Have you stopped watching the NFL?

The Kuhner Report
Tuesday, September 12th

The NFL ratings are down after the opening week of football. Kuhner believes it’s because players are protesting The National Anthem. What do you think? 


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Is that could erupt for. You stop the the water change the NFL. My friends. Their ratings are in at least pearl opening night and they are down. In some markets they are badly down. And many are asking themselves is the NFL now in crisis. Now look as you know home. I don't usually do sports stories I'll leave that to the experts over at eEye. But when it relates the culture. And eat it intersects with politics and social issues yes I will discuss sports. And what you're seeing now. Is a lead slowly in serious trouble. The ratings are down in some markets pared down substantially. People are getting turned off by the NFL. And all of this is happening and to me it's no coincidence. I was the hole and crap permit precedent as I call it now begins to really take hold in other words. All of these players now. Almost every game almost every game ordered either Thursday night game with a pre New England Kansas City. All the weekend games on Sunday and then of course Monday Night Football. Almost every game. Had protests against the National Anthem by one or several of the players. It's it's it's every game. And I'm not saying it's the whole team it's usually just one or two or three but for example let me just give you an example. I dip the Packers and Seahawks which by the that was actually one of the few decent games. Well there they were from watching the game minding my own business. And they show it our replay. I defensive lineman Michael Bennet for the Seattle Seahawks. Doesn't wanna stand for the National Anthem he's sitting on the bench protesting the National Anthem. And then his brother. Martellus Bennett who plays for the Green Bay Packers on the other side of the field he's raising the black power fist. Jury the National Anthem while the other players have their hands on their hearts. So that's just gave you one example. So all the constant protests against the National Anthem are now spreading. To pretty much almost every team in the NFL. And it's game after game after game after game. Now. I wanna be perfectly clear. The ratings are down in fact it may have been declining now for the last couple years. I think the major reason there are multiple reasons the big reason I believe the major reason it's a garbage product. I'm not speaking now as an expert I'm just telling you as a fan. It's a garbage product. I mean just take opening day when I wanna get into the in the weeks now professional football but take opening day. You've got quarterbacks over throwing the ball you've got penalties left to right and sent her these guys were supposed to be in shape. Are getting cramps and getting wind did by the second or the third quarter. Sloppy tackling. I mean honestly it's just it's just become a garbage a week. You have a few elite teams but for the most part it's become a garbage a week. So it's just not that much finer entertaining to watch I think that's the biggest reason however. However. I think gay secondary. They are another reason. And I think there's no denying it and if you did mine I think you have your head buried in the sand. Isn't second part of being spit on in my face. I'm sick and tired of having my values spin on the National Anthem spin on the flight spin on. And the values of a view overwhelming majority of the American people constantly being insulted. Game after game week after week Sunday after Sunday. And I'm telling you these players are out of control. They're a bunch of overpaid. Spoiled. Bright spot all of them but many of them. And I'll just give you an example though just give you one example. So pick Michael meant. Then again defensive lineman for the Seattle Seahawks. He broke tested by the way I wanna say it again it was ironically I think the only good competitive game on all the Sunday games. But let that go let that goal. And so he's protest thing. The National Anthem his brother as I said has got the black power salute on the other side with everybody else holding their hands on their heart. Now as I'm watching Davis. Let me tell you two things popped in my mind right away. Number one. Look at how profoundly divided and polarized we have become. Where no even the National Anthem there's no consensus. We can't even rice for the National Anthem. I mean you wanna talk. A body picture says a thousand words. So here you have the brother Martellus Bennett. Pumping his black you know black power fist in the air right beside other players who have their hands on their heart. So even the National Anthem now we cannot agree. For for many of us it's a sign and a symbol of patriotism and love of our country. For minority a militant minority it's a symbol of oppression and insular movement. We don't even agree on that acts. But even more than that. Take Michael Bennett. A player for the Seahawks the defensive lineman. So why is he sitting his big rear ran down on the bench doesn't wanna rice for the National Anthem because it's because it's. Jury in the off season. He went to see the Floyd Mayweather Connor McGregor fight with a couple of his vice. So here they're going to a marquee fight. Where you're paying a thousand whatever 20050101000. Dollars a ticket just watch a fight. And then afterwards they go along party. Because they got to party. 