Jerry Jones takes a knee at the Cowboys game

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Tuesday, September 26th

After a long and controversial Sunday on NFL games, the final Monday night game saw America's team, the Dallas Cowboys do something no one ever thought they would do


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Boston loves him I love view and a non factual way though yeah absolutely full of cars and GP car as I want America. Boston's morning show WR KL. Facing a community. Know what's it's. That's what they're players wanted to. She didn't cowboys players want to. Are adamant about wanting to. That's great sadness it. Elusive as they take any collectively. Who's going to be heard it. From the sellout crowd in Arizona. So that's last night's Monday night was that the crowd that was the sellout it was Jerry Jones said Salinas also the stupid because. Let me I'm Mary Rogers and OK I introduce you saw the turn in our program find me at my grandma dying introduce your and I'm. I am being introduced by deviant dangerous Michael Graham and me on Twitter I am mammogram and back into England thrilled beyond the next and I Levy b.s and pine box or under federal. Arrest what they do we know if Weiner is in a federal big house. I was I don't I don't like having seen the photos he belongs there I mean god if I were him I would want federal I would not want to let. Think he's date I think he's got stronger version is the Selma mall where I was think it's a winner for 7 o'clock hour. Why exit for those you that are familiar with Michael Graham your what congratulations and hard when I'm about to do. What are these Graham does. Is occasionally like you know the blind squirrel finds an on your you stumble upon a really good line but then would you do we should just obliterated courses that's not going to solve our. When you say that. This stadium wasn't a sellout but Jerry Jones was right stock Mike drop good blind belief but that sick I have some and I said you don't. And nobody hurt that wasn't real analysts and make a lot of good a lot of this is here's the deal here's the problem with the salt in the count and let me tell everybody what. Dallas didn't so let's go back of this class like Dallas beats Arizona monitor football everybody knows Jerry Jones is the one owner always said. Not my team we're not doing this crap we're going to be staying in the Vietnamese at this all lawn so original wanted to cowboys got to do there was rumblings on Sunday. Cowboys players said we're gonna do some then where we don't know while we're renders substance okay. What they decided was everybody including Jerry and Jerry junior are gonna come out with the team they're going to be in one long line. Before the right before the end them they're gonna step on the field and they're all gonna take a knee collectively. Then after ten seconds or so. And Gerri looking around and come delighted that we get now Hollis regards Ahmed edited as long enough. They stand up. The anthem kicks and what they didn't count on was this deep. Packed Arizona stadium which was packed only because the cowboys were there because Arizona is terrible and they all of the cowboys anyway. They booed them much like the patriots got booed here in July it. Now you go well can you grieve don't a couple of things one is relatively cal was getting boots I hate the Al skeleton always hated Dallas Cowboys can divide the world into good people and people who like you want more than rent a football fan I got a lot of other as you know on the college football thinks I grew up down south in the only protein we had nearest with a Clemson Tigers. So. I never followed pro sports don't involve South Carolina now don't Cox absolutely right back after taking a page is too much. Yeah the iPod gym class that one. Peace between the design yet because I think it's it's you're lucky you're double of his former UBB yeah I'll take on the right in Jackson Hole textures are listening in their paying attention 50 wait. Michael is voices got indiscernible he hires since he left what did the swamp duty. Hey hey don't. I had to do I generally don't you get we gotta pay the bill so you got kids godly man kid's got a problem so. So seabright brought that point. My biggest problem when it isn't that people protesting to protest whatever I think you're the NFL has a problematic record when it comes to being consistent about this. When you had a black lives matter. Ally gun gallon. Unarmed cops in Dallas. That these very same cowboys want to do a little minor like a sticker on the helmet paying and then it also know this too disruptive. Why can't get much more destructive than in the middle of the next eleven taking anybody. Starting your column that well if you it's actually if you read my piece that CBS because I work with them now. Com is this the piece that's under the heading yes why trump barely maybe possibly he is winning how do you do you mind I'm. They're gonna save my friends as CBS news or slightly to left of me but they are now I'm up and a constriction should be there and I appreciate the fact they brought in a conservative because they want the boys but. I I'd put point out and that piece. The dispute the problem this protest. Is that the purchasing it's the stupidity. It's the stupidity of saying I would make a point about cleaning appointed can be pro life you can would have some I was up like oh yeah big anti abortion person they felt bad. So they wanted to use your platform. Why are you bringing in the flag. People show up. Follow politics lives and they go to football game with a clip on the TV. And they old Sega or music and that ultimately sees guys who won't stand up with a flag they refuse and it's not take any is bull that is not what's happening here. They are refusing to stand the flag because as college happen except last year. This country is not worthy. Upbeat having stand up for because of its oppression of minorities so. You have a point I blood to talk about what are shallow leader you don't