Kim Carrigan interviews Dr. Alessio Fasano on Celiac Disease Research

Your Healthy Life with Kim Carrigan
Wednesday, November 1st

Gluten Free, it's become a fad.  But what is a Gluten Free diet and who really needs to be on one? This week Kim's guest, Dr. Alessio Fasano, is the foremost expert on the subject. Learn more about Celiac Disease and living a Gluten Free life.



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Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of your healthy life and can care and it's great to have you with us today. Are you noticing that your hearing a lot about Celia disease gluten free foods with gluten free diet can just popped up in. Almost become buzz words. In an hour life each and every day but really is Celia disease and what does it mean to follow a gluten free diet. Is this something everyone should be following well I am so excited about our conversation today because it is with world renowned gluten free disorder expert this is doctor. Alessio Fasano. Doctor you for joining us. Thank you can burn your your show. If there is someone who can talk to us about the subject I know wouldn't you you have. You've studied this and really our foremost in this field. Well then you've written a book confidence. So what is Celia disease and why is it that suddenly becomes sort of a buzzword in in our lives. Well. Now we have much more than. Better actually what she needed is as it is truly about the disease is so it's like having diabetes or whatever targets aren't met but he's one of the kind. Found innocent so like any other autoimmune disease unique to at least two things to do about it. You have to be sure and disposal yet whether she's in jeans or procurement. And yet to be exposed to a stricken from the environment and then the button and is managed by you and Susan because it is genetic predisposition. Can you give me some examples of what you'd be talking about their Cirque. Sure you know didn't get them when we're exposed to let me to bull fighting agreed to those in people without community about it and get to read all these enemies and start to dock your body. Now the league wide cute he's so courier is because he's the only other communities which we know that triggered these these strange brooding that it can be in many greens is called gluten. I end up being called the global enough. Little machine and a glue between god is becoming such simple word diet. By. Default also the unity he's. We came to be. You don't want to protest and a lot of people live you know I was Q not Cinderella. Ball will cut into little pieces. Act for just a second you've told us that this is passed down through. Families threatened Terry. Correct you've also said. That it's it's gotta trigger but my understanding is that it also can lie dormant in your body for certain amount of time correct. And the how subdued you Ali it is that you can have seated disease we know kingdom's whatsoever of what you've been here. What you don't know yet. And eventually all the power. You know all this you know that you will manifest itself clinically indication lobbyist who brought the target organ. Davies inflame the work goes out of business in terms of function. It can get in his attitude that is almost twenty feet long so if you wanted to feed there. And planes to threaten me or actually. You know subsidize this ultimately threaten either resting and so can beat under the radar screen. For a long long talks. Right I in fact was telling you before we go in the year of the I have in my family my mother in law. Found out at the age of 72. That she has Ceglia does. Well. You know again I mean we're doing how to get here. That in the past we didn't need you believe the two elements and I just so you genes in important. Angola will continue to remain injury that no matter when you walk out in the first you'll like where necessary to preaching to develop the disease. And they're important people pure water well. The quarter would still under the cleaning you know credit scoring will be first seventy plus years and that's what we believe in the recent. Now we know that actually. There's two elements are absolutely necessary that most of these and other it can happen so you may eventually be able to tolerate gluten from many many decades. And that something happened to you that turn out. Partly Eugene there are you know responsible to make yourself secrecy that he's leery of life. And we don't have it full understanding. What turned on these genes but imagine many things that seems to. Content creation. And decomposition in the equity in the you've got to local democracy I don't seem to greatly cruel. Let's talk about the symptoms of Celia disease it's not pleasant. No look up. First of all. I have to pay the compared to all the other and I'm immune diseases is a very difficulties. But difficult to they tried somebody would you disease because this can also be. It's still you know nonspecific. That you know community is being defined basically any model. Of course because the target dog or anything that. Mostly gotten personal incomes are too I'm most frequent you know can compete there extremes by people here disease so. So locate. Loathing I heard about balancing include diarrhea or are content creation weight losses duties and you know our symptoms are frequently experienced by people would use these. And right here. You can order to realize that these patent going in the right direction. He's not let that beat you drink a lot to view view view go to bat and a lot so. Well can be anything else but I'd be. Here there 25000 possibility that you know commitment to programs. That are hosting got a little more complicated. If you consider that you know besides that and their incomes you know all of