Is it time to ditch the A to F grading system?

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Wednesday, September 20th

Kuhner says no. What do you say? 


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Is this time to ditch these days to staff grew rating system. I don't know how it was when you went to school but when I went to school right you did really well you got NA did a pretty good you got to beat. They're all you did OK you guys see he really didn't do that well but it wasn't a failure you gotta be. And if it does bomb he was horrible you failed you've got enough. And I remember getting my report card it was a big thing my dialogue over my grades. And generally he didn't want any Cesar dees. He would like to see more ease than meets. But you know if I got a lot of bees and a few days it was OK but he would prefer to have mores than beats. Now apparently I swear TU. Gary is now a massive push. To get rid of this traditional. Rating system. And in San Francisco in California but it's also allowing movement. Growing across the country and yes it is coming here to the people's republic of march or juice it's. There is now a growing consensus. Across California but among some of these school reformers progressives. That the grades eight through apps are outdated. And so now cry a bit high schools. Are now seeking. To change the grating system they don't want any more at ease or b.s or c.s these are wraps. They want are replacing them with transcripts. Of each student. There that have sort of a narrative. They want teachers to write the narrative. That provides deep tales about the students' achievements. So according now to Kate or research she's the director at San. Demand medical school is it just outside of San Francisco. The grating system is broken and she cents. And so now there is a new school of thought in education. When it comes to grating and they wanna get rid of the concept of letter grades. Entirely. And they save that instead of having students. You know who just wanna get laser bees or whatever. Now there is more than a hundred schools across the country. Participating. Inning in the master read transcript consortium. It is a new teaching model I swear to you. That's seeks to evaluate students on a one by one bases. In which the teachers. Provide for them narrative. So for example. He will no longer get bush re supports it instead of a B or C. It would look more like a narrative so in particular for example. Little Johnny. Well little Johnny doesn't really know his math but that's OK. Because little Johnny is a good boy. Little Johnny listens in school. Little Johnny is Smart tries a Smart boy. And day he's very friendly would the teacher and so he's got other skills. That recommend him. Or let's take a little Janine. Little Janine may be English as a second language Turkish Jews wherever any legal or the parents are illegals. However. Show she can't rewrite that well in English however. Little Jenny shares she's a great scheerer. She's clearly a bright girl what a lot of potential. And dad I like her she's one of that they're very good very good social skills. So look at her social skills. Look at her ability to cooperate. Look at her in terms of may be hurt scientific abilities. But on reading and writing not so much. Each now. So they want to replace. Grades. We peace teacher and parents. Now I am telling you it's taking off in California. They're gonna try it here in Massachusetts. So far it's in private schools are not gonna do this for now. In public schools but you can guests were the trend is gonna go if it starts private it's eventually gonna seep into the public school system. Now. A couple of things need to be said and I wanna throat open TU 6172666868. What's wrong with the rating system. Have you noticed now on our country in our society. It is almost like a revolution is afoot. Everything has to be changed in transformed. Everything. Were always having to reinvent the wheel. OK I get there is great inflation that's true sold to win a corrected is just don't inflate the greats. Make him a mean what it used to mean in a B or CNN the or whatever that's point number one point number two. How is how much college admissions how is a college supposed to evaluate students. You know there's no GPA there's no how seriously. How is that college supposed to know if they stored in I don't know is proficient in math. Is proficient in reading as proficient in writing. It's proficient in history is proficient in geography is proficient in admiral physics or chemistry or biology. That's. So I got. I don't care if the child is a good sharer for a good person. Or you think has good social skills or you think is naturally intelligent. I wanna know how did they perform in these courses I mean these classes relative in comparison to their peers. Now as somebody who was a professor at McGill who is being in the higher education system. They get so many applications. Ahmad is talking about McGill colleges in general let me tell you how it works. This is so unrealistic this is showing sane it's not even funny. At the admissions office