Is it time to pull out of Afghanistan?

The Kuhner Report
Thursday, August 3rd

Kuhner says it’s time to bring American soldiers home. Do you agree?


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The sooner road course. He is no war in Afghanistan. Lost. Busy trying to bring the troops home. This is now the good faith that trough is happening with many obvious key generals. In a story now all that was first broken by NBC news it is now gone everywhere. President trump recently met with his generals. In an explosive. Meeting where apparently the president was heard. Angry defiant. At times almost shouting out his generals. He has asked them repeatedly. Give me a plan for victory. No plan has yet appeared. In fact there are now roughly about 8500. Troops in Afghanistan. I general Mattis are asked and received. A couple weeks ago. Approval from trump to send in another four or 5000 troops however. As we start to sending more troops again. The war on the ground is going very badly. The Taliban are now pulling off more insurgent attacks. All over the country within Kabul the capital itself. American troops almost day by day are slowly losing ground. Best. Best. The war in Afghanistan. Which is now out were longest war. It is the longest war. In America's history it is now entering its sixteenth year. It is now at best a stalemate. It is at right now is essentially a draw a stalemate a best. And so trump now increasingly feels the generals do not have a plan for victory. He does not see light at the end of the tunnel. And in fact any dramatic confrontation. With Mattis we pay HR McMaster and I'll get him later. The national security advisor who now many people are demanding that he be fired and I'll get him soon enough. Are out with other generals as well trump has now said he is losing confidence. In the American commander in Afghanistan commander John Nicholson. He says more troops are dying they're coming home in body bags and yet that Taliban instead of getting weaker. Are slowly getting stronger and stronger and stronger. In fact. As trump told the generals we are not winning. We are losing. And so far no plan that they have come up with. Comes anywhere close to any kind of a decisive. Conclusive victory. And sold the question now that trump is increasingly asking. And I think we're gonna get a definitive answer from him soon. Is is it time to cut our losses in Afghanistan. Is it time now to withdraw and pull all of our boys all of our girls all of our troops. Out of that god forsaken country. Let me just say this and I wanna hear from new corner country. I think there's no question about it. That in the wake of the attacks on September 11. In which al-Qaeda. Using Afghanistan. Under the fundamentalist. Islamist regime of the parliament. Were able to gain sanctuary and essentially use that country as a safe haven in launching pad to launch those attacks. I think there's no question. But the toppling of the Taliban the smashing of al-Qaeda. And the eventual took many years but the eventual capture and murder of Osama bin Laden was the right thing to do. However. However. Instead of having defeated the Taliban as we did. Smashed al-Qaeda pretty much driven them in the Pakistan and other countries. Instead of declaring victory. And for the most part really letting local warlords one run that country and coming home. We made a fatal mistake. We got involved in nation building. Afghanistan. Has been ungovernable. For over a thousand years. It easy deeply tribal mistakes society. Is it deeply divided society. It is a deeply. Splintered. Society. With all kinds of massive sectarian differences. And most importantly it is one of the poorest most primitive countries on the face of the earth. To think. That we could build a nation never mind build a democracy in Afghanistan. Was at the height of hubris and fall. It was they signed frankly of imperialism. That I think is now slowly killing this country. Bid by Dick where we no longer do things in the national interest but really now it's part of a kind of empire. And eventually empires become overextended. And they collapse. And we have now been there as I said for nearly in fact now sixteen years. This is our longest war. Longer then the revolutionary war. Longer than the civil war longer than World War I World War II Korea. Vietnam. Which seemed to go on forever in other words this is by far our costliest war that we've ever had. We have swamped trillions of dollars trillion it's. Thousands of Americans dead and mean it. Rules of engagement that no army could win under. And in the end what's the result. What's your result. Sixteen years now what's the result. The Taliban controls much of the southern part of the country much of the eastern part of the country. Outside of cowboys basically a no man's land. American troops are basically sitting ducks were getting picked off one by one the government in Kabul. Is one of the most corrupt on the face of the earth they are stealing and embezzling Armani. Their growing poppy fields the very same heroin. That is now coming into war borders and killing our people in fact. I read some things out over the last night. Several news stories. The opiate crisis. Is now becoming sole bad in the United States. Which so many heroin overdoses. That it is the equivalent. Of 3459. Eleven's. Every. Every year. Every year. And we're fostering this. This is all happening under our protectorate. With our money going in trillions of dollars nevermind