How much fallout with the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal have?

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, October 11th

Everyone in Hollywood and Washington that had anything to do with Harvey Weinstein is now scrambling to avoid the fallout of the allegations against him and anyone who knew what he was doing


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Wake up with Kim and DD yeah. Boston's morning show WRKO. Yeah. So as we're talking about Harvey Weinstein it's harder as. What can carry manager Mowlds. Interest in develop. My most interesting development yesterday. Was actually hearing him in his own words. Their was. You know there was a sting investigation back in 2015. Because the number of people had come forward and said there were issues. And there was an audiotape of him trying to convincing young Italian model. Was trying to break into the business to come in this hotel room. And she was wearing a wire urged him apparently Ben near the day before. And she did not want to go back in. And she was saying to him he was saying to her come in here come in here. He was she she was saying no that he'd been too aggressive the day before that he had touched her breasts he was saying I'm used to that. Coming here don't embarrass me in this hotel I'm a very powerful important man coming here you don't have to stay you can just stay for five minutes. You know I'll take a shower you have a during. And while there was no in the end it was determined that there was no actionable. Results from that audiotape. It was enough for me to say that that is someone who have. Is disgusting and everything that all of these limited said about him I believe. 100%. Jeremiah Moses and his girls McDowell I'm Ben Affleck. What she did a rose a gallon. But did see this thing the thing about this currently is a lot of with the stuff that you're hearing now. Is women are coming forth with stuff that's not really. It could do it could've been a lot worse than it was let's put it down right quiz cutter shoulders right and felt really uncomfortable marriage serving you know yes twice he tried to. Isolated but nothing really happened moreover gallons difference. And for rose and I get so Affleck we we kept hearing about Damon Damon has called the and allegedly to the New York Times it's watched the story but now that story is that Damon had no idea what the story even was the discomfort now Weinstein and he said but Greg catalog more of them find Medina and he had no idea what they're writing about we thought that's what they were how this will give spying. Well Affleck puts out his statement yesterday. And hey David looked like it'd generic PR types that I'm saddened and angry that a man our workers uses position of power to him and to intimidate sexually aroused and manipulate women had made me sick. We must support these women who have come forward while Rose McGowan and tweets out not soon after reading that. Exploitative. Well its existing quotes it's a quote from Ben Affleck to her face. When presumably she had told him what Harvey had done to her. Affleck quote to hurry his. Presumably the F word right. I told him to stop doing that. And squall. And then she continues her we would you said that in my face the press conference I was made to go after assault you lied. And then our fallen trees you wanna play let's play. So for me. That has to happen. And in women either got to get serious about this or not. What the Merrill Streep it's in the Gwen it's pal throes of the they're not really contributed. OK you're contributing to the number in the volume of what are these going. But unless you're gonna call people out directly for being enablers inhibitors. Kirk accomplices if there are such a thing or people that turned a blind what are you doing. You're still acting like Roger Goodell with the NFL where you just kind of want everything to go away and open takes care of itself either you're gonna Jeannie on this or you're not. Well I mean it's an added that I think depends on who. Who you talk about now with power claims every one of our booklet what is how proclaims. That he did what he did and she waited too. Brad Pitt. And told him and Brad Pitt confront it and it's so don't touch her dead so her first round coming in order is hey I'm a victim and be someone I like zero. That's how that plays in less you're gonna contribute because what did you then worked with this guy you were sore -- with multiple times after that yet but the problems now is a problem that needs to be explained Angel now doesn't explain that she doesn't explain the yet is this thing about it is there's a whole lot of people I believe who worked with him again and again and I think there was a lot of innuendo. And and offenses. Excuse me that are unacceptable. The people turned away from because they were working I think it he took advantage. More so if you start looking at this. He took advantage war so of young women who. Did not end up being with Paltrow. Young women who did not end up being. You know is some of these big named Whitney he took advantage of a whole lot of other women pour one half way. You know what happens in these situations we've just seen the woman who everybody is applauding for being brave and tough and heroes. He's gone you don't even know where name because her name is Gretchen Carlson she's gone. So what does she get for being a brief thought he or she got enough. No I disagree she got a lot of money and she got him out. If she's gone now she has no career. Did well that's the last time you heard of and are well that is very true and that's Oprah why a lot of these women don't do what what's gonna happen with the Rose McGowan now I don't know Rose McGowan from hole in the wall I've never interviewed Rose McGowan. Should Rose McGowan be acting and apple whereas Merrill's street corners Al throw anybody that easy in that house power right now that has Jews. Saying if