Interview: Rep. Geoff Diehl on a Tax Rollback ballot initiative

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, September 13th

Massachusetts state representative and US Senate candidate Geoff Diehl calls in to discuss his ballot initiative for a sales tax rollback and permanent sales tax holiday, as well as an array of current news topics. 


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Wake up with Kim and DD yeah Boston's morning show. I WRK you know. So. State rep Jeff deal is as you well know running against Elizabeth Warren and Warren for the United States senate next year. And Jeff Diehl is a guy who in the past says. I would argue fought the good fight in terms of valid questions and trying to save us money they they're you know they staved off to Afghanistan doctors extremely important. There was you had some involvement with the Olympic deal and no pun intended that was also important yesterday Jeff deal. Made another announcement which is designed to. Help you when I save a little bit of our money he joins us now on the Bjork there was no line first thought Jeff. Morning. Good morning VP HM and by the way I'm belated happy birthday Kim. Zoo rules it'd dated Monday I think what you protect it was just saying you. Well you bet and I'll be aggregated data and they trap me on today really loved talking to your audience that you are now well and they like. Hearing from you when you're doing things like you announced yesterday tell everybody what it is that Jeff deal for senate is now going. Well our campaign volunteers that we talked about it and they they're out port so what we announced that the state has yesterday was that. We're going to help the mass retailers association. With these filed a ballot question language to reduce the sales tax from six in the corner back down to 5% which is where was that. Before 2009. To an almost ten years. And an increased sales tax. We want to reduce it down and door volunteers from the deal for senate campaign which is steel present Beckham. Are going to help collect the signatures we ought to do about 101000 signatures of what's need at least 101000 signatures. To help the match retailers I get that on the ballot for the 2018. Election cycle. And also boosts. A sales tax holiday permanent these guys cannot undo right sort of started coaster all right you may. Make that affects how they weaken and obviously permanent feature. Look we're living in Massachusetts right below New Hampshire where there's no sales tax were always a competitive disadvantage. When it comes to brick and mortar stores but also. The Internet as well you know in our. The people who have businesses whose retail locations in main street across our our states. I've really been struggling a long time and I've been seen as a lot as they travel around with this in a race. You know it's not just the fact that there it's hard to compete but also you want those businesses to be able to hire. And and grow just plus the biggest thing is make sure that the people of Massachusetts who haven't seen their income. Increased talk by the like like the legislature which voted themselves that massive pay raise the beginning of the year. The people haven't seen their income rise. And so this helps the average household to take some more money as well with the goods are purchasing. Tough to get sick measures as you well know in middle legislature has made it harder to do this in part because of the original tax rollback I believe. What do people need to do here to help out. Well what we're asking is it folks that continue to get involved. We have my campaign and we have over 3000 people signed up to volunteer and what we're gonna do is a lot of those folks but I have agreed that they wanna help put this as well. But it's an issue that I think it's always been sending it's been important to meet as you mentioned earlier he'd be one of the things that I worked on was the 2014. Repeal of having the gas tax go up every year automatically without a vote we just thought that was. Terrible policy there's no other text that goes up without a. A legislative vote each you know if if if they gonna increase the tax. Legislation be on the hook for that responsibility but at the same time do we proved it. The Department of Transportation was spending way more money than justified. Having no drivers have to each year shell out more money to travel around this state. Until that ballot question what you mentioned it was that. Significant but it was difficult it was. About 67000. Signatures we needed for the first round and then you actually had to get a follow up of about 111000 washing machine so. Which saw that done you need to collect at least a 100000 signatures. Would we did we get text ballot question other volunteers across the state delivered over a 120000. Signatures don't. It was an overwhelming response and we ended up winning that ballot question 53 of 47%. Even though we were outspent by. About 321 it was about three million dollars spent against us. And that we still are able to have to make education and down we met. Across this state and outperformed. Governor baker I would by the way by about 50000 votes but. You know the most important thing is the fact that we were able to save people money and that's exactly what we're trying to do now is is help protect taxpayers and states. By keeping the cost of living as low as possible the messages attrition is always a struggle. The two issues we've talked about this morning Jeff not related to what you're talking about here but I wanna get your take on abuses which are gonna face. Over the next twelve months obviously one is. Charlie Baker out there yesterday saying Massachusetts has to do with our current climate change these celebrities are on TV last night asking us to donate are can release saying. Here either what was the exact quote blinder an intelligent if you don't realize the climate change is real. This is an issue that you're gonna have to deal with on the campaign has has come up so far for you. Well you know people ask