Joe Buck, that's not my girlfriend

What should have been a glorious moment for the winner of the US Open this weekend turned awfully awkward when Joe Buck accidentally misidentifies someone on the course.


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It's happening to you. It's happening here at WR KL morning show with Kim and CBS. Good morning everybody it's Monday morning welcome to the WRKO Boston dot hang morning show good to have you along and can carry it along with BP. He'd be good morning thing morning after father's day of the it was a great win for you. I did you build that is like the Boston doc out Morningstar dot I tell you review right. Not. You were getting maverick. I have a than a Father's Day week and after a nice beautiful day youth are injured area as that it really was canal it was so great I hope you have a great day now. I'm good on my brother is in town with his four kids so we had seven we've had seven kids at the house right now seven and afterwards at times right now that's what I think and we've had a very good regions so far we had a good weekend and the trip continues in Woolsey you know goes through today so good holiday visiting. Tuesday I'm sure their up and listening to listen gathered around in the kitchen right now you well know you have sister that comes in periodically when you're schedules don't sink everyone's got to adjust and do my best. Aaron I'm. To Christ a little one gets in some sort of map yet on whether that's you do if you do would you get there and it's all good we had we went up to Maine. They're from Georgia so I middle of the smile and a brother that's the patriots fan asks is here to root for Atlanta. So they're doing a north to south. Summer trip and eyes and while the unit goes far north as possible so we went on north and sure to remain White House and have some Maine lobster and Rosemary beach and that type of thing. And they'll ultimately end up in Florida couple weeks. That's great well good for them and good for you are hoping had a terrific day Jim you were traveling this weekend yet went Philadelphia talk Sonya played for himself well yesterday in ninety degree heat was level it okay Beaulieu an inside our new airplane you have delayed for two hour at least yeah gotta love the airlines. No reason no excuse no apology just do you consider to already for him. Sorry about that happens well you you got back just in time to get here now is that a we know will be then nothing most of the afternoon during thunderstorms around them like a four hour night asleep before you get ready for Monday morning and block category fun yes. He was announcing the US open as he would do normally Joe Buck won my personal favorites I have. I think he's fantastic number one not to mention the fact that you know his dad was the announcer for the de St. Louis Cardinals for years and so. Louis Missouri you as a misery loves this is certainly no items right here. I love it how I don't like a lot of always been a big fan is and we both I think have been in the tournament one time ask other when we were at fox yeah and pretty nice guy pretty accommodating. Absolute professional. Kind of guy that doesn't make mistakes that's why you like Joe Buck. Who well I just that narrative changes a little bit now based on what happened yesterday at the US open. All right. The other greens in regulation well. Numerous American soccer players news just didn't. It's true that it's new girlfriend that's generous severance. Oh my god. A year you get every dolls got a year to Jenin but set up even a little bit better. Then girlfriend comes out of nowhere now. Usually at these types of things you have the one machine on the guy and again this case. You know moves. During the course of the David Brooks is gonna win thanks again we everything that happened and that kept you out yes the Brooks kept yeah you know is gonna wind slightly get me everything and Harry get our dossier. And then you have it now. Joe Buck doesn't owe Rourke stepped up from all on the wall wooden home if he was the one who did his hair transplant form right by the way no one else knew him either. He doesn't know his girlfriend Becky now Joe's a pro he's making and selling of course that is girlfriend Jacqui because machine problems as girlfriend Becky. Former speech issues soccer player so that in her she had some notoriety. Mickey Edwards but they were they either have since broken up and it turns out that this is the new girlfriends Aniston's comment. And they've all just hear it again being that you saw horrific in the port guy that has to correct them and that's always awful. Yeah etc. Lucy okay. So it's not a corporate news. Just didn't. So that says she just didn't grow. Girlfriend that's generous severance back. And in general right at the Emmys are at all on its way you know. Puzzle book you can literally hear him reading the statue Urlacher is a better term. His girlfriend Betty Edwards is soccer player or you should work with the Florida's Craig like. And she's. Are probably I don't believe they did whatever. And it daddies don't as far as somebody pointed out. Brooks Brooks would probably wanna tape of them calling easily can show his grandkids here is the moment when I got the trophy. It's now ruined forever accuse you can't watch that we won't lesson is don't usually kind of a. You run it was a moment Sunday night there where Jeff was like will one may be Becky wants to come to do yeah play exactly. I mean you know that you immediately think for all the girls I've loved before getting out of work guy. Offense is ranked just look good you're paying joke would you roll out of few others there is Jeanne I don't know you know Beck he's Becky this soccer player. I'm not act like exactly what Jenna is saying I thought she was an all American Saturn player from Florida. How many he has strokes penalty is that for the announcer and and interviews US open rules might Mike Burroughs guy or another Sims who just. But she's the new girlfriend and she comes out in that it's all a great moment Yahoo! Sports. Jenna a fledgling actress you'll see her in shark NATO five beats a serial work. I mean that's I. I'm. I. Well American soccer player or a lot of talk the our sensing Tara Reid in the fifth sequel yeah. Well I'm no prominent any evidence just the whole thing. That that information probably would never have come night. Because we don't need background and agenda that's right there brokering a NASA ever I don't get something on Jan often we now. I don't Ellen and as I do it shark need 05 this summer. And did dead spin may have they are just hardcore. They they tweet out foxes golf coverage in a nutshell and it's a video of this moment when this whole thing happens. Mae and poorer G all of children make many mistakes and you know what truth be known that's not Joe's mistake that is you know is of color handed out to produce right now. But anyhow he wins again he wouldn't know that was backing your agenda you know who Becky is either no Jana. He knows a woman walked out there gave this guy can't sell metals or you could never make their right never no. Giuliani can't is Barack's Brooks goes up to Joseph Biden whose original. Club managers my girlfriend Jumaine are now how would they want to get ya what it's like when Isiah Thomas made the comments about Larry Bird back in the day. The only way that gets even close to me right is if bird doesn't which he did. Forever feel I don't know I've received his eyes and it could Brooks doesn't know this has happened when they're they're. Without his writers are absolutely self healing healing learned this later in the clubhouse and now I'm not. Three whatever is the end and then realized oh fantastic that's about when Janet realized until. According to she also stars in the attack of the fifty foot cheerleader. I don't know if that's true but this is not a great joke book chances are good we'll see Brooks and jab at the Academy Awards next year. The.