A kid gets to mow the White House lawn

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Monday, September 18th

11 year old Frank Giaccio wrote a letter asking if he could mow the White House lawn. So they let him. 


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URG you know the voice over Boston. So TV. We are tougher just and they hear how about the little guy cut his grass of at the White House. So my my thing on him is first of all album. Do great kid this spring the Twitter account was appropriate but it looked like it did was going to be able to get it doubted that I don't think it was almost wanted to get a handle that bush marvel. Yeah and you. Why else did a law dad is some slope to it humble. As you look like he was struck a little bit but. There are those times when things can be ridiculously staged in borderline fade to him it's like and it's still cute term. In this seemed to be one yeah like. Let's assume all of this is on the level and that the kid really did write the letter and they didn't really respond and they did so at this thing up. Well they've pulled that off who first saw everything they could pull that off did you think there would ruin this. And trump actually. How you can personal loss to Jack and I jazz but trump going out there aware of that. To get the picture with that did the usually you would think that's the kind of thing that pens would do yeah. But. Write it I give him an a for the entire thing Andy. The cherry on top is that the former New York Times directs them for what about child labor and equal today in the auction process that's just the beautiful cherry on top to make sure that we all knew how great an event this was by it bothered the New York Times. In waiting talked about how the security in all this would don't. First off. You know 1112 year old boys they sure cut grass and never did their own house I'm sure secondly. If you watch the video. The green keeper came out with them they made jury had proper footwear they put. Ear plugs in these years. The ad is full gloves on I mean you lose and go he. And besides which he had enough people hovering over the vice president with how the care that president came up. There were people keeping an eye on him he wasn't out there. Just decided he'd rogue lead to bring a lot more. Find out today ever say it like how I know that he wrote the letter of the White House and it'd be good to see that our generation's capable of doing something really good for the did. But. Who made the call on this thing. Here's Likud obviously there's a group there and handles just letters to the White House here that we saw our bomber grabbed the letter from the kid from Tennessee avenue in employment somebody says seven and one says he said on fox he also wrote to send letters to Obama. But it who found the latter who passed up the chain in and who was the one that said yes here's an idea. Finally actually do this while we bring this kid here and happened to us like that's to get approved by somebody sheriff who so was the guy is a I would say now let's not do this is is only and it all wrong no lawnmowers gonna break the kid's gonna get heard some of Briscoe are not gonna is gonna send their rock through a car or something and let's not doing. All of this effect I don't know who did that I just have did this in a quick this kid's tough man I loved it yet he goes by and fox. That's not his initials is first it was frank. But he goes by and facts I love that hit the the book I know make that decision big you know bit the White House has been very. If you remember that we went through a period of time where. Cirrus Huckabee. Sanders said that they would be reading a letter a week or two at the press thinks. So they have been trying to kind of stay in touch with people who write all presidents do that and I do think they get a whole lot of letters but. I think this is I don't know I thought this was kind of acute night. Yeah but it's only do it's because you saw. That has all the makings of problem downs and you know they're gonna judge. If he pats him on the area it's among the backers some out the president goes in the kid trips I. You can see where this is going to become a. Feel my men and if you haven't seen the video you should watch it because half. The law is pretty doesn't I was like let's work it all are having dropped him yeah. These really bush and the residents walk alongside who whose L that's his dad and I. I'll it's another thing is dad was with anyone out there by himself. And in if you look around oh my gosh all the mean I think this is adorable. All I think I. Like you won't have somebody sing the National Anthem and every Red Sox and Mikey we have night. Fifteen kids a year one and once a week you get the mobile White House lawn like it's bureau of grief. But this child sex is gonna do to talk about this for ever. The time I mean in a way it's really cool it tiny cut the lawn on the west side or whatever. I think it's per each. On seven BB years so predictable now you have a problem with the kid mowing the White House grass you're not call had. Yet yours so predictable six runs over because I've said all I have no problem when that I just told you rising. Every week it should be a new kid mourn the ground so no I don't have a problem that the thank you knock on. I it's all. I think it's a perp I don't think anyone has a problem one times a day earlier I was former New York Times editors still sometimes it's found his quote was what. I don't know what this is about child labor workplace safe the in in the equal pay or something like that will the kids are gonna get ABC asked to do it. It's a workplace