the loss in blood precious American blood. And there's something else the mainstream media doesn't want you to talk about or at least doesn't want you to know they don't wanna talk about it. Because their accessed with Russia it's Russia Russia are Russia who important pool and yet who is filling the vacuum in Afghanistan. China. In fact trump made that very point with his generals. As we are pouring in trillions of dollars and our boys are doing all the fighting and all the bleeding and all the dying. The Chinese are the once in matching up all of the minerals of Afghanistan. By the way they're doing this in Africa. They're doing this in Latin America there are doing this all across Asia there essentially raped in North Korea. China is economically reaping North Korea. They give them gas and weapons to keep Kim Jung on afloat but they are pillaging North Korea but let that go. So as they are going around in reaching themselves. The money is going out of Afghanistan into their pockets. While. Our money is going in. My friends enough is enough. Enough is enough. It is time to port America first. Afghanistan. Is not worth the bones. Of one American soldier. No more. It is time to bring those troops home and you know where they're needed right there on the southern border. And it is time now for the Afghans. To defend their own country. And I know what the argument it is the counter argument is in McMaster is making that argument. The establishment is making that argument but if we pull out of Afghanistan. Well that the Taliban will take over eventually they'll win. And then al-Qaeda or the islamists will filter back Kindle infiltrate back in well number one are already here. So al-Qaeda is already back in Afghanistan. The islamists are already back in parts of Afghanistan. So they either already there. Now if we ever do have to return god forbid then will return. Whether it be in two years or three years or five years or ten years or whatever then we'll just returned. And if we got to take a Molly gamble take them out again but what you don't do is leave our troops and their like sitting ducks. Getting picked off and killed one by one. No plan for victory nor realistic chance anymore for victory let's be candid. And we are twenty trillion dollars in the hole. Ladies and gentlemen it's time to sober up and get out of the borrower. We are broke their original warm me. So we're gonna spend even more money on a losing effort in Afghanistan for what. Should the Chinese can get all the minerals. And the Islamist can grow all the heroin in the poppy fields that are being used to kill our people here are owned. None on and I'm home I enough is enough. It is very simple. If we pulled out of Afghanistan. And actually genuinely secure our border. And really had a serious ban on Muslims coming in. Especially Muslims from terrorist hotspots around the world we would be safe. We would be safe. And if those primitive savages. Wanna slaughter each other in the caves and mountains of Afghanistan. Like they have been doing for thousands of years. Let them. How about each other and let a lot sorted out. But my friends. Is time to cut our losses. I believe the president is ultimately right. We do not need another protracted foreign entanglement. This is now becoming. Another Vietnam. And I say bring our boy lease home. 61720666868. Is the number let me ask all of you this. Trump is now seriously considering. Polling out over Afghanistan. And being our military commitment there the generals are saying stay on. Fight fight fight. Who do you side with. The generals. Or the president. Is the war in Afghanistan. Essentially lost. Should we bring our troops home 61720666860. Day rule here on the. Great WR KOK. My friends. Bright Bart is now also reporting this it's it's all over now really. Very good. Piece by Charlie sperling saris Charlie's burying. I've bright part here is now according to multiple media reports. Trump met with his leading generals. Specifically. At a very heated meeting he challenged secretary of defense general James Mattis. The rest of his national security team including national security advisor HR McMaster. Quote we aren't winning. Trump said to the generals. We are losing. And according now to people who were there at the meeting. Trump in particular said he has been very disappointed and he is losing confidence. In the commander of the American forces in Afghanistan. General John Nicholson now McMaster continues to defend Mickelson. But trump says there is no strategy or plan for victory. And sold the corner country poll question of the day. How we lost the war in Afghanistan. Is it time to pull out. If you believe the answer is yes. Tex the letter they ate the 68680. If you believe the answer is no all we can still win or salvaging victory. Pecks the letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote. Online at The poll question powered by bill Kelly financial services the lions are blazing. Pay. Chet who didn't slam them attacking it or ethnic Indians. And I'm at right. Big enough to know why it happened I don't amnesia dropped. A couple of bond tried to own and there and done the track maybe blatant how he could be at. Peggy thank you very much. I mean look we we did it with Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Trump is not I'm telling you right now he's not gonna go and clear he doesn't wanna go nuclear. Everything that I've been reading is trump is essentially saying. Look I'll give you guys 34 