An Island in the Pacific

Attorney General Jeff Sessions can't fathom that a "judge on an island in the pacific" can overturn a presidential ordered travel ban. He made it seem like he was talking about some island in the Philippines but nope, he was talking about Hawaii. 


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It's WRKO. morning show with Kim and dvd. Yeah. You know it my all time favorite pop pop pop I. Yeah absorbed or not the PS immigrants. And Rachel there's snow Jack Lord Rees are the only area and your regional why my role. Pump pump pump a induces. Is a top ten theme song yet obviously. Mean all these years later all right well and the big way evening yeah the camera going off to Jack Lord as he turns on the balcony and why does he opened the balcony. Yeah yeah over but just a great great show my wife is always amused by the fact that. When you see it he's seeing reruns I mean does it look dated. Really others are I have I don't I remember now for seven seasons and whatever the number is now. One nice stop buying dvds because I have kids now so I don't buy dvds and was the kids' movies. But I have multiple seasons I've I've watched. Every episode on all of those diabetes is but when you hear it dated down nominal you know a lot of times I see some of those shows and I love so much in the long look at him and sign that stated to me it is. It's 50 no it's still it could Ali when the city. All of and cries and anyone is Erica it's album is it even does not it's believe it it's dated. It's like Miami Vice has the most did not feel she owed now. Although I'll tell you what it's not dated for me and that's Frazier. That's it was not dated at all that could have been written and they could've you know. Phil met yesterday were huge issue at a lower during the break from airplane batting dated in an airplane is not well I incidence so funny if not more so if there was then but five always that way you can watch fireball right now. We're human. What would move to march marvel lad is. How long it is not how long run it was because it was one of Narnia and just saying. It's if you watch an episode it's it's like 52 minutes right. Very few commercial breaks down all 38 minutes but it's amazing how they drag out. Some of these things and how many layers and how much detail they have because they had so much time and they didn't beat you over the head with commercial you know that isn't really. That's funny that you say that because that's something I noticed that you're watching something that screams like appeared you know watching house of cards and it's like 54. Minutes. That is so much more contents. Than what an hour long show is on television which is in the end like maybe ten minutes shorter at least. So that's interesting that that stage of the game it was almost the length of what it would be history being shown now well what's interest. Income as I think about this now is that my favorite TV show. Is set on just some island in the Pacific. And the reason why I point that out his here's what Jeff Sessions said yesterday. Talking to Mark Levine and as you know we all know mark the event. Talking about you know the travel ban and the fact that the travel ban is on hold right now here's what the attorney general of the United States said yesterday. I really am amazed that our. A judge sitting on an island in the Pacific and Asian or just stop saying the president nice studied them. What appeared to be clearly his statutory and constitutional power. So no do you have a problem when that thing. Why did he mean I am sure I keep trying to I don't think he said that like some text or said to us. Because everywhere and that kind that I island is of color there's that there was no meaning like that but why. In the world would he say that and I I think put these may be if I can try to analyze it he's trying to say because of the distance that. The distance is your rock hip they pay taxes and that is SK eight. And those federal judges are judges just like a judge you sit in DC York Satan you know in Wyoming. Yeah just to reared its it would have. Johnny all of recessions as you well know when you start yesterday and one of them would be. Just so you know all why he has the lowest. Percentage of whites on the island somewhere I just sessions they did the left is going to be this stuff and they're gonna do that and whenever. And here. I just think it was a stupid thing to say I think Q you thought it was clever and it wasn't clever actually being the opposite Ali was clever I think. She was trying to dismiss this judge. In two to cheapen the judge. And you know and alive radio interview you do just. Some guy that so far removed from DC is not meant to say. Instead it came out as some guy on some island in the besides as if why is not a state and any judge in any state could do what he did any one of Romanians seem powers right as a judge in Alabama are as a judge in. Maryland as a judge in Massachusetts. And it came out really bad. Well again I think he was trying to be clever and it wasn't clever it will it and you know if you want to say. Somebody who was distant from Washington I guess you can said that I would agree with that either. But I think he was trying to be clever and it wasn't clever and hit it 04 YE. Are offended and they should be those folks on April 15 sent in their taxes to mr. attorney general. And the interesting scheme hostages they just should British judge inhibited its ethnic. Oh like die each. Why I want at least he didn't say some guy on an island and Asia. 603 how many illegals and refugees are pouring in Hawaii. I mean doesn't matter are but since 0:3 island in the Pacific do you mean gilligan's. I was like making reference I don't all nice and any singer insulated from illegal immigration. Under any circumstances. Let's. I think if trump had it back. He would I trumpet sessions would move would say it differently let's put it that way I do think I know what he meant to break I like