they barely got fifteen seconds to look at each application I mean there's so many problem. So what you do is you grab one file you go okay is that you put it in one pile. Is that the pile that has promise or is that an outright rejection. So they basically got 1015 seconds they look at it they go okay GPA pretty good. Extracurricular wrecked okay yeah yeah did some okay did some other whenever extra curricular activities. Looks god OK you know what looks promising bank that's in the eight file. Mac. One point eight GPA not forget okay dismissed right away. If they got to start reading. These 3456. Page narratives. It's gonna caught the entire admissions process. I mean literally it's gonna it's gonna grind education to wall all OK that's point number one point number two this to be so obvious. What is some teachers really don't wanna right now Harris. What if they're not good at writing the narrative. You know for example I had a math teacher he was a great math teacher. But English was a second language was French Canadian. So he's writing skills were not that good not his fault it was a great math teacher but writing was just not one of a strong suits. So. We're gonna have some teachers who can write good narratives which will favor some students. And then other teachers who write for whatever reason can't write a good narrative or what and that's gonna disfavor post routes. And then. Finally. Who then how has that kind. Who we'd all of peace silly narratives. You are there to be judged. On your performance. In school. And on your mastery of the material. And if you are real master you getting me. If you're really pretty good but. Your beat. If you're just OK you're a C if you go up problems it should be and if you don't know your stuff it's enough. You know what this is. They don't want to give NF. They don't even wanna give a C or read the it's about the students is feeling. X. And coddling their selfless team. And making them feel wonderful. All on the insight. If they go through with this experiment. I am telling you is gonna destroy. Higher education. This. Is you want talk about insanity. This easy it. I don't want narratives. I want grades. 61720666868. Let me ask you all of this let me ask you this question. Should we get rid of BAA two F grew rating system. And replace it with personal narratives. On each student and did the teachers out there. Will you don't have that kind to do lists. 6170666868. Becky Europe first go ahead Becky. I guess. All her for many years that patent public in tried that I was an English teacher and would. He can give a personal about the narrative for each student when you have a 12062. Absolutely impossible. What I patent the private sector. We still had to indicated at great that we did you really. It notes on the kids and that would take me for sixteen students. That would teach me to. Q&A half hours because you were nearly pouring into it he could never do that public school. And in some schools in the state they are begun from the aide asked to a one to four or being you know here above grade level. And everyone just interpreted as an agent and ask. It's it's state pleading gained someone must be making money. And a they do experiments on our children that we cabinet in our society. And Becky I'm just curious as an educator as a as a former teacher. We're really what is wrong I mean Becky my missing something. You know sure I didn't like it when I got a dear CE. And I've made me wanna study harder so I can detonate but what's wrong with you all the aid at screening system look what's wrong with that. There's nothing in what they at what people try to kids it. That's about the easier just talking about kids who don't like people are lying to them that they. They don't want to be like today don't wanna be told they're good at something or not. Eight duplicates and Alex are fraught. Tell me where it from doing well there I'm not doing well it these people who think that. Building giving everyone a trophy for being led by. And they're really declined to kids think it's just took the trophy Atlantic and it hasn't been any an eight ask is nothing wrong with connect. As if I don't think I really ever get out that many ask is a final grade it was market I don't quit or something. But and they would come back and complete work on it and I did they would bring you that it wasn't. Just say happier failure that's it it's no he needs to work more on that and I doing something let me help we'll work together again up. Becky thank you very much for that call you really good thank you very much 61 really good call 6172666868. Here. Dermot just flip it just for a second indulge. So we're gonna get hit a little bit I think with Jose correct Brittany hurricane Jose just a little bit. Ain't broke a little bit rain you've got hurricane Maria and now which is hammering Puerto Rico can we had arm we had hurricane Harvey. What do we got rid of him all the category system for hurricanes. I'm serious. Now you don't category five or. At CeBIT that's offensive. Are really having category five the strongest hurricane come on now let's strongest