Jeff Sessions investigatges Affirmative Action

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, August 2nd

The Justice Department has announced that its civil rights division will be looking into whether Affirmative Action is racist against white students


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Getting to where we came in. Boston's morning show on WR king. It's 7:50 here in the morning show and a reminder that our military and support is up we're asking. Different questions we're asking about Jeff Sessions of the fact that. He's gonna investigate and universities. An affirmative action wouldn't talk about that just a second here in our second question of this morning he is I forgot. Mr. Patrick oh yeah Deval Patrick. Deval Patrick is a whole lot of talk that the ball Patrick may be running for and got president. So I check it out what do you think his chances might be so that it And add to be penalized. And coming up in our 9 o'clock hour the president says that the White House is a dump. He allegedly said that we don't know. He actually said. Well that we're allegedly that's I'm gonna put that up to his do you believe the president actually called the White House would dump. Because suck do you ever see. Reza war dogs. Is gonna tell allied yes you know you gotta put enough facts and you've got to make it believable while. This certainly is believable that he would say that. But it's also. You could see where somebody would plant does to stick around so do you believe you said. I actually does it say it but hot hot hot about it but I I don't know. Yeah we're gonna talk about that those are coming your way. But let's do talk about Jeff Sessions. And the fact that. Justice Department they're actually of what they're doing is you're soliciting for attorneys who can work this. Issue. So that's how we know this is coming about the sizzle in New York Times and apparently they're. They're looking to investigate in May be soon universities over affirmative action when it comes to admissions. Your thoughts are. I wanna see him do this yeah he said. I mean this is this is something that. I had a lot of conversations at my house about. And you know I've had these conversations about this because I just went through. How this went through getting a kid in college in about to start the process of getting another one in the in both of my kids happen to be white kids from. You know. The northeast it's our worst thing that they were near line we don't forget that it is. But we're gonna spar on this one hand I know that the listeners are gonna start yelling at me and remind me of my Obama because it's what happens. While I am usually a merit based and I think in theory merit based his grade in most of reality I believe in our communities. I'm not there worked up about affirmative action in college and I don't think that sessions who I really like I don't mind that he's doing is I wouldn't advise doing us. Think there's enough other things that we could focus our attention on without getting into this. House and all of the government telling private people ought to run their biz rises general rule but. I think affirmative action is always been there's only one place that I'm okay with that is it higher education. Why. Because that guy that claimed he didn't gained you know. Let's say Colby you're Sunday get a nickel we've let's say coldly. Well if heating your Nicole B you're going somewhere else. So I don't feel like you're actually really being deprived of anything. No there is no white person or Asian person that's not going to college because of affirmative action. You may not get into the college that you want hiding get in the Harvard I've two men as many times any given a Harvard twice. I'm 99% sure that were right minority I would have been an armored. I'm all the 99% sure that if I was a minority. We now have some of the opportunities that I had to get to where I was that would have allowed me to get an Albert so there is this sort of the rubble on the thing right. Now and here's why. Because. You may not have had if you have been a minority you mean out of had the opportunities that you had the van. You. You probably were qualified to have the opportunities that you had. You don't cup you did not come from I know this for a fact you did not come from a very wealthy family. Who had incredible connections who got you into the prep schools that you gotta you gotta end that you applied applied yourself. You were qualified and you got it and you had those opportunities. That's how you can't be opportunities to set you up for being qualified to get into Harvard. At what kept you from getting in there was 'cause you were wore a white male. Now they're gonna be white males marketing getting your right because it just it's a numbers game. But. And the fact that. They start looking at the numbers. And in the end they make the decision that. It's just gonna be based on being a minority or not. I I just don't think that's always right so I think it a lot of these schools it's wrong. One of those things is. There will take some calls obviously 61726666. He would Kim I agree review all my god says seven or Wong. Jeff Sessions is exactly who we are black people thought he was so seven point six. One of the things is. Why is why I'm I'm not the you don't violently oppose this is. Well let's get a look let's see what they can dig up part of their colleges that don't even look at black applications application. They just take. If that's the case that's crazy I want I want them to college and he's. There was is what I would argue was clear cases involve old affirmative action discrimination there where there were kids that were absolutely not only not qualified to be there. They couldn't cut it in they actually ended up leaving school. But anyone with any brain and had would have known in the second that they couldn't. Don't think I can think of looking back at one of them was a good friend of looking back on it. They couldn't possibly have evaluated that they could have only been then saying we've got to have yes. Are enough here that we don't look bad how you look bad and