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Infinite Wisdom with VB the Wise
Wednesday, October 11th

VB The Wise interviews legendary Jay Leno ahead of his stop at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester


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Why does it get much better than this it doesn't for me a kid a guy that I've known since I was a kid I've. Thought this guy was the best it's used to do what what's your beef on what David Letterman I followed him ever since right up until. Last year when I saw him at the Hanover theatre the great Jay Leno Jay what do pleasure it is. Hit it here first of all year and if they had over on Thursday. October 12 and for me having been there and done that. Let me just say there isn't much better than seeing Jay Leno at the Hanover theatre I love that theater it is great place to accomplish. Yeah it's a love doing those kind of punitive really going up Evan. Come up to combat zone in Boston student strip club it's like to play a real theater. It's funny image in the strip clubs because. One of things. I stole my producer before you called in that. Do finals talk leading with my chin is one of the funnier books ever nobody nobody knows about them port. In you've just talk about the strip club stuff you did when you were coming up in that stuff really. You always been happy you know it's funny when I wrote that book it was sort all the actual merits and it's on our. And I just wanted to avoid all that's it was it was sort of everything prior to that you know so. It is yet it can just could be huge save. What's funny dude is your road in I think as it towards him aboard. There you are on time magazine or Newsweek whatever was on the cover you take your mother down to sea and she goes oh that's nice because she thought. That Newsweek just made it cover for your supermarket she didn't realize. Archie he thought at Bates has stepped. Predict issues so they handled area. Because he knew I was on the air in yes very funny. You. A ha ha that's so for those that haven't seen you since you became huge and famous in euros of the diets overall those years it's that are. It still Jay Leno the standup comedian that we we knew back then and that has been doing it ever since. You're still just kick stomp on stage for over an hour. Well I enjoy yeah I enjoyed to a standard that's what I did appoint Gupta thanks so. And that I was lucky that lasted twenty years that was great but he wanted to in the sideshow at dog on the road three days a week you know trying to sell the night. We have you know a lot of people don't like he would stand that they wanna do movies just sit content and Jerry and I emotions. Like instead of convenience could you kind of do the whole show yourself you know rates aren't just great fun but. Unique 125. People to do it because you got lightning and directors and a real the kind of thing and you look at those network notes and which are really of knowing and L all electric stuff you know the excellent you'll clouded. They got stopped and then and then try and I don't see how work. Jay Leno albeit to Hanover theatre on Thursday October 12 do yourself a favor go see him believe me. You talk about the Tonight Show I know every guest is all the time but in any trump world. Are you like man the font I could have real like man I'm glad I don't go away in that this stuff. Which your photo Arnold will. Well it's a little bit of false you know I was fortunate I. You know right at the show you know Clinton was corny and push dominoes pretty simple you know. You weren't questioning anybody I never question anybody's motives just question the judge. You know you could almost start to political I don't think President Bush quite understand. The art it's like Marley tell the joke now old. The amount of negativity. It's all about Haiti this group and Haiti their group and its its its. It's an ugly to me now why I don't I feel sorry for all the people while they're doing it because there's only woo hoo there's only one. Subject fit fit and every mile walk every night you know and it usually 90% of the monologue is it winds up I think. Makes it a little heavy for people please go to bed just like he's. Got I am not a trump fan and all I can't stand the fact that it did I go into politics I just felt like the personally. I don't like wheat gluten life I don't like. The fact that John McCain is not a hero I mean just all those kind of things our way out miso IE EEE. You know it's it's easier to do a monologue when he kinda like the person and then then the joke of more. What's the war I want. You're certain you assume the persons in weeks you on at that. Yeah I mean I never. I never had any problem doing jokes to the people safe. You know where there was a white house correspondents' dinner and I sort of this when I I don't like being. So consequently. It it it's I I feel like. The anger at the front of the joke which which ruins a joke you know I mean. It's funny actor lights on until they're clicks actually you know and it was not political Walsh took comedy about joke. And some silly and some you know not silly here and work and it was really enjoy watching because I didn't have to weigh in my personal in your. I didn't that you're somebody else's personal opinion. I can just hear the jokes in the purity of you know and that's what's kind of slime green right a little political stuff and my act to Larry I enjoy just. I mean there should be a certain amount of the state visit to Italy just wanna. It's an erupt today and then all of these great things that happen in a figure something and it simply. On you know. But on the other hand like it as you're watching this next generation you're seeing Jimmy Kimmel and he's like. I will abandoned. All jokes for