Kelly Isenor from the American Red Cross talks about how giving blood will help Hurricane victims

The Kuhner Report
Wednesday, September 13th

You have the potential to save up to three lives when you donate blood! 


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1183. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends we are broadcasting live via remote. Here at take comfort in in Randolph Massachusetts. Located right off of route 28 just get off exit five on. Our route 93 we are with the American Red Cross for our annual blood drive. I will be here really until at least the show ends at 3 o'clock the movie open at least until 5 o'clock. Oh please if you can. Come now come out. Kelly Eisner. You are with the American red cross. And I think true honor and a pleasure Cali. And there's a let me ask you this in the wake of hurricane Katrina and hurricane Irma. People wanna give blood they wanna help. What is there a need for blood now in the wake of those two devastating her. And plus the need for blood is constant there as Ollie is always need replied it's a pair shall pants and it's the blood that was already on the shelves. It can be held in any disaster actually September's national disaster preparedness month now this is a big message needs. Get out there restock the shelves. In when it comes to hurricane Hanna hurricane hermit canceled and Edie an American Red Cross let us in amateur at Carolina and south care. Which left us with migrants went 100 units of blood that went and collected blood and platelets. So what we're asking people that deal is in areas not affected by the hurricane. Well and help us replenish that national supply. And get out there relentlessly and replant nation unique helps out at three patients. Oh really up to three people treat patients it has to do with the way the black after its take in it's divided into three separate components here red blood cells plasma and platelets. Each of those has different medical uses that one unit of blood can again. It got to treat the Kelly because I mean when I was growing up I thought you know you give bull it's it's not that big a deal. But can you just tell people why is it's so important to give blood it's so important because it's a perishable products and again it. Doesn't last it's not like grocery shopping week he can't go grocery shopping once a year and have food and anti EE need to keep keep telling it and we're constantly out there just reminding people that we needs constant and steady supply it week after just like anything and likely get up and downs over the summer earlier and in emergency appeal for Atlanta where I supply at significantly lower. We've thankfully we're moving habitat but there again as a constant if I'm glad if I get you know god forbid if I am a little overweight I'm diabetic it. God forbid they get a heart attack or stroke. Well I may well I need blood if there's an operation. In other words what it Madras for people out there you have cancer. You have a heart attack him or whatever. People need blood to save people's lives correct absolutely and it's unlike a lot of the other treatment at LA hospital that's not something can be manufactured human blood can only come from human blood donations so. If you do need Vlad and there's a wide range of circumstances weary I transfusions surgery. Cancer treatments and certain item in this artist nightly and line had an I mean this and part of his treatment apparently endless. Plasmas. It was a plasma components in the treatment that he had so you know there's a varied very wide range of of conditions. Can. In my he exaggerating. Or being inaccurate when I say when people come here today. They are literally potentially saving lives absolutely say that. I mean we can't tell the future we don't have it crystal ball but we say that you have the potential to save up to three lives every that's incredible. That's awfully incredible now there something else I found out even if you're diabetic. You can give blood is that correct it's Cheney you know people think. That there out if things that portrait preclude them from getting blood and it's not always the case we encourage you the easiest way to find out is to colony and it Red Cross. You can talk to someone who has the medical training to say well we've got this this mess you know let's talk about this and they can say. Looks like you're gonna it today on inner calling if not he couldn't edit tape that he can sometimes he can't and that's OK too there's other ways to help. I. And where are very grateful that at each drive we. It's sort of the first step in the process Simi is a health professional and they're the ones that make the Decision Day itself. Elites if he if he have to and even if you think you and Tony it's worth coming up just speaking this on the health history doesn't take. It. And he might be surprised. Because I'm diabetic. So I thought I couldn't give blood. But they tell me no like that and give blood. Now whether people would wander off or receive from Canada or whether you've won my Canadian diabetic blood. In that something else now I have like I sugar. If you blood is almost like a natural Red Bull on. All. But my blood at his. Energy wise. Here as. To. Okay my friends please join us act come down to the comfort inn in Randolph mass. We're located on route one off exit five on route 93. It's the WRKO. And American Red Cross were having our annual blood drive you'd jurist heard Kelly mention it. You can save up to three lines. Please put our country let's be generous Kelly Eisner communications manager at the Red Cross it was a pleasure talking to you. I'm up against the break but just very quickly parting words. Again thank you have on his. Sleeve if he can find. Out things like crazy we need.