safety the kid big appeared to be fine they had people out there check commands and we take. Here's mow lawns as far as he's eleven a lot of eleven year old mow their lawn. And did it it they do with more safety than what he had on the god all he had the earplugs he had heard clubs uneasy and come on deep freeze on where do you now. I doubted I don't know but I doubted but. Where we are not quite well how about push mower bloody war I yeah. This one now wise yeah I don't know he doesn't lose the state house you have a service that does this out years they don't write usually use write my there is a gentle slope on them by the way he does have his own Boeing business so this isn't the first one he's ever cod. He's done it like these tell all book mowing business I don't know if he did bring you though more big day good day it's a Honda by the way it's made by Honda but I don't be an. And it should. I'd the glory now paid by a foreign. I don't it was adorable and I think it's great as I am glad the president went on I'm glad the vice president went out to agree to he deserves that it is picture with them. I think it's great I love it. Who's your favorite team Moore VD. I have to say yeah. Drop the careers. While I'm sitting here making the moves on Boston's morning show length winner. WRK. Maximum eight and send them a text to succeed subsidiaries that's connected to more work and one Davone Bernie Sanders. Lifetime. How soon before people start complaining that the kids not many unions. That that's like you're joking tax but I assume that wasn't an issue. Well that's true I had to act action thought about that they may have it but obviously they let that go because. The groundskeeper who wants somebody from the grounds crews hoping again I'll sign up. But again and I there there are but I'm telling you would little stunts like is there a lot more going on and what seemed like an innocent fun thing there has to be reams of paperwork and checks and more right goodness. Trump goes out there now is trumpet and he's point supposed to take the lawnmower from the kid might not have us think that's a good idea but what if he does. And then he decides to do Rawls. I don't. I have a feeling that our president and I'm not knocking him for the says is not meant as a hockey. Has not cut grass does it's not a quite other dog doc. He knew to knock it on the motorcycle when they added there but he did get behind you eighteen Wheeler and so. You never know what you're gonna do is injured should trump brought out lemonade for the kids. Yeah and other exotic or you know going what do you asked what the last minute what accounts I have diabetes regularly. I assume it would know that but. There there's a lot more to this that you think you. It looks like big is that I Abdullah to become all the lawn and then the president of a toddler goes I acted I think it was a lot more. Clan and adding usually when you do that things get screwed up. But they didn't in this case because ultimately it's an eleven year old kid and is no possible ways. Do you look do you like the kind of kid the young hired a mall lawn because a neighbor told ya gotta kid when you ask him in the Mickey Josep promotional wanted to look on the right. Christ now article mall while athleticism all mylar well and you like the kids are cute kids of there I just let the kid doing for the summer even though you hate the you're actually working harder than if the kid wasn't there in the first line. It's it there's no question about that because when you look at how he was cutting it and he was doing the best he can do bit between each row. He had missed spots all the way down up. He'd sit. No wedding get a Deo OK he was. He was there is purpose was not to manicure the lawn it was to prove a point. And his point was well taken and that's that you know he's got eleven years old he's got its own little more. You know lawn cutting business not all kids are lazy you know. Give me everything and I take everything you don't don't do any work. Ethnic previous summit you've been hiding in your basement for a long time I don't know. Whatever that means okay did this the better attacks and against in my whole point of Frankie or anything. I don't means that the gift. So. So many one says tell me what the news media would have done if Obama had done this exact same thing. And that's true of anything. Good bad ugly whatever but if Obama had done this is would have been a great presidential thing. The kid would have been hero. With the media would've been all over it. As it is. Boxes all over it by and see the kid on CNN I haven't seen the kid on NBC. It's kind of a nothing to see here type thing that's just the way it is and everything but Frankie is that you pay to me of this is one with the administration got it right and they pulled some somebody pulled something off that you would never thought of and it is refreshing the no point 117. The kid can still last the president hey be greater promote your lawn and a president goes back come on over mobile launch I don't know just good. Well let because we hate the guy so much she can't say. I have to say this the only as far as I can see the only people who said anything about it was the idiot who used to write for the times and that's just. That's is stupid otherwise but if this is on anything else and everybody is saying you know how cute it was and there's lots of pictures of the president and the vice president out there. You know I mean you're you're always gonna have you know the idiot who's gonna do this I mean they're. They're gonna go after anything on it on after frank United's revenue when I was eight I had five lawns or