Jeff Sessions again we thought about this. Sometimes you guys feel like just awkwardly do something or whatever and I think that's gonna happen here. Bland he's got to take a lot of crap process because I pick. Role I would argue you know how much how many problems to be up with the illegal immigrants is no I don't know Utah or Wyoming. Are you know at the date is you wouldn't have said that as a reference to. You know dared not having a problem or not understanding the problem if it was a judge in Montana. It's just he was trying to be clever and it just didn't work when we go to Lou losing Rhode Island good morning. Yeah this this just political her political correctness too it's extremely well so might W there's a judge sitting in the hills of Kentucky. Or are sitting off to some island off a Massachusetts. That there's somebody wrote a book about anyway but at that point other point is it I judge a federal court charged. Cannot make law. That overshadows congress and abroad so there are with the president you do that like just say that blew out the whole point did you suggest there was at that point out how ridiculous this this has been a moral one charge went federal judge. About the entire federal system because of his political correctness and his idea. Well Lou I listen I think listen to put people Lula de L over the top of me okay dot org am I'm sorry. Hit and it's okay that's right I understand I actually think you've brought up a very good point and I appreciated on this Friday because. I'm trying to figure out what he meant and I think you're right I think that is we met no federal judge in this nation should have the opportunity to over power in such a way. But I hope you learned the lesson because. She and instead diminish the people of that state. Vs making his points are now know what he's gotten his point. And I character questions sure. With George Carlin be it will have an act these days. Well enough if you're right and I I doubt I'd wouldn't ever be able to have an act these days we do march toward posture it's. They'll probably not yeah well I'd be slightly Isabel ridiculous we've got I. I don't know but it does make the point did. Do's George Karl should George Carlin and I I don't know we debate I love George Carlin George Carlin had his time and that's what he was in that time might. That's sort of a topic for different way and I don't think it does make your. Point here. Voice saying political correctness has run amok but I had a measure like this isn't that. That right six or seven he just meant geographically removed come on his tour should be limited to war I thought not only don't I don't why do I think that is what he meant sort of thing he's wrongly guessed wrong. Took me he is the attorney general for car trunk just took a lot of crap. For. Ripping judges and saying so called judges. This session shouldn't be making a similar mistake his power shouldn't be limited this to ease the way the system is set up at all let. But you would love it if there was Obama and a judge put a stop to something and. Well I could argue that the people in Hawaii didn't hit it that's what you're gonna say can you say that the people of Hawaii either they don't get the benefits that people do. From being here on the mainland that they still have to pay taxes I mean they are a portrait of this union. He is a federal judge a judges are judges who judge in this state if you're far in this country if you're federal judge. And this was just up and this is the decision you make too big advantage. He's a Boston. Come morning show well known from all through sports fan cutting fifteen X on the poison Boston's WRT yeah. I really am amazed at all. A yard sitting on an island in the third period they can issue an order that stopped being the president United States and what appeared to be clearly his statutory and constitutional. I I wish there and I know that he did not the I wished that. The next question would have been able do you would you feel differently if the judge was. In Maryland. Now. You but I and I don't I. We now have a problem with the spirit of what he was saying but I do think that came out terrifically wrong. And it's I do unnecessary mistakes yeah she might problem with it is that. Why not just say a federal judge period began his. Mean it like he he diminished. Our whole police with that. Ridiculous comment yet height and he could just send any federal judge you're live their life right now do you feel like a 100% American. When you hear your attorney generals and no no you don't. I mean again I just he could if you want to make this statement that I don't understand why a singular and I think that was his point. A singular federal judge can stand. In the way of the president of the United States. 508 VB is there or janitor in the room where you're broadcasting from if so let him on the might because he's clearly smarter than you so come on. Tell me that Jeff Sessions. This morning and is like general that's what I meant that I like dad and I came out great. Because you can you've got its operatives like. I like Jeff Sessions but you know that Falwell and I haven't I want him to be attorney general like what Jeff Sessions is doing. What happened yesterday was the Jeff Sessions gave them. The ammunition. And it's unnecessary. So there was a tweet there went out yesterday from some lefty who said. Know Jeff and you know what else I don't want I don't want some guy that was born on an island in the Hudson. Telling people around the world where they can and can't go. And that's hard to how are based on the fact that you felt the need to say some Meir an island in the Pacific. It is a state they do love judges. They do get to do this whether you like that or not and I'm we know questions that maybe that shouldn't be the policy. That a federal judge gets to trump the president on something like this I think that judges wrong. I'm with sessions on all of that. But it came out very poorly and it gives