'til 3:4 or 5 o'clock in the morning watching the fights on and off they got to go party so they go to what my club and they start partying and of course what happens at the nightclub. Fights break out and in factors are shooting that takes place. So then the police come and there's Arab rig scuffle. And Michael Bennett eventually you get confronts the police say they see him running they suspect them of something anyway. When everything is said and done he had a scuffle with the police. He says that the loss in Vegas police are a bunch are racists. And they targeted Jimenez friends simply because they were blocked that's his argument okay. So because he's teed off at the Las Vegas police for allegedly being racist. He protests the National Anthem. Now. Let me ask you this. How much do you think Michael Bennett makes a year. Ticket yes. Big ES. A defensive lineman. Think not a quarterback he's not a star wide receiver. He's a death is a very good one but he's a defensive lineman how much you think he makes. A million dollars a year and Jeff come on 34 million dollars a year and Jeff come on 67. Million dollars a year. Pat. This year alone. He is poised to make fifth lean a million ball purse. He has signed a three year if Turkey million ball or. Contract. Three years thirty email. Fifteen mil this year. Now. Even if Timmy it's obscene open a look at your money you wanna Pam that kind of money that's your business okay. I'm telling you I think it's obscene OK but what let that go. I'm not a socialist. You wanna pay somebody at ten million or fifty million dollars a year to tackle somebody go ahead I am a church or money. But here's what gets my goat. Even if you assume everything what he says is correct just for the sake of argument let me concede. The Las Vegas police for racist. I don't think they were but just for the sake of argument the Las Vegas police for racist. They mistreated him. So out of the mission of 330 million people. There weren't some idiots in this country. The rights of racists in this country. And because you have one bad experience at a Michael. Where fights are breaking out and gunshots shots are being fired and you believe you were unfairly unfairly targeted by the police because of that. God gives you the right. To stand there and protest the National Anthem. As you're making fifteen million dollars a year this year alone fifteen million. Your children and grandchildren never have to worry about a meal again. You are gonna live in the lap of luxury for the rest of your life I'm talking multiple jacuzzi is multiple sports cars multiple mentions. You don't know how to spend that kind of money. And you're still claiming that this country is a racist oppressive country. As your making fifteen million dollars a year my friends it's sick. I'm telling you it's sick it's perverted its rule book it's insulting. And then let me just throw one more log on the fire. Because nobody else seems to wanna make this point. In another words why isn't the owner of the Seahawks or frankly the culture of the Seahawks and you know what. Buddy I don't care I didn't ask you a party in Las Vegas. I'm asking you gotta run in with the police you may have a problem with the police here make it fifteen million dollars a year stand up. Get off your rear Rand and you gonna respect that flag because you know what their country in the world. Does an athlete never mind an African American athlete make fifteen million dollars a year for playing a freaking game. Are you kidding me you should be kissing that flag every three convey I would. Fifteen million dollars to play a game prep. Not every day I'm sol Goldman kiss and not flag OK but let that they'll let adult. A new study out from CNBC. I wanna share this with all of you if confirms everything I've been saying for years but now we have hard data. So. Now they have done an official study. Let me ask you this. For the average family of four. Another words a working class guy. Wants to take his wife and two kids family of four. To see an average NFL game. I'm not talking the New England Patriots. Oreo corporate box seats or whatever on the fifty yard line I'm talking in the bleacher us today in the nose bleeds. He just wants to take his wife and two kids. The Buffalo Bills. Jacksonville Cleveland at an average NFL game. He wants to bring his wife and two kids. How much do you think it costs for the tickets. Parking and transportation. You gotta get there. Cool small starts. But you gotta have something my big Beers small Beers one for the wife went for the mrs. and one for the fur effort that. And then hot dogs. One for each of the bambino aux and a soft drink each. How much do you think for an average in other words an afternoon to see an NFL game. How much do you think it costs the average working person in this country. Average NFL game ticket yes. Good day yes. 250. 