because otherwise there's this kid was not well the he was not. Athletic. He didn't have any of the things you go but here's why. And he was there he was there for one semester he could not even come close he did not have the academic where we've all found rationed and all right what was going to be were. Why are sold certain number one won't frequently. This kind of affirmative action sets people up to fail. Which is not a good thing either with force or your resonate. That you wit to. I don't know I'm a state school or that he would to a private school and you've failed in the first semester. What's better or worse for euros and bright. Look I'm not I am not a racist I can tell you that I am not a racist. And I want I want minority kids to get the same chance that anybody else gets but I don't want them to get more chance. Based on the fact that they are minority I just don't. Because I think. Then when it comes to universities. I think people work really hard to get to some of these places. And I. I know that you say will white kids you know he didn't get into Colby you can go someplace else that might be true but you know what might change the course of who you are and what you're doing in your life. There won't an. And it shouldn't it may it's Rodham why would I got I didn't because I Garber doesn't mean anything for me I know that I do you like you who you think president the United States today that would be good for the country got to north would be good for me I don't need any more stress I'm. 401 I'm black and I think they should get rid of affirmative action for one call into the showing love to challenge you're 508. He was a senator from what state again. This why is it's really weird did the sometimes you gotta know who you are know what people think if you sessions either doesn't care or this is that. This is forever going through either I heard yeah. Racist Klansmen are attorney general look he's always the same thing as were remember when wouldn't trump commented on the French first ladies figure he didn't particularly do anything wrong but use high you have to know that's what you're tagged as I think that's hair so I easily say I agree whether or not you think sessions is right here in the number one not bar him by anyone who doesn't. What came is they think he's a race it. Well let me say this about this issue were quickly here. I agree with him about this issue and I think it should be looked into. I don't think this is the most important issue that's facing the attorney general right now so why he is chosen now to do this I don't know. Because this is an attorney general who is Ben you know pushed around anyway and has had all kinds of issues why would you want to do anything that's gonna make you look but. If he's got to do it that I say goal it. We got a break will take some calls we come back but 603 says all wide because he's black VB I'm white mean you're not gonna put me on the air that's called racism you races. That's exactly what it is I will not puts you want white. You're not going on I think the guy has some insights and has a different perspectives that we should hear from so. I'm opening calls Libby does we'll talk to master plan that's our coast is Boston's morning show. Kevin TP WRK. And it. Lerner. So are you getting cash. Previous debt off base on this schools are tax exempt if they wanna pay taxes. Fine. That's the video you can be affirmative action but you're gonna have to pay for it. I don't know I don't know how that would work I don't think it would work in what the president whatever seven anyone. Trumping 2015 I don't like what Scalia said about affirmative action and humor humiliated session now doing this for a reason I don't think trump. Cares one way or the other I think trump is uncertain things like this. Paying who's gonna stir the pot and make the administration looked off he's fine went. Again what trumps and 2015 about transgender eggs is vs what he just did with the military band goes on all recent cup so I don't think you give you can always. One thing we know what struck you can't look for consistency overtime goal what was the affirmative action policy at trump university. I'm not I'm not going to drop urine and I mean I'm not a couple I'm. A. God Haas and anyone Northeastern University this year in my town none of the top ten kids got in the northeast and the two people that did get in for my down. One was half Asian. The other was black. Coincidence. Well it is if there and it's not coincidence that on the top ten and I don't know if those facts or accurate or not but let's say they are permanent. That's the type stuff Jeff Sessions wants to and my feeling is Eugene where it's a weird did the top ten kids from northeastern go. If you like we'd. We can't it cure can excuse for it that's not that's not it's it's relevant where they went that don't have anything to do with the if you're choice was you wanted to go to north eastern. Speaking you love that business program they have there. And you you're qualified. If somebody gets and who's not qualified based on the air. On their race. That through all. It's wrong in theory but in reality. We act like higher education 2017 is something different than it is is something to be held on a pedestal and its bubble blah. College education is just a money grab book not worth. The risk reward financial risk reward data from you know printed on corn Kwan and there's so many options it would be one thing if there was 18100 in your three colleges in the country and you had got to work your tail off to get into home. But dead that's long gone you wanna go to college you go to the. And all of that is fine but that again is not an excuse. For. What is going on here that's that's still mother though none of that is a reason for this to be happening. I mean fair is fair is fear is fear. And why oh you may wanna make it out like you know college in higher education is not what everybody makes it out to be the fact of the matter is. For eighteen years of a lot of kids' lives their stride being. For the moment they get that letter in the mail that says they're going somewhere. My