John McCain health scare delays healthcare bill

The Kuhner Report
Monday, July 17th

Sen. Rand Paul says the new GOP healthcare bill doesn't have the votes. They have to delay the vote anyway due to Sen. McCain surgery. 


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135. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. It now looks like this senate Republican healthcare bill. It's it's on life support and it may be a boat to a dying. Here is now the absolute latest. So Rand Paul has now come out and said he will not support it. Main. Liberal senator really choose a Republican which is a liberal Republican. Susan Collins has come out saying she will not supported. They are now down to fifty votes. They're 52 votes in the senate. They have fifty votes Mike Pence is the tiebreaker. If they lose one more vote it's over Fannie don't. Well late last week Mick maniacs Senator John McCain. Apparently fell ill they found a blood clot near his left by. He immediately went to Arizona to one of the best medical facilities not just in that state but in the country. Within 48 hours. The blood clot was removed. He apparently now is resting comfortably at home. He's gonna take about a week off he will not be able to come back to Washington. And so Mitch does squish McConnell senate majority leader. Is now going to delay the vote at least until midweek or late this week. So that he can get McCain to combat. And they can try to vote at least procedurally. To start debating the senate health care bill. Now a couple of points right off the bat. Number one. I want you to notice this. Notice the quality healthcare. Is that the mic maniac guests. He's diagnosed with a blood clot should resign him. He's flaunted their best hospital in Arizona. 48 hours that blood clot is gone. Let me ask all of you this. Do you have a kind of health care. The U I'm just I'm just I'm asking all of you if they found the blood clot in your left dire whatever it is any kind of serious problem. Could juiciest specialist with them I don't 48 hours. And have them turn around and operation about 24 to 36 hours. Could they could they do that for you because they certainly couldn't do that for me. Noticed. The incredible health care. That our political elites give themselves. No race. They have one set of health care policies for them. Though gold plated platinum planned and for the rest of us blank Q you're on your own. But even worse than that. Never mind I don't think they're gonna get the votes get on get to that in a socket. It has now come out. Listen to this. Listen to this 'cause I'm sure you weren't aware of this just like obamacare. Guess what it's. It's now come out that the revised obamacare bill obamacare light obamacare 2.0 whatever you wanna call it. This senate health care bill. Guess what. All of the politicians. Up on Capitol Hill. Every member of congress and every single one of their staff members. Men women non binary gender Floyd transgender. It doesn't freaking matter every single one of bomb. Are completely exempt. From the senate health care bill. Just like obamacare. They get the exit they get their same gold plated health care plan they've been getting for seven and half years just like Obama care. They are above the law. They will pass a law a bill potentially. That will dramatically. Transform. The health care system. But it doesn't affect them. They stay on the best plan. They stay on the premium plan. They get to go to Arizona or Massachusetts. Or wherever the finest hospitals are within 24 hours C bear specialist. And get an operation with them another 24 to 36 hours. Snub past world class care for them but for us the president's pick a blank you know you're on your home. You're on your home. Now let me ask you is that fair. Is that just. This is exactly. What the Republicans in theory. Were hammering the Democrats on when they passed obamacare. And now they're doing the exact same thing when it comes down to their bill. Why can't we just treat everybody the same. Everybody's equal under the law. The law should apply to everybody certainly to the politicians. Who pass these laws. But notice again it's like cold communism. Talking about communism Soviet communism we're we're talking about gender right gender diversity training same thing here. There is one set of rules. For the moment caught aura. For the political elites. And then another set of rules for the rest for the presence. Listen now to senator Rand Paul. Who I think has been nothing short of key role work. In exposing. All of the abuse of power the slush fund the bailouts. The taxis the regulations. The monstrosity. Of this Republican health care bill. Tell Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday. Mitch can talk all he wants. Mark calm all and the Republicans. Do not have the votes. Roll it. Gerri whenever it comes off whenever Senator McCain is in good health and comes back. Does. Senator senate majority leader McConnell how the votes to pass this revised fail. You know I don't think right now a dozen or the real problem we have as you know we won four elections on repealing obamacare. But this bill keeps most of the Obama care taxes keeps most of the regulations keeps most of subsidies and create something