400 dollars. And 500. And who dollars and 34. Cents. Let's round it off 500 dollars. For an for a family of four to see an average football NFL game. A typical NFL football game on average 500. Dollars per family. The NBA is next are sorry the NHL is next at about 360. Per family of four NBA's 340. For a family of four and Major League Baseball baseball bullied and I think is the cheapest is about 24240. To fifty. For an average family of four. So but NFL 500. Dollars for an average NFL game for a family of four. So there you wore in the most deletes. Where you guys are looking at each other singer the sorry are those people down there on the field or they dance. Where you spend most of the game honestly looking at the big screen because at least you're seeing some point. And a little beer as some hot dogs for the bambino is. And your parking. And gas and transportation. And then on top of this 500 dollars UF deceive these idiots. Slap you in the flay and this is a slap you in the face. You have to stand there and say and I got to put up with this anti American garbage. Our top a little. Now. I don't. I still watch a little bit of the NFL I don't I've never gone to Gillette Stadium to see a patriots came to wait too expensive. I'm not gonna blow 500 dollars I'm just not. But this is what our money is going to. We're paying 500 dollars on our church. To see a game. To see multimillionaires. Spoiled athletes. Not even have the basic decency. The basic humility and gratitude. To stand up for the National Anthem. You wanna know why the NFL is going down the tubes. That's the reason why the NFL is going down the tubes and so my question to you is this. Have you stopped watching the NFL. It is the corner country poll question of the day sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. If the answer is yes you're just Don what the National Football League you're done with professional football. Textile letter eight to 68680. If the answer is no you're still gonna continue to watch it you'll love it you're addicted to it you'll love it. Then textile letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. How do you stop watching the NFL. And wash champion of the people Jeff schooner at WRK. Voice of pasta and twelve point six here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Protests are now spreading against the national land some. Throughout the NFL almost every team in every game soft. Players protest in the National Anthem for all kinds of reasons and solidarity with the black Liza matter. In opposition to racism. In opposition to police brutality. I in opposition to trumpet as president what everybody had a reason. But the protests are now spreading. And my question to you is this have you stopped watching the NFL. Is this good or bad for professional football. 6172666868. You can text that sets 68680. This is from 781 Jeff I will not stop watching the patriots. However right do not understand why the networks are helping to promote these idiots. By even showing them taking in neat. And there's just they should just give her text continues. And they should just ignore them like you ignore a bad act being child. 617 Jeff. I didn't watch one NFL games this past Sunday or Monday. If the pats end up with one guy who either sits or meals for the national land some. I will stop watching them as well. 781 Jeff the last time I saw an NFL game I spent almost 400 dollars just on myself. And got poured on and fifty brits are in forty degree temperatures. It sucked well a family of four it costs you 500 smack her roots. And that's in the bleachers. Not as 978 Jeff these players are totally disrespecting the fans bingo. Bingo. You're paying 500 bucks for an average round only to see an average NFL game and you've got to put up with this garbage on top of at all. Erica a guy it's in all you want to disrespect me but both sloppy in the face like that. Paul you're up next in Quincy go ahead Paul. I. The app that acute jet streak that went right knee. Anybody apply here they demand today and that its he's egos are. You know why I had a similar experience that with making stops selling act and Donald problems that way I did that. Expecting your call I in any. As may see you wanted it bet the only message that at the LO. All. All these are temporary when you turn off the TV or is it permanent in other words are you gonna boycott the NFL until this stops. Or is it on a game by game basis. Well actually my court against the patriots went back again and the it. Up as. Up up up. Bush probably all beyond this week you see you guys are tougher than I am. I mean I was just angry yelling at the TV are still watch the Seahawks and the Packers. Ignited and luckily I did honestly consumers the only free don't have decent game on Sunday. But you know look I'll tell you this. They keep this thing up. They're gonna protests themselves or right out of a job and right out of the league. Just my opinion 6172666868. Protests against the National Anthem now spread. Will it hurt the NFL. And have you stopped watching. Your calls next. You are Cano and. 1237. Here on the great WRK. Oh okay. In response now from many of these controversial. National Anthem protests. That are now getting Gary increasing participation. Among NFL players. As I said it's happening almost every team in almost every game during the opening of the NFL season. A tight end for the Cincinnati Bengals Pilar. I furcal Barr pronouncing his last name correctly. Actually wrote an essay for the web site medium Saturday. And according to him he's played in the NFL since 113. He says he can no longer stay silent. That he now wants to speak out against the colon cropper knicks of the world. And those that are openly taking in me or refuse to stand for the National Anthem. And as he penned his essay. Here is why I stand. He goes on to say I know would probably be best to stay out of it. But when you believe in something as