. And to kill him. Just like killing him he's not gonna stop this nuclear. Problem that might have Erin stock the next country because you've got to have a guy that's willing to die doing it and usually that doesn't happen I don't know I think some I think some of these road written and our nation's denominations craziness. This this has gotten to a level that it's never gotten to before even his father wouldn't go here. We huge shortages stuff from the Q2 you know people weren't looking and hope people weren't noticing how he's doing I think he's on he's he's in Myanmar would like to get hold their nuclear weapon that said that the they're not at this line and they are now here. He's literally in front of your gold what are you gonna do about it and want are you gonna do about earning this is. And it's it's those things that I'm concerned about I don't think he's necessarily on suicide mission and the way that the president set I think the presence is threatening him in such a way. But what might furious that he woods he would get desperate and sell this stuff to people like the crazy rogue. You know military in Myanmar right now which she's. Is probably. You know one of the craziest places on earth. So. I think those are the kinds of things we have to be really conscious of and be very concerned about. As we cut off his finances we cut him off from the rest of the world will he start to reach out to some of these crazies and then does crazy spread. The only way sanctions work is when you assume you're dealing with someone who has a rational thought through six and seven and if you don't think he has an irrational thought the more you want flaming them. What I these are all more rational than people hundred feet. I really do I think that I think you're wrong to think he's just completely irrational. I'm sorry talking about their leader arts. I'm sure you couldn't get her started back in general. I think he's I don't think he's as irrational as people think he has. Again I think currently he's been crazy like a fox I do think he's gonna be dead so that no not so crazy I mean knots of foxy but. He. Saw what always happens with a bully Mike Tyson loses eventually someone calls your block off. And then what do you do about it Tyson went down. What does the world do about it the world doesn't care the whirlpool automatic he's the US gonna say we won't. But here's a thing DB at I I agree that eventually a bully goes down but usually. They are so all. Their their view of themselves is so inflated they don't recognize that's gonna happen I'm not sure that I think that he thinks. That he is of in Britain that someone can committing take care of him I think he believes that he's. But even if you don't all power be all right on that. But it if you kill him who takes over once again the that we hey that's one of the many complicated things about this dude you're looking for easy solution one that. And you're looking for a right solution where there may not be a no one knows. What the right solution is also what easy solution is because there may be neither of. I think this guy has a cut is accomplishing exactly what it is that he wanted. He so loves the fact that the president of the United States is viewing using his platform at the UN to talk about him. I just. I don't know. Mean again maybe I'm looking at this and irrational way thinking that he's just he just allowed dog on the block who likes to bark and make all the neighbors talk about it. But Indiana is gonna go back in the dog house and that's that he used the phrase about Trumba frightened dog boring water but sometimes there are dogs that just Parkland. It's not that they're frightened they're not even capable of emotion. But that's a win anyway Arlene hit John Denton I nobody if we're gonna continue if that doesn't necessarily mean they're a bite somebody it just means they like attention they'd bark loudly. And sometimes they bite too I mean this includes trauma and cameras similar and that is this sense but for different reasons yet. So I guess I'm just in a hopeful world where rational and saying to myself this just allowed dog barking on the street. And ends why now we send missiles over Japan like that's. That's loud and now he's saying he's gonna drop hydrogen bomb in the ocean I don't think anybody thinks that's a good idea. No I don't think anybody. And if he does do that that we got a hold of the problem the question is just will. I tend to have told you before I don't know how the story and I think it's. I'm trying to compare this in history all we can tell you was in 1939. The world had a chance to stop Hitler but they all said. Hopefully this will calm down. And that didn't go well. This is sort of to me where there and here. Either you're gonna stop this or you're not and. They have to stop it. That's gotta you gotta get your ducks hero or and I think it and I commend it I wills I. I commend this administration because they think they keep talking to China I think they are trying to get their ducks in a row this is always been about China. It hasn't again China. You would you would you say that we continually wanna be comforted that someone else to make the move. Yeah are you telling me that we will largely came out in less China green lights. I'm telling you this case I added that doesn't. Trying to take about why don't we have to be the ones as well and who says that they they won't I literally they well may be the president is a distraction. I I doubted but I would OK I guess there's in the right area markets.