a monologue because this issue is so personal to me. I mean you've been in those meetings you made those decisions. Do you think yeah ball what do you think when you see that. Well I mean I that's OK I mean everybody you know if chili is from Las Vegas. And that's the compound so obviously. East effected. More than perhaps some other people were not connected. When he had the whole thing without health care wouldn't let the sun who should still undergoing. Treatment thing. Look I get that I mean we everybody's different and that's I don't analgesic. I mean I HH. You folly argument the human being interrupted you put extraction you know. We just would of these strange times you know as you know color abundance of something you're teaching the other day the fact is. Is right it had pulled pulled out of the notes. Of the things he's said. After every other shooting and you realize. Little world now you have notes for the last ten shooting. Sort of have that America something that should. Once in a Perkins like target that now seems a couple of regular basis you know and that's what's so we'll take a couple situation. When you win nom but I. I seem to think that Jay Leno was a Mike Pence in front of them however could have some thought and could do it on a regular basis. I beat like that. Yeah I don't quite get their. Currency river east wired to Indianapolis regard needles in the music game I really I mean really. I mean talk about distracting from the issues are like religious. My skull that is you know that whole controversy it'll come away. You know the people on approach that would give a little murky up the right offense that's all they need quietly protest but like people stop the game Ernie thank. You know he quietly protesters breaker if Selig cell and think yeah that you Guba. Indy thing STB. Well not complete football let you do this I mean it's just. It's just gotten. That some out of a style that and how they can. Distract from the relations. Somehow that's way more important what's going on with pressure in RI AA it's it's it's. It's great finally and probably do. We're talking to degrade Jay Leno he'll be at the Hanover theatre and where stir October 12 this coming Thursday I. One of the funniest jokes I ever heard and I bet you forgotten that you ever told this joke but I'd I still use it to this day. There you are on the Tonight Show stage just in your monologue and one of your jokes just randomly as. Sort of just seeing the Budweiser is come how come out now with a wide miles cam. Do you remember your punchline to this joke. You know why it's so what are wrestled never heard. Me ask you something. Let's have a drinking problem do you gonna have if the alcohol is not coming out fast enough matin if so I feel like that's going on now. Those types of like comedians don't do those type types of jokes anymore because everything has to be. Only at the expense of other people but also with some sort of deeper meaning to. Well yeah about so many you miss this silly that's you know somebody remind you of the joked I forgot about them. That. I obliterated show the other day in the guys that. I would party about playing Anchorage Alaska. Clinton went to Anchorage Alaska. It would seventy degrees below zero. I went into the trustees drugstore. In the ice cream was so soft I don't think this is about. You know. It's so. Like this also with the funniest joke and kind of a Baltic a couple of light those silly editor Mike they were silly joke of that. John girl was let. You know in China you probably saw his story a baby was born with a vestiges of the third. It appear that child had a third night in the littlest target. And they LensCrafters that they can make a glass is about an hour and a half. Did you expect. You go into your immediate. Well. In oak turner well I mean old. Silly jokes or orange to run an eight foot. You know late fees be you know you'd just. Little world that's now considered. I don't know you have to look you have to the only it has been over you know. Without any soup without getting too political or trump weighs in over the week and it's and Malcolm with the Fairness Doctrine or maybe read a return and why isn't there conservative comedian on that night. Is there such a thing. When you're concerned comedians out there sure I mean it's it's. I would Hollywood like that and I guess would be one law. Probably can't stop this from happening it's something it's finally you know I mean that is the one thing they do. How loud they're in like a watch in this Harvey Weinstein saying you know. And I know that's a lot of the shows are reluctant to do jokes about it because it's. I think. He's more lastly you know ordered mobile wiley dot org I mean I think you eat you've got to Portland Sutton goes what happens like this. You've you've gotta you gotta do jokes you know. So I mean I think there's there's a certain issue there that's probably have some truth to. So you that you would have no right Jay leno's still doing the Tonight Show and have no problem. Half an hour tell them. No I have no problem doing there was still some the united Arab red that you read a story with a reporter I did do the tree and I. Out of that show what you did what he could play on the radio where apparently he approached the reporter. She turned him down so he proceeded to. What does the word pleasure and solemn. And next or other players. Now up. And Italy are a matter of it dating scene for quite awhile. But I'm not quite sure how that works as they. Opening line I mean to women certainly seen as a girl all right your coverage I was not. A lead as it serves. Pleasures that people. Once you're done. You put that I'm pretty beat up in a third round pick your recital the advantage of and it just it just sort of made me laugh a