Harvard allows segregated Graduation

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Thursday, May 11th

Is segregation coming back?


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Should there are being segregated. Graduation. Ceremonies. That is now the question that is swirling around Harvard. And is now triggering a major national debate. Here is now the absolute latest my friends. So. Gay student body at Harvard University. About a 125. Graduate students African Americans all of them. When now they scrounge up the money. They were able to put together through their club. An initiative which was curt accepted by the administration. That these 125. African American black graduates. Would receive their diplomas. Only among people of their own fellow race. Now to be crystal clear but what's going on. They will still receive their diploma. Which the rest of the graduating ceremony with the other class of graduates the main graduation ceremony. So it's not as if it's gonna be completely separate. However. They want a second event. After the first graduation ceremony with everybody else. That he's only for blocks. And the reason why they want a segregated. Graduation ceremony. According to their reasoning. Is that Harvard they say 400 years ago was founded upon slavery he. Up on the imperialism. Upon racism. These are the foundations at Harvard. And as fellow African Americans. They ENS fellow blacks. This is a constant reminder of black repression. And so they want to be among fellow blocks according to them. To exert is show their solidarity their racial solidarity. To be able to network. Among fellow blacks and because they ultimately feel more comfortable. And they want to. Demonstrate their achievement to themselves and their family members. But as black people and not as part of the larger Harvard community. And so they are now demanding. Separate graduation ceremonies out of Harvard the administration has agreed. So they will be what the main body of students the main the main graduation ceremony. And then they all have their own separate. There's segregated ceremony afterwards. This is now happening noxious and Harvard. It is now happening at Stanford University. A temple university. And act Columbia University. So on top of all the radicalism. That you are seeing on college campuses. The marxism the anarchy is some feet. The hatred of free speech should be targeting of conservatives beat suppression of anybody with a non left wing point of view. Which are also seeing on college campuses. Is really the growth of a segregationist movement. It's actually very recent. But it's almost like we're going. Which this one major difference. Segregation. At least in the south. Was imposed by the government. It was state courts. You don't many whites didn't wanna serve black customers they didn't they thought it was bad business. But they either couldn't serve on more they had to be only a certain set a certain lunch counters are certain. Whatever. Certain areas in the restaurant or they can only said the bucket Abbas. This was all in state law this is now actually I think even more and see juiced. It's a voluntary. They just on their own nobody's forcing them to do list. It's not you know state segregation where this state is enforcing segregation what do you want it or not. So and when asked specifically what isn't this a form of segregation. They say won't know it's not a form of segregation. Because nobody's forcing us we want to do this. Now a couple of questions need to be addressed is this is a huge it's now triggered and sparked the massive national debate. So far at Harvard and I mention three other universities temple Columbia and Stanford. It is only so far for black students. So they are insisting on black only graduation ceremonies. It doesn't apply to Asians. Could does that for now. It doesn't apply to Asians it doesn't applied I don't gays and lesbians LG BP Q. To the Latino community to the Jewish community. It's not women we can you start with gender segregation as well. In other words it's only for now. A black focused. So the question then is this it back to me is the obvious first question. Once we start going down this road. It's the logic is inexorable. If you can have segregated graduation ceremonies for blacks only. Then why not Latinos. In La Raza will start demanding this in no time. Why not for Asians. Why not for native Americans. Why not for whites. White Nationalists will say you know what we feel more comfortable among fellow whites. We just want a white only graduation ceremony. You seek so what you see happening then is the ball cannot easy shin. The gradual division and breaking up. Of college campuses and really ultimately of our larger culture and social OK that's that's point number one. Point number two. And I think this is to meet even maybe even more interest thing in the first point. What would drive these students. To just simply wanna have a graduation ceremony with people among your own race. I mean first of all talk about literally I'm using the term as it's defined talk about racism ordering more specific racial ism. To see the world so only through the lens of race. To me tightly just if I can be really candid with quality okay