If you were Mike Pence, would you have walked out of the Colts game?

The Kuhner Report
Monday, October 9th

VP Mike Pence left the Colts game on Sunday after players protested the national anthem. Do you agree with his decision?


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Burn him. Look for Mike it's all good my friends by the way properly Columbus Day sorry. Probably indigenous people's day a special to all of you in Portland. 61720666868. If you wanna be part of the show. If you were Mike pants would you have left bats of the question. So allows you know this is now the most talked about story in America. Yesterday vice president Mike plants went. The watch in Indianapolis Colts San Francisco 49ers game. They were retiring Payton man he's a Peyton Manning's journey sorry Jersey number eighteen. We got a long journey whipped the Indianapolis Colts star quarterback. And Mike Pence was there. All of the players for the Indianapolis Colts stood for the National Anthem however. 23. Players in some way shape or form for the San Francisco 49ers. Protest at. Several of them actually talk I mean. Mike pants very dramatic fashion. Literally. Walked out when the anthem was done. He put his hand on his heart listen to the anthem when the anthem was over he his wife. Annie security people they just walked out. He then we did afterwards. That all bowl everybody has a right to their opinion. It is not asking for too much for these NFL players to stand and respect our flag and our anthem. And as Mike Pence rightly put it and I say good for him god bless them. That he said he or president trump will not dignified. Any event that insults our flag. Our anthem or our soldiers. Any said if that's the case then were leaving. We're happy to show up to any event but when it's time for the flag and the anthem you stand and you show some basic respect. And if they can't do that then I will walk out. And I got to tell you. The liberal media is now pounding my pants they are calling this a massive publicity stunt. The NFL players association. Is now many of them unhappy with Mike pants even the players that were pro testing I swear to you. Are now attacking Mike parents. Listen now. To defensive player Eric create one of the people who meal. Who by the way he claims that he's got. I his mother he says served in the military he says his uncles served in the military. So when he takes a mean. He's not protesting the anthem. Or the flag. Or the military. Or our veterans. It's about pro testing racism. Inequality. And their mistreatment. Of colon crap Burnett. Listen now to Eric Reed roll it Britain. Monstrous. The reversal president nonetheless some it. It was fabulous city twenty dollar three year old Volvo. So we'll get information I. Plus some musicals and review. The missiles like we Austin. So I want you to think about this okay. The guys that are kneeling deaths not a PR stunt. The guys that are pro testing during the National Anthem that's not a PR stop. Not moan moan all all men all all dirt not doing this again attention small hole but big guys that leaks. Acts up PR stunt. You couldn't make this stuff up but. Eric Reid makes close to six million dollars a year. Let me repeat that he makes close to six million dollars a year if the six million dollar rent. And yet he is so angry. Because she says that being paid six million dollars a year. And him taking any. And I am pro testing allegedly their racism in any quality and injustice and everything that goes wrong in America. Death fact that the Mike Pence walked out. After he protests that. The fact that Mike Pence a powerful man is he won it went to waiter. To criticize the actions of the likes of Eric of integrates. Of the national felons league of these overpaid self indulgent multimillionaires. That that you systematic. Oppression. That's what Mike Hanson did Eric Reed. It's not just depression. It's systematic oppression. He knew all. Our team has sent almost wistful just. He knew. We probably won't do it again. So just what system approaching looks. You know our calls the game. Who's a couple things out in the news again. What an attempt soon support my efforts. Again there's some information I have this was something. This is incredible. I mean honestly this is you know what can somebody signed me up I want some of that oppression. And all really good and systematic oppression just oppress me please up breast meat systematically. Like this guy is being oppressed systematic. So six million dollars a year to play a game. You're making so much money you don't even know how to spend. Only in this country could you make this kind of money and now you have the right to protest. You have the right to spit on the flag and the anthem and our veterans and our soldiers. But he doesn't have the right to walk out. He doesn't have the right to tweaked. In other words he doesn't have the right to protest your protest. I swear only the moon bats. Only the liberals can argue something like this. So let me get this straight Eric. You have to not only. A dump all over our fly and all over our anthem but we're supposed to stand there and take it. You mean you got the right to freedom of speech but the vice president doesn't. And if he doesn't and according to you you'd do and god forbid if he exercises at that suddenly you're being oppressed. Are you getting thrown to and are you getting thrown in jail over this. Are you being denied your livelihood over this. Are you being thrown in