minute you know it just. I think you've got to do both sides fairly. You know what I what I did it and actually Ellis Island pride in myself when people couldn't figure out my politics I mean among those people social liberal. And physically conservative you know so I can ago. OK so. When I think government democratic these stupid when I think of Republicans accused of Greece so EE I eight I kind of walked the line it'll. Did you ever have like Clinton a run in with Clinton where he said you know was really funny that you said about me or. You know what I didn't think was so fine. Well you know somebody once I got a call from the secret so that. About. Remember that you Oakland the first George which didn't. I sent this via. The Secret Service has strict instructions in the hands of President Bush shoot quail that was the joke. And I got a call him the glory trapped threaten the lights and the iceberg yet big economic. Yeah. Elected you know this summer and the bushy Quayle's. Were you worried but still it's Secret Service calling her like she is is I'm just the community and they're like oh my god the group you're up you're advocating. You know you're joking about assassination which I. Does that frighten you about like in this era of Twitter and instant gratification not Harvey Weinstein version but you know. Your career can be over in 12 if you say the view appropriate thing. Well yes and now all I mean there are always people that you know there are two sides to every story in the admit there are people who. You know I mean George Carlin need to beat it could be could be whether mandate to coping awkward girls he held seven dirty words guys so I'm sure he'd lost a lot of people on one side recently gained a lot of the other. So eagle and I think about America is just for everybody no matter what you're into. Orbit as a group that'll take you. So here's what I think of you Jay Leno and you tell me if I'm wrong this is I think your guy who had a really good Ron. Did it and too soon to an end differently than you wanna to probably but you're still pretty comfortable in life. That its own and didn't exactly the way it's. In bill. That the thing people don't realize is everybody's. Lips it's actually they were number four but health officials statement. But Steve Allen had it he stepped down either local one Jack are. World. EE skeptic about what he was number. One job and let Jeremy was. There when we left we remember what I mean you know at some point eight. You know what your sporty and here talking to the twenty officials supermodel sexy. When 65 you know the creepy old guy. And you know and I can't pretend at my age to know all the cheesy music it's just not. It eerie it's it's just trying to move on so. I have no problem when I left me Lilly would it was fine what I like say the little lull I'm sure you look at what. You know other people go through life if Europe. Police and our nurse or or somebody like this and an you don't get. The benefits you get that I can outline what the Tonight Show so the field if you somehow opened the I was thrilled to look for longer rate is twenty G uses a long time. That that was about right I felt like it was kind of joke and I look Jimmy Fallon Jimmy does a great job and end and if you aren't. I know everybody's asked you about this ever since it happened but this is my chance on gonna go there are when he ran is on your show and you know you've. You know you gotta ask dumb. Are you. Because this before and now everybody gets in everybody's face and boom it's on and they can't DO TMs he's there but you you had the exclusive. And you I thought the way you worded it was great but what's your heart racing when you asked him that her had you gone over with our. Really you know you know grin as a great guy and he realized he screws up. And he came to the show by himself. You know nowadays people come at an army of PR people. And press people and tolerance our client it's and don't say that it it's in which he can shelled out and you know like I said they'll they'll have to ask you obviously believe the current. Are actually gives you Graham all the critic of the year. A class act and old that I mean you know I mean it was just classic guys that he beat apparently include just stupid guys that. And he renovate and it was very funny. And afterwards did he say there was great jail I appreciate that you've talked incidents. Well I optimum and the ugly side that means that you know I always say the people in the tomb of the show listen I'm gonna have to ask you about it. You've you can ignore the questions. He could tell leader goes scoreless sultry can do whatever you want. But I've got to ask a question okay. I'm not to belabor the point. Give me an answer well except that would move up and that's usual way and not simply work I mean I know is. You know I haven't tried to make beautiful Paul the second note one against understand. That if you gonna go run. We gonna ask you about this thing that happens okay. And and and he was a great sport mountain and then taking usually too. Sure you're number one favorite to test. Our own animal and secret. I think you know I mean I'm sure it was a your favorite guess I would think you would like like insurance and aghast. MI wrong and I what. Well actually I mean to me he's the most fun run loose President Obama because I knew them before he was president. And then what became one of the shuttle. He was. The first private sitting president ever done a late actual auction. The first time on it was it was very funny is he did. My name or could signal parliament president stay connected to have gonna happen a black Kerry made the state run for president and how that worked out for it. You know and it's at the court with. You know I look like idiots and