the Kennedy and can keep. Oh Lexington and symptoms but convenient chronic fatigue shouldn't paint scheme scratched. Infertility. Are trying to. Inflammation in the early bird. And putt and it definitely. You know something that we Ukraine from something in my life you know sure amateur also added all the way to beat. Depression and anxiety. And even gives a pretty. So I'm actually quite shall so disclose sometimes than analysts is purely on the ground. And doctor if not treated can Celia disease kill you. He assured him. The he can't vote in terms of plotting to life. So let you know that you lead in the civilized so you're keel quantitatively. But also the mortality of people unity he's got treatment is twice as much as the mortality. People and proceeded. To definitely can kill. And primarily I would think because of the lack of nutrition correct. That's right so I'll bloodied black and attrition to choose because you know describing him come across that they can be the effective education work through your body. May eventually be two you know I'm an acute consequences. Now the great thing is that there is therapy. There is a diet there's a week to try to to combat this. Correct. So. Why don't you know for all the autoimmune disease is we have RD. So how would we go to treat the reason why people develop diabetes we do to consequences doesn't matter which we don't know why. The darker it's a tactic that you have so that you can easily and did they are caught. So you give insulin. You know aid he. Its treatment of the consequences of the attack. We can hit the ease of Google and died in the call all the inflammation a matter of fact when you go look pretty. No editing them to go away. But you know the inflammation Odinga to call DD the only meat processor will be trying to completely off. In society today. While it is certainly gotten easier and free diet is not easy. Now Paula and any even dyed it not easy of course and anybody that tried for whatever reason to integrate diet. You know it it to Larry is going to stick with the program and people didn't see any secret program regret that a lot. But even if they are who commit the most people is to talk to people unity are. Sometimes you know in a dvd that really. You know effect. You know. The one of the most enjoyable and frequent activity UConn eating. He's highly impacted by the fact that why you. One that we have a meal we enjoyed we can have a conversation about politics. B would you be eaten always always to be content treatment. And make sure that they are not cross contaminated because even the minimum and a glimpse I can't believe he could then majority. Rory. I think that you know again in reference to my mother in law. That was the issue that became the most difficulties that cross contamination. In the beginning you're thinking about how you're cutting out your personal prayer that you're thinking about how others are cutting. Are eating it around you. That's right you know these the most painful by the easier part of the agreement between diet. It took us to be guidance you know you can't have peace but and bread and cookies anymore and desks you know I think they are easy to identify. There's only impart it to them you know. What comes across condemnation. That you are not aware that there is cruel and it. You know all people are should be increased return because contaminated and therefore. It like that you are not written that I. Sure we're talking to doctor Alessio Fasano. And we're talking about possibly X disease in that ultimately gluten free that let's does gluten free diet issue for a moment. This sort of become you know at decrease. What do you say to people who think they're gonna they're gonna adopt a gluten free diet even for a short period of time. For health purposes or for a week loss does that work. No that's the short answer is Dutton Eileen. He would be angry and you know that caught the Google regard you know. People like you're not remotely to. Meaning that you know you eliminated in the group include and then that you would substitute which you know. You know content part electric blue creep up or would regret I'm. That means you don't lose weight the American Idol it is because. These products to be important because that'll be our English of fat and sugar. More than they are political and counterparts are definitely you know winning. You know people in general increase in the citrix dot. And he believed that he's been quietly and wait and that's not the case here. You know paying anything. In terms of being healthy. Eight what are beginning depends what you can program that we diet. You'll want it all of course. They're pretty yet to give up we only child so you got back that would be healthier because he can joke anymore. And ideally. You are forced to grow cook for your salt Morton. Anybody else that they are members who conducted them di da. We don't like what is the best way that you can appreciate it that way and you know eventually. You are going to gluten and the best way to control this. Is that you are in charge Google conventions. When you put him out. Room and into the net you know the food is better it is produced better you you can machine is what you know or fresher. Product vs something that being. True at all what I currently complies. Any you decide to increase in the actual production of milk subsidies. Now you talk about the very healthy diet because normally you Iraq which totaled. Are you died will be mainly based on fresh fruits fresh vegetables meat fish poultry and not to do so although you know what I'm sure it didn't secure and not. Sure I'm. Well and in that was going to be my next question because when I look at what these are trying to avoid. When it comes to gluten free which is we