about it I am. As I've tried to tell people whatever I can't and the eagle scout I always believe good. Leaving the campground edited it sounded that concludes. Environmental issues. Look at the Massachusetts has been doing its part for a long time we've been part of a regional gas emissions agreement we are Reggie agreement that keeps. Our state you know working to try to reduce those type of the mission so we've been a great partner in Massachusetts for a long time of that issue. But I think you know we can always continue to have do better with policy but more importantly. What was the real problem for a lot ten is our economic policy it's been driving a lot of our manufactures out of Massachusetts or out of our country. And China has been taking a lot of that business and away from us. And ultimately China. Doesn't have the same regulations that we haven't you. The United States that we see sort of an exported. The environmental problem over to a country that doesn't do good job at all. I'm trying to protect the environments so for me. Keeping jobs and keeping manufacturing in arts in the state in our country it can help with that whole environmental impact. And the China issue is the big reason why everybody worried are certainly the administration wanted to get out of the Paris agreement. Well I mean that's the crazy thing we were going to be it has reached out connector so I think yeah they met when it was happening that guest hosting thank you. The. You know we talked about the fact that that China was really not obligated be part of this should accord. For at least another decade or so lead and again countries other countries really what sort of optional as to whether they wanted to follow those policies are not so. Really is horrible deal for the United States and then Donald Trump the president and that you know pulling out of those accords as we know and I think rightfully so. Other issue resides amount hilly ESP and says that. Donald Trump as a white supremacist who surrounds himself with white supremacist you ran over co chair of its campaign here in Massachusetts Jeff deal or you'll white supremacist. Hope of course I think it just discontinued. Did division it goes on look I mean I'm running against Elizabeth Warren who. I went to an NAACP get her a few months ago and says that it's law enforcement it continues to terrorize the African American community. It seems to me that there's one party in this country that continues to try to use race to divide us. And I think it was Jim Brown wasn't Jim Brown that went to trump towers and that was Donald Trump after he was elected I mean. I think that it it's been proven time and again that our president is not. You know racist like people want to point not to be but. At the same time I think you've got a lot of politicians. Left of the Albert seemed to wanna continue to use race to divide our country that's not what it's all about. Several people are texting and succeed succeed where and how to Weis signed the piece of paper that I need to get our taxes down just tell us now. Right so the mass retailers are about to finalize which ballot question you're gonna go forward with the actually spelled two different versions one reducing its 5% and one to four and a half percent. And though when they make that decision that we will be getting papers from them to use to to get the signatures so what I'm asking these people go to deal for senate dot com. I kick up about to be volunteer and we will then include you in in not getting involved with. I can signatures if he'd like to that is what you are not met with acquiring or just taking a look at your volunteer for deal for senate and you wanna be part of collecting the signatures. Willow will help facilitate that as well. You're enjoying Hillary's book. I and it's really underlined yesterday ahead. What what was yesterday's she yesterday she had done her big book signing yesterday morning in New York City and just two hours late and people have been their from. Holdover from the night before waiting for her. And then she just showed up sat down started signing never sent anything members thank you guys slug you support we're not gonna get everybody's so I know it's not just sat down started signing them. They move some people in wheelchairs because there were crowding in area. And a sign and then she left. Well when your claim that just means you never have to say he's sorry and life it's conflict. Sounds like it he I was I couldn't imagine having please buy my book and by the way sorry I'm two hours late. Tonight's top. And so like another exit I think they're promoting it today about where. She. We are worried that Elizabeth Warren may run against terror in the primary for the presidency back then looked. It seems to be now more than ever the Elizabeth Warren. Is making an angle to run for president 20/20 she just signed on to Bernie Sanders. Bill to. They health care single payers. Start stop right there just because we got like thirty seconds and thirty seconds can you explain everybody widest in Cory Booker is on this as well can you explain to people why that would be so devastating. Well let me put it this way you know people from Canada who have a sort of a socialized healthcare and defying the United States when they have. They they need timely surgeries they can get them in time the other thing to it look at Charlie got the unions and from England couldn't even leave that country because of the bureaucratic red tape. To come to America for for free services people operates. They have to meet single Payer is probably one of the worst things because it basically puts government in between a patient and their doctor. And duck when health care has to be rationed because government can't afford. Everything that's the worst decision you need free market forces to help drive down the cost of healthcare and deliver better services. Jeff deal thank you so much against Jeff deal and it's Jeff deal for senate dot com you present different all right. I kept saying he's sorry to you soon.