the Republicans have never been four that's up. A giant insurance bail out Superfund. That's not a Republican idea to give taxpayer money to a private industry that already makes fifteen billion dollars in profit. He's dead on. This is gonna entrench more big government more big debt. More bailouts it's a massive Superfund is gonna benefit the insurance companies. He's completely right it keeps most of the obamacare taxes most of the obamacare subsidies most of the obamacare regulations. Where we can think. It's obamacare. With a few matchups and revisions yes. As I mentioned with the super fund in some ways it's an expansion of obamacare. And soul as Rand Paul put it. If you really want to pass this thing and honor our our promise to more voters there's one way to do it. How they straight vote on repeal. Roll it Jarrett. So if this bill. Does not pass. What happens. We you know what I suggest to the president not talk to the president again you know when he was enough Paris just this last weekend or I guess on Friday and and I told him I think we can still if you know if this comes to an impasse. I think if the president come and jumps into the fray and says look guys you promise to repeal it let's just repeal what we can agree to. And then we can continue to try to fix or replace or whatever how. And afterwards. But the one thing we should do is try to repeal as many of the taxes as many as regulations. And has many of the mandates as we possibly can. I still think the entire fifteen to Imus could get together on a more narrow clean repeal and I think it's still can be done. Yes. In other words forget a lobbyists forget the donor class forget the big insurance companies. Forget everybody who loaded up everything all the goodies they wanted to end his bill. Still pay hell with them school them. An honor your promise to the American people. Just who repeal it get rid of it undue weight. And then if you want how they second vote on whatever you wanna replace it with. He's a 1000% correct. If they want a way out here's the way out now instead of doing that. Is now he's got a he's lost Rand Paul he's lost Susan call it's so I guess when Mick maniac eventually comes back okay when he finally makes a Mac. From his beautiful little mansion in Arizona. And he comes back and to vote. Think if they can still keep their fifteenth. Two you know habits are debating in the senate. Well Mitch is going in the other direction. So Mitch McConnell listen to this is now doing. Is exactly. What Republicans. Condemned Democrats when they ram through obamacare. Do you remember all the bribes and payoffs. That we're used by the Democrats. To get obamacare passed the corner house are kick about 45 billion dollars to buy senator bill Nelson's vote remember that. The Louisiana purchase to get married when Andrews vote. In other words they went senator the senator to senator what do you need what are you want you got it. And the country be damned well. Seven and a half years later look at Mitch just wish listen now to this so. He's got full hundred billion dollars apparently don't play with. 200 not million. Billion with a B. And he's already now bribing. Pieces I know an Al bribery. And so calm. One of them is what they're calling the buffalo bribe. This is where representative Chris Collins he's in the house but the reason why they offered this is if the senate passes the bill. This will increase its chances of passing in the house well Jeff what's the buffalo abroad I listen Dennis. Chris Collins doesn't like the fact that his constituency. Is local county. How stick contribute. To this native New York's Medicaid program. So guess what. Now the buffalo bribes states. That the government's. A state governments. Cannot force local economies I eat Chris Collins is district. To contribute to the State's Medicaid program. Okay. How many million for you all you got it so we've got the buffalo Albright. Then Lisa Murkowski. Sarah Ryan all Republican in Alaska. She says whoa whoa whoa whoa. We need hospitals up peiris on a bridge to nowhere but we need to hospitals and all where we need clinics them all where we need to take care of Alaskan natives. Big gun again on Medicaid. They need subsidies. What do you do about the Alaskan natives. Two billion dollars for Lisa Murkowski you want to billion U got two billion. Then Marco Rubio Florida says wall wall low. We did an expanded Medicaid under obamacare is other states date. But we have a lot of uninsured. Could you give us some subsidies for the uninsured could you increase that captive for quota. Hey you need a couple of billion mark though you won a couple bill you've got a couple billion. And literally he is going state by state senator Bayh senator. Bribing them one after another. McCain now says he wants more money for Arizona. Literally after he got his eye surgery. I guess because he's gonna he just won reelection so he's eighty now he'll be 86. I'll discuss plans that these corporal might be to maybe 98 years of age. So Darius what a punctured his left I can barely see semi senile by he knows. I need that pork. I got agrees the school I got a grease the skids may be. So low if Marco is getting his money and Lisa Murkowski is getting our money. And Chris Collins