much as I do it gets to a point where you want both sides to be hurt. Now by the way I'm telling you right now he's a very brave guys. Because I'll tell you this there's the liberal fascists. Dead then the PC sensors. Those haters. Are gonna go after this guy now. But this is why he stands quote. I stand because I love my country. I stand because I want top honors the people putting their lives on the line. For me on a daily basis in the army navy marine corps air force and Coast Guard. I stand because my cousin is a pilot in the united states air force. Risking his life flying F fifteens. In active war zones. He takes pride in his job protecting Americans. They sacrifice that all members of every branch of the united states military. Willfully take. I I stand with this guy I honestly I applaud him for his courage to speaking out. And look. It's not chairs that were honoring those that serve and our military. Or all of those who died in May sacrifices. In honor of that flag for everything it symbolizes for our freedoms. You know while you stand. Because that flag is hours. It represents our common home. It's the flag of our country. And so when you don't stand for that flag. Or when you deliberately pro pest that flag which you were doing its. You are insulting. Here practically forgive me you're defecated. On the flag. On the country and freedoms it represents. And on all of those who have died in defense of that flight. And to see this being done as I mentioned by the likes of Michael Bennett eyes I just picked them out of many who makes. Fifteen million dollars a year. A minimum three year thirty million dollar contract. In which you know whether it no other country would be so generous to professional players. And by the way if nobody else has the guts to say I'm gonna say it. You know for a racist country I don't know man fifty million years seems awfully generous to me. No organizer nation has made more multimillionaires. And especially more black. Multimillionaires. And the NFL. So if you're oppressed by fifteen million dollars a year Michael really if you hated that much leave. Leave. How come nobody just shows that you know what buddy hey if fifteen male is just too tough for you to survive in America that loss. 6172666868. Brittany what is the corner country poll question what are the results thus far have used. Opt to watching me and I felt if you believe the answer is yes yes you have you stopped watching the NFL text it to succeed you succeed me. If you haven't stopped watching the NFL tax beat to succeed B sixty B or go to wrko.com. To vote there. And the results are 70%. Yes 30% now. Are you an eerie beyond this number I only watch the patriots. Sound. Once a week now. She has said I watched the patriots and you know maybe the game of the week you know I didn't yeah. I guess we'll watch the beginning so I don't get aggravated slightest enjoy the game with nobody short on replay see just the thing. So mother or are just for for all of Lewis is this is what they did during divesting of the National Anthem for the maybe a little prick they keep playing it during the game. So you see the media wants you to see them protest. If you are saying Britney yeah they others do that that's why start getting upset and yelling at the TV. 6172666868. Davone Somerville. Go ahead day. Are you going to come good terminal. Where. Let our containment gotten used to do the pledge allegiance to let me tell you that until the night doing opinions and that. Yeah that's too big ghetto that they'll NFL. We're making too much money. Okay take this fourteen made out a way out of a fifty million dollar to make ammonium million dollars. It's ridiculous. It's not even write and. Dave I'm I'm with you I mean I'm with you man look let me ask all of you this if honesty. If you're being paid item 7810121520. Million dollars a year. Plated yeah. Okay not forget and you can't. Let this and that's what to do what you do right now. Basically to do your draw. And you're getting paid 101520. Million dollars a year let me ask you honestly what would be your reaction every morning. Idyllic their personal flooded I wanna saluted what. I asked him about coming here this is what's paying for your school in all fairness there are just a blood test of what a great idea. And instead. You dump on the fly and I got you guys are you guys yeah IE Billy knew me go ahead bill. I don't I'm good how are you bill. We're not sure well listen how well I'll player comports. Itself. On the field and off the field wide government and it one's attitude towards game. They'll give you an example there was a basketball chains. Or about twenty somewhat years ago and I really like. Elective way planning. And I found out and I don't have full. All the players signed about. 