nephew is a perfect example of it. This kid his life has been for the last certainly for the last. I'm gonna say six years about getting into college. And this kid has sacrificed a whole lot. To be a great student. To take advantage of every opportunity goes to public high school in Saint Louis dictate that to take advantage of every averaging. He's going to news senior year he starts applying if he gets tossed out over and over again. To some of these schools and he's worked so hard to get into strictly based on affirmative action. That's that's true look. Yeah I don't know I'd. Now do I others thought I'm not I can't get that worked up about affirmative action in college specifically. Anywhere else I'm wade yet. Firefighters'. Civil service wherever else you've seen it applied that should be merit based only and that's how it goes for me. But in college. College university system I'm not that worked up about it but I will tell you this one of the reasons why this is Smart with sessions is. It's never a bad idea to go to war room liberal elitist colleges. Never a bad idea and it's never a bad idea to expose them for the frauds that they all are and that's recessions is imparted do we hear that's why this worked well for trial but. Are there more important things sessions should be addressing at this stage of the game. Can't really argue that. Already tell us that are human anyway yeah I all of that out here is I mean he's he's asking people to volunteer day was a time that wants a legitimate right. He says some lawyers are gonna say I'll take it on could find all four. Bills in Somerville this morning good morning bill. All along that question I want Walsh Bibi as well be solved its origin could Kenosha Ortiz sister won't work whichever stock we showed that the cancellations. Chris assistant designed to be patient all wanted to ration system. Why do you see that. Why do electric and I saw this just in the design house. Also hope we walked we walked into a couple of weeks probably 80009 edition of the company although being dismantled there's an assault white. Or just a box. I talk to a guy. Well why do you assume that because they are white then they are racist. Because system is just aren't. Relations because you keep saying satellite god they're self explanatory but it's not. Are we sit there pretty strong I don't notice Magic Johnson owner of basketball team does he own his own business does that mean you only hires black people know. He's just because just because whatever color management is doesn't mean that's what that business is. There are a lot of what you do in nepotism and favoritism to get there. They had their. Friends and relatives. Available that's going to college and that's called well this is true again I mean that's true in a lot of things that mean I could argue how many businesses do you walk in and there's a woman in the hands team. That's correct. Potentially it would ruin Federation's ninety not 84 I blew the whistle on interest coverage union local union Prussia. It cost you interrupt it would be 1224. Billion dollars for discrimination against African Americans because you don't system is designed to be gracious. I don't I don't. I know more than they go through and you don't know OK well thank you are you can keep saying the same thing over and over again if I don't dead and I'm not going to get it. When you use the same phrase over and over again sort of ball I don't buy that phrase. I don't. May have been true in 1950 I don't think destroyed 2017. In my mantra 1980 four's well. But I I am again I still would I would argue that we've come too much further than this system being set up. So that is so that it's racist forty was killing Levy on Boston's morning show. WRK yeah. Forgot about Jeff Sessions and the fact that he's gonna take on affirmative action college admissions. Apparently soliciting. Or attorneys who got some time in my we'll look into this issue. And arrested knew what you think you wanna see him go after some of these universities and colleges. For their policy do you think they discriminate. You know the argument because I've heard I heard just align our sorrow allow us on Twitter but don't we have more important things to do. I know I think this is important as any other. I is a big issue it's a legitimate issue has been discussed for a long time. How minding guy or of the administration that's willing to get after it actually don't agree with I don't what I think they're viewers on the thing. But I don't mind there are. This is what Charlie does as governor of Massachusetts he doesn't want trouble. But at some point you do got to mix it up I don't mind these guys mix it up let's get some answers let's get some hard statistics let's find out what exactly is going on here. I'm fine with affirmative action in college I disagree with Jeff Sessions on that on its face but I really don't mind Jeff Sessions looking at this and I give him credit for. Actually dealing with the an issue that has been front and center for a long time a lot of sandy she's in Mansfield this morning quite. Good morning how it'll go thank you. On my daughter was number two inter. Nancy out but. Sunni got wait listed for northeast Tarrant. But someone who is like and down in the twenties who led by a ratio had gotten and I'm the first round ended up getting and eventually. All good at number two did not get into these feet. She didn't get into Harvard. So I don't you know I I don't know if some of the other kids. That about racial and there but I do know that northeastern and you know very surprising and a lot of thought it did not it and that we're not. It adds. Different ethnic city we're going. She really yeah and her. She got in the business they did not I'm sorry not awesome program. But you know it just in these private boat there you know there are discriminating. Based the times. I'm in BC I think it is it is a couple things I think it. You know. If it somebody who added the ability K. And if there connect bitter and you somebody. You know aim at Harvard a little bit there you know. Any part of the problem is that she's from here. And that's part