is getting the buffalo bribe hell where's the Arizona pay off the reports where's my bride. And there's Mitch McConnell offering them up one after another after another. My friends this is now a completely corrupted bill. Full of bribery pay offs sweeteners. They're very same thing. That obamacare. And Obama did to pass his monstrosity. This is corrupt to the free can bone. And it's time we say enough is enough. To 40 boy so far WRK. 154. Here on the great WRKO. OK 6172666868. You can also text that sets 68680. This is from 978. Jeff how come McCain did not go to the veteran's hospital. For the operation. Another 978 (%expletive) he's a veteran. Why didn't he go to their VA. These are absolutely I mean brilliant questions. And I'll tell you why. Because if you went to the VA he'd have to win at least six months if not a year. Just to see a specialist. Nevermind they get treatment. And so I imagine if our politicians. Had to go to the healthcare system that we have to go to. Then I'll tell you this if he had gone to the NBA and wait six months to a year for his blood quote. Who. Died VA healthcare system would be changed overnight but instead. Third quality care for you know and nothing but the best for the rolling Klaus in Washington. You phony you fraud you McCain. Robert in Brockton go ahead Robert. I know I didn't agree thought Hamilton percent. Would you wire story about not being able to have a blood quite taken care of our purpose trot anybody in Massachusetts. Knowingly and other world. That should look up at the match sign me up where they have a 24 hour emergency rule. They asked would I doctors. That Britain that they showed up right now at two. By 2 o'clock tomorrow. Possible I would it was that he's not that bad an acute glaucoma attack and she got pregnant here within 24 hours. Maybe your mother did but I can't fire and on and hold on hold on let me ask you this Robert. A commanding go to the. Can't even start until all of won't correct the Wii and sent them stink and that the congress that you have been created them. That exit they don't look at I don't know the history going back to George Washington. Although I'm Robert hold on hold on easy easy that's why I've ordered George Washington just yet look that's my point. If McCain had to use the VA did BA would be fixed overnight. But he doesn't have to go with the VA. He goes to the clinic obvious choice. All paid for by UN teen. He gets a gold plated health care plan is done with pinpoint and by the way it's not just the speed is one of the best hospitals in the country. But the vets. They can't go to what top tier hospital. And you don't I you wanna try to sell me that somehow everybody can get a blood blood clot removed would it 24 hours look I should even be saying this but I'm gonna say it anyway. I suffer from severe diabetes okay amid taken a lot of insolent is starting to affect my allies. So I gotta go get treated now bullying and all want about my doctors. Getting eye surgery is not as easy as you're making it out to be believe me. There's a waiting line now it's better than in Canada it's better than in Great Britain but there's still awaiting wind. I don't get to see my specialist put in 24 hours. Okay. So what's right for McCain should be right for all of us instead he wants us on garbage chair while this guy fleiss first costs. Wayne in Brookline go ahead wing. Or eight. I'm good how are you all right Amare right. Well it no pun intended but you're hitting it straight on actually. Liked it right. A little bit. The movie the league be split Matt Damon. Well yes yes. The hourly lit up and I hate you get any day that they want you know where they want it how they want it. And feel that the ruling but I think what the movie they live right vice president Hubert our belief that whatever they want to go to. There are no way I didn't see that one but I saw at least see on with with Matt Damon and you're right. Did they live in a planet on this guy and they have everything and everybody else on earth does not think. It and you know it it really doesn't get her rebut it well. You know that they're there. They're doing brought that Barrett they're trying to get with that the American people. Annual burning the body yet and did it it specialist I called I wonder who hate sports I really don't you do it. I read. You know I don't think that ilk but let Beckett. If there shouldn't care what it'll never sat in my life. Anybody like that quite unlike that it'll never get at. That what ever I have and I really think that if you want it policies. You have the low you'd you'd get all the little note salary. The sale would you you don't get the 250. What he thousand dollars or whatever guys say. Are weighing you were building up to a crescendo. And let me let me finish it for you my friend there should be a law. That the politicians in Capitol Hill should get the exact same health care that the rest of us get. Period full stop. If McCain was using the V daylight post war vets. Believe me there would be no backlogs. And no problems out there VA. Voice and Boston. You all five here on the great WRK. Oh sure they have delayed the vote. For John McCain. Mitch McConnell has now announced that he'll be delaying the vote to start