67 since around the country. I lost all respect for the irons. So pin number one. And shall be on the team know that June. And number three iron you'll find out about. The NFL or any big NHL which are trying to up the players generally speaking are cheating on their lives and things like that. I tried to lose interest and I just one more one more point if you have a listen to the way listen to interviews. He MLS soccer player it's almost willed man. They all humble. Articulate. Polite. They've you have to wonderfully has done on capitol liked McCain. But most are too great adoptions in the game. And they make a pittance. They make a pittance. Compared to what let's say the big four make you know the NFL NBA NHL and Major League Baseball. And not look you see religious not to pick on Michael Bennet but it was gonna use him as an example. There are sold self absorbed. They're such ego maniacs. That they always think it's about them. Well mole. You put on the Jersey you put on a helmet you play for a team you're supposed to be a professional. Here also supposed to realize Haiti. I've got to work hard working people up there who were paying 500. Ball worse. For a family of four and there are Macon maybe 303540000. Dollars a year it's a big sacrifice for them to come out and see me play. And they're the ones who are putting money in my pocket. They're making me rich beyond my wildest dreams so out of respect for them. If nothing else I stand up and salute the flag. I stand up and respected National Anthem. Now if you don't like racist cops write an op Ed. I mean I mean you're you're wealthy you could do so many things to make your point. But what you don't do is disrespect the very flag and the very ant farm that has been so generous to you. And think of as a role models. So you want everybody now because our kids look up athletes' ages do. So you wanna teach kids to hate anthem. They hate the flight hate their own country. Now if you're living in apartheid South Africa in all honesty OK I get it you're literally truly being oppressed. But when you're making fifteen million dollars a year you have a different sports car for every day of the week. And because you were mistreated by the cops as you were partying in Las Vegas after the Floyd Mayweather caught her McGregor fight. And suddenly you wanna signature big fat. Whereas I got to control myself here you got it is sicker big fat rear ran down on the bench because you wanna stand for the National Anthem. I'm sorry. He's completely wrong he's a complete in great but where's the coach and where's the roar. I'm sorry there's a morals clause if I'm the owner of the Seahawks him a lot of owners are on the field sometimes during the owner's box but. If I'm the owner a body a Michael. Get your career grand and you sit acting up and if you don't like it I'm terminate your contract right here right now. Dot flag is why you're making fifty million dollars a year OK buddy short some gratitude. Where's the ownership. 6172666868. Dave in Denver's go ahead date. Date inept that don't like to take my call today I'm good you do. I'm doing good look like he would agree blow with that you'd say and pillbox. You know but can't they got black and at let it'll incidents like this will hurt he had a belt and no longer run I don't see it happen. And a reason for that is I think it might just be deployed. But revenues everybody's free to them that all comes down to is dollars in how they get victory but people still. It's open I think to get people who rallied I think it's become that the gains you know what it means what it's all thought of what they call routing of America. Three caucasians are gonna be a minority soon a net date quite that it's dollars with adult and a couple. Well that's steps and next class of people and that's also ball in the long but I think so it's not an acronym that probably helpful but predicting. Dave let me just play devil's advocate with you for a second call a lot of their money comes obviously from TV right in TV ratings. If the ratings continue to go down and look honestly really I mean I'm. Obviously this issue to me is an important issue I really think the bigger problem is it's a garbage product and if you agree with me or not but. I don't think the qualities that good anymore some teams are buried there but overall but if their ratings continue to gold down. I think they're killing themselves I mean MI wrong. Well you've made doll that you might apple bite too short term thing. But in the long run what's gonna happen is senator earlier in the media then be accused quietness all over it gives them that free appetizer. Regardless so that knocked loose out on opened a lot but it's still gonna gain in this still gonna get in the end. Dave thank you very much for that call okay. Speaking of the media. What a cool. ESPN. And no I'm not talking about Sergio GAAP. Who completely bungled it on the sidelines yesterday. You are not gonna believe. What a whole host of ESPN's sports center said about president Donald Trump. They got a problem I'm serious a bit yeah. If she was a conservative. She would be gone I mean you've gone so fast your head would spend so listen now to this. ESPN's. Jim milk killed she is a co host of sports center. On ESP and the 6 PM sports center broadcast. A rabid moon bat. They're big supporter of black life as a matter of fact she wants referred to cops like did you not as quote unquote slave patrols. Well last night. For no reason just out of the blue on Twitter Monday evening. She called president trump a white supremacist. Quote straight former Twitter account. Donald Trump is a white supremacist. Who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists. Now. She didn't just call him a racist. She didn't just call him a big get. She essentially call them. A racial terrorist. Kkk. With no evidence. No corroboration. She just what I as if it was a statement of fact. Now when a flip it. Imagine if somebody had ESPN pool I'd almost say Curt Schilling are Mike Ditka. Referred to President Obama as an Islamic terrorist. Here pretty SP and Jeff corner. On