more months if I don't get concrete results. By the end of the year on when to pull the troops home all of them every single one of them. So the question I have is. Do we cut our losses or do we stay Paul in Dorchester going head ball. Differ preaching the good word this morning and we need to get out of Afghanistan. I'm in 2008 and April elections sixty minute video about northern Afghanistan. And they were solar power its tenth of an abundance of water and how. And that tribal people up there are against the Talabani and there was fighting. The natural enemy of the telethon but for some reason America never takes advantage of that. But all the nations. All the other nations join that innocent fighting with them but only in the northern Afghanistan. You know that the don't know regions to the Turkish to Germans still hungry to Sweden's. All of their troops so stay up and on the north that they received and we didn't our guys picked off in the south plains it's it's ridiculous we need to get out. I'm with you Paul and thank you very much for that call. Look you're right it's in the southern and eastern part of the country DOS for the Taliban is strong. That's for al-Qaeda is strong and notice these other you are suppose an ally as you're completely right Paul. This safer part of the country whether it's cal bowler northern Afghanistan. Dared they are. Dare dare Wear the bullets aren't flying the air days are. So who's going all the Frontline fighting we are doing all the bleeding the dying we are maps and non. Honestly how long are we gonna be uncle sucker to the world so only our troops fighting and dying. That's it and we're the ones pointing up all the money is well enough so enough. Bring dough boy lease home. Nick in Weymouth going head neck. It happened that night. Yet no union says the American we got to know more crap that we will of them however in the and they will lead. South Vietnam and it's kind of like what's been happening in the end the last few years but the hollowed out. The equipment that an Asian people they thought their plan the blown up. The helicopter it was what a whole bunch in Haiti field the question is you get a big out really. What do you think. He gave up they have no navy they have no way of board. Yep how low and we need even try to do those kind of things they don't have a baby in the world but. Building yes triple a I think you take them out like he's got. Backyard I agree with your neck. To meet the argument is well what if the Taliban comes back to power and or whatever and it becomes a real safe haven for Islamic terrorist although we'll just take amount. I mean whatever it is 345. Tank whatever it would just take amount. But don't leave our boys there essentially. A sitting ducks as targets. And the other thing and Paul made a very good point the Taliban has a lot of opposition in Afghanistan. Why we have not teamed up we both tribes do you remember you can go back fifteen years if you can do it has been so long. Remember the northern alliance. There are a group of militias. Parole American anti Taliban they helped us overthrow the Taliban from power and what do we do we essentially stab them in the back. We started putting up these warlords in Kabul. So the local population some of those tribes that wanted to help us instead of working would then we just threw them to the wind. So let them fight it out in Afghanistan. Believe me there is nothing else bear. There original oil there are known natural resource is it is the most poor primitive. Economically. Impoverished. It's a god forsaken place. That's what it is. Pity the Afghans. Pete in where I am go ahead Pete. And Jeff I I think Pete Athens although of the problem is that we don't declare war. We've been by the police action they're present Korea and we haven't won any. Because it's a limited war all you can do this but he can't do that now. They what they need to do it. Error Korea area whatever is declare war or Cold War and the rules are destroy the enemy. Spared this band whenever possible. Destroy the enemy that the mission is the mission and get out. And then. Well if you get out east bay don't and we come back there. Well peaked look you touch on something very profound because that's actually wrong not Rand Paul it's wrong Paul points also ran polls but. Ron Paul made that point. Since the since the end of the Second World War we've never declared war. Now let me ask you what war have we conclusively won since the end of World War II. Korea essentially stalemate. Vietnam we never lost the battle. But politically we lost that war. You rock again we never lost the battle but look again same thing. It just went on and on and on and on and I'll. All countries in chaos Afghanistan. We toppled the Taliban in one month three weeks. We have never lost the battle. But we just stayed on and on and on. When we used to declare our wars and brought the full might and power of the United States we always won convincingly. Since then it's been one quote police operation after another the boys dot U. The money gets drained and spend and squandered. But victory you don't see it 61720666868. Okay. Should we stay in Afghanistan or leave. And I'll take more of your calls. He HR McMaster the national security advisor. Is he dumb mother of all leaked out. Okay. President trump is now growing increasingly dissatisfied. And critical. All these generals on the war in Afghanistan. He's also especially angry that as we've poured in trillions of dollars and troops are dying to this day. China is moving in and scooping up most of the mineral wealth. In Afghanistan. He is now increasingly telling his generals. It may be time to a poll. All the troops out greed disagreed. 