Hurricane benefit turns political

The Kuhner Report
Wednesday, September 13th

Hollywood celebrities came together to benefit Hurricane Harvey and Irma victims. They also came together to bash President Trump. Is climate change to blame for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma?


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Listeners and hero complete news can liberal lies and insults to the working people we stay. No more. Is that could erupt course. Port CNN we are broadcast signal lies. From the comfort inn in Randolph Massachusetts. WRKO. We're teaming up with obviously the best the American Red Cross were having a blood drive from new starting now. 2:5 PM here at the comfort inn in Randolph mass is located on route 18. Off of exit five on rule 93. We're gonna be broadcasting live throughout all of The Today Show. From noon to three I would love to see you come down. Meet you please come on down corner country during your lunch break. Would love to see you give blighted through very important cause. You are most likely going to say in life today. So which you do despite coming down and giving blood you have no idea what it means. To somebody who needs a heart transplant. Or an operation and or whatever they desperately need blood. If you can show up we ease I would love to see you. Again wrecked a comfort in in Randolph mass it's right on route one EA off exit five on route 93. We're gonna be here from noon until five. Okay my friends and another by the way another reason why am calling everybody come down corner country. I think Ed Markey at this place I think masculine shoulder up. I'm want sure. I want this curable. Dismal and the banks. That team are open it's all. Mobile. So it's almost like an emergency situation there so is corner country you can come down. Give blood we've got to read bill the blood banks that my drink and suck so easily. Please visit people here in the Greater Boston area okay 6172666868. Is the number. Did you see that telethon last night. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm IE so here it is on all of these big broadcast networks for one hour. And in theory. That on is supposed to be. The raise money to give relief aid to the victims of hurricane party. And her and all that lost homes. Lives families communities. They lost everything that was supposed to be theory. On. And of course all of the celebrities were there. Stevie Wonder was there. Oprah Winfrey was there Leonardo DiCaprio was there Robert De Niro was there. Beyoncé was there I mean are all there. Or. And right from the B yeah I mean I mean from the get go Stevie Wonder came on stage each. And oh left wing sermon arising started. And it didn't stop for a whole hour rule it Britain. We've got a. Other today. To love on the people. That have been devastated by the hurricanes. When level bolt action. It perfect milk products and no but ethnicity. No religious. Beliefs. Those sexual attacks. And no political persuasions. To just. OK right now against basically can't eleven dialogue that now and it won't. Who believed that there is no such thing as global warming. Most people line. And yet. Lord. Please consult. Mary ago Canada but now's the First Act. So right off the bat. He's insulting all the people whatever skeptical of man made climate change are critical of manmade climate change don't believe in man made climate change so think about it is still there is. Saying we love one I'm not mean. It's let's keep it would feel. So okay Jerry is talking about the and he says you know it's my sexual preferences race color etc. even political persuasion but let's get political. And so right away the left wing Sherman rising began. Right away there were trying to seize this telethon which is they're to raise money for the victims. It's supposed to be a political. And they wanted to hijack it right away and by the way CNN started this Imus left BC they all the media jumped all over this the liberals the Democrats. That somehow they're making this ridiculous claim. That hurricane Harvey and hurricane Burma were caused by climate change. Do they have any evidence for it yet. But certainly impressed the climate change soul climate change caused hurricane heartbeat and caused hurricane Irma. So they're they are politicizing. Even the hurricanes. And the telethon. But listen now to beyoncé. Because according terror climate change and didn't just caused by hurricanes. That's causing everything. Roll it Britain. Yeah. I'm playing out around the world. Just this past week we've seen devastation. India and eight point one earthquake in Mexico for and multiple catastrophic hurricane. I'm not alone has left a trail of death and destruction from the Caribbean to Florida to southern United States we have to be prepared for what comes. So tonight and we and I collect the. It's. To help communities. To let. You. Mary. There you go so I everything. So now months Holmes in India climate change