Harvey Weinstein's sexual harrassment scandal boils over

The New York Times put out an article detailing the many times that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has paid off women who have accused him of sexual harrassment. 


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Given DV Boston's morning show they picked him to say Bibi to wise so casually. WRK yeah. Changing gears. So I just put a New Delhi financial hole which is designed to be provocative and it is it is what it is hard for me it is. I need. You might now herds of the Harvey Weinstein story. And to New York Times. X Jose I guess you'd call on them I think that's what he's calling anti laden was at eight sexual harassment suits. And for those of you don't know what's what's expected to show you really don't know who he launches were always right now he's a big time he's a big time Hollywood pretty good a lot of Tarantino's movie yes exactly a lot that you know and that you've seen. And that you love it. It risk her yes and there are always want to bomb plot Oscar movies you've taken that hit a lot of people claimed he was buying Oscars because. Which campaigns problem he's also been had big time fund raiser for the Democratic Party leaders are two ways about and a convenient two years ago. So ironically the New York Times. Bought him even know how big time democratic fund raiser. He's overall blog almost thirty years right he's been in the world most powerful people in Hollywood and he's been settling. Sexual harassment lawsuits he settled at least eight of them as they thought it. Though you can read the story or not if you want the one that sticks out to me of all of them. Is he hauls the woman I cannot I I think it was an anonymous woman but correct me from Iran and scam I actually think it I think she's been named an actress but go ahead it's already better hardly ever I need you here. What he says terrorism why don't you come over and watch me shower room. Let me give you a gift that that was actually done about was that one judge direct Arafat does what yeah I was yeah. Ashley Judd is one of the people and now rose and gallons of and that's really loud on. Although cryptic to correct righteous but she's also they woke he's a whole nutty rose and down shows out on the ice. John I think dated I don't know if she did more than one but she did several movies that were produced by amateurs that bond movie I think was and his but whenever. Anyway I do so for me eye opener like I'm always amused or it's just more mortified as Sabena went opponent. As to what men would get in there and and what they actually do. I'd never heard I've never heard from a woman. In any corporate setting that. Had their boss they want to watch me take a shower before I've never heard of that and so that. Outta me. But the area. So Tito how egotistical you are to see some more and come watch me shock I wanna give it's like it's like I listened. Literally why don't you think he genre of music com watching this. Let me if it's true REIT. It this is there any of the lady come on over I'm gonna really give you break you wanted to and I wanna watch you shower again under his or her life her what I why. But this this just I am searching. Eagle V act. That I know this will give you great joy. To come on over and watch me take a shower. So nice seven and a lot of the high and what a jerk yes you know write the thing you do your ears sometimes you. Why did these women just tell them off. I think a lot of them did I'm a woman who has I'd love to hear that story 971 part of what I wonders hours. What is the most egregious thing a man in a position blog you. Has either either said or done to you in the what did you do. I mean again like I don't I'm not looking to hear about women that slot put their bosses but if you want volunteer then offered a happy to do so I think and I like to know what the ultimate result was when you slept we saw this alternate work. As order told her boss off what yeah what became of bright did you did you get fired. But so back to the Kelly financial poll question my poll question on this is because you mentioned the democratic wanna my reactions of the Weinstein story. Is how I love how every conservative on Twitter has felt the need to call out. Taylor is warn you had to give back the money Arab world where all these Democrats gonna give back the money you raise form so that the duke question if Bibi to wise into WRK dot com. Which of these men is not like the other hey Harvey Weinstein. BE Bill O'Reilly. See Roger Ailes. Dieter all the sent him. So that you Kelly financial poll question and the reason for the pole is to me Harvey Weinstein and Bill O'Reilly are the exact same. So while some of these conservatives are saying of one of Democrats to back the money from this page they're all single around he's be back on fox. We're we make that line where I draw that line what is the distinction where what should or shouldn't be. And I'm not I'm not telling you I have audiences I'm telling you these are the exact same guys however if you think you what they aren't your crazy. I think they are the same guy I think both of them were powerful. Both of them a lot of money both of them are Smart. Altria Mo Roger Ailes there were absolutely. But the problem is they all three. I have this which I think this is not just these three men and you think this happens a lot but I think they have this this. Ego. And this derived. That they cannot suppress. And they cannot help themselves and in the end I think all three of these men knew better. I think all three of these men would be appalled if they thought their daughters. Were victims of people like. They're themselves. And did they just can't stop it. They just can't help constituents and Harvey's on