6172666868. Okay. The man leading the church. For the war to continue in Afghanistan and this is very multiple import on pay my friends. Is national security advisor general HR McMaster. Now. Who is Mick master. Because it now appears. That he may be the fundamental. Weak link in the trump administration. So Ryan's previous was essentially let go his chief of stop. Because it appears she was one of the leak occurs within the White House but those were palace intrigue leaks. The leaks and have been coming from the so called deep state intelligence communities but those are the criminal leaks. There really devastating weeks undermining the president and undermining our national security. He HR McMaster I believe and the evidence now is increasingly beginning to show. Is not loyal to the president. In fact he was recommended. By none other Dem Mick maniac Senator John McCain. He was the one that pushed for McMaster. To be appointed as national security advisor. After general Mike Flynn was essentially fired over the whole Russia. Scandal and what he had told her not told Mike Pence. So make a master was essentially brought onboard at the urging of McCain. I'm at the urging of establishment Republicans. It is now coming out. Darren hit charm make a master listen to this is now engaging in a massive perch. Are people who are supportive of trump and supportive of Israel. On the National Security Council. Listen now. Listen to the words of Caroline Glick she's a phenomenal columnist. Jerusalem Post I've been reading her for years. According to her report march. Which is now being reinforced by other media outlets. HR McMaster. Is now going after all of the trump loyalists. Within the National Security Council this three day he gets fired recently. One of them is rich Higgins. Very loyal to trump who listen to this. Complained. To the president. That they deep state was aligning with the liberal media. And what rich Higgins did listen to this he wrote a memo. Where he talked about this alliance between global lists and islamists. And how big global lists and the islamists along with a deep state. Primarily through the Muslim Brotherhood. Were creating an alternative government with in the national security apparatus. And they were deliberately leaking to undermine trump. Make a master went after him and fired him. Fire him for what. In fact make a master. Resented the fact that rich Higgins was pointing out. That the intelligence community is full of Obama and Clinton holdovers. And in fact they are the ones who have been providing all of these illegal or engaging in these illegal criminal leaks. And he says they're almost rogue bureaucrats. Whoever no accountability. And yet for basically stating the truth make a master fired rich Higgins. He then went after the personal oversaw the M Israel portfolio. Derrick Harvey got him fired went after Ezra Cohen whip watt Mick got him fired. Now these two guys in particular. Colon walked nick and Harvey. We're going after. After a big deep staple lead curse. And in fact we're personally complaining to trump saying we don't understand we cut these all bomb hold overs we know they're the ones that are leaking. And yet make a master shielding and protecting them why lazy not helping us to flush him out and get them fired and make a master instead. Upset that they went to trump god both of these two individuals. Can he got them fired. He is urging anybody that is Roche from. And now if nobody else has the guts to say I'm gonna say it's. I think McMaster is a fifth columnist. In the sense of he is their to suburb parts that trumped administration. Must say he's a fifth column for you working for foreign power but I mean he's a fifth columnists in terms of BI establishments attempt. To bring trump down from within. No wonder McCain hot pushed him no wonder McCain back them no wonder Lindsey Graham backed them. That's their mole within the trump administration. This guys it shortest throwing throw. And if you wanna see now what the costs of this Sar. Not only have the leaks continue my friends are intensifying. And as was broken on the front page of today's Washington Post. Now they are leaking vault full entire transcript. Of president trumps conversations. With the president of may call and the president of Australia. And when I mean the full transcript I mean everything. Down to adopt a so the president then coughed. Didn't gruden president clears his throat and you better weakness. Every second every word every Kama. Everything. Is in those transcripts. Now why are they being leaked in fact to be honest with you I think they shall trump in a very good liked. He's are going on to the Mexican president. You gonna you know all we want the illegal immigration to stop the wall is gonna get built I'm sickened tardy guards making excuses. You know you better stop publicly define me because the more you define me the Mormon to build a wall. He's going on to the Australian prime minister saying we don't wanna bring in all these un vetted Muslim refugees so to me in private it shows that. What trump says in public is exactly what he thinks and pride it. But the fact of the matter is this. Those conversations. Are done on a secure line. They're supposed to be completely private and