Twitter. Barack Hussein Obama is an Islamic terrorist and a surrounded himself largely with the Islamic terrorists. I would be out of a job. Scholl fast. They wouldn't even let you through the front door. And so the question now is what is ESPN going to do. The case to meet this is now we fundamental. Litmus test if they let her get away with this. Where she is now openly showing and fomenting. Racial hatred and division that I am telling you ESPN. Is over I mean it's Don. What off fork in it. Brittany I know you wanna weigh in on this. Could act what happened to all the journalists out there. It would reporters anymore are journalists are people that are objective in the media anymore their budget shock jocks. They'll say any thing. They wants. That's absolutely outrageous just look at it have a little sound bites. The next day on the news look what he says look what she said. Suck the media anymore whether it's Chris Matthews Don my amend racial matter out and Coulter Tommy liar and Greg Gutfeld. They say Cristiano Regis things. And they are not reporters anymore they're not journalists anymore they're nothing but shock jocks and we've lost that in the media. So you think that she's just completely a self absorbed and ours is the white of the majority of the people that are in the media now who is they want about them solemn ramp up their shock value they don't give you. The news they give you of what they believe. Their political views are. And they shove it you know they'd you know that's they do they throwing your face when you wanna haired or not Jeff. Now what do members think injure mill hill what is ESPN have to do with Donald Trump. Not saying and I think about how grossly irresponsible. It is for her to be calling the president essentially a terrorist. A white supremacist terrorist. It has nothing to do with sports. Just can't keep. Those stats and tell me what the school as wire that's a that's what your job as it's not to tell me your political views. Should Jim mill he will be fired. And are you sick of the political correctness. And the out of control radical liberalism. At ESPN. I wanna hear from you 6172666868. Your calls next. The boys of Boston it's. You six AB WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston you are. JO okay believing my friends all lost and I mean a lot to talk about. But before I get that I wanna invite all of view. WRKO. And the American Red Cross. We are having a blood drive tomorrow from noon to 5 PM. I picked comfort inn in Randolph mass. It's located on route 28 off of exit five. On route 93 I will be there. Will be broadcasting live from noon to three. I hope to see is many of you there is possible please it's very very good cause. People desperately need blood you can save a life by going tomorrow. It's gonna be again like I said from noon to 5 PM. I picked comfort inn in Randolph mass. It's on route 28 just off of exit five on route 93. Good you can go to WRK old dot com slash blood. For more details. Okay my friends just to quickly resets so. As you know all the NFL now ratings are down they've been declining for the last couple years. You now have protests against the National Anthem breaking out the opening game be opening weekend was especially bad. Almost every team had at least one or two players. Protesting the National Anthem. On top of this ESPN now is in serious serious talk water. And in particular one of their star. Our co hosts of their this of their flagship program. Sports center 6 PM I don't watch I I by boycotted ESPN. I do not watch ESPN I do not carry it. On my DirecTV package I refuse to give them my money. But it's still a lot of people watching ESP and her name is Jim mail kill. She is eight or rabid moon back she is a hard core left wing feminist. African American she is a staunch supporter of block lives matter as I said she co host there 6 PM sports center broadcast. She once referred to police officers. As quote unquote slave patrols. So she's not new to saying outrageous things but this one even by ESPN's standards. Now clearly deserves a response. And so out of the pool. On Twitter Monday evening. She called president trump a white should pharmacist quote here's your tweet. Donald Trump is a white supremacist. Who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists. Now. There's no evidence. She just says it as if it's a matter of fact as a singer or the sky is blue. There's no evidence. There's no corroboration. Furthermore. And this is what I think is really. Particularly pernicious. About this tweaked. She has a lot of force. And because of her position because she is an African American FEMA now she has a lot of influence in parts of the African American community. And so for her to say look. The city trump is a racist or bigot. Is one thing it's disgusting don't get me wrong but it's one thing. But to save that he is gay white supremacist. That's a whole different level. Because what your saying is he's essentially a racial terrorist. That he is a member of the Ku Klux Klan. There he is a neo Nazi. And so what she's doing is so grossly irresponsible. It's not only idiotic it's completely idiotic it's delusional. But it is so grossly irresponsible. Because what's gonna start happening it's already happening. Is now this kind of rhetoric sold romance extremism. And division and hatred. She sowing the seeds for a race war. And you start peddling this kind of fear and mass hysteria. And