this different BZ ran around championing women's causes and now it turns out he's a dirty perverts iMac. Okay that might be that might be an issue at. And Nene did I just. Do you do do you think fit do you think that Rupert Murdoch would have I mean we're pert Murdoch and colonel Roger Ailes would've. Thought it was a great idea for someone had to do that to his one. I certainly want I order I guess is gonna turn into Biller on anything due to Bobble heads have any clue would Bill O'Reilly has been saying about this on mass. So I want you know he's so yeah I do bill Reilly's been singing was a setup and he was he was run out fine. Seven they won the phone call were Bill O'Reilly said he wanted to be her little foot in the shower. Hit was that a setup. With that is that what Bill O'Reilly saying that that one was a set up his Alley it was a show obvious thing it was bill Riley's voice. On that call. Yeah you wanna keep believing the your guys are somehow better than their guys. I keep telling you you've got to make not you know is another one Brett Favre Brett Favre is this guy do I mean any candidates texted his. Pain is still is somewhere Bill Clinton is this guy. Bill Cosby is I think on a different level because he is literally dragging people to remember them right but. We don't know when any of Lincoln once these days why is about this story as it does leave you wanting. Or was there any physical. Yes. There was through the years like for example one woman says she was eventually coerced. Into giving him a massage while he was naked so okay nobody even though I believe that a cold murderer yeah I wish there would want to go to contact. You know in any. And light. Like of cause BD. Some of these women I believe did have sex with him. Because they thought he could get them places. And he had power over them now some of these and did they were they were forced into this. I don't know about that when it comes to Weinstein but. I think some of these will be indeed did did did what I'll do what you suggest. I'm not gonna name the person is I don't know is true but dizzy and there's an actor that you would know seven and once is my friend. Was working crew while they were filming the movie in this actor asked her to take a shower without him during the filming she declined. That's what I certainly would love to hear those stories don't get. Don't give us direct names obviously but. What is the weirdest thing are the closest thing that a man above view within the workplace ever ask you to participate or. Heard out here do you might be a man who just Byrd and bell this grant every morning we learned something new about Kim yeah. And TV what I was seen as larger than a minute high. Cause this morning show gave Italy register about WR KL. So we're talking about the Hollywood. Story now they're there aren't accusations. He's their accusations what he did. Essentially he. But I don't believe there's any criminal charges being brought against him in fact it's the opposite. He is suing the New York Times. Because he says that with the New York Times has said about him is unfounded or that they've gone too far he does admit that he has done some of these things by the way. He's paid a lot of these women off. But he is suing New York starts a fifty million dollar saying that they need check all of the claims. Against him. So that's it's not that these women are suing him at this stage of the game is my understanding. Nice and if people think that because they no public person may actually know that person group theologian but I don't know you're on air person. I look first of all why are we all agreed agreed. But when you do learn. When you get a peek behind the curtain. Then what do you do that information so. For example I'm guessing that Affleck and Damon are like count crap I mean is this team and a network of Joseph Turner Classic Movies isn't gonna show Good Will Hunting down the road like. Is this going to be on goodwill hunting because of Harvey Weinstein made these guys stars and made that movie actress. Well in time and time again. He and I was watching last night clips of very elite Hollywood standing in front of a podium. And in front of a microphone. Saying. And tell Harvey thank you so much for what you've done. You know I mean he is bad in the good graces of many people. I just wonder if like they had been out flex of the world knew he was doing this kind of things well and what could you do about it. I'm in Hollywood don't think he can do much about it if you're looking to get a movie. I've always says like if you really could. Top ten top ten worse things that a woman was either asked to her coat literally participated in and in the twentieth century and Hollywood in order. To either better or their career or because they just were trapped I'm in. What I've always had a people as you when you hear these stories about women that got jobs via the casting couch. In Hollywood for every woman that got the job on the casting couch their women on that testing charged that then didn't get the job even faster one it's really. Awful. I mean. What if it sort of tells Jay is it still continues to be. I don't I look in the mirror as a but I don't know why I think that Hollywood is particularly different than anywhere else in the world. Is it. Well I don't think so I mean we're we're using Hollywood but you know let's let's go to Fox News for example here you know. I mean what was going on there a lot of women didn't get their jobs because of that. But gay worst fighting to keep their jobs with that kind of thinking over their head. And I think that Hollywood may be more about if you want the job and this is what you need to do I think there's a lot of workplaces. Where a lot of women feel like they have to just sort of smile. And