weaken I didn't miss a spot what is wrong. I oppressors and machine Lawny hadn't seen this morning and ring it's a lot of diet I tell you right now. Actually what this is brought to light for me is that clearly the other grounds crew there at the White House are pretty darn good that is a car. That is the thickest dressed I'd ever see me it's like down there is a carpet there. So lafrankie probably hasn't cut the grass it's like that it hit cents that is amazing. Awards first moved into the house that we now live in and I still had that push mower I don't believe electric mowers and I was black I did I long for about three weeks and now my wife does well. Every lawyer I'm like enough this is not from him I don't. I've gotten to a point my life from animal alliance announced the lights that's after she's pregnant now been too bad right occurred as good today. Good exercise not push push push. Dave's a New Hampshire payday. Okay and all right when asked you to think outside the box a little bit you referred to trump is our president but I what I can test the idea that any line. And be president of all Americans you know the idea that it we have one person brewing over 360. Million people orders so so. With an iron hand. The most terrible idea and it's the source of almost all the hard eight we as Americans the last. 2.5 centuries. We use of words that are bad definitions of the president if he doesn't rule over the people he governs I don't have those are differences and in the words are important entities like that's. It's not an iron fist either as you well scene because congress and nor chords. Have stopped him from doing certain things so. It's not quite how you defined it as well as you can find it I wouldn't like right. I'd be if I'm the first to be glad that he is president and not Hillary but we've still got to admit we're still a country where the government is killing. They're very the police shot thousand Americans per year German police killed three Germans freer it's it's definitely an iron fist. I would but how how is that defected police bullet bill as you pointed not as I put but as you put it. Our police kill a thousand people your house that getting into with trump and trump rowand and an iron fence right let's get started ordering cost to kill people there. It's because the central government. Is he gives the military hardware to the local police aren't we got one in Argentina we had a the bearcats from the federal government to conquer the federal government gave no apparent edited and tank. You know they haven't you been very severely in New Hampshire and another place in the United States to do. So we're. Did what what do you think it I know you wanted doesn't think outside the box not the president of all Americans so what what easy. I would say he's our representative of a faction. I think that anyone working for the federal government just work if they just serve the federal faction of America that make sense. It does but I don't know where you're only as some minutes drove Obama to prevent any president right now it would be true of any president because we don't all think the seat. I'll tell you exactly where I'm going and going toward this session at what I want. And good luck and thanks. It's removing a Vermont are you move to California where where you go on with secession might. Not a great idea. You can move to another country period just. Wasn't what is. He's killing ten or what's the town out there that. They want to secede I don't know why I'm wants to be part of Vermont even though it's in New Hampshire or vice Versa back. Because why not again California wants to get out so I don't know where he team New Hampshire is gonna secede. I gave to me I just feel like when you know we if you feel like it grass is greener elsewhere. The impact appearance pack up your bags in and take you there. And he said he he said he was a trump god YouTube right I'm telling city rather have trumpet on his bed Hillary. 97 it clearly did not was not born here moved here of their pinning him mama loves you and always was calling from New Hampshire. They're climbing is a Massachusetts. No I granted the other line text or can't we just have a nice story about a kid cutting along I always thought I was not coming. Hey you know all. This is getting what they do we have to even point out all day at the ridiculous mask from even got from the New York Times what we did in two minutes of the day. Yeah we just say that was adorable. Good for him I don't care who's sitting in the White House. That debt in the fact of the matter is Kidd was trying to make a point which is that not all kids are lazy and sit around waiting for something to come their way. And and I think that's some. He's a he's a little role models you do for. Like there would have been a picture at the end of the kid like sitting on a stool I did asks the does it look like he is us and and every ounce he had they're. And you know I. All I hope after word because he wasn't paid to do it. Afterward dad took you out for ice cream because you know that's the payment what would have been better is a strong call them and when you venison sent me vaults. I there Freddie frank yeah army law he should've invited him in for a piece of that absolutely spectacular chocolate cake. To take on Florida and I don't. I don't want it you can be assured that that the president didn't he can get those chefs there to make that absolutely spectacular chocolate cake for a bit but he's a free Stater from Kenya and we got that 603 memory where we were not amused remember trying to present leaders are just yeah. Such as boring Tony Snow announced that boring.