of her track you know she if she if she was from Saint Louis she'd gotten into BC. Sure he possibly yeah. I agree with you there and I think that that's not a good thing either I mean let me read based iron. And they're married out of what they've done it in it she did very well rounded child she. Been involved in a lot of clubs cheap and what if they see it then she worked that job. I achieve its treasure ever it's not like she didn't have other things it's well it's not only wish you talk didn't you know she she also. She's got a world of opportunity UMass and that's the thing don't don't ever look at this like she's been denied or cheated or whatever. She would get great opportunity of Boston College both my parents went there have good things to say about obesity. And I have sisters that went to UMass is well. You she's going to be fine she's going to be what she's going to be in the are great things at UMass if she goes and certainly the business school as one of them so she's gonna do just fine result. My only arm over UMass is your paying way too much for that but that's an issue I have with the this state in general and another Charlie Baker. Well I understand what you're saying in your writing she's gonna be just fine and she did and that's a great school that's not the point. The play picked the boy it is that someone less qualified. For reasons that are not what this school is promoting. That it's academics. That it's that well rounded human who brings a lot to their student body. She weren't something they wanted and they are not front about that and what was what they really wanted was not her academics. And not necessarily what she has done and worked so hard to achieve. A kid who could balance her academics with other things but instead they chose someone who. Just by her ethnicity or his ethnicity. Made them stand out and was different and was not qualified in the same way now. If that's if if there remain. Three people who were number two in this young ladies class and northeastern was gonna take somebody out of that class and all three of them. Applied and all three of them had this same exact resonate. And the difference was one was by where it racial and one was Asian and one with this white young lady. They may be the diversity. Would come in there. They've hit eight bit that they are choosing these individuals with a lesser qualifications. And that's. I can I it but I have no issue with legacy I get that totally. I don't even have an issue with because they can pay IE I get that totally to like him. University of Wisconsin resort there like 70000. Students there. You're telling me we can't have an affirmative action program at the where did you go you went to Missouri how many kids go to you we humans are huge institutions. Why can't we have a percentage of them. Did gets we'll I would think it naturally when you're 70000. Chances are very good. That if everybody goes in on an equal playing field your going to have a percentage that reflects. The population well I don't know actually but I we don't have your statistics on that when you're when you're and I got I'm going back when your Colby. And this year they had 20000. Applicants. 20000. Name chicken 650. Students who. I'm gonna bet you money this is not that their class is not gonna be reflective. But I guess I need flood stage Colby let's look what are the stats 120000 applications okay. Let's break him down by race let's break him down by gender insofar as you can do gender anymore Princeton's changing that obviously. And then let's state breakdown. The acceptance in the wait lists and let's see how they do compare. I mean one of the things it could come out of this is you can get hard statistics from I don't know you Texas a University of Tennessee Harvard Harvard as a case that the Supreme Court may take up. So you can get some hard statistics that you can look and they're OK curious the quote unquote problem. Here's the issue that we have what it. I don't know what those are right you know like the University of Michigan is still offering in big and they and they are still most state schools in the country are. To so many people there that they're Gary is opportunity if while I would have liked to have gone to Harvard I did okay enamel pin and I would have Donald K Dickinson which is my fallback part. If there was UMass it would have been fine I wanna go out of state but it would have been fine. You'll be okay. Ronnie is in Boston hey Ron good morning. Hey good morning Jim and he'd be in Jim thanks so much for taking the sugar. You you bet are I think what's frustrating people so much. Is your previous caller we just elected a our first black president too cute arms a woman won the popular vote. And we have done everything that we possibly can. To create equal opportunities for minorities to affirmative action and yet we're still racists yeah racist society were still a bigoted society. No matter how much progress we make. It never really count just progress. And I think that kind of dovetailed and what you were talking about in the first hour. A president Deval Patrick will just Meyer the country in this race mongering. Every single day this conversation we're having right now will be all we talk about all day every day. Just like we did under Obama and while the Democrats have such a serious white voter problem. I can't understand how in the world they never nominate a race smarter like Deval Patrick and think that they're gonna. And Reese what states look we all recognize that there have been disparities. In the past and ugly chapter in our past and we're all doing the best we can't in good faith. To remedy that not just as white people are Republicans or Democrats but as Americans but when none of our progress counts as progress. Now last caller was speaking for the entire. Democrat party leadership that they can't talk about a single issue. For more than a minute without scapegoating rich white people working class white people. White privilege race race race race race and this has all that we want to get away from its knowledge none of us JR. About justice and equality well we're just