need to get all of our don't seem like you feel like we're gonna take it away for new so far you're OK I love the talk about us via the day. Wave that laws are set up so that incompetent cops can murder you and get away with a -- to talk about all those legitimate point is let's they don't know of that. None of that has anything to do with the American flag of the National Anthem. And pull the nine national polls in a row have shown that the vast majority of Americans by twenty to forty points. Say you should show respect for the flag in the in the so call in Japanese is a moron that's his problem. His politics or whatever 978 sounds like him as a fraud in her for a Kelly financial poll question is gone up bad Bibi to wise also Who is winning the trumpet and FL war which shocks me on this is 27%. Currently say the NFL's winningest thing. Is this war already over yet I get this right adjusting as you know like your podcast every day of Michael grandma come and I had. On Mac on any news editor of the Washington free because we talks although when he had DC hello guys I met when those entity seeks. And we were laughing in the likeness and today about. Oh my god these people these CNN and if you he does that a political event with a some guys some big you know big wig lip with to get lucky guy and super Smart. John Julie did as candidate John boy look at trump look who's against him. Rich athletes and NFL owners. Cornelius puck quick peek from America. And no one likes it or voters don't like they charge you for 54 bottle Leo for tap water and it and that they ignore and everybody hates sports teams owners. And NP and while they load their athletes. In. All bond I love our taxes do all of our taxes and went 978 Dixon is exit isn't it. Michael on the 630 or does he have to just plug everything at all times that I got to plug a capital crime. I'm not gonna. It gave me a sense I'm not gonna get like Michael Graham back on throughout the more you're not getting going Michael Grant not god almighty buck up. Two questions before you get back to your blog speech. I think we all agree even lightning does trump is not only winning this he's already. Number when I missed this isn't it Smart and he's an amazing these people who go around telling us how Smart they are and what a bunch who complete. How do you miss this this is a close image that issue this is a like. How do you feel that the speed limit or something the American flag yes sir no any got to be Smart he's in New York in DC going. I think I was right and well it's a look at a USA today or right now that put our poll last night and they said 6138. Agree with the NFL over trop. Well because what what was so here's a question Mary who's winning B. Why is strong winning then why is she winning this war. You as usual don't quite see what you think you Seagram so let me clarify thank year. This was never about that is the argument would be that this wasn't about the flag it was about police for talon killing black people. What he did who which people don't realize because trump never does it consciously he doesn't after the fact and then changes at stopping the microphone program. Trump trump made this about the flight he swift voted this movement you'll understand that. This is all about where at what they did John Kerry's military service trump has done. To the cap predict movement he swift voted to change the narrative in turn what they were doing on them and that's why he's one missed it it's even better than that. Because the players responded. By turning this into an anti trump protesters are Israeli army which never is that failed among all got a month ago there were three guys dealing. And there was something about something with cops or something and no one had any idea they style when when you jerks for not standing. Now. I've been approved do you that I hate Donald Trump by urinating all of flat. That's right either you're with trump and the flag in the National Anthem or you're with them. I hike that would I mean campaigns I would have paid big guys we ran against to get hey get your guys to purchase a flag so did you get up for us please brilliant. Through two part question really you why is strong winning his number one number two. How many Ben Roethlisberger is are there in the league. Who already has buyers remorse on what they took part in over the weekend I think if I I'm betting it's at least 50% what used to live where it's up later but. Alejandro bill in the waiver. Doing that. My coach may become out here and jump on this grenade you know what club pick in Afghanistan pentagon today your iPhoto is obvious you concede. You know I clock. Clock him dearly for so it's there it's up to your left keep and I also I think what is about to its right place you like that says you need to go to you're better you're Euro what he does his once you tell him at first off he then takes that. Everything is a yellow light to Graham and he blows through yellow light's always. When I know I usually they're like the yellow light is now going to read it. I also make U turns on Red Hat pulled out allow me you're listening to human TV until you are coming out. Archie you know the voice of Boston. Comment text deserve our. More rapidly come back. When isn't just talking to carriers saw Michael Graham is here at 97 aces DB to new changes batteries to Duracell because the rabbit is way too high powered his wife or your worst about a 978. So don't get the break Graham goes if Mike in my too passively go do it because you don't continued. If you just birdied all of this is exactly how I going. I think that's exactly how I was every minute of every day and a BT KK back when there was that a ticket to a sudden I'm sorry this is just who I am. It's like sad like a Steelers offensive lineman you just now apologized for somebody I'm not sure yours is genuine and I apologize that's well I just RAM that the other guys that please hip hop now right yeah that's why my audition don't we aren't my audition as rantmaster NG money did not