Horse meat: Legalize it!

The Trump administration makes some moves which could make horse meat legal for sale as food in the U.S. If nothing else, it's good for some fun puns.


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Given TV talking about what you're talking about Boston's morning show. WR TL. The New York sales 68 days this summer going on right now we've got great suggestions and only you can do this summer with your family and we've got another 1 coming up this morning. At 830. We are Kelly financial pull up this morning and we're asking if you would. Willingly. Eat horse meat. Friends are rich and you say that I just wanna Eid Al I. I can't ever actually believe I'm seeing it and I'm being serious because this isn't just you know. We're just trying their. Throw something out there that's ridiculous. Congress could authorize horse meet for dinner. In the near future. And this is why we're asking you would you willingly. Eat horse me. No look we're not above asking something because it's ridiculous for we don't need to in this case there I actually usually are I don't know problematic but not this case there is a time. So what happens series is again it's a weird connection things would trump in the process of coming and coming back regulations and also cutting funding for unnecessary things. Obama had put in there it's. This is temporary ban on boarded one and ultimately his founders you know the meat inspector right can imagine being immune inspector now. There's like a ban on horse meat inspector. That position. Because of some some trump cards made that ban. Is now lapsing in congress has the like actively reinstated but they're not reinstating and apparently. So technically there could be a horse meat inspector position now that would open the door to a horse slaughterhouse. Apparently weapons currently in the country's thousands of horses. A month or sent either overseas or to Canada where they are killed and butchered. And wild horses and and usery met me in the dog food or whatever it is they do all of them. If this stays at it as it is currently we could be doing that in the US. And presumably would be profitable so there would be your slaughterhouses. If there are horse slaughter houses than there is going to be horsemen available. And in fact just yesterday it was announced 66 people in Europe. Were arrested in this big food scam they sold horse meat unfit for human consumption. And many of those forces have come from the states so it's. This isn't it it's really an interesting. It's an interesting situation we're asking you how you feel about it would you each horse meat. I said to you earlier GBM mean. I don't know it would take me a long time to willingly go into like a restaurant and they say hey we have horse meat on the menu. And say great I'll have horse meat but there was some point at which people. Willingly said yeah I'll vetoed a chicken and I'll either have paid out either cow. Right. And are the opposite I think people used to eat what are meat they can get their hands on at a certain point it's an act the way I'm not okay with eating a dog or I'm not okay with eating a squirrel or whatever laws right. I can assure you did you know an alternate universe. Americans don't needle towels but they do we horses. How is that with aliens are looking down on this world is weird over here they don't they value this particular animal over here they've got. China doesn't care about dogs and we get mortified that they UM we get mortified are we eat cows and India is. Is mortified by that report is one of those in that your land where certain countries and. Who wins it is here thing though it's that we we have them as pets things we have as pets we don't typically eat. We don't need tarnished we don't me now we do we. We really canisters that we have as pets but why would you ever prominently you've never had a path towards. You don't know why don't but I've ridden the nominee and I've never written account and you murdering. Pig and. I don't hang out with chickens that I don't need a lot of leverage do we US that angry Berger of your time this or I do a dazzling that was my angry horsepower. Yeah I like I just can't doing well like I said it would just take me awhile to get there. Yeah I don't think it would take me long at all I. I don't care to pitch. I'm not the damage read I do why do we did put a turn out to you as much but. I've known from July 4 we were all just there recently rolled Roland burgers and brooms and dogs and write laws. By dogs and hot dogs who wasn't going all bomb on him there. That's. Shall we say those for the next thing yeah we're gonna do our part we're gonna do some ponds in the next segment so nines and I see it would definitely. It's is strictly economic thing for me if I go vital outdoor restaurant and restaurants is fifteen dollar burger ten dollar worst burger. I'd probably in an hour's burger. If it tastes like dear I'm really in on it I don't like I don't need medicine off your crazy. When we go to into being Gloucester who says he's seen horse