hurricane Sharif flattened Barbuda yes. It's blowing roofs off but. Off of houses but in all. Don't coney shaped beautifully. All look at the way it looks on satellite pictures has got a lot to recommend that. You know and then let's say a category two lower category three well all I'm now maybe it's not that strong. And you know it's not gonna blow your house apart mud on the other hand hold on hold I'm. Look at it look at the look at the structure of the hurricane almighty god I mean it's it's all caught it saw its effect. It's just it's going to look at it's almost it's almost like a battle in the year. If I told you we're gonna do categories you know because it would offend people suggest you Wii craze. Is the same thing with greets. I need to know can you write can read can you do move can you do physics chemistry biology. I need to know. We're chew. 6172666868. Molly in Attleboro go ahead mall. They you'd have thought that I'm going to incur major surgery. You know what I don't know that my surgeon played well what other. I wanna know that he doesn't radiant because he bought that did god and he knows his stuff and he was at 8 o'clock top of the class students. And that story it just doesn't get any more simple and that I appreciate that topic Wal-Mart. So Murray hold I don't let's say well were mean they knew but let's say you have like open heart surgery you know what. You know 'cause I'm putting on a lot of wave the blood pressure and cholesterol so they opened me up mark. And the guys like cool what is that. And then all of a sudden you know it's like. And Google all all geez I botched it but hey Jeff they loved me in school you should is still I got along with the teacher. I don't care I just you just kill me. Absolutely it I don't know greater question and I'll tell you guessed it that's the way that I would rated morning here at the top. I would be a surgeon today. We are. OK. I agree rockets missed outlined why I think. I would be app to beat you cutting out in the box. Or so. I could. I agree I like her. Do you darn crazy and I I just. I'm doing the bad but I would our children here and down on hold are likely it will it yet because it was good are out. Why is it wise god bless you Molly no I gotta tell you honestly UN told the teachers. I don't want you to lower the standards for my kids. Like please I want I want the bark to be hot like don't make excuses for Mike hit. If my kid doesn't deserve an eight. Don't give Mike hated me and tell me why my kids not getting an ill try it you don't get amazed I've been getting me all the time in school. The end of the world get a B or C or whatever but I want you to try your best. And let's see what we can get the most out of like please. Don't inflate the grades don't lower standards don't lower the bar please I'm asking you. And if my kids are not doing homework tell me right away because believe me. By tomorrow they will. Friends there is now a big boy Shrum many liberal educators it's happening in California. It's gonna come from Massachusetts and some private school my public but so far only private schools. They will be getting rid of the eighth two F grating assist them. And replace it with a personal narrative written by the teacher good idea bad idea. Britain. I wish that this was going on before I went to college. Because I would about it haven't. Well you know let's begin our hammed. We got actual position from Harvard really OK yes yes doctor Creighton. From how good how are you doctor great. Well I'm fine then I enjoy your show thank you but I just. I just want to make the following comment because the the joked that you made with the of the call equality and positions us. Potentially problematic. Well it's actually true. It's been virtually impossible to evaluate I'm positions. And all of the system from about the last twenty years. So if you have individuals who were essentially incompetent to believe it or not there are individuals who do it to the end of this training who aren't. Quashed terribly competent. If you tried to. Correct them if you tried to create them if you you assemble complain about them. You can expect to be sent to HR. I don't know salute you we're graduating people at this point some of them of course there's some of them basically incompetent. But the most system for the evaluation. It. Oh my god. Doctor Heidi I wished there was a video cam on me because. As you were at this almost never happened. I guess you ace dropped my face dropped my eyes almost popped out of my skull and I was listening to you. I like a much I really a guy like tightness in pop in my chest actually listening to your. Doctor so how is it I mean when you're saying they're graduating some doctors that are incompetent. I would say it's pretty bad as some people. You know there there's still some very very good young doctors. If there's a whole lot but you know it's it's homogeneity. At this point. Put valuation is not a meritocracy. Anymore and like they don't use greens doctors don't want. No brains and well there'll valuations that you really not a law to give it a proper evaluation. Because she is