nothing else I wanna give a hug to this woman who was speaking up in fighting and we're gonna make damn sure what happened to Gretchen Carlson does not happen to Rose McGowan and anybody else that comes forward because. So far the women that are coming forward doing this this is what happened to me too although we usually it's done in a boy there was Lecce but I was able to get out there unscathed. I don't know I don't I I'm uncomfortable with that part of it and people like awkward if you're so brave for talking about a that you're that Torre you've. I don't. Because what Rose McGowan it is brave she is now calling on Affleck at the risk of getting sued by hand because if that didn't happen. That applicant obviously sue her for defamation. But she's saying it's gone and I'm sick he'd love of TD floating around that's for lack of a better term I don't know one other terms and I apologize for using that term. Did did dancing around a scenario I don't ever track of how all of this I'm no longer dancing around this it's on in anybody that I interactions with about this that is going to be hypocritical about this I'm calling them out because you have to because Affleck it's that happened. Affleck is part of the problem. Think there's a whole lot of people who are part of the person you got a call about it is going to called anybody out as marijuana and it. Britain bingo here's the thing I think you're I think that first off I don't I don't know that I think they have to call them out first of I think it I think this guy has proved big. That he is so horrible. That. Hollywood is not get return on the Rose McGowan or anyone else in fact I think Hollywood will rally around her this little war I well she and I think the furor and. I don't graduate poses a perfect example I don't think Gretchen Carlson is the perfect example might be a gallon is toxic now Hollywood nobody wants apart I I don't agree with that I'd I think that's I don't think that's for when MacKenzie Phillips wrote her book about Hollywood and you'll never eat lunch in this town again to MacKenzie Phillips and war in the downing him. Yeah I mean there's an app I. Yeah very careful of what Jim Hughes as the well they have evolved because no one else did you gotta be if you want got to be a star. Eddie l.'s all big jump from I was sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein to I had a consensual sexual relationship with my fault are among other things there that. The issue I. There are out there the issue there is that when you're exposing the industry for its shortcomings the industry tends to keep shooting the curb while they tell you Jiri hero so but I think there are enough to know what all roses a hero by the way they just say these women that are come know what is said anybody by name. I Israel's McAllen hero curt. I think she did. I think she is because I think this guy needed to go and it was time if it was time for somebody to take the risk at any idea that. I might lose my career as a result of this and I don't care at this point I'm gonna I'm gonna do something about it. I just I don't think I think this guy is hit this guy was so toxic and so many ways they'd gotten so out of control. That people know that that's why I don't think they will turn on her. I do think that she needs to be very careful about the fight she picks along the way. I don't I IG should pick every fight ICC should much noise as she possibly can. And she should make sure that she is on the cover of time magazine in December when she is the person of the year. That's what she's got to do now. I think she should be very careful about that I do you think you have to be Smart I think that you can. I think the you can win this battle. And even win the war. But there will be back at bill will be battles left behind it was so cute guy called everybody out as a realize Rose McGowan has I'd always been that person that isn't afraid to. What I'm actually shocked she did say something earlier that all these things happen if she has been that person in her career that's been like. All right no one else is saying this I'm gonna say. I don't has a history of that. When the wind that is what killed we will get into the Hillary's statement in the Obama's statement if you want all that but. In the complex image all of them are generic they talk about the women. And the brave women that are coming for. Let's start naming some names here who are the brave women and who were they bought whites. The mortgage jerks that enabled this stuff to go want you can't do this generically and make any progress cannot. Heads have to roll and he can't be just Harvey or else nothing changes I'm telling you we'd been down this road before we know this well. I think that our first up I think one that there were some that will change is the fact that it's been. Revealed this warning that won't 1816 to eighteen members of the company. Knew he was doing. Jenny dare pariah that he actually be done but that's easiest and I thought that I want to get into the scapegoat I gotta be bigger people that that Ben Affleck of the world if they did know this is going on. And they were they were. Harvey two face annoyed quickly bat man on Harvey two face it there RB two faced about this. There's there's got to be some consequences for those demons know better I got a lot of issues or Damon because again Damon. What what did you know when did you know it's the same questions come up in any scandal and what did you allow. To yourself to turn a blind eyes to you have to be able to answer this stuff. Six or 72666868680. Succeed he is our Tex lines of this morning. What what what do you think the ultimate fallout of all of this will be. How will there be others who go down which ensure that. I mean I have from what you said under the impression you think you know the benefits of the world should go down as a result I think that it likes on the ago in the beginning of the end of his career I didn't.