meat. I'll be I mean what he'd I mean a lot of thank you eat we think it's greatly. That you know good people we thought he ought like in India he did it great that we b.'s alright but now it's OK okay and and it's not a to beat me. Knotted it at eight that it that I think look it up but not. In a lot of in the TV practically no that night we need it yeah. I beat you up at that they. Where we want a few countries in the world that our party ought to meet but we also. Know what to countries where we have what rendering factory. And what we explore what's neat yeah auto well could they wanted to would be consuming yes but there's a lot of immigrants in the country now Willie wants me. There you go well quite a few country in the world. Said that markets and go on a regular basis and go to much let afforded him beat. Dumb pretty sure I've had gold did Susan butcher shop near us and as exotic meats I'm I'm I would be shocked if I have what's turning golden slam. Then why I mean we all eat lamb. Why not I just don't. Brown lamb fantastic Joni greet the golf. Amid us all Greek. Brad lamm does that mean other than I encourage salad in this has cheated on how to get a little of that get a little who are reed Ross John a tremendous. Six or 7266. I think that they were okay hang ups about like I need it's not a fish. When I was younger I used to gentlemen point element clean amend. And hear it right not not as interested in that like we'd we're real world last week I was gonna have forty inch right to run a beach and he's gotten it right there and in my c'mon kids let's let's have gone back. We'll be well hits it real tough scene I mean this is all the same I noticed any oh what I'm the first word to say that's true I mean. But the biggest and we we do it would be different if we were a society that didn't already eat meat but we do so YE. Why we are the way we are about this but it's just again it would just take me awhile to get there. I couldn't just walk into the restaurant and say fifteen bucks for the beef burger. And eight bucks for the horse Burger King go for the cheaper I'd still pay fifteen bucks and have the beef burger. Have you ever been done you know you have because they know the circles you travel in but do they always have. These restaurants that eggs on a color line and we have zebra meat and finally I had I had rattlesnake onetime you know I'd Cameroon who is it Dick and horrible it's it's a rough it's a rough concrete get down a kangaroo burger irony many buffalo and that we want to place that it Eisenberg replace the B word but what are. Out over any of Ted's Montana grill you know I would prefer that than any united team a lot of off LaMont the price has gone way up to them on a moment tenure and why. The buffaloes fantastic really lean high improved in minutes for your wits surprise her team's super low on fat it's way better. Tasting I think and then beef. But do it's just started again it's more expensive. All right so we're asking you would you eat willingly knowingly eat horse meat because that could be coming to a menu. And I'll wind very quickly adjust and why not are you feel like me I again I have no explanation. And you out there there get in our our puns going on the tax line bring a whole lot of on 'cause we're we're we're gonna do that come up to you by the way I'm looking at the nutritional value I do have to tell you. It's it's pretty good. Morning show week's champ. Car Heimlich and Tzipi. Earlier the most interesting man in the world WR TL. And I asked how I was absolutely horrible listen here's the thing about this too. I'm looking at pictures images of forcing me to stand for here. Component to a restaurant I don't know what the taste is like so if you can't force me please call and tell me what the chase is like but. I think you could pull off funny mean I would sit down to this and I would think an instant you have. Welcome I don't give absolutely pretty think I had heard I have growing up in the midwest you you wanted. How he fares for God's sakes what do you think gearing filet mignon on that stick will you meet stuff like daddy did you ever go to a Chinese restaurant and when you were a kid. Sure god knows when your regime but it tastes good news fine don't get worked up about it. I went 97% of tele financial poll question to me 78%. Said they need say hell no they would not yeah hold on we got. This lends itself to what would get to your calls in the second but for what it's it's time Margaret were gonna do some problems. And so cheesy. 