good then criticize sure evaluating individual properly. It is it is the major problem to problem here it's probably crawl through while. I had ice futures markets. Com my god doctor if you don't mind me asking I mean do these incompetent doctors do they get drops like do they are they. Oh absolutely they do on and it's not only do they get jobs but they sit there accent got close evaluation. There's also say there's a bad tree. At this point it. It's just what it's so good do you know where they're being sent. Everywhere. Pretty much anywhere they want ago office. Anybody they're pretty much anywhere in the hoopla. Anybody like any of them in the Foxboro rent Samaria doctor. And and you thought I was a little facetious I'm loud. I handled them well you know it it is also true. So they all do it upgrading its public school level. But it carried all the way through medical school level and I'm sure of reforms and a graduate education doctor it's a real problem. Doctor Creighton thank you so much for calling in and thank you for your courage. Welcome gob bless you sir thank you 617 while she's she's going to be a tight as you know a lot of flak from his colleagues. There for him Spybot blowing the whistle like this there are not going to be happy with him and Harvard I yanked. You are my chest is titans literally tightening. But what do what do you mean they're doing it's I don't see I just how did they get jobs to our daily I have no idea what they're doing I ya ya yeah. 6172666868. Okay let me ask you this should we get rid of the age to have grating so great. WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the liberal bull my friends just another quick reminder I have a fresh call mop. On It really exposes Elizabeth Warren chief spreading ball. It's called confronting Elizabeth Warren the question she fears most. Hi it's going viral please go on RKO dot com. Read the column pass on to all of your friends okay. You can text us as always 68680. Jeff regarding doctor Creighton. What does say posed gangly on a nerve for matter. From a free gangly on it fiber. Amongst friends are right. A hi yah yah I. This is from 774. Jeff. The doctor is right. I'm Matt I'm a visiting nurse. And it's the same thing here you complain. And the union gets involved. 603. Jeff another thought. Grades equal accountability. There's no more accountability in our society anymore and look at the failing results. Let me throw as I like to say one more log on the fire and now I take more call 617266. 6868. Now. As you know and this disregards schools for just bear with me I just wanna set it up properly for all of you. Eyes you know all there is a heated senate election race in Alabama. To replace the seat. We vacated now by Jeff Sessions. And it is between the establishment Republican Luther strange. And the trump conservative insurgent. Judge Roy Moore. Now Mitch McConnell. Through his pack the Senate Leadership fund. Is throwing millions and millions of dollars. Packed Roy Moore he's backing Luther strange all the way. They are throwing millions and millions of dollars in negative ads to try to destroy the trump insurgent judge Roy Moore. It doesn't look like it's gonna work because the trump candidate to judge is a leading by about ten percentage points now. What is have to do with schools. I borrowed the month ago maybe three weeks ago. Judge Roy Moore who is a devout Christian. Gave a speech. In which he said. That since we've taken god out of the schools. Since we've taken the ten commandments out of this colts. Since we've taken prayer out of the schools. This schools have gotten infinitely worse. And not only that but it's affected morality and in terms of public morality. Shootings. Drugs crime violence. He says is now up. Because we have taken out the very concept of right and wrong good and evil. From our schools. CNN. Apparently god got the tape. And now Mitch McConnell and the establishment Republicans are in alliance with fake news would CNN. To take out judge Roy Moore. They feared that he will win the Alabama senate race. They now. Let that go for a second to meets again despicable it shows you what traders they are. But I wanted to go to the substance of his argument. And as I said this to both Britney and Jared at our pre show meeting. I said you know look I'm not saying you know you got to signal vina has been in school amount arguing for that. But just objectively. Look at the 1950s look at the 1960s. When there was prayer in school. When there was the ten commandments in school. When there was god in school in other words thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not steal. Not the sense of right and wrong good and evil. Teachers are 1950s and for the most part the 1960s their biggest complaints about their students public schools elementary high school. Was chewing gum. Or talking in class. The more we've taken god out of the schools. Religion out of the school's prayer out of the schools in other words the more we secular arises our schools. Look what's happened. Now the biggest complaint among teachers is. Crack cocaine. You know opiates heroin and