Angel were ridiculous comments. Horror you know. Many alluding to ideas. Just to keep their job. You know to stay in the good graces of the boss. And they smile a lot they walk away. I think we have a lot of listeners to think that doesn't happen anymore and that that doesn't go on I think you might be surprised and if you are a woman or your man. Who knows of this call us six or 72666868. X 86 days Tex lines. Love to hear these they think fit I think we're right I think this goes on more than there than people want to admit. I've never I would go on record but never had a man asked me who. Do anything watching shower. I'm not a female I've had female bosses I've never had them too. Ask me to watch them shower and they've never asked to watch me shower yeah the shower is new to me and avionics. But now Riley did ask the woman does city wanna be a little fun in the shower and act. That that duke has never been a conversation I've been part of life. Feel like there's a couple of different levels related to this kind of harassment and I think most women women would. Mean I have had times in my life when I've had mid say things about my legs and about my name it in positions of power. Say things about my skirt are my dress are my you know even my shoes. And stuff like that that at that time I thought well this is really comfortable they're really wish you were saying that and have smiled and laughed. Bitch take you to a different level and say wanted to come over and watch we shall word. You know I mean it's it's one thing for your boss to be acknowledging that they. Obviously are attracted to the way you look it's another to invite someone. To that kind of. Activity. Thousand. I knew he would you say you bet that. The problem. So one thing that's interesting about him and beat all of that everyone keeps and no reason did he bought an Oscar for Merrill Streep acuity or talk about them. It will be a little bit and just fingers like this Kobe are going to be making jokes about this tonight I assume yes I would say so assuming Ralitsa place. Com. You know what what he's gonna be the reaction. When it's one of your wrong. Where's my issue with this. Did your big guys who cares how they vote I do hope I don't care about that bad guys are bad guys and they ought to be able to pull this out now. It's what they've Merrill Streep decides she's not gonna calling not because she hasn't seen this for. You know she's she likes him she works within. But I don't think all Hollywood can just turn their heads and go. Easy you know because he's one of ours we because obviously they're not written women are coming out in Hollywood saint. This is what happens when he did and the guys it's been you know the center of Hollywood forever and made out to be some kinda king he's not. I'm Amanda my male boss and this is seven anyone. I don't boss asked me clean files offer for computer disk which I discovered nude pictures of his stuff on and I just threw through the normal thing. It's a tricky one I mean I think. The I think ignoring it is not a bad option action. Good morning that's a thing you know you and again. You gotta decide. What your line of tolerance is easy line is physical contact yeah like right off the bat. If my female boss said. I would mind watching you shower I think I think it cookie jar with that yet you act but if she's if if that happens she's thinking you clean his desk in these pictures ever in my worked up about it because I'm just not that's me right doesn't mean it's right right. But isles I I just didn't I would never feel threatened about it if my male boss. My bus today did that I think I would have a problem that just putting him on ours don't do it. I don't have a female boss for an ounce I don't know where I am right now with back with a female boss. But. This this software is. If it really I get that he's innocent until proven guilty and there were settlements that doesn't mean he's guilty. But if this thought is accurate this stuff is just obviously gross India frightening I have had six year old daughter that is going to into the workforce at some point. And I swear I'm like Sean Penn and Mystic River I swear I Joliet if you're gonna do something like this. Linger Barbara's an active let me let her jumping here are quick hey Barbara good morning. I I prefer quit alert this morning about it. Man I did it ever do that but anyway. It better like six or eight women and they eat out 8200000. Dollar. Like at what point does cross the line I mean they got got the hot button. I've been billing partner and doing something port inappropriate I get. I got up at lake over it's like almost a million body just. Heat out of the women at the aspect of it and nothing happens. Right well our. This I mean I guess I don't the worst thing can happen this guy at this stage is what it has happened that's why is my course at step away from the company right he's. He's being exposed. And that exposure which is what the New York Times did that's why he's suing them for fifty million dollars. He's being exposed and he's not controlling the narrative you know he. He is admitted in the past. That he has said things and his excuses any group in the 60s70s. At the time. When behavior was acceptable behavior was different than it is now that's his excuse. So in the past you know he's he's paid up this money apologized and said gosh I'm just a buffoon I'm so sorry series dictated the narrative. What happened is a New York Times now has exposed him for who he really is which is. You know come on over. And and watch me shower. And while you give you massage because we can you be lucky few did Nile be naked and so on so forth. And that's where now this whole thing has turned into something much much bigger than what he wanted it to have a beef.