debating the revised senate health care bill. Tries to muse comes out that make maniac had a blood clot in his left side. He was fawning media flee to a top notch medical center. In Arizona. Whereby he was then given surgery I believe within 24 hours. Apparently the surgery went quite well in the top of the line care of course is gonna go well nothing but the best for our politicians. And now he's resting comfortably at home in his mansion. He just turned radio while back you got almost six years to serve in his term. And make your Mick McConnell has said he will not hold the vote until McCain. Comes back now it's come out. That members of congress under the senate revised healthcare bill obamacare light are completely exempt. From the new health care system. So they don't have to operate under taxes under regulations. Under subsidies. Under limited insurance options. They continue to stay on their taxpayers subsidized. Gold plated health care plan. Completely nothing but the best soul like Obama care politicians and their staffers have exempted themselves. It's now also come out that McConnell has a 200 billion dollar slush fund. Which she is now using as Obama did. To a bribe and pay off members of congress. So that they too will support the healthcare bill. Rand Paul is against it Susan Collins of Republican is against the they're now at fifty votes. So they keep all fifty Mitch McConnell is now given two billion dollars. For Lisa Murkowski in Alaska. Billion star Marco Rubio in Florida. He's now giving billions more two win. It's a senate votes senators' votes from Louisiana. In other words just like we had the corn Oscar Gigabeat. Dole we easy and a purchase under obamacare. Now they're bribing a Republican senators. Doing the exact same thing they hammered Democrats on. And of course sitting. On the sidelines. In the winks. Art every single Democrat. Who are fighting. Any changes or revisions to obamacare. Fear mongering and playing class warfare. Every chance they get. And though leading the leading class warrior the leading fear monger. Is none other then the chief. Elizabeth Warren. Who listen terror. Now rip into the senate health care bill. But not from the constitutional. It's libertarian right but from the moon about socialist left. Roll it Jarrett did. Republican health care bill is like this and Marines on me you know harm. No matter how many times should kill it just keeps coming back. Two weeks ago the senate Republicans had to cancel their vote. On their health care plan. Because the Congressional Budget Office pointed out that it was going to cost about 22 million Americans health care coverage. So what they did they went back and said look we did change the bill just a little and maybe pick up fifteen votes. Now make no mistake first version of the bill. With tax cut bill paid for by taking away health care coverage from other Americans. And we'll take a look at this version of the bill and what they got tax cuts are still there. Experts for insurance companies still land tax breaks for drug companies still in and get this one if you are rich enough. To be able to pay for your own heart transplant. Or for your own chemotherapy. Great tax breaks for you. But for everybody else when insurance runs out you just own your own so. Shallow bowl are paying Jennifer heard tape came up. I mean so member of the bill that Ryan pushed through that was supposed to kill people. Now this is worse than killing people I guess now it's concentration camps. Now it's so just show you the level of this information. The lying that this woman engages in number one chief wants to fess up. Your health care plan is phenomenal. Bureau health care plan is better than any wealthy person you're trying to demonize. By the way you're wealthy yourself you're worth north of fifteen million you live in a million dollar mansion in Cambridge which the media in this state refuses to expose. You phony you fraud you but let that go. So you have top notch gold plated health care plan want to give up your plan chief. If you care so much about health care for the presence give up supply and. More oh. Give up the mansion chief. Once you give all the give back all the money you made from house flipping all those years in Oklahoma public or the book the worse the chief. All so you can make millions chief but when others make millions you don't like it then she found. What tax breaks. It's loaded with obamacare taxes it's who voted with the obamacare regulations it's loaded with obamacare subsidies. Now on one point yes says Rand Paul is pointed out there's a massive bailout Superfund. For the insurance companies yes. But chief. Not all began under obamacare. Too big to fail that was your guy. He started all of this he ambush they started all these bailouts. Chief. And then you know she talks about zombies to me the only zombies IC frankly are politicians like her. They keep coming back from the dead. You wanna know why I'm a big supporter of Kid Rock. And why I think by the way he's gonna win big in Michigan he's gonna clean Debbie Stabenow squawk. Because we are tired of these career politicians. Who come out and make out like bandits. It's a swamp Donald Trump is completely right. Ahmad sink Kid Rock is