this kind of fear mongering. You're you're you're asking for trouble. And soul as I said before I must say it again. How they conservative. On ESPN. I'm Mike Ditka Curt Schilling. Called President Obama when he was then president and Islamic terrorists who surrounds himself with Islamic terrorist. He would be gone solo free and fast he would be fired on the free can spot it's out just out this out just out we'll just. I will mail you all the stuff for me just get out in fact. Forget calling Obama an Islamic terrorist. All Curt Schilling did. Which say short picture of a man. They're not in a girls' bathroom. Even single anybody out in particular just like a generic picture of a man in a bathroom. And said do you think if you want this person in your girls about. In other words his opposition to transgender bathrooms. And boom he US fired right I mean goodnight Irene he was fired on the spot. So the question now is what is ESPN gonna do we Jim Hill hill. Now my prediction they're gonna do nothing but this is an absolute listen litmus test. Because if they don't get river. For inciting this kind of irresponsible. Hatred and division. Then I am telling you right now ESPN has gone more than into the gutter. Now they're almost tacitly promoting terrorism. And ace a form of race war in this country. They have crossed the line. And so I have boycotted ESPN. I do not carry ESPN. I don't want it on my cable package I will not give them a cent. And I am urging everybody in corner country to please do the same. Because if they continue to promote the likes of Jim mail hill I'm telling you they're gonna turn this into the Balkans. They're gonna turn this into a row Wanda. Now Britney is dead on. There is now the growth in the media of the so called shock jock. And it's true or go a spark sure the last couple of years it's almost like. The more outrageous you say something no matter how disconnected from reality it is. The more outrageous and shocking it is the more you're gonna get your fifteen minutes. A faint. The more popular you're gonna become and so now our media is inundated absolutely inundated it. With people who don't follow the news. Don't report the facts. Our non interstate in the truth. They are completely self absorbed. Narcissistic self promoters. And they just stand there and the wide open crazier thing they say the more attention they get. The more shock value they can mad the better. And it's not just Joseph mill hill. And it's not just the rabid leftists and ESPN. I want you to listen now to Stephen cold air. I hit show is now doing extremely well late night he's playing now to the rabid anti trump crowd. Well you want talk about crossing the line or are the rubicon. So on one of his recent monologues he was away for couple weeks he came back. And he discussed abandoned. And banners leaving the White House. And banning talking about Charlottesville when he gave that interview to CBS. Saying you know when trump. Blamed both sides he was trying to take a discussion to a higher level. And right there on national television. Col Baer says you wanna know what at a higher level list. Zig hire old baby. Any flashes. That Nazi salute. Again. And again. And again. Roll it Brittany. Brandon is such a staunch trump supporter he's even defended trump. After trump failed to call out violent white supremacists and Charlottesville. But. Away after the shuttles are situations were told John Kelly I was only gather came out and try to defend him I was only gather said he's talking about something taking out. To a higher level. Yeah he's definitely taking it to a higher level I'd say his support is about. Got up there right around here. And of course he's giving to Nazi salute. And he would do it again and again and again and I I've got to tell you I have are covered Nazi rallies neo Nazi rallies. Whenever I see somebody put up the Nazi salute because I know what it means. Each truly shocking. Amount gonna lighting it's disturbing it's shocking frank and demeans the man did. But again you wanna see a double standard. So Jeffrey lord. On CNN I think the only trump supporter CNN hat. Went on Twitter. And and ended date with liberals on Twitter because there are so rabid lead and teach from. But they'll follow any line. He was sarcastically mocking them saying okay guys whatever the liberal media says you agree with right zig idol. And CNN came out and fired Jeffrey lord boom you evoked sic guy will. You did the the quarter version of a Nazi you mean do what physically which is a Twitter version of a Nazi salute boom that's outrageous. That's okay aegis. And so Jeffrey lord gone you're out. This guy does an actual months he sold all right there right. Air on television. On his old show one late night CBS. And the liberals. Rubble. Rob hole off. What courage all what really at all satire what incredible comity. It's not just that the double standards are shocking and stunning. And so now naked and obvious. To me it's something else. When you start comparing the president and you start doing busy piling. The Nazi salute. When you start saying this guy's a white supremacy is as if it's a matter of fact. And then the same media turns around and lectures us and says we've never been divided like this ever. We're sold divided and this united to division has to stop. How come they never call a one of their own. How come the media how come CBS frank doesn't give Stephen Colbert Eric call and