ammunition to the left because let me go to Tyler who's in west feel good morning. There everybody Jim I have to start. We welcome Beno. At which by the way it was never said in the first season did you know that about why I did not that is the catch phrase but they never use that it didn't. They didn't say book of Dan O I don't think that reality to play real. It did happen in the second inviting him teen mature trees in the third season wasn't in the first season. But wait did I wasn't even in the pilot. But there was no doubt character how's that aren't. Great great show I don't know this Tyler a friend in my Texans or did you know that wall fat who's the chief villain. Wolf I was in nine episodes. First like seven seasons he was only enforce subsequently even however when new wolf that was. My guys is and I'd never heard this did Nixon's trip to China was what happened in between hop Nixon called hurt. He thinks Kissinger called the network and said. The Chinese don't love the portrayal could you cut back on that I'd never heard that. But the may be that did happen. Well what else. That's good control room mate yeah well that was kind of commissioner's name I silent in the county. Thirty years themselves and requesting comment about what Jeff Sessions said as that introduction and I remember them. Structure that. The sense that you say that you didn't actually dropped gas in an open area and he got hammered for the annual sessions said in a crossed into the you don't have to empty perhaps project as well and there are so Rahm should the Iraqi indeed. In Q and almost complete package that you had there and what's your view of undesirable lot but I never have you to judge shedding and I can tell those judges like lesser human beings. Didn't for an example I am sure that I could go back into the years in our guys inside you have said that you changed that made a little. The man now. All have to dig our way out. I'm opening up possibility just gasping you have to do. I really hyper judges are wrong yeah the time you know what did it. It's just have an ugly day on the job I don't I don't necessarily think that what the judge did was right I just think do what god Jeff Sessions died. Did takes away from what the judge said in puts the dead. You know puts it to Johnny Modesto when 171. The plane is the Pacific island judge does not have standing with the illegal immigrants. That's one the other one is dead. Six or seven Hawaii is America's timeshare you can't honestly tell me you take him seriously as we take their series. If they did all right. More than we take the law you can't take you can't say back. And then there's this forward to get over to Turkoglu said this you wouldn't even mention it isn't good I would I would I they would. I don't Iowa I don't. Alito would be the issue that it is I agree with that but that doesn't excuse it just because. Obama said 57 states and no one in the media made any deal of it. Doesn't mean that sessions gets away with saying in mess it doesn't and we can't con I tell you there's all that we can't play the game where. When your side makes a mistake your defense is yet what about when they said in you can make an issue Buffett. We go case by case. Obama's 57 states stupid. I'm sure there are playing things Eric Holder said stupid. Sessions this came out poorly. Looked like he was cheapening the state of Hawaii. Look like he was acting like we shouldn't take anything they say or do seriously in a vacuum brave and that's why it was a mistake it doesn't change my view of sessions I don't want to be impeached her to be removed or be fired or whatever. I just think that all man. I wish she just said some judge in Hawaii as opposed it. Some judge on an island in the Pacific as somehow the thought passes some random judge from. I don't know Japan right New Zealand but squall many would say any island. I it just it's of your freezing used to say why he did it opens himself up in the administration op. To get wrapped in the target or net. All right is 913. And when we come back a list of the most time magazine anyways most influential people and I think you may be surprised the number of people from New England on that list. But I think he may be surprised if true some of them are. Meantime let's check in within cover to find out why it's going on out I hear that we have to wait for a second what SCSI and he's so busy taking a look at what's going on Laura and I can't text and. Yeah on tour all went on this one. I'm running on a tour event in Hawaii I have many times actually. So go ahead what's your next while there as well I I don't know what that means like a no I haven't. I did that is irrelevant it is ST eight. And would he have said the same thing. If his point is that a one singular judge should not be able to stand in the way the president making decisions. It doesn't make any difference at that judges in Hawaii if that judges in Mississippi are the judge is in North Dakota. 50 don't they don't talk about that by void take your public alt alt changed a couple of things just in the interest of keeping your broadcast license. Teach your politically correct heads out of your diapers in shut the front door. Tell me how you really feel five going. All. But again the question isn't what is what is our halo is whenever two. Can we discuss anything. Right involving anyone in the trump administration didn't like rock pop and and I want to set sensitive about it it fell out of at a Massachusetts judge that he would've said. I don't know how I judge from that little liberals stay out there could say such a thing why is do such as soon I would have no. Could do what would would would that be okay if we were labeled in such a web because we are in crazy little state we are liberal state yes we are that. I had that you're not exactly I think a lot of these people would say you know that's not a that would be acceptable to we have no defense here in Massachusetts for real let's be honest about.