the most cerebral intelligent guy on the planet. He made his money the honest way. Bit rock and roll selling music albums he's got a real talent he can sink your play guitar. And he's not there to line his pockets 'cause he's already made his money. Unlike you'll chief. You see politics as a way to get rich. He's already rich. So I look at somebody like Elizabeth Warren on my core you. You are the ones that gave us obamacare. You more than once they destroyed our health care system this is all on your feet. This is all all of this is on your hands and now. You're acting holier than now. I noticed what her it's always class warfare. It's always go 1% to 1% to 1% to 1%. It what are your party do her party has been turned into the party of Wall Street. Into the party of big banks here one should show us who's lining your campaign coffers chief. Or George Soros all. The holy water leaks all. You mean all the 1% dirge chief. You phony you fraud you. Look. I go back to the founding. I am a small. And I believe this is the greatest country in the history of the world and I'll tell you why my friends. It's not because of what our politicians have done torn country for last. 101520. Years its because of our founding and our roots. And what do George Washington Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and Ben Franklin want. He didn't want career politicians. In fact they try to create a system where you wouldn't have. Career politicians. In fact they feared and dreaded. The mic maniacs. And the chief spreading bolts and then Mitch this wishes and the chuck you sure members of the world. They want it's serious sin legislators. He's supposed to be an honor. Just sure as your member of congress or your senator it's not a way to get rich. And stay in power. As a massive cash cow. To believe that hasn't swipe to believe that people white that's exactly what they've done. Notice they always around stuffed down our throats and tell us it's good for us. No I've never seen people who get so rich and so powerful constantly saying everything to do was for us. It's always for us portal I'm sorry for addiction in older and that's their favorite wife always flick which you are older and. Get out of the way. Kept a loss. We don't need Jew we don't warn chew. Everything you touch you make worse. The electorate remember the Midas touch rather famous commercial. It on the Midas like everything it touches makes a great you have the reverse Midas touch everything you touch your turn to garbage. 6172666868. Now look at him. Seven and a half years seven and a half years Mitch McConnell if I normally do for commercial where have a little fun. I'm gonna get all. Of how many times he said root and branch. We're gonna Terrell obamacare you that much to squish way of his or an apparent Omar McCarron. Rural march. Knowledge you almost think that the guys on life support a criminal just human electric shock me don't. Wake him up he don't need. So very is almost like he's dead on betting on death's door but we're gonna rule I'm Obama care. We're gonna Paramount root and branch. If I had a dollar for every time he said root and branch could be a millionaire today. Seven and a half years. Here's your chance. Everybody's getting a bribe except meet. Like I did do something what the Helmand do some of the action. I mean I I'm looking at this summer who is not brought to. Thank you got 200 billion all star bright people with our young guy and these are the same politicians it's important is the cork. Important would dream he France the sizes that might. Dmitry management Medvedev come here. And looked out or get this flood of his eyes still pull billion bonus American Sam biggest crook an American is taught in world history biggest goal of Disney. Look at this Mitch McConnell has stormed and a billion voters don't let everybody in the senate and congress. But don't we don't have the want to billion dollars. Comito on the phone I want to talk to Mitch. We called and were done wrong this poll. This should put his money this guy he's always his lavish he's dead is what everybody else is Miami. 200 billion dollars pyramid today I want to have a steak dinner with him meow oh. 617266. And Bebo has the look out I need to get them earlier Don I mean Murray noted that aren't a right to meet check please. 6172666868. Ritchie in Weymouth you're up next go ahead Richie. I know Leo I'm good how are you good at all. But what I read the constitution. I was certain plagued many a time they cannot exempt themselves from anything they put on out. So why they get away with this. Because we love. Our courses Supreme Court. I mean Richie everybody lets him get away with a look what I think we need to do Ritchie on my honest opinion I commend the confessional. We need a hundred Rand Paul's in congress. That's what we need. We need to send real conservatives. Small government constitutional. Conservatives. Who will adhere to the constitution the bill of rights and the rule of law. And here is very simple you'd defeat every Democrat. And you primary every Ryan all Republican. Because say what you want about Rand Paul yes. He has the government. Health care plan that all politicians tough. But notice he's the only one that follows the golden