8680 is the next line and here we go 339. Look I don't wanna eat a dead horse here but -- murder is definitely have a different collar and I can tell you I won't be first out of the gate. So how viral way could mess if this is a poll question I'm sure people would vote me. Very. But I wonder what Gallup poll would say about this could feel like they're just trotting this out there though and he really shouldn't be horsing around like for us. Felt like I come I guess I should look a gift horse in the mouth and you go 617 I'm unlike Gore's. A much different up here oh my high quality is David earlier and had a lottery don't get it nowhere tonight a 78 instead of sliders is an appetite or we could just have ponied murders. You know you'll like that one. You know you do. I needed but not for long. Furlong I said Ed Zorn flow. I would people would be jockeying for seats at the bar. This is my own personal wanted to divide and suddenly analog face you know is going mad at some point. John Kerry's been eager for years has or just put that new meanings is 6172 horse radish. And still working on some. Bugs in Newton and has had it before Bob good morning. Bobby dare. This we must lust Bob. Bobby there. Not know Bob. Well forget Bob Beckel. I don't think if I thought about it I would do it is they won four but maybe in the spur of the moment. Yeah yeah I mean if you couldn't nuclear weapons. And criminal where's the beef it feels like and that's that's what I'd be saying I didn't. I do I can't tell you though the legal course identifies itself as a cow. We did Hindus do animal gender identity yeah he's out right now. So what do you call it I mean abortion called beat what would you call. Course I'm really get after you tell you Kobe what would you call horse DB if you ever tried zebra it's kind of like striped bass. A bone in different. Seed biscuits gravy sounds pretty ignorant. And it horse meat part of the staple diet that then I'm that's a very good it would have to be the main dish. Thought this is flawed and send it you guys seem really soft hearted on minutes. Gamma. And. It back to your name thing yeah. Up comments 68680. What do you call it it's like any of those things like you do it's now blotter fringe does it would you originally aimed for was terrible like. You changed names of things yeah so you can sort of excited about it would be like. So what we're horse meat you know the greens are meets or some thing he's come up with some name for Denny could just be called wiggle porn or you call them stud workers. Okay. Not with the would you call would you call him anything differently they are paying for CIA on these pictures. They have like products that are made overseas is that are made with horse meat so it's like beef lasagna. For a snowflake would needing more spewed trigger. You wanna laugh at that I really. I think I had a good body good luck similar alcoholic you call it dinner says nine side. Horse meat gives me the trucks but. I have I would fillet mignon. That's. It. Do you only a certain horse steel leads studs and not. Dealing. Female worse. And you don't usually just keep the female all couch I don't know I don't. I mean what do you do you eat rooster. And how did he urged her is a settled in for the country need to stretch that good how are pigs do we both color derby meet. Call a blue car. Where is the only young Frankenstein tomorrow for a broken but it you know I. I'm looking up how well past his key how much what I have to pony up. I can't. You'll find intended on ads to my favorite segment now so let me ask you something if you do start looking horse. Then how far do you go do you see. And the other only certain kinds of horses you eat or do you read any horse I would love it. I tell it like a burger joint right now would play off of this and just lists folic we have mr. Ed we have a secretary is just gimme some burgers and Britain do you use Mair in aid. For yours made. Whole. 978 very eager are reading and however. Tough luck. I murder have been trot around the idea for awhile. Around me and do Oudin there yeah. Anarchy and she whipped me up a winner says 617. It's a pretty good review Kim what you eat the slow ones. The puck trickled right. College at Belmont Stakes. Belmont. Shrinking soon had a lot that's really draw and Texas road house could change its name to mr. adds that the equipment and powerful but he. Got a lot Jericho because it's under Kirk is going to be audited Mueller answers 33 and. Mobile. Black stallion son. Spaghetti bowling days. That's very good. 978 bowl amaze you see him cared and gasoline credit card they were here one day days. Yeah it is takes it to another level it's really good. Men. College screech flight to catch of the day's broad like that's not pads grief as beef scribe I get what they're going from there. That's a gross named no yeah I'd. This generic. Nationally submitted and I don't and I'll say zero I don't need strides over the zone now I think collect edit like at 3 AM special FE get out of the barn you saddle and to a diner and it is odd to score reef I that would go real do up until you get a he settled into their eyes right I didn't do that on purpose. Oh my favorite horse burgers flipped on the pervert you know. I don't even get that one big huge new U. You are there you. Are not like a burly out of Seattle kind of anti Baghdad suggests. Again. If you're on and with little day went for there more or less fun of course there it's great for a rainy day our area. But not the case. And call our sports like spam. And admits they have McDonald's or Warner I loved that horse.