the back of the bus over this have you been I don't know I am disturbed me have you been imprisoned over the have you been torture or Portis. So US freedom of speech but he doesn't. According to your logic because if he exercises his freedom of speech then god forbid that's assaulting an oppressing you. I mean you wanna talk a bunch a bunch of whiners. A bunch of snowflakes. You know that so I guess what you were triggered this is another micro aggression. So these thugs. Can do essentially whatever they want. And be even the most deep rave ups seem in grateful disrespectful. Manner. But they can't be called out on. You don't notice whenever there held accountable they can handle. Whenever they're genuinely criticized. And and held responsible for their actions they can't handle. It's always been and play the race card. Always. A sign me up for some of that oppression baby because I could use a couple mentions and fancy sports cars. You know I can walk around I'd love to walk around is basically do anything I want. Please put those changed on the corner man slap Aman I this is slavery baby I want some more that's slavery. Shall listen now to CNN's. Brian spell her. Saying man man man Mac this can't be about conviction and all this is booked this is all big stage. But again the problem is not the 49ers. The problem is Mike. Pants in some way that he gets back to a culture war issue that. Trump and pens thought they were winning on this was big news two weeks ago it faded away now it's back thanks depends is visit. I've got to be cynical about this for a moment Fred. Vice president patches in Las Vegas yesterday speaking solemnly about the massacre there. That people who owned Indiana has spent the night in Indiana I went to the game today he's about to head back to the West Coast. So it makes you wonder if they purposely wanted to go to the colts game today in Indiana. In order to make this kind of statement knowing that for an Irish players were almost guaranteed ten Neil there's been players on the San Francisco to emailing every single game so. Pence or his team heading to the game today they had to have known there was going to be nailing his statement almost seems a written ahead of time. Seemed like this was a you know it seems like it was they staged a moment for parents to walk out to make a statement about this. But clearly feels strongly about these anthem protest he wanted to express his criticism of them so maybe is back watching the game from home. This is unbelievable. It's more fake news. I mean this really honestly this is now a destructive becoming the crap news network it really is. You have no evidence. But this was stage. That this was a publicity stunt did it ever occurred in just maybe just made. That this man goes to Las Vegas. Visits many of these that are injured and maimed or family members who lost loved ones. And hears about a key role like actions of police officers and there were many. Who when everybody was running out they were running in. Some of whom literally shielded the victims with their bodies. And got shot and were killed as they literally put their lives on the line. And died to save those as some of those potential victims. And he says to himself after all of the heroism that I witnessed in and Las Vegas. After all of the mystery and horror and hardship. And resiliency. That was on display in Las Vegas. Especially by the Las Vegas police officers the cops. And who guys still have the gall. Two with your phony protest. And spit on our National Anthem. And spit on our flag. When right now as a country we need unity more than ever. You guys can even put this ridiculous you want like about a publicity stunt. This ridiculous publicity stunt you can even put it on hold for a lousy week. And so Tim mean. I would've done the exact same thing in fact to be honest with you I think he was a he was told gentlemanly about it. I would rip these guys and you won. What is said so let me get this straight you mean the same cops that died in Las Vegas. You mean the same ones that work dragging people out alive and kicking bullets as they say people's lives you mean both are the ones your protest and. That's exactly the argument I would of mate. And so my question to you is a simple one. If you were Mike Pence. Would you have left the game. Would you have walked out if you if the answer is yes Jeff. Amen if anything why do you show up at the game a crap that's my only criticism but let that go if the answer is yes. Text or letter or eight to 68680. If the answer is no you would not have done what Mike Pence bid you would not have walked out ducks the letter be the 68680. The poll question is sponsored by bill Kelly financial services you can vote online at wrko.com. 6172666868. Jeff in Chelsea go ahead Jeff. Thank you yeah I would know walked out of that game and furthermore. I don't watch football baseball and basketball. Because of business especially because this nonsense we're at the but it it bothered me one bit when that Ashley as it was being done that's ridiculous. It seems. Then they would act in doubt any of the Communist blank got put up UC. I think they'll look at the old days when America was really like when he had joked that McCarthy. Clinton's communism in this country we knew that clicked on the Clinton in this country receive the political lack of on America. Oh look I agree with you there if you actually a house un American activities committee we've got to bring that back