Infinite Wisdom: VB interviews Brian Kilmeade on his relationship with the President

Infinite Wisdom with VB the Wise
Monday, November 6th

Fox News on-air personality Brian Kilmeade of Fox's Morning Show, "Fox & Friends" talks to VB. He discusses what it's like to broadcast on TV knowing that the President of the United States is watching you and a fan. VB also talks to Kilmeade about his newest book, "Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans: The Battle That Shaped America's Destiny".


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Odds of pleasure to welcome to the infinite wisdom podcast Brian Kilmeade you see him every morning like I do on FOX & Friends and wanting Brian and I share his. A passion for history he has a new book out Andrew Jackson in the miracle of New Orleans great walked allotted learn so much about it. Let's get to that in a second Brian let's start was his first. When I was in television locally used to say you know you never know when the governor might be watching and you know that the president literally is watching every day what's that like did you do when you're Chicago. Yes great question it's. Couple things several wind he would he was businessman hosting the apprentice. I know it watch because we you know we get messages to worry it would it would it he'd come on one too weak so is that unusual for him to watch. And you know he loved our network piece piece critical some shows in fact we're running a promo on my radio show right now where he walked in any shed. If you're critical of me when you think I needed in the you know back and forth what I think they were fair. So we try to be fair we'll try to be accurate but it's nice to know your show of more consequence I mean we like to think. I don't care in the Hallmark Channel or fox sports one you like to think it the most important people in the world are watching. And that's the way we we would approach it and in this case. It is he would so a lot of time just say I'm doing good interview and to be a tweet about it right after. And it's it's pretty cool we're kind of used to it now and we know we. You know where these people they get up in the morning we don't think he's perfectly also don't think he's the devil mean I don't think you legitimately won the election and that seems to be a rarity. You were interviewed him recently and I know you've interviewed him before this president but having him as president and knowing he's a fan. Is it is it weirder or do you do him the same way you do any other elected official. Well I do and it's thing is to his. And I think he says that I mean I I don't think the George Bush knew about 9/11 at a time I did I knew I don't think did. I feel he has said that at one point they took it back. And I challenged them on it I don't think the president bush commuted the two down didn't have weapons of mass destruction I challenged him on that. I do think it making Caylee would get a great job your account some on that. You know I I deathly thought it was taking on the NFL had more negative consequences even at the time that positive. And I'm you know Ireland research show going to give my opinion. And maybe he's not happy about that but I think he respects it if he'd do it anyway which invites debate. Rather than this insulting. Language. He's deranged and he's crazy and he's not worth the now it's in the issue debate the issue agree or disagree and that's the way. I've got to I think he approaches it doesn't have to disagree I think it's the weight which you do it. And if you personally attack him in your friends that would really is hot button as if he does not know union attacking and he'll probably say something but not much. But if he knows you and you think you know he thinks you know him. And then you talk about his mental instability. Emotional out fragility. That when he this is just beside himself with disappointment and anger. We know he's a big Andrew Jackson fans he had the Boston and he's talked about him before obviously when the twenty dollar bill story came up. Did you give him a copy of the book when you saw armed. Now we'll see him soon. I was getting him a copy but he had to put a couple other duties to get through. But I'll see I'll get his take surely because it really probably as much as anybody usually they're news stories and magazine features and policy papers. But I didn't know what he would find the time to do something in my. I guess they're the real question is. If you give him a book I assume you'll sign up for him if so what would you write in would you start it was. Your Potisk Xavier who not many get to assign a book now. I don't know I need no link I have a pretty good relationship with this President Bush. And he loves to read and in the cold rolled out this ongoing contest to this day. And as soon as they see somebody like data they'll seal the president need to copy your book and I all right too as Mr. President and that's pretty that's flattering. But you know by the late huge fan of President Bush is a big he's gonna get better I think you can override a higher in the charts as years go by when he realized his theories book decision points. Did you get an understanding of it but I would deftly right into a write him on this book Leo. You'll also as a handful. With some of the most trying. Issues of our generation right now as well as his own. A legal welfare which is going on its side and you know fight he would like death we will get a tool but I got you know I'm not optimistic they'll have a chance to really dive into it. The book is Andrew Jackson in the miracle of new war Owens Brian Kilmeade is the coal author of the book would Don Yeager. So let's talk Jackson for a minute I know a little bit about him I don't know nearly enough about I learned so much. In your board. Whenever I read books on these guys in