say you know what buddy. The Nazi salute. It's profane. It blasts teams the dead. It blasts means those that were massacred in the Holocaust. It's not funny. It's sick. And you got obvious this is Strom arrangements syndrome. And you're literally there's now a level where I think you become mentally ill this is no longer funny this is psychotic this is pathological. In other words where are the liberal elites in policing themselves. Nowhere. Nowhere. And you get it and I'll tell you this right now you wanna know why there's NP fall on the streets nobody else has the guts to say it my friends I'm gonna say it. You know why there's anti fought on the streets they used by the way they had another caution Portland okay. So they were smashing some more heads in Portland over the weekend but let that go you wanna know why you over roaming pout. Paramilitary thugs domestic terrorists. With batons sticks and baseball bats embedded with nails smashing people skulls and because of this. Because what is the popular culture pumping out. He's a white supremacist. He's and not see they're flashing Nazi salutes. He wants to enslave and murder blacks. My friends. Let me tell you right now this is cultural poison. And if we don't say enough is enough. And he found is gonna grow and grow and grow like a cancer. I agree to disagree. Two questions. Should Jim mail he'll be fired should Stephen cold air be fired 6172666868. Lines are loaded. Here in Boston Europe's first goal and Peter. Hello thank you are second TimeCrawler. Welcome Peter I remember it I knew that night got Donald Trump won the election yet. At that party at rock kept say yes what's on your mind Peter okay. I just wanted to say in spite of the double standard. It appears to me that the conservatives. A wink you know through this grassroots uprising. And yet throwing the Democrats and liberals and throwing money at NT critical marks and it'll help you know the conservatives have to work and do this on the on the side and I I think you know is delightful morning. So Peter you think that they're behaving like this white supremacy Nazi salutes. They're melting down like this because they realize that we're winning trump is winning. And this is their reaction now of people who know that their day is out that their day isn't that their their days are numbered. Oh yeah it did rounding and that they're grasping for a life preservers. Interest and very interest think. Jam in East Bridgewater Europe next go ahead Jim. Very good off the job hi Jim. Its Opel saying yeah those two it should be it. But they won't because for the reasons you explain many trying to stay up that day aren't on your show. I don't build to kill us by any of them anymore so I looked at the scene in the movie abroad still. There's sort glory glory great Weiner yeah. A vote. Secured goes to the law and protect electrical Munich it's all upset but Capcom aren't the will be taught peculiar to Saturday. And in their struggle retard yet down all documents. You got to make so hard for thousand below to hear the general Mary champion correct that chip about your. Howard Coble is brought the sale of every album. A meticulous about. Brilliant chance map while Jim absolutely brilliant Mike in Queens if you're right we care so much about them. You don't give a damn about us so if they don't care about us why should we care so much about them I obviously bingo. Mike in Quincy go ahead Mike. There's just all right I might I'd like stuff from a component because my first ones are more. Armed. I don't need the sportscaster. The tone were going on on the screen. I know sport. He useless people anyway. Arm but the second thing is ever since I was a little war. Because I lost to broaden. Wondering should ignore her and crawl. That the problem children. And. Mike did you two Brothers serve in the military. Yeah and possible or not Vietnam. My tone. I think that's nothing for me I'm ashamed of him every right to cry aren't so fortunate. You can do. It and it. My god god bless you people who could go. Out. They should all they should Mike listen you're two Brothers were heroes. And I want you to know I want to thank you when your whole family for their service. And I want you know we will never forget them will always honor them and cherish them. And Mike god bless you. We please god bless you. Take care honestly take care you saw at the very nice man very patriotic man. Look that's what the flight means. He lost two Brothers in service to this country. Your making fifteen million dollars a year. In the greatest country in the history of the world. No one. Even if you're not grateful for yourself. Mike's two Brothers. Shot up standup. And be respectful to. Voice box. A game Quinn Z go ahead debt. I kept Leo I'm good are you I'm good thanks for all of by get a salary there. Yes there's. In quizzed him completely salon on main street across from the deal and you put half in the Clinton repeal streets. Did earned a pig. It's a building within and it'll piano this tunnel building. Fell. So this guy in rural until he's been some real estate company Atlantic he dresses up like uncle aunt Sophie yes uncle went on. And and so. About act. A month ago. I could not believe that. This update it to the post is about and seven feet by about term six and I'll you know I'll text you a picture that laid. It didn't deny that that did it the pink. And political science Steve Columbia. And you get a bit.