earthquakes in Mexico climate change hurricanes in that Texas or Florida. Climate change. Everything's climate change everything. Now first of wall. I don't know how to say this but there's no evidence for anything with there's. But they're just making this up. And not only the making it up. You don't Mexico's earthquakes. For centuries. We've humanities have earthquakes for centuries. The gets months showrooms on a semi regular basis. It's been going on for thousands of years and pocket the Indians don't you all they do was get Hansen's. Hurricanes now just to give you to show you how bogus these allegations are that somehow the cause all it's being caused by man make climate change. Just to show you where we're propaganda it is. According now to the official scientists who actually study this. Twelve years. By the United States has not had a major hurricane defined as category three or above. There was a massive twelve your low. Meaning 20072008200920020112012. All the way up to this year. With the obviously now hurricane Harvey and hurricane Irma. In fact this twelve year old wall. Without a major hurricane hitting the United States. I want to listen to this since they ever had recorded information. Since they've been taking data and studying hurricanes. Never has there been any longer stretch of time where there have been no hurricanes. And when they actually measure tropical storms let's say over the last 1215 years. The intensity of these storms is actually not going up it's going now. So literally deaf facts. And reality is the exact opposite. Of what these Hollywood who a moon bats. And what the media elites I've been peddling ever since hurricane Irma and hurricane Harvey hit landfall. Dirt completely making this up they're politicizing this at every turn. At every turn. And you know one final point. I don't know how you can look. People who lost loved ones. Members. The sport parents who left behind were dogs. 30000 homes destroyed just in the greater Houston area along. People crying I'm lost their belongings. Everything they've lost. Each thing. See Justin Bieber Justin Bieber yesterday. Some spiritual advisor he calls them them. Dressed up in some crazy religious. And they're doing some kind of mechanical here but he won't say he only wants to say oh. Shop and sing. And raise the money. And means that it is the fourteen million dollars. There's so for the war. Because they're so determined to ram through their politicized. I left wing. Propaganda on our throats. He wants. If we start running and going on about climate change climate change climate change maybe it's a lot of people just turned. Sold off and watch it on. In other words they never think of putting the victims first. It's all these am. There liberalism. And their own self righteousness. Shame on them. 61 cent to 666868. Is the number. Let me ask you this is the quarter century poll question. As sure as the French would say of the day. Is climate change to blame for hurricane. RV and her team Irma. The poll question is sponsored by bill financial services. If you believe the answer is yes it was powered primarily by climate change text or letter 868680. If you believe like I mean this is complete nonsense lies and propaganda. No that's the latter beat this X 86 day as always you can vote online at My friends let me ask you this did you see that fell on last night. And was it appropriate for Stevie Wonder beyoncé and all the others. To constantly politicize the hurricanes. And say it was caused by climate change. I wanna hear from you 6172666868. Is the number. Were broadcasting. Live remote. From the comfort inn in Randolph mass located on route 28 off the exit five on route 93. With the American Red Cross please corner country during lunch break come on now and save somebody's life for an incredible cause. View of life. Your calls. Next tax report. They can't and eleven guys are right and anyone. Who believes that there is no such thing as global war. Most people line. Well when he threw here on the break WRKO. OK my friends. It was a telethon to benefit their victims of hurricane. Harvey and hurricane Irma and instead. It turned into a political soapbox. Where they were denouncing trump and announcing this so called climate change them years. Did major shoot themselves in the foot and turn people off from giving money 61720666868. I have a call mop on Is making the rounds it is going viral. It's banned in vs the Catholic Church who is right on illegal immigration. It's already creating quite a controversy a lot of stir. Please my friends go up on RKO dot com read the column yourself pass it on to his many friends and family members. Corner country. A call to arms please if you can. We are broadcasting life today from noon to five at the comfort inn in Randolph. Located and route 28 off of exit five on route 93. I believe marquis has come because they've been. Immaculate came in and there's no blood left in the blood banks. So please. We're with their Red Cross were in our annual blood drive. What you do today will most likely save somebody's life. Please if you can com and give blood. We're here at the comfort inn in Randolph Massachusetts. Located on route 28 off exit five. On route 93. Please if you can com it's for an incredibly important cause 6172. 