go as well as I don't and that was six ones that I think the NFL is on a suicide mission why are they choosing this site of the people who don't really loved them another Texan says. So if the NFL is gonna make a stand against their fans how long is that gonna go lawn I would argue that it's already over. Yeah last night was the end of this is it we will would you agree and I made where do they go our argue all we really gonna have this not you know. Nonsense this non sports related and non football related nonsense every week for another fifteen weeks plus playoffs now which and the they'd be the players and and by extension the NFL. Have put themselves in a cul-de-sac they can't get out up this is so important cannot be ignored ball gimme ignoring in in ten days. Oh that's right so then look what it's all over you know what's gonna happen. People there remember that Tom Brady came from behind to beat the Texans and a game that was pretty fun to watch by current NFL standards. And then they'll still have the same problems the F too much product until many channels are too many places in the game has gotten boring you know what's gonna happen problem. Because it already happened again I I hate to give users are but he got swift voted. You know what people look at them what do what is the one image that you will remember from this weekend. Hello we're build Oliva. So they got swept voted yet that it's Villanova has is he's the opposite message for what they aid we're trying to put out. The UD lasting message. If you're Pittsburgh right. We don't want any part of this way the path of least resistance hi we do to make sure we don't get ourselves into trouble. And now what they have they have videos of people burning near Jersey new. They're gonna have people putting up posters of guilin a wave a steaming there during these you. It's the opposite of what they wanted. They got big footed. And they did it big deal was done to home by twelve they didn't know what was how well I didn't know I disagree I think got it coach Tomlin now that the decision to take to try to play that Howard's game will this will we will literally hide. Because we don't want you with the quarry on this. Let's dude what would you leave if he would lead the and said here's what we're gonna do here is what gives you this is our team X for example. Some Smart. Underperforming. Franchise out there would have had their whole team out everybody with their hands over their heart everybody all the the flag. And they release and said nothing and no comments no one mentions this press top result. And that would have been it they were their jerseys whatever Tina we would bones so lingle what I do you want reported to cause a profit what do you want because that's not what I want when I want is the team and that has no public statement they go out there in their players do whatever each and like there's no group discussion about them. Lineman Max wants the ones thing a fine line in that why wants Danielle. You don't love it but weapon where I don't care because what Thomas said after words. Always get ripped because fox is trying to anonymous you'd want to veteran stand which is not true when gone away from went to creep in it's it's what else Tomlin said is. I hate politics I wanna be involved and as I hate that this had to happen. Because when we leave the locker room. We're about football and that's it that's what most people wanna hear I I here's what I want and I'd love to know what that would with the callers that they could this. I want an owner to say guys. On this football team. We respect the country did where real lucky to live lucky to play I don't care how you really feel like you give a crap. You can leave immediately go to a black lies matter rally and set the flag on fire go right ahead you don't believe. If no you don't believe that don't you just said the all really know what you would want your employee don't know when we're waiting why I don't want to my point is once you leave the field do what you want events that don't state flag or who you point the point is stupid little thought they overrode troll then that's what happens in these this guy. I'll ramp towards 766683. Motorola did I just killed Jews are lending timber gold and oh yeah you killed Linda water and WRKO. I ain't pretty and I love you yeah. To Linda loud it's your poison in my wife's listening not how much I. I think Ali and I think basically. The a little bit apparently you actually I was calling because my husband at the Vietnam vet and that and I can do that and I don't care if they an ailing big audience arm. And they you know in all IBM thumb it's just all idea. So Linda. Linda here's the deal my wife says to me aware watch him last night I'm up later than I normally would be would cut into our and he kind of time for. Because we wanna do that cowboys and that's two minutes of this week to its Obama so they they do their thing and they get booed immediately as you just heard in my wife turns of me and says. These guys can't win or lose and I said number you don't get it because that's too clever by half. Now you're trying to what what ultimately is doing the NFL in. The cowboys are the personification is we're trying to figure out how what it is that will make people happy. Right verses actually doing what in your heart. Jerry Jones's heart is not to neo right in yet there he was kneeling of course the country hates fraudulent it's and that's the main problem we are that they know that if this were an issue that went a different way politically if that word you different group that for once they could have the cops she right exactly there whenever you went pinpoint at what is actually one to finish a sentence which is this. The owner stands up and says guys you. This is part your job you Wear the uniform I don't care you really feel that the flag. Yup the slowed it begin a standup just like a kid in school. That's what 70% of Americans want. And settle should Americans would be cool with like I said. You stand edit