rule. Do want to others as you have done do yourself what does he say what the people choose their plant. Let them have whatever plan works for best for them and our family gives them complete freedom. That's that's an argument the whole time. We don't need taxes we don't need mandates we don't need regulations we don't need subsidies we don't need bailouts. We don't need insurance options and telling you what insurance you can get or not get. If you want to really cheap plan you get a really cheap plan if you want a good plan you get a good plan if you want a pool your plan would somebody else you pull your plan with somebody else. Rand Paul is the only one saying let freedom ring let people decide for themselves what's best for them and their family. Look I'll tell you right now forget a hundred you give me 51 Rand Paul's in say in the senate. And I will give you the greatest republic on the face of the earth. That's what we once were. And my friends we can be hit and leave. Aren't you the voice of Boston that. 245. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. John McCain. Gets the media. I mean first costs of health care treatment. The permanent ruling costs. Is it time for term limits. Rain these out of control politicians. And maybe just maybe. If they only served a couple of terms they wouldn't be so arrogant and out of control. Agree disagree. Lines are blazing. John Europe first go ahead John. Good afternoon mr. Kerner Ari I'm good hurry you John while. Couple quick answer I think they need to repeal obamacare outright supported our anyone out or without apple and and not for term limits I want our real quickly about why would that Florida won so up in arms about it rock. His real name is Robert rich. It's rock army Amish are cart. Will teenager. It was they had a little bit of a long. All that much or all. We've been in the back format that she and her according to you so he utilized. Equipment according all about the night. That's how things are. It's age while made her eat Arafat the Democratic Party. Not because people NRA diary because. Well maybe he heard about having it light in. It's our own car dealership. In the current Ernie Boch I don't know that they arts but it was a long not a lot. So the article like knocked out one word about a very thoughtful guy I default. What you see here in May is owned what do you know well she ate a little bit aren't Jean baker wrote eat a rebate. Thank you for that act thoughtful thought he built he really built out pom in Hampton New Hampshire go ahead on. It happened during the pipe that I can hear you can you hear me. Yet at hand out what I want to do it that's do I mean comparable. You know I've domestic U you're right twelfth at three every day domestic get deal listeners but I don't think it get now to the people in general. So let my suggestion would be. Is to put my eagle. You know on your show a couple days and you go and on Hannity and get the message out to the people they need to know that. Thank you for that Tom. Look common I might be doing a lot more media appearances side that's one of the things I wanna do. Now at the kids are a little bit older. Michelle mall in interviewed me was it last week Britney gal last week. For me to go on her show so not at the bambino is are growing up he was not gonna start going to pre K. This September so the kids are out of the home I'm going to be dramatically increasing might let's put this remind mass media presents. I wanna play quick clip. By Carl Bernstein. Listen very quickly to what Carl Bernstein sense. That there is a cold civil war in our country roll it chair. Got two things the difference between Watergate and narrow one of the big differences is that we are in the midst. Thought a whole civil war in this country a political and cultural civil war. And all of our reporting is taking place in the context of that cold civil war and nothing quite like that existed. At the time of Watergate and a hard part of the cold civil war itself. Is the configuration. Of media we just. Fox news with CNN being perceived by different sets of viewers as representing different truths. When in fact fox. Has changed American politics as perhaps no institution has seen since the invention in nineteen. 96. Our politics is being changed. In all through believed by this right wing counter force whatever you wanna call Fox News. And other words he's trying to bash Fox News obviously because he's an employee of CNN but that's not the problem. To me what I wanna focus on is the liberals have been waging a political cultural civil war for decades. And what are they ultimately want they want a top down government controlled system. And Obama care is the heart of it trump is also the heart of it that's why they wanna destroy trump. Well what do we want we want a bottom up the society that comes from the people. Obeys the constitution. In which we allow everybody maximum freedom and liberty. That threatens the control of the political elites. Dots what's at issue with the Obama care that's what's at issue with trump and that is the seminal battle of our time. And you're not gonna belief. In your phone and your Internet in this state. You think it's yours. It's not. That unbelievable. Story now.