2666868. Lines are loaded. The land on route 495. Europe first coed Golan. Two aspects of taking my call my pleasure. Let's and I've been allotted. It's a long time now and I got an opportunity these Hollywood elites in just liberals in general. They care so much about the environment but they don't give a crap about what they put it to their body. Heroin marijuana alcohol cocaine they don't care about that's just do did you. That means bigger role Glenn is their body is that simple. But that's your first and finally your body and how he died from drug overdoses of bank. Glenn and not only that but what about you of the private jets. 456. Mentions the Olympic sized pools. I mean nobody puts a bigger carbon footprint on the planet and and these. You know spoiled. One bats in Hollywood but they're lecturing us on climate change. Bingo my friend thank you for that call gland Richard in champ spurred go ahead Richard. There Richard. It's not an expert at my car my pleasure Richard well today. Yeah I'd this Florida comment on that I'm raising. The spot on television last night. I couldn't believe it you know two minutes into the show host in order by the way. Bloggers like you guys rate. So much as. Gave him or does say it's you know come up with this climate change. Connection you are. In all I'm not a scientist. All we hear people on the short side there's what I can't imagine trying to enact climate change are. And I actually one of the yet they were saying that. You know we have this art in here art and and it was devastating earthquakes are all related to match and thought. That's not. Well that was beyoncé. Yeah I know Richard I was beyoncé a monsoon in India. That's climate change her ansari an earthquake in Mexico that's climate at last year's blizzard that's climate change. Everything's breaking climate change it's it's incredible. So. Your completely right look it's become a catchall. They just wanna blame capitalism. They wanna bowling rom they wanna blame the free market. This is now they're in your religion the so called environment. And they just paddle it and Natalie and panelist know honestly on Stevie Wonder why Islam last night I mean to be honest with human disease though. When I'm at least he's still a life I was with the and you know there is and he's like you must be blind if you can all recognize the reality of climate change. I'm like Stevie you'll wanna go there. Steve let's just buckled. 6172666868. And these in Medford go ahead and. Thanks thanks yeah experts are wrong I welcome that. I wanted to comment aren't beyoncé I guess it was in court case. And she used an eight years that meteor is used year Ollie which goes up every six weeks. Apply across your own agenda she all she Jerry TV on all species is yet gracious and. Well right certainly TV aren't I saw people look at pre race creed color religion. World quotes risking their own lights. Who helped other people regardless of who they are. Sorry human chain of people how. To get out there that was why it. So I don't know what television being on save watches but she auto watched the real world congress climate change. Where and how important these holly what jail is. That they aren't so it gave themselves with every six weeks ago that top schools and not she right to. Bill with or in all those limos those stretch limousines. I've that they all they all fall down under private jets. They all attended the event the stretch limousines and I guarantee it. In on the male party at somebody's mentioned in this giant pool that lake you know whatever it they pixelated that's. Hold maybe you can you can get heat and and and and some electricity to a whole neighborhood that's a much power dates. But no listen we've got to combat climate change. Your completely right. What you saw in Florida and aspire. Was Americans coming together. Of all races. All creeds. All genders it didn't matter across the entire spectrum. American helping American tax and helping cuts and and my friends to be very honest with you that's exactly what you're seeing here. With the Red Cross strife. At the Randolph comforted and off of route five on route 93 it is people here of all races all backgrounds all creeds men women. Trying to help people here in the Greater Boston area we need blood. You're gonna have an operation you need belied your battling cancer in need blood you have a heart attack or stroke you need blood. Please if you can calm down and give blood please. Coming up next more with your calls. And Jeff deal. Is it time to get relief on the sales tax in Massachusetts. 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