it was really I mean he was really funny about people app. And he had a bit tack I mean that was impressive to meet its. The president of the United States would come on the talk shows I probably have to go without the. All sides and I feel like. You must have had one of these moments where you were earning BS and you were meek is what I just did there was. I said I bet one of your favorite guess was Carrot Top and you said no action was President Obama. And. The bill like I didn't look great managed it it's very the so great Eric Bledsoe was on gas. You know Carrie Bradshaw. One time he came out and. I think people might have thought this is plants but it wasn't because what I do I would do my monologue and it Carey week American trash. But they're great gentlemen please welcome Perry director. It's Perry walked out. And the guard Taylor wrote I was a little while our neighbor heard a way to get my looked up and you know they get the unequivocal little little bush I secretary. I can shut you down with three words because Accenture we are sorry I can show you now with three words and and you'll you'll never say another thing on the show you just. Yeah what is your eyes it. Slides open and looked out the cancer wide open. And he sold out of the floor he let. A reader just. It it it could've been playing better either and such a hurry to get out a mistake you tragically. He didn't did not only do you not give up the stance between the bought them they were wide open he hadn't felt all or inspect and and it would suspend or. It was really really well. A little bit concerned that Terry Bradshaw may have been doing Harvey Weinstein before this year olds going all right. So. I don't wanna get too serious digital one another compliment for you. It's really for your wife I just wanted to tell you like we found out a couple of weeks ago that women can actually drive in Saudi Arabia now while. The first I ever heard of the freeze burqa is and what workers were whisked from your wife and if nothing else just take good. There was something going on in the world that I had no knowledge of the time to think and Mavis Leno where as everything going for and doesn't need to get involved in this or is that she's taken this on what god bless our. Yes he's still involved and you don't Nobel Peace Prize nomination she did win virtually nominations sold chemical. It's no joke I mean thi this is. Real life stuff and this is your wife do when something that's important and it's just learn gross that this still goes on and when he's seventeen but oh yeah she literally the first fight ever heard of this stuff as a Q&A nineteen. The thing is people think it goes back. Hundreds of years a thousand years Italy goes back in 1996. You know before 1996. In Afghanistan have to professional. In the country teachers nurses doctors were women. And then. Once the Taliban took over what been what allowed to meet. So consequently you know have. Two generation. Of uneducated women with. They can't read and have the healthcare and they've got to witness stupid burka I mean the broker has no religious significance. A Muslim garment or anything like that you know which just. Something imposed by AA fiery. You know I was seeing you know so that's that's. That's a lot of people understand particular at some religious significance it doesn't. Jay Leno albeit in Hanover theatre October 12 I can't let you go jab young kids IQ would you go without. Speaking to Billy beetle because my kids would forever hold that against me if I didn't so I will ask you this how did he even come to be that you got involved with Mickey in the roadster races. I don't think well you know be in a car guy. They can make or actually called me about could they come look at some of my cards to get inspiration to draw a cartoon art with a series caricature. And then we got to talk and then they said hell we collectively wannabe Carriker to check out there. So Michael in a couple days that we can let you all those places and a lot of. It was really that simple it wasn't like you're people talk to their people you've got Stockton Disney now there promised to make a movie are. No I don't have any people I just give us some. Sure this is not that difficult people make it just a call I mean I don't really have a manager nature and I just can't do everything myself and at 211 and change. What's the. Thing on the Jay Leno writer I mean we've heard these famous stories of Eminem's I'd be separated and has got to be. Some of them won't tell you police story like that I don't have any right here I just idyllic sort of pride myself and thought there heavy. It was up in Maine in a tiny converted church. Into it nightclub. So okay thank he says and rejected I don't have a writer wannabe little pain yeah guys are initial okay. So are still up. In the area. Where it might. Check on the might. It's that we didn't need anything. Well I need the money he could well I actually Cheney's did not. An article out there now yellen. Well I have a my writer must have adequate sound. Oh. Write another book Jeremy commodity is oh there I mean that's all that's goal what town was that you remember. No I don't. I'm that's so quintessential like way north to Maine it's a and the guy probably thought he tells that story like to believe this. Who shows up and doesn't tell me needs a Mike and his buddies like what a jerk that guy must address and yeah oh. Jay like it's been a pleasure I really appreciate jamaicans in time. The Hanover theatre in west air Thursday night do yourself a favor I've veterinarian Don it it is an awesome least funny show he Jay do me a favor. Those people and where is the work hard to spend money to go CU you better slave then OK although it would well it was great talking here I appreciate it. But I.