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Kate Taylor (Business Insider, Starbucks) by The Financial Exchange


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Well as promised we're joined by Kate Taylor. From business insider to talk about Starbucks like gate area. Eight guide them. Good so Kate we're hearing that Starbucks. Which Tucker is really quite enthusiastic about he uses that online app that you referenced in your article regularly. But there have been problems people are not happy with Starbucks and their service these days. So I am also a late in user and they don't look quite frequently end January start a duplicate. You can actually got 2% in part because the issue is ordering lag carrying. I'll have to be kind that outed story arrogant human opening ordered that aren't so. Each clunker yet elegant style I it had definitely. Had our backs. And kind of see how that clean out her now. And now Sarah Kate did you go to different Starbucks and it goes go to the same one. I only think that they lion IV election there's one panic at IL is typically pretty busy that iPad and at work everywhere. He I went to bat on a day or week to see it. And then went belly and. Where and how much lead time did you give them before like when you placed ordered him five minutes tent like what are you supposed to do. So for this occasion when you among all pan out it that your order will be ready in it I. And as can gotta trick your locations of more than I blame apple. Regular lift teaching and I'll be ready Andrea tightness in my apartment two way. You know. That they can have great. Guidelines that in order open so they'd be a couple of minutes late but in order and there and end up being ten minutes instead of street five. Is that ten minutes longer than you would have waited if you just got in line and didn't pre order. I did get in an article and that took. About ten minutes as well so it was something I realized and that is the kind I went ahead and get in on the attack. So with it with this Starbucks how what is the response on the part of the corporation to this service brought because that's gonna cost them customers. Yet that the credit they have not been an issue and I think a lot of finish here though. And that is it having an area Q lecturing and get ready and that cost aren't there yet. That is calling out at that means over and over an adventure. Many panicked customers are very currently at. Other issues that. Had me looking for it differently have more accurate. And then I'm and then when nick and they're ready and bluntly and I mean it ill. How. There's not that much overlap between the lack into the toward people who you are going out this kind of cute pepper and empire and. As the company alluded to the impact this might have on same store sales because you know as a business reporter. That's how the market evaluates a company like saarc Starbucks they wanna see okay. How much coffee did you sell in march of 2017. In that store that you go to eight compared to a year ago. Being how sad that a lot quieter. Out Intersil increased they didn't increase as much. At Starbucks had hoped and part of that because. She went mobile and how it actually high traffic occasion though it could impact. They are in L I'm so because of that they are really kind of training Gillick but quickly before. It becomes the bigger issue. Because they're they're premium brand do you pay it would you paper cup of coffee cake when bill. I say I am someone. You gain more than a dollar for lack say easily. Can carry you explain or account query and they know what day. I did to us and ask you because at McDonald's is now giving the mobile operator tried the McDonald's more avocation. I have not tried yet but they are really investing in mobile app and I think it was. But I'm bank and have been a leader Starbucks has been. I have big game so big illuminating. Issue that maybe every at bat mobile app you look at. Where at every group has its own mobile app they need to be careful not to linking the issue on the island a couple years. Eric is Starbucks is guys the era to I think 20% of the orders. Our mobile. Yeah. More iron in some are capped a 20% I think it's only. And he made it through the app and then if we sent of people are they ordering at a time and then peek at it. Well date thank you very much for your time and thanks for your good work on the story appreciate it and yet. So Tucker still. Are you going to go to McDonald's Mikey and switch your allegiance from Starbucks to McDonald's. Change it up once in awhile I you know I'll see how the McDonald's ordering system is back Libya homework assignment for me this week but I'm chuck you've missed out on that. Yet and I know I know this is it. Pay McDonald's school ball. But you you're. You're gonna think about this job when your driving up 128. To go to your Bedford office right you can. Order Major League in the parking lot let's stop and pick up your mobile order from McDonald's yeah you'll you will be in heaven. I don't like McDonald's L com artsy I'll just go for the coffee so old right. Right. I love you hit it right annually but Playboy for the art theft. Nowadays the fifth he gets a soulful currently you got me there. They use. At a height that we I'm a person gets to do that with a straight face what's radius and don't have to board. That's what got got got up and other ports in the extremely decently muse musical baloney.