sniffing glue. Gangs. Guns violence that's PB's. Syphilis herpes but they've got metal detectors. You've got MS thirteen gang banger it's. In other words. By not teaching our children the basics of right and wrong good and evil moral absolutes. What we used to do in this country and frankly. What most of our history and in western culture going back hundreds and hundreds of years. There is no longer a sense of conscience. Of morality. Being instilled among students. And so if you actually look at the schools. That's Sarah the last 3040 years to meet just objectively looking at tennis schools have gotten more violent. Student to become much more on ruling. Drugs have proliferated. Gangs have proliferated. Loss of respect for authority for the teachers. How does that mean it's everywhere. So is judge Roy Moore right. We may not like it we're not a religious region in the way that say the south is we're not the Bible Belt. But by taking out gaunt and taking a prayer and taking out the ten commandments. How does drugs violence. Shootings. Filled the void. How does it damaged our students. And damaged our moral fabric as a society. 61720666868. Agree disagree. Dan in Wu burned Europe. Next goal I had done. Throughout the liberals are doing what they tool with just about every industry. You what you're doing is taking away objectivity. And making it subject of how to light field today. You know I feel that will push you get a mortgage even though yes fifteen credit that he hasn't paid because. That redlining in predatory lending so we have to give him that mortgage even though he's never paid a bill on his life. Little Johnny well you can't get one plus one even military grade and he's holding everyone else. Back because we have the No Child Left Behind at all in the immigrant in the class he still can't. Get too close to win a ninth grade shall we have to do basically ripped protect and so everyone gets it and then everybody will get a glowing eight. But they're dumbing down the standards and it's absolutely. It's going not. Our Daniel completely writes a 110%. Right about diet as a trial going on today in Boston with a company where we murdered it's 77 people. And I will the government was notified a year before that patients would die and they chose to do not that. And they're gonna crucify this kid today after they let. All the guys that where they were given evidence on off on the child sick but also a side is crumbling and it's not a doesn't represent the America that I know. Dawn cut down and forgive me Dan thank you for that call. Look I said it before I'm gonna say it again I really believe this. Mom make any friends when I say it but I'm just going to be from Meyers speak the truth is I see it there's no point leaving behind the microphone. I believe when we took on other schools society went to hell. I really do I really believe that. I believe that there needs to be eight the transcendental. Nature of man. That this sense that you're gonna be morally accountable for your actions. And the famous Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky once famously sent. Once you remove god. Everything becomes permissible. Everything. Even murder. And I think that's what we're seeing. And look I'm not saying everything was great in the fifties everything was great in the sixties very thing with great in the 1980s. But. It's so obvious that trend look schools have gotten worse. They just half. Past the teachers prosecutors you don't punt for 3035 years how was it when your first started compared to now. The behavior of the students. To respect of the students towards you. What they learn in the classroom how they BA as it got worse certainly gotten better. Almost to a man and woman they'll tell you Scott worse. The violence has gotten worse the drugs has gotten worse the crimes got I mean everything's gotten worse. And so now instead of saying hopes we've made a mistake. Now it's Don Graham. On now it's the map. You know left. And and by the way we would never do this let's say general for professional sports. You know for a entertainment we would never do this here. Jared is a huge hockey. Well Jerryd dream is to be the goalie for the Boston Bryant's. You think the Bruins would accept Jared becoming a goalie but there's a you know hey Gerri well we can't stop apart you know he doesn't have the arm strength to be a goal week by Jared is a great guy. He got along so well what is teammates are he's a great guy in the locker room do you think the Bruins would care. It honestly I'd love to be NFL quarterback. I'd love it I can't throw fur are at the heart of little is Myron is not worth the Philippines. Did you think. Do you think Kraft and Belichick would say well you know corner. I say what you want about quarter dollars a barrel laughs great guy up phenomenal social skills all he can really he can spin a yarn. Well carrots. You can't throw he can't throw each template. Full stop. So why is it now OK for our students. To be given a quote personal narrative. Hole. Can your read during your right and you do basic arithmetic the you know your hard sciences like do