right Barley. These issues are do they cause inflammation are their problem for someone who does not suffer from C react. Once again. Additional army is Null. In the sense that you know all of these greens to be gluten protein. Can cause some aspects are our immune system. Can call some changes that will eventually lead to inflammation but in order to go to the next step and are believed it too clinical are coming out with income. Period. They need to specific gene behavior and that they are at war. Only eat. In minus the percentage of people that he ingest gluten. May eventually got that part of this nation forward you know. A lot of people the little. All bonded may have been intact and it becomes more horrible all arms and he's I have the need to send it directly into something. But Barack majority of these arms and I would say. You know not and he blocks you missed it and our job cleaning everything up actually he's a good thing because it was so. He's doing that we learn about our surroundings that is being. The problem in the other. 10%. That the people that I didn't head and how do you respond like CNET collect your good modern love. Or I have ever let your responses that have you know we got what you. You can have we got it you like you go to college try to other good stuff. Or they have these and relatively new entity that would hold Milosevic is currently leading into performing reaction Google and their leases symptoms. You have a book out doctor and it's called gluten freedom. It talks about if it breaks this down so that people can understand exactly what this is all about there's even some great recipes in it. So congratulations to you and I want our listeners to know that this book is out there gluten freedom. By doctor Fasano. Actually circled back to the very beginning of our conversation and that being silly act disease. How is it determined that you have it in and if someone who's listening right now on his suffered some of these. Issues they're noticing that their losing way too near they're having trouble keeping things down and diarrhea and so on so forth. How is it determine what kind of testing do you go through. So the gluten gluten you know well. Part time or any other you know diagnosis or personal yet to a depleted suspicion and that is that if you're on us into the combat boots in the east. That's the first thing that you need to believe people. Once she got that suspicions. One thing to be done. It to me you know content at health care provider. Two for a screening procedure duties I think that because unfortunately many. The next step rather than two gold port look at that very simple straightforward dimension but that that would tell us it can be easy it is the possibility. Because of the kingdom as some people lately he's sort of there won't. You know I'm. Initiative did okay. Because ave SEC let me try to go only gotten this done to go away from the government and our track. But you know you don't do that because you know been unique and find problems that they opened late. These full life. Don't mind it strong recommendation is Angela. Will feel that you're sheep is people who can I don't think anything can be compatible disputed east just you know company you're helped your brought your doctor you can turn your pediatrician. And a fourth finger repeatedly is that in the book that. After Fasano. Fascinating. Research that you've done and it is so interesting and you've broken down force in a way that it's easy to understand. A difficult disease that's for sure because like you said it's for life it's it's not something that's short term. Situation but one that really it's important for people to be aware of. Yeah it hit you know editing and did indeed do we ought to get the story. You know when you're the garden hose with any kind of chronic disease so people would not leave you. Curricula. Did pounding. You know. Good news well. You know come upon you and elegant very very difficult treaty soon. I understand appreciate you know come to. You know do. Compromise you know idea. That you need to make a judgment of life. I don't mind it being and not only as a physician and also the creation is the thing that you won't be turned nastier than most that the I don't know. You know what that implies what that means and what you know obviously. Will it affect myself my family my project need whatever. And you know that it's wonderful that we try to do in this book he's really hope I care who these priests. For the first but more control. All of this he does that well let let goes up but actually that we have some clarity. And signed me so much problems in the past few years. And I have to say kind of dispute even multiple other new mini would start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. What all this implies it will ultimately mean I'm you know and to the point in which normally. We are. Foreseeing the possibility of better treatment for the future and along and proceeded to eat that many crowning moment that he's about you know the only real off. Preventing. You know what that you know if you know who's being Jeanne. I mean. What about we thought that that would destiny could get to Judaism and you'll get up this seat we know that not obligate. So we try to be Europe through you know there are targeting your pride would need to be doc. To really mean Martin and it could potential. Genetic predisposition will throw leading clinical actual. I hope you do a great job of that because I've children who very likely could be carrying that same that same disease and because of their grandma so. Will be keeping an eye on your continued research sir thank you so much for joining me today. Do you Wear. Absolutely and thanks to all of you for listening to your healthy life.