the founding fathers of the people that made our country. The line that I always hear in my head of my brother once famously said of Teddy Roosevelt could possibly be all that and a bag of chips. I can't believe how complicated Andrew Jackson's life was by the agent like. That is true. No doubt about it complicated for really good reason means put this way if your dad died before you board your mom is in. World unsettled science. In the Tennessee region Tennessee North Carolina senate term an area. And he's trying to make ends meet where every every two acquired dinners you challenge. And then you see yourself she got three little kids try to raise yourself in the backwoods of America. I would stand into America's racial revolution and then the revolution is is getting into revolution has to start the older brother volunteered he gets killed. And then. Andrew and his brother Robert date start now working as a scout out towards the reds for our army get spotted by the British. They get arrested and because of the injuries sustained when they're on their interaction. They both get hit. But Robert get to worse he never recovered so by the time his bump it to matter prison in she worked at a swap. Typical Jackson liked it was relentless. But it did the come out they have no shoes get a walk forty miles and Robert never lasted he basically took the horse ride to the injure walked. And by the time they got to doubt he would die soon after the mom realizing it's just terror we've thirteen year old Andy alone. And the knicks beat Electronica close Iran aspect about your mom's dead. She died of some mysterious illness he never quite found out so adapt point you have every reason to give up on life. Become. Criminal or drunk instead he hit I promised to matter. The city rallied around him relatives take him in bounces around from neighbors who was bit of a handful. And then rally to become a lawyer. An attorney general a congressman a senator a huge land owner which is very it was just arriving form. And then becomes a volunteer militia general. And well which time using mostly instinct he becomes a self taught military. An elite military strategist. And what wheels off victory after victory whether it hostile Indian tribes that of the day. Oral or the British and even took Florida by 1818 told the Spanish you don't hear. So what he does in the battle of the world and is what I choose to focus on because I don't believe that anyone can possibly do a book president John Meachem get on him. So and I don't think I can do a comprehensive biography I'd like to focus on one area that I think deserves additional attention and I thought this was the battle. Quickly added I know we're running short on time but what little I know about the war of 1812 is to me it was like Britain's mall again. We know we should've won the first one let's take your businesses time. In the same damn thing happened where they just didn't get to their operatives they didn't get only Andrew Jackson laws. Yeah I mean into the game that nothing but success and I love that term Molly in because the revolution award they pose a fluke they wanted to stop the trend because they don't so many different. Colleagues around the world they did what I think people can rise up and throw them. But Roloff Britain like we did these thirteen colonies which he thought they were just content which is disloyal to the devil last. They also hit the idea of elections and democracy they wanted that to go away. So it when we declared war on them we had little choice. We weren't prepared to fight and we were terrorized up and down the coast not the north in the north that was so ambivalent about the war the British had a calculated. Moved they left alone they didn't touch really New York or Massachusetts they thought they could win him back. And they weren't wrong because there was a movement to secede from the union while Washington is in tatters White House burned to the ground. How to represent the congress burned to the ground capitol building destroyed. Leading newspapers everything destroyed. So by the time the load they finally call in general to actually get involved the ability choice and he rallied his men. I'd shut his battle plan and begin stepped victory after victory from Pensacola to the battle Porsche you ban. But he knows the big ones new world wide because the Mississippi's there at the mouth of the Mississippi who control commerce in our country that a move west we need to river. And we were gonna happen if we lost New Orleans they thought that with the Louisiana purchase was entirely illegal if you got to justify it by hole taking in holding it. But they read it to Jackson and Jackson had revenge on his mind and with all of his men had nowhere to go this was our home. Any uniquely diverse force considered a bit of free men of color chalk talk Indians Tennessee Kentucky rifleman. You have pirates. And you are regular Marines a militia and Jackson ended up with a 5000 and troops still outnumbered virtually two to one by the experience British. He would destroy them. In under 45 minutes take up the bulk of their army and white that to their general seven of their colonels and I think 75. Officers. And they most of whom would go back in barrels because they would got him and send them back and what a message is sent to the world don't screw with us and don't really we have not been invaded since the war of 1812. Brian Kilmeade we barely scratched the surface like to talk to you for hours I'd love guys that are passionate about history. I love your board ski from common my friend and good luck with Andrew Jackson in the miracle of New Orleans. Thanks so much if I want to personalize their bright till we got comedy just goes to my local bookstore and again out for help you talk again my friend you've got to work. Thanks so much appreciated.