you mole what you're being taught. Yes on all may be a great person. That's not gonna do much for you on the workforce and in life I hate to say that. 617 but a stroke 6172666868. Is the number Bradley in behavioral. All ahead browse. Though our electric owner Tom good please I did very nervous when you call me mister corner I'm not that important Bradley I call me Jeff please write. Look at it and you are and it became their correct in theory yes yes. Well you are immoral what app are yes in theory. I assure you help your children whipped at all work yes anti that was helping Ashton last night with his mouth. You go into their buy into that. That sort of structure at that by it and their yards. Out okay. Though I don't get it happened I think a little bit older and you. Just my nine years. So this is what is happening in the world. Being. Eight sharper than you know whatever. Everything that they bring Floyd they've gotten everything had been gotten down. Every bank. And it gives lie that workforce today it'll wash with people who cannot. Figure out. They're the road from eight QB. A brother I think you're dead on. I I really I think look what you're seeing. And it's not hitting a lot last week it's it's a process that takes time it takes decades. But I would say there were the last 20/20 five years. You more slowly seeing their dumbing down of America. We're lowering our educational standards. Notice now with kids today also office think. It's not. Objectively how well do you perform. It's their fuel tanks. Are they sensitive. Are are they being affirmed as human beings that's why by the way on college campuses we've created these monsters. Now. I don't wanna hear it is I don't wanna hear anything that destroys my world view I don't wanna be challenged. As you saw all about fostering their feelings. She worked coddling them. And what you're doing is you're almost rearing a generation of idiots. And so you're seeing an education honestly you've seen in our media. I'm not trying to glamorize the old days. But look at CNN not really look at Imus left BC Frankie look at many of the whole semen on fox are ya ya you ask yourself. And pick up nothing between their careers. You look at our politicians. Just it's the dumbing down of America. You've got Jeanne Shaheen. Jeanne Sheen. Going on CNN. And actually telling CNN that the dreamers to so whenever that the border jumpers OK the doctor recipients golds that we're shouting down Nancy Pelosi. You know why. Because Vladimir pull import them up to let. Don't Russians were behind it. A woman's a freaking moron she's dumb as a brick. And she's one of the old senators from New Hampshire are you. OK speaking out they're dumbing down of our education system. You can text us 68680. This is from 978 Jeff I swear to you. When the Santa's village in July. Bought lunch. Cashier was about nineteen years old I passed. The meal came to 45 dollars and 32 cents. I gave great fifty dollar mail. She punched it into their register. And it told her the change to give back. She could count the bills. But couldn't do that points. She got flustered. Red faced. That's happened to meet so many times now. Were I will give money I hate to say this many of them are millennial Los. Can't the proper changed they they don't wanna subtract. They don't know how to do basic outing and subtraction of drift addition and subtraction. I mean I don't know what the hell you are itself. Enron in Walpole go ahead wrong. When he into Greece. Ron go ahead shoot the floor is yours okay there must there must be used in little reason to these that change. I. Thought I mean that he had said that. In Walpole the proposed. No grave task sale a year ago. While they locate the schools superintendent make 192000. The he gave operated the so brilliant guys that he takes in proposes. Task of hey that's it operates. Where does nothing to sponsor fell let's get passive he'll look great okay and people all want went Nazi. Like the fact that not a we're on our guys guys but I'm Elliot it's getting bad is that the the left a run and everything. That's why we got to stop my friends are gonna stand up to him now before it's too late. Jam in lol I've got one minute goal gem. Hello again and god bless you thank you job. About this personal narrative thing and that's a perfect excuse to. Evaluate the kid as to whether or not he had conservative parents are liberal and especially when it. Come to the sex education course. We talk about primary schools now here. But at any rate. That. Is going to be used to that there cores in light. As to what they're going to expect in. Further. It. She Janet I I didn't even think about them you're completely where. It's a former spy. Because they're gonna write page after page after page of all sorts of things about distorted. You'll know the students political beliefs whatever they participated sex education them just whatever their opinions are. It's nobody's business. I gotta go 558. Fukuda report. Presented by Kelly financial services the voice of Boston it's. You 680 WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston. It's 3 o'clock.