that attention and just do your job and then you leave and you go protest protesting whatever political stuff you want Senator Clinton says in spite of XP you're standing. Attention McDowell talk about Anthony Weiner a 672666860. More calls it a minute first though any carbonite. I was gonna say is traffic but I am not gonna make it Anthony Wiener to hit a lot in the handle this Anthony would you like to tie Anthony Weiner into the traffic this morning. I don't know about what such that the big Boston's morning show with killing TP. WRKO. 686 city is the text line 603 respect and attention DB. I don't think any carbonite even realize that quote I don't know if I wanna touch that he he actually played into your Wiener and around here so laid out. Have you yup so many people didn't want to touch it hit the send out random photos of the people. I I love that what I can quickly get to the story just because of the it's like the NFL protest. It's not that the sin any pressure it's the stupidity that makes is so hilarious we're in that next hour well I want my grandma Jobe BV. This is normally you show I'm in for the lovely Intel to can carry him. And I'm wearing her clothes so all working out. I was explaining to their break is what happened that this gets taxing my wife party knows mighty good after an app later yeah because what happens is. Hey you do the show over there when you go to break I have to do a double show educate Gramm would please tell me something cathartic and went out on Twitter stuff. What's going on here is a number of things but did what does that too good to me what's the number one issue in the NFL right now is it. Social injustice and visit the flag I thought it was deflated football is is it for all into these doesn't that's the that's to me it's phoning since it's fraudulent as phony. It's too clever by after the cowboys a lesson which is the majority of the country doesn't believe the people that are due taking part in this. Actually believe why we think that because Eric Decker wife comes out yesterday and says my husband was tricked indeed even Knoll. He was doing this Ben Roethlisberger comes on does. Back crap my skirt up and not please don't paint me steeler nation. Any speaks on behalf of the team and we all know that. In Jerry Jones takes a knee when we know he doesn't wanna take dead heat he looked as uncomfortable as the audience at the first Megyn Kelly show he return out of him which we're gonna get it right away and and Alejandro of Illinois about who went out to take that bullet he might as well been blinking. Hostage while he well doing that. Everyone knows what most of these guys wanna do they want to do what's said 1% of Americans wanna do widget right respectful of the flag and sold one of the product we have something for a lot nobody wanted when there's no place in the second snowball snow but British nobody is snowflake has a whole different meaning culprit yes I actually don't sell as well you don't know him listen you your rights when you say that Americans want support the right to protest the same polls that show that Americans overwhelmingly hate. Using the flagging usually nationally and Cortez. But the fact more than 71%. Said it was unpatriotic but should be allow Barack and that's why Americans are and that's there are major accidentally protests are just alike dude and give figures stupid. Played a protest is not that complicated though what is easy is trump one of the lessons the trumpet people keep missing his. What every eighty shoot drew only a good that's why the no apology thing which I don't lump but the people do love you got owning. Nobody believes the NFL here's what they don't because these led these billionaire owners. Are you on this social justice cause at all all they want as the players did not revolt you can say that if you want but there's a call Ford at the and it fell to make November. Unity social justice month on ours but their party not Dick do you think Bob Kraft. If he had it to do over again would have written that response do you think he's he's happy with what he did now. Well they're totally burned the patriots boom he knows already that the league has lost his battle. And he knows the Brady isn't doing himself any favors right now the fans aren't plea I could talk a joints are reading the text of people saying. I hate what the patriots did and I don't like that this is my team you know that that's anecdotal more interesting to me was a JD power survey that came out. The last few weeks. They talk to people who stop watching NFL as a ratings have been declining and they're a bunch of different reasons. But the number one reason among sports famous for not watching is I'm sick of the politics. And they didn't say by the way I'm sick and a bad rap usually work out exactly they like I I designate us anymore mistake everybody makes withdrawn. Which is the I don't like to use the child analogy but I'm gonna in this case Iverson's year old and one more why six year old makes a lot of noise. You know this is apparent as well grabbed the number one best way to attack that is to ignore it. And what are the NFL do they did the opposite and not positive nor can they let you lose everything if you don't ignore your kid what we can darken up. If they're gonna get under your skin heals fast you're not gonna believe in the super Smart geniuses who like me completely missed that troublesome when the selection. Have new or not I blocked a great guy like well I've I'm trying to understand what did I tell you yes there was the first thing is it in the show. People keep missing trump. He doesn't care what the issue is as long as he's in the fight you know she's gonna win and eventually. It part of that is he has confidence in you what is screw it up you'll in this case is the NFL sure. It is fascinating to me. That the guy who gets middle America better than ice it doesn't for now they are middlemen and thousands of puddle and sit me guys and who gets it. A rich New York reality TV star the only guy