Jill Gonzalez (WalletHub, Identity Theft)


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Identity theft has been in the news a lot the last couple months would be Equifax data breach and joining us now to talk about the best and worst states for identity theft and fraud. Is Joseph Gonzales from walnut Jill thank you for coming on. I. Also this is a study that was put together that looks at the the states that are most vulnerable. Two identity theft and fraud can you talk a little bit about the methodology behind. This study. So we couldn't let and there is format there are many I want to pass a lot to me either but capita. Law and install one that won't. And finally what I'd call it. What the policy and greatly benefit from it to me I can't our on our. Employment won't cut down companies. What did you find as far as let's start first with the New England states. Which state in New England ranked worst when you combine all these different metrics. It was. Only behind California. Lot of it also in the and I don't want and as being most vulnerable people. Well. What a particular. Made Rhode Island stand Alley what what was so bad about it from an identity theft perspective does happen a lot is really what what was the problem. Capitalize. On top and was not possible. It happened about. Then all of them all and. It around without. I. Let them out walk but. There are about one. Oh. I. I'd. There wouldn't. And we've yet been. And legal guys. Of my they didn't it on the miners at a court. It went well but it won't. Not that not me. The thing is all you go. Out there program and I won't be. Where did the other New England states ranked as you go down. Through this list I I think you mentioned that Connecticut was also one of the ten worst the word the other states and the fall or any of the New England states. Good I guess when it comes to identity theft and fraud. What. There at. All. Mama. Yeah. Burma and my spot. La. You know of the U when I formal. What is. Quite a little bit it. Oh. Couple things you know you this also gets broken out in two. Some other little details here in terms of you know how much. People tend to lose and in various frauds and what states have the fewest fraud complaints with things that stood out to me is that Maine and Vermont. Typically have some of the smallest losses as a result of fraud is there any reason for that. I mean while. Multiple. But odd is happening won't get all the credit. Or what a rule that one. That was being that. Those numbers. You pretty early on. Obama is something. I. When we look at and it. Most of them at all other than that Anthony and take out our. Week out that I mean you client attic in there that I won't. Become. Allies and that. All of them. While pretty significant Jill thank you very much for the time will catch up with the soon okay. I'm Joseph Gonzales from while out of talking about identity theft and fraud in the various states. Some interest in dated the the five worst states. Four identity theft for captain. Are four times as bad as the best ones okay when you talk about the amount lost due to identity theft the five worst states are 44 times as. Just understand how it goes based on state Italy the if I look at the identity theft is being a very much a personal responsibility. Right it regardless of whether you live in Colorado. Well. The you're your. Responsible for freezing your credit monitoring your own credit making Pete sure people don't steal from him. So wide wide as the state you reside in other than regulations that they impose suppose. Is it that telephone soliciting news. I think it's the people that tend to be in the states you look at the states that the highest rates of frauds are California Florida Georgia now these are place with a lot of elderly people tend to be most at risk. You know like you go through and you say who who typically is targeted by these gamers were typically people who were elderly who you know don't necessarily have. All the information all the technological experience or Zain on other family members around help in May not have anyone watching out for them so. You know you look at a lot of these there's a reason why every Medicare fraud cases in Florida. You know it's just what you you've got a lot of elderly people and so they're concentrated there that's wild rosters set up there.