like I'm in the confessional. Where I feel most comfortable in a group setting. Is moderates release month it's not gender. It's not we called sexual orientation really it isn't so much or only crime from boron and heterosexuals. Or the only among whites are only among men. It's really among fellow conservatives. We usually don't feel it copped a feel besieged they won't be tech so when I'm around people would you share my world you. Ha. I just feel more relaxed a few Maurice. So if anything. I mean I'm just being honest with you if anything if the corner and would want be separate ceremony or event not that I would but if I did civil yeah. Earlier really are now about a fellow conservatives people who share my view. Whatever constitutionally as Tea Party people patriots libertarian strong supporters or what ever okay how are we wanna break it down. That to mean is the way I would feel most comfortable. But they see the world solely through race. They openly admitted it. They don't feel comfortable around brown people around Asians around white people around what is just they wanna be solely among blacks. So what would meet condemn what drives them. To be so one comfortable. Around people of other color especially whites. Especially whites. That's it means what I think is the most sad tragic part of all of this because it's ultimately the form of primitive tribalism. And I think to be honest with you the reason these lists and you may agree you may disagree wanna thrown open to you. The audience. And ask you your opinion on this your take. I think when you have so pump yourself up. And you have so been brainwashed and indoctrinated. By your professors by your peers. By community leaders. Frankly by the likes of Barack Hussein Obama. By the Eric holder's. By the Al sharpton's by the Jesse Jackson's by the black lives matter that the race hustlers and the race leaders. Whites are racist whites are racist whites are racist. They've always been racist. They're endemic we racist they always will be racist. They're racist at their core as Obama put it as Obama put it. Quote whites are racist in their DNA. Which by the way is the most one of the most racist despicable statements I've ever heard. It's right up there with Hillary's deplorable comment. What he's saying is whites are genetically evil. And you meekly exceptional evil. He's not saying don't we all are racist in our DNA. No my blacks not Asians not Latinos not not not be the democratic voting base. Whites. Whites. That's exactly what Obama but let that go that's what he set so when you convince people. That whites are essentially scratch a white person there's Hitler. Scratch a white person there's in the a moxie scratch a white person there's the kkk. Well take that to its logical conclusion can you really blame them. I mean if this is what you've been indoctrinated this is what Cuban brain washed this is what you're mind has been Marion medium. And it's reinforced by rap music. By the larger culture. By your professors. By your peers by your teachers. By your community leaders by your former president. By many elements of the Democratic Party. And for many of them I'm sure even their parents. Well I mean look at it from their appointed. You know what what what Milwaukee and we should hang around with them YE. We should have anything to do attempt YE. Doral won't show us. They wanna once slave us. Deep down terps just what are colored they hate us because of our race. So you pump yourself up with that morning and night Monday to Sunday. Day in day out 24/7. You're gonna get segregated graduation ceremonies. And it won't end there. This is the beginning remember this is the beginning of this revolution. Because if their only comfortable with each other graduation ceremonies. They're only gonna be comfortable with each other in their own neighborhoods. In their own communities where they live where they work. And slowly but surely you will cease segregation. Completely come back in will be voluntary voluntary. No segregation. They won't be skate coal worst segregation McCann legal south. But basically. We go to separate restaurants. We live in separate neighborhoods. We go to separate schools. Just every course separate churches. Everything a separate. Now. Is this good or bad for America. The students think it's good. Many of their race hustlers think it's good. Obviously Harvard the administrators they think it's good many liberals now think is good. I do not. I think this is a tragedy for this country. I think will be tragedy for race relations. And I'll be very honest with you. I think ultimately it's gonna hurt African Americans the most insults. I think deep down these students were there they know what are not the only people they're really hurting in the end is themselves. And that's the real. Tragedy. 6172666868. Should Harvard be allowed. Segregated graduation ceremonies. And is it a good idea or a bad idea. And let me ask you this. Why are these students convinced. That the only way they can have a decent graduation ceremony. Is to be among themselves. What makes them think. Such a sad. Pathetic idea. 6172666868. Caroline Bridgewater Europe first go ahead Carol. I doubt I don't think that this couldn't read is theocracy in