in the country that can say. I prefer limos. Perhaps thousands of Harley riders and also let you go you're my man hey it's like it's a crazy phenomenon what can you understand that and you'll lose with him every time because as an authentic connection between him and those voters. Unlike the in authentic connection that you just pointed out. The AFL fans know like it's this is a little guys is you would women there's an in authentic connection which is why it never worked and on the connection happens I think you're Josip. Rock Denny's next than WR Kelly Joseph and guys are great. As what to make a point didn't the NFL owners. Already choose sides before dollop confident that main thing can't happen that we'll never played football and a bargain so they liberty and maybe that's one good point Joseph yup. They're ready made their their decisions so the fact that now they're standing with the players there's just like what you that it just normally it would happen Joseph is. They they act now like there and a tough spot. You earlier the top spot if you think it's a tough spot because if for Jerry Jones. You're a tough spot you're not participating in this that's that's not a tough spot in and you won't that what all Jerry Jones does is say is. I think Dez Bryant knows by now and allow them and as I hope you respect me as I would much I respect you might stop you from date enemy with the team but. I'm not in there and we'll see after the game get out there and go get him. It's fine without but he tried to be too caught her. And now he's done insulted my survey I think he's sure got our city gonna stand for the flag because it's hard or Gabi she can't because you looked down at the plantation on offense the did you have claimed that you know I I just drew the completely it's the reason why we got trump. Is because there's this kind of basic American cohesion tainting any the National Anthem is he one moment of unity it is that's what it's for the reason they do it exporting to develop. The people doesn't get us a little bit ever did this before who is the guy that guy from Boston Legal I think. Who was saw on TV saying this is our scammed to have done. The national demolished is the military pays them to do it because a tried a quote recruit boys and girls to go kill people overseas. Now that's excuse me how many people had it having dead desolate than a sporting events is such a tradition that as soon as you hear the first Frasier minus play ball. There are there are guys that have missed opportunities Jerry Jones still wants us to believe that the cowboys are America's team more pure America's team unity to make a statement last night and that it's not the one you made. The New England Patriots are called the New England Patriots you're all in on trump you took a lot of abuse last year for being trump is your coach your own during your star player. You guys maybe should have been all in on trump instead date there's opportunities being missed here and part of it is because people are. Timid on this stuff because this league doesn't want any part of this stuff and the way we got to opposite that people were timid on issues and so rather than having a more. Moderate reason in some would say reasonable approach of trying to be nice to some not a big truck payment and a lot of listeners are. But they're like if our immigration. There were Smart things that people could've done immigration that would to not have led us to yelling about a wall in Mexico we can duds aren't what we couldn't because the Republicans were to testicle free to do anything they're Smart BG could do about trade. That don't involve we're gonna renegotiate NAFTA and love like it and Smart things at a dealt with the fact that their parts of the country they got hurt by it. But I'm always caught off guard when you make a reasonable good point. I don't she's gonna say I don't like. It's gonna miss Toronto and I don't get used to that NASDAQ and are presumed lost his next NW market now. Hi Barbara. Perhaps. You aren't armor. I. We've been one minute Colin cabinet is not playing because he's not fit that otherwise agreed would get them. And if you I don't want politics and that that you want. Do the you'd think that that's so unjust that all of you football players make millions of dollars. Take some of that money so many intercity and does he expected to be police stop a third that that's it you'd think that here. You know not not getting. Jeff this arms and you know as far as I'm concerned are you and I am and we're so what do you think this weekend hey I didn't CV. The inning I was at our. I did. Watch and I am very very disappointed I I say I ain't thought about not watching for the rest of that I am. I'm a both Bob and I have all the unique size difference yet all the other we're I watched Sunday night I watched spirit that I am like Hotmail diet. I had did not watch any game that the the it if I didn't watch. But it I didn't watch it I say I don't know I don't watch them that weekend. I have been a patriot. I've had my brother at ease and that it where but my dad at these. And I asked our question now Barbara how much time would you spend worrying about the problems in the inner cities if we weren't talking about this right now. I'm not worried about I feel exactly the. The whole point of what they're doing out on right now but that's out. No I have word about the city got that Bennett in the city but I'm saying if you're gonna that there are pro at. Take your money did you make millions and spend it on act city. You're lucky not to be. Cabinet as I say that for him but Barbara is he would thank you Barbara for the call by the way I if Kraft is listening. That's the problem for the NFL right there and they're really tall one of Barbara in this country it and they got a gig. I'll have to bring them back to this is also is bogus. You really music video ads that notion that if you don't allow that protest during the National Anthem there is no protests and both are applauding giveaways to protest.