confidential. In other words what happens on the phone stays on the phone of course. But if you start publicly leaking them and I don't mean bits and pieces fall whole freaking thing. Darryl took a goodbye. Pouring in the case of the Australian prime minister down to the Blanco off. You're your your preventing the president from being able to do his job. Her deliberately sabotaging his abilities to be able to perform his duties as commander in chief why it's so lobbyists. If I'm having a conversation with you and your thinking on the other ran well they're listening they're recording. And they may be leaking this I'm gonna be very circumspect and everything that I say. So who's gonna wanna talk to trump on the phone. What leader wanna talk the whole thing is going to be blab and and and and and spilled to the entire world. So either you're not gonna wanna take his call or if you do tickets call you're just basically there have just be just pleasantries but not in Boca. Olga yep okay well let's let's meet in Paris then for the edgy point Simon okay. Does he was six months Mr. President. The only purpose of this is to openly undermined and sabotaged. And possibly attempt to humiliate and embarrass the president of the United States. While these these partial we legal and sole criminal it's not even funny. And now they're happening on a daily basis. Noticed Obama's conversations nor problem all. Completely private completely confidential. George W. Bush Bill Clinton I could only this is happening to trump why. Why. Because they deep state. In alliance. With their corrupt. Media. Are now determined to bring this president down no matter what the cost no matter what the price. No matter how much it hurts national security. And when you got trump loyalists or trying to ferret these people out and expose some. And make master instead of helping them is openly firing them. He's a fifth columnists. Mick master passed to go. He is a consummate establishment carry him. He is the agent of the establishment. He visited Jordan is among trumps inner circle. And I am strongly urging the president and I hope Sean Hannity. I hope Michael Savage. I hope mark will then. Honestly I hope everybody. Follows this story and puts maximum pressure on the president. To let him know he's got somebody out to destroy him right beside him. This guy is the ultimate Brutus. Mr. President. You wanna win. You wanna have a successful administration. You wanna stop the leaks. Fire this loser the quicker the better Jerry in Cape Cod go ahead Jerry. Good afternoon Jeff. I agree with most of what you said but the real goal here. Is he Islamic Dina Habib Powell who is recommended. By none other than Jared Kushner and pocket trop she'd be Dick. Army secretary that thought she started out she. All the way up the food chain. She's involved with vital voices with Hillary Clinton she that's great political app indeed what is she doing in the White House. Why would you recommend it would be because she she's really liberal not really Republican she took the columnists. All right Gerri I agree with you completely. And she's gotta go make masters got ago but I'll tell your right now I think even general John Nicholson the commander in Afghanistan I think he's got a goal. He has no strategy no vision. No plan for victory. Look I think what you can clearly see I think now with the evidence is overwhelming. You have a fundamentally good decent patriotic president it's almost like a Hollywood movie. Who really wants to what piqued interest of the people and America first. And you have the special interests. Whether it's the military industrial complex. Whether it's the deep state. Whether it's the bureaucrats in the State Department the Obama loyalists think Hillary loyalists. They are out to cripple him and destroy him. And if I'm the president there's only one way you win clean house. Fire not less fire more album. Erin anyway. Am sure go ahead. After they're just thank you particular call my pleasure. I have a couple of quick point on Afghanistan that yes go ahead shoot. You know. I can't believe that at this point we still don't learn from history. No one has not been able to conquer Afghanistan elections could even do it and they word that it. We should have been out of this war a half years ago when Obama got on offense and decided that it would no longer going to be a priority. That we were no longer dedicated to you don't send our boys to war. And then turn it back from them you don't senator abort abort site without making them they're number one priority all the time for the duration. And not gonna make it a priority you need to get them out of there my second point and you'd think it's kind of ironic that all these people now they're saying they're saying we need to stay in Afghanistan we need to stay in Afghanistan. The same ones are in the campaign trail that said child shouldn't be president because you're going to be at war monger. All brilliant are Aaron brilliant it's brilliant. You're right all these lives usually good issue world war three is gonna be a nuclear war nuclear Armageddon. Who's the one guy like Jeff corner who's the anti war conservative stocks comp. Mean look he'll use military force if it's in the interest of the United States. But fundamentally. He doesn't want a large protracted war. Because he understands something we have to fix problems at home first. Forget nation building abroad. It's time to do some nation building. At home. And told yeah.