raced out. You know we're just raced out and that's why we just think it's you know we have reached a point of progress where it's worth taking a good they look. An affirmative action and seeing if that is really as necessary as it used to be. Back in the seventies where a black guy with a master's degree would get passed over for a job over a white guy would & Associates degree so people get it. But at what point does they do Democrats and progressives admit that we have made real progress. I agree Ron and I grew a lot like she says you're one of which is that this can't be the policy forevermore. But it does have to come a point in time when whatever youthful things we thought we were getting out of that we've either gotten out of or it's just not take him. And you and you walk away from I don't know 47 views that I'm not these that is more important Ronnie is that. One thing the ball I guarantee you they're going over and I was upon trump. And I'm on a stage of Deval Patrick and we're debating you know wherever the debate for the presidency I'm Sam. This site are you gonna put. Blue in the White House again for the cops because you. Barack Obama did not are you gonna write letters excoriating cops and think black lives do matter but police lies don't because it's Barack Obama. The ball's gonna have to if they're that sort of stuff Ronnie is right about that and the ball is gonna have trouble with that because he has a history with the jets. That is definitely in me here's why not too because I can't explain it costs. Kabul attacks on the affirmative action story 617 Jeff Sessions is picking the wrong battle at the wrong time. There is such a things still is white privilege. In the rulings that the police exams as well as others are biased has been proven and there is just a lack of opportunity in this is one way to combat that 978 and yet and what about poor whites try to get ahead. Why don't they get somebody to champion their cause. I'm Mario and all of this is that there is no perfect system. Right I don't think that merit only took a walk and how you define marriage because a lot of schools don't believe honestly tees anymore than a lot of them don't even look at it anymore. You'll hear just GPA is well you've got different schools different rules and different strike. Differ standard it's half the missions to higher education is it complex complicated inning. And chest high you're never gonna get perfect there's always going to be someone that's kittens screwed the question is who is it. Bills in Boston during bill and you. Yeah or not. State TV yes you should be PC politically correct every answer you have Libya and you would have. Did the least offensive to the most to the people. And that's all it is is that also looking at the real problem which is a real white put privilege anymore. When the government try to control and make these terminations and put things up. They've developed a dog right. If you wanna businesslike guy who you are the best person to do the job it is to you to pay a least a lot of money but you have to at least like death threats. Although I doubt we're the only discrimination comes or if you're gonna hire somebody you don't like them your arm around you saw gonna work out. So if your daughter or discrimination but like god but god. What do we know that we aren't home. When you're hiring someone and you've got fifty applicants that they can do the job. BR qualified to do the job woven how you pick and choose who he is he chooses the person he likes and thinks is go to work Internet dubbed the bus. OK let's find out what you are all but there's some. If it's just the absolute best no personality is resumed play no background. Some people say that if you're gonna you're in the military. You should get a little extra nudge their so what you know three people recall. Plan for that job that military Persian you do that I agree with naturally I didn't bring out our daddy daddy some sort of version of affirmative action isn't. And again I'm not sure I didn't all situations that it is 2017 is the year to get rid of affirmative action. But I do think that our inner a lot of cases when it comes to higher education these things are really some of these universities and colleges are really waited Neil. Is in Norway good morning. Hey Neil got Marty there. Audience are heading into the name that's a gulag. Hate it BD media up until you brought up am I I grew up. Why does this port you'd get in that country near in all of it didn't work hard to succeed in Iran and giving my point. Helping them come out full circle here as two yard. Would beat out I'm a contractor and double talk and they've gone from. So and in my office and I meant to Giuliani has minority and edit all he's done. It's hire minorities of his nationality. Into that office out of the myself that contract that bringing it still. Aren't our offices have all they didn't niece all Chinese state they they do depth yet. If you have Syria and upset at all white you'd have to bomb into that as many don't want to not hire enough minorities but they don't give fiddle around. I'd say that the dad from mixed race kids so. But the open but again like so. In your case you work hard you got to where you're going you seem pretty comfortable and pretty happy in life then bingo what's the gripe like. If if some people have to walk a little bit harder to get to where they're going or some people get to hear and they could've gotten to here. But in the end you're okay like again Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard soul like somehow his life wasn't one because eating go to Harvard like. But the argument is that the law that he's a loss or not set up to discriminate. Against any one. And if is. And other not supposed to anyway but you're willing or is brilliantly and it's not in the military you do said that. No I'm I'm willing to. Give those people an extra push out because Rabach got in some eerie you know box that's why like with sesno doing good and I. No because they've done something for us that's why this is a payback. And what. Tell really Canada. Well that and that's about to ball.