and fast but I wanna get sidetracked with McCarthyism. Or or you act to meet the larger point is this. In the wake of a national tragedy. You can't even stand for the National Anthem. And you're honoring a guy that we now know Colin cropper and it. Who recently just donated one 5000. Dollars. To weak foundation. That. Honors in convicted cop killer. I SATA shut core a convicted murderer. She murdered in New Jersey police officer and these are the people you're standing shoulder to shoulder with. You're defending coal and copper nick after all of this. To me standing up for the flag and the anthem and our soldiers. Is nothing more than basic respect. And the least you can do is stand up and be grateful for the country that has been so good to you and easing greats couldn't even do that. And then on top of it all now they're playing the victim. These guys are now that they're being quote unquote systematically oppressed are you freaking kidding me. Mr. vice president. You're very classy man and a very devout Christian Dauman so I'm gonna say what you didn't say. Eric Reid and all this conference and WR. And as team heading to the game today they're out there now. There was going to be nailing his thing and almost seems written ahead of time it seemed like this was eighth. You know it seems like it was a staged a moment for pencil walked out to make a statement about this. With the information I. Less on the physical. Missiles like we lost. Twelve point five here on the great WRK you know. I was did any publicity stunt. And do you side with Mike pants or do you side with the pro testing players 61726. X 6868. Tim mean. I just wish more people fall France's example and walked out. I think it's time now for fans to just start walking out period let's shame them. Richard Europe first go ahead Richard. How did you rate just wanted to thank you for your program as it's really good thank you Richard. One thing that bothers me about the whole thing is that I think we have this I agree with Mike Pence I think he did the right thing. To meet you know that goes without saying and it's only common sense but. We have to struck on these people liberals. The leftists. What they really matters I won't get into the Communist thing proceed but they pick Communists they want all the crawl our way of life the way it's been. This is the main reason they don't like trump. The main reason they don't like pants. Every one of lesson malaise have been oppressed at one point or another some more than others. That does not mean that you do not on the flag the country that gives us the greatest privilege to be. You know that's going in the army all you can beat these guys were pieces that make him millions were on what don't they. I get to watch some of the film footage but Normandy. That you concede on some of the history channel's. And we see a lot of by GI's men and women getting slaughtered on the beaches especially in all. This is why we we've we've we've shall reflect on of them that's that's part of it because they fought and we all know this but they have that is the it would wrong guys. And I'll. It just makes me sick. In a wanna make a protest what they donate to charity they donate to a charity do something positive with the oppression that they're talking about. Expert Richard looking at the nail on the head. Look these are multimillionaire. Athletes. All the fame all the power all the money all the celebrity they could ever won. They could donate money look Colin property donated money to the foundation of ours a cop killer. But you know you wanna for what you wanna help black African Americans or minorities you wanna fight racism whatever your causes. Police brutality whatever you think is wrong in the country. There are numerous organizations that donate. You can write op Eds or how somebody write him for you. You can't I could reduce a million ways you can be interview. All they've got to do a much hitting any of these patriots that are not happy called channel for channel 517. Point five. WGBH whatever saying I wanna speak out against the police brutality don't want to defend black lives matter. They're given a platform instantaneously. They can do one interview before the game they can do an interview after the game. In other words they can say anything they want and get their message out but no. They've got to speak on the flank. They've got to stand there and dump on the fly and the anthem and our soldiers and everything it stands for represents. And you know wanna know why. No one else has the guts to say I'm gonna say. This is the national felons a week. This is ghetto. This is what this is. If these guys were not playing and this is not a race thing I don't care white black whoever if these guys were not playing professional football most of them would be imprisoned. Here OK I want to know if this guy's gonna be imprisoned. This is the coach the offensive line coach for the Miami Dolphins. This story just broke the audio is everywhere the video is everywhere. He's a white guy I think former player but don't hold me to got. Who is going before a ball since meeting. And he's yakking on the phone with a model from Las Vegas so this thing is that keeping videotaped. He's got money Luke rolled up we don't like to snort something. And he snorting white lines which appears cocaine. That guy is doing lines of cocaine. Literally doing lines of cocaine before he's going to a ball for his meeting. Here it is here's. Okay yeah. Attempts shorting Dotson. Just before a players meeting. Now that's. The NFL the voice till Boston. 1234. Here on the great WRKO. OK let's stay with this for one more segment that I wanna fed the I'll believe me a lot of talk about today jam packed show 6172666868. The corner country poll question N gage who were as the French would say of the day sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. If you were the vice president if you were Mike Pence which you have left as well. Erratic game yesterday was the Indianapolis Colts San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers over twenty players protests that the National Anthem. Would you have walked out when the anthem was finished. If the answer is yes Mike Pence did the right thing and you would have done the exact same thing walked out. Text the letter they the 68680. If the answer is no for whatever reason you think the players have the right to probe App Store there to enjoy the game well wishers the PR response or whatever. Text the latter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Brittany what are the poll results thus far 98%. Yes 2% all. John in Weymouth go ahead drawn. I'm pleased the kneeling at a nonchalant tone. I'm not I'm not sure many of your list at a soccer. Not across the world the last. Few days and going into today and tomorrow the World Cup qualification games you're talking about pollutant and how do players. Coaches and not even counting the fans haven't seen one person across. The whole globe Asia Africa Europe you know the Central America and we haven't seen one person taken me for the National Lampoon. So what is it what is that about it here in America is this such an awful awful country. You don't really. Maybe taken in the we should I'll take Indian veterans day weekend and that's what we really should do. John brilliant call I wanna ask you this. So when Russia is playing which is headed by a dictator he mean the Russian players weren't taking any John. I'll know when China was playing one of the most brutal dictatorships where they have slave labor camps. You mean the players were kneeling. No we learned a much more just in fifty years of watching soccer haven't seen one player ever taken neat art disrespect his nonchalant tomorrow our national augment soccer. John sorry I don't mean to pile long as your your your on fire but you mean those African countries where they're living in utter poverty and misery. And real oppression. You mean both players don't take any John. Not one John Adams and John what about what about North Korea. Where the population is starving to death and half the country is in a concentration tampering. An underground slave labor camps he means it didn't take it neither John. They didn't I'm not even sure they play the game by about they didn't. Incredible. Now look at just the credible lot. So I guess according to the liberals being honest with you. And to CNN and Brian spell there in the Boston Globe and honestly did jock sniffer is across the street. On a difference they should not EI the other guys. Who were going on about hold their First Amendment Roy and and these players are real legitimate green shoes or go to war are sure who's at all your right I haven't I'm serious. I don't know six mentions. Madam I only had jewelry all over me map. For sports cars now. Mount mount. That do not can't do that you mean a party and all the time you mean not not right now I just not I can't I can't do what. You mean the 6810121520. Million dollar year contracts not don't not to really seven toward the good life went back. If they can stand for their country you can't stand for yours. Glen in Cambridge coed climbed. Jeff I go and I'm good how are you glad. It could thank you. Just this is why haven't watched football laster roots and I loved football loved creature spoke I can't do it. The jet there's a whole mentality of DSL now you know you can cross the line. And it takes a lot to cross the line to be true white. Let's stop and you don't disrespect in the flag or the National Anthem or anything else so that matter. Well Glenn look at your completely right but ya I wanna throw this to everybody wanna ask all of you. Here's basis I played the coach the offensive line coach Wright always been fired now but. Is snorting cocaine. Snorting cocaine. Caught on video oaks before a session practice session a meeting with the dolphins snorting cocaine. He's the coax the white I would that the radical chic. Now. Forget that. On tape. Ray Rice cold Koch's his girlfriend no hawks were a hole drags her limp body out of the elevator. No problem. No problem. Domestic violence rampant across the NFL problem. How many guys Aaron Hernandez. As an example shooting people murdering people. Hey that's the way it is. Ben Roethlisberger. Multiple I allegations of rape by multiple women all problem. He's a big star in the NFL all problem. So murder rape. Beating women drugs you name it Ray Lewis Altria what I find shocking okay the famous linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. They've got a big statue of him in front of their stadium in Baltimore or cut by the way I used to go to Baltimore stadium before when I lived in Maryland outside of DC. Beautiful. I'm gonna tell your right now the stadium is beautiful. And the I where the Baltimore Orioles play the baseball park is gorgeous that little area is beautiful look ago. He was involved in an altercation any shooting incident adding nightclub when they won the Super Bowl many years ago. A person was shot and I believe killed. And you had some kind of a role limit no problem. Now you got some fans saying whoa whoa hold on now. Now you're protesting the National Anthem now they wanna pick the statue down and I think it's on hold on. When he may have involved in a shooting incident where somebody got killed and in my club you'll love the guys. But now based in spitting on the net or get me wrong we shouldn't spit on the National Anthem. But it's to your point. So if you're gonna shoot people if you're gonna rape people if you're gonna murder people if you're gonna Beecher wives if you're gonna behave like. Like right from the get all. Like a bunch of criminal gang bangers. God's protesting the National Anthem. Now you wanna know why they hate cop so tight why they hate cops. Because if they if they weren't playing football they be out there committing crimes the cops would be arresting them. That's why the cops have their enemy. Because back in the hood Nona mana. And I you don't like the police that pigs we don't like them picks. So that's the fact of the matter. So when Mike Pence walks out to meet my only question is in all honesty why are we you what the game to begin with. I would even have gone. Franken Arlington go ahead frank. Yes Jeff as well about it they feel of of course this should go to this community thank you frank and and elected. Everybody I have ordered to. It just. Is gay. Of course they gave the white TJ. Don't do that dissatisfaction. That make money out there. Is built this. Epic. If so we've hit these people on their pocket. I think we send them formats. Frank I gotta tell you the ratings are way down. Some of the stadiums now half empty on Sunday. This is killing the NFL. In fact there was a study recently done. The NFL within a couple of weeks. Went from being this sport you seem to sit with America's game or whatever is his popularity. From the highest positive rating. Can now bull lowest rating among all of the big sports. So what you're seeing over the last couple weeks is the American public slowly but surely. Now slamming the door on the NFL and they have nobody to blame but themselves. Because what they're doing let's be crystal clear. Of they're spitting on the flight. You're spitting on our anthem. They're spitting on our veterans. But most importantly. They're spitting on you. They are so arrogant. So out of control so drunk with power. They think they can. Spit on all your faces and still expect you watch them. Well I got news for you. You're not bigger than America. Here are bigger than the flag you're not bigger than our anthem and you're not even bigger than your fans. And pretty soon you know what NFL's gonna stand for not for long. Parent in New Hampshire going head on. While it I pick her parent c'mon now don't be so politically incorrect Aaron atop the indigenous peoples they now come on Aaron. And make of the conflict earlier about apple will be around that curtain. You know I am. The whole situation has sat yet hopeful that the same arm because. What you have is so look we're taking any because they don't like police officers military people. On Sunday night basis we saw the police and military end up. And count them all so we'll act you can possibly give and run toward the danger bit on the lot to say other people. And you know what Harry did it's sad that people are making any and they don't like that. But it kind of does resemble a little. It because I've all the cougar attacked and America like art history but there is being sorted out right now. It showed that day at the story. That whole spirit and character. That he immediately saw Serb military person would it take to be true American. And that's something no matter how many times they kneel an account manager press conferences they have the job won't be able to break and makes until Google. Yeah go ahead I'm glad. Now the question. To you and I'm scared about the point three players that took me on Sunday. If they were there in Vegas you'd think they would stand up and ran toward Manger pretty think it would have thought their mansion and in my priorities and their selfish latency themselves. Can I be really frank really blunt with you brutally honest like I'm in the confessional god as my witness. Are there were reports that some people trampled. On other people. There were some in wheelchairs that were thrown over there relying on the ground. And some people literally were trampling on top of those who couldn't walk. It was the vets. Andy's off duty police officers that rushed to the disabled. And help them up and save their lives. You wanna know what these gang bangers would have done. They would have been trampling. Not just running not just be the first one out. They would have been truck I shorting trampling. On those that were on the ground or those that were knocked off their wheelchairs. Check out civil war thank you amber yeah this is gonna wanna say it is for awhile you know our rights come from god that the competition that protect those rights. And everybody wants to talk about the right to do this at the right to do that. How well what's the right thing to do I mean Apple's gonna make it changed not just I mean everybody have a right to do whatever they want or what is the right thing. Beautiful. Arron honestly I think it's the exclamation point thank you for that call look. I can go to let's leave the flight got to let the hand them the veterans just for a second Russia's lead down off the table. I can go to the funeral really it's within my equal rights. I can go to the funeral walk up to the body the coffin and move. Either the person in the coffin or move everybody in the church or at the surface. It's my right to do. My right constitutional right I can be an absolute pig and poker. But it's not the right thing to do. And if I did do wit say that your mother or father's funeral this as an example time I'm morning. The dead body or are mourning the people there at the service. You would have every right to kick me out and to be offended and they get lost blank off. So why can't we do the same thing with the NFL. What they're doing is the equivalent of morning somebody at a funeral. That's what they're doing. Or giving the middle finger at a funeral or whatever. I'm sorry it's not the right thing to do period. 6172666868. Bill in you and go ahead the bill. I just caught. Would value of form can I go to to protest black racism and a very serious. Bill it's almost impossible now. I know but. Obviously the white racism has said this before. What we never addressed the issue of black gracious and who what where were two more can one go to do that. I mean in theory bill you couldn't you know all have a protest that Boston com and or if they get a permanent. But your best at best you're gonna be blocked out by the media. You have a very tough time getting a permit. And you gonna be utterly and completely ignored that's the best. At the worst you can have black lives matter dissent and they're gonna beat Bellotti. That's just that's like today in America. 6172666868. Is the number let's go to frank in Belmont go ahead frank. He would I'm. I do against her you selected an M 86 years old and I can remember this like it was yesterday. We might finally used to take my sister and I to the Islamic Conference in July or what they had channel along the child whoever. And they played. One song in there and you know various. Will in a minute intermission. Now during intermission these black clouds rolled in to a lightning in them and everything and everybody had to get up and fat running away. At that time I completely came out and he didn't evidently didn't look out to feel what was happening but he's got out of the spangled banner. And immediately. Everybody that was running. Stopped amid on a dime. To earn and saluted the flag that was unlit in the national and down from the show. And I'm kind of acted so remember that we are good soaked but nobody moved. As one on equal could do that now. Frank Carroll and thank you for that call frank no we can't. That was a different time and a different America and in many ways a better America. But let me just tell you this okay. A mock complaining. I'm you know to mean when I negotiate and negotiate for my editorial freedom but to me is the most important thing editorial independence. I make a nice living. I've home two cars used cars but still good cars and I send my kids to school and I'm very out there among middle class guy and I'm proud of I don't make 6101520. Million dollars a year but let me tell you this. When I was a naturalized as an American last year. And they played the anthem. And I saluted dot flag. I had tears. Rolling down my heart's. I don't live in mentions. Don't have sports cars. I don't have watches that are worth 20000 dollars apiece. I not flying around the world jet setting. Why. Because this this country has given me two incredible children. It has given me a career in talk radio. Where I can speak my mind. And I could do this in no other country in the world. America. Is not cherish the great country. It is not just a free country. It is the greatest country. Ever in the history of the world. If you can't stand for this flag and they sent them I'm telling you your mother didn't tell you I'm gonna tell you Ural looser. Because you can't stand for any flack. And self. For me who you. We URKOOK. My friends a couple of callers ago Aaron from New Hampshire break call. Remember he wondered what the NFL players would have done had they been in Las Vegas during the shooting during the massacre. While we've got the answer we we have the answer. Just look at Michael Bennett from the Seattle Seahawks. He went to see the Connor McGregor Floyd Mayweather fight in Las Vegas he then went out partying with his friends they went to wake Michael up. Not the night club there was a shooting. So what did Benedict know he ran away. Acted suspiciously. And then denounced the cops for being racist. Even though they didn't they didn't even arrest them. Dots. NFL valor. Maria in Boston going head Maria. I doubt. I thought. Paying any attention the football when the Michael Vick is sort of a year ago because I thought that was unfortunately. Scott. I'll let them and you need to know. I always paid for the beautiful stadium there for a billion dollar industry don't pay for our current knowledge. Capable players had taken me on not on appeal. Taxpayers are getting. Shall bid by those billion dollar index up airing dollar industry because up until just recently they almost. Hundreds of parents are pretty. And now we don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to get me and on and I know that we need to get it down. And shot. You know that Maria. That's why I say boy caught the NFL. Coming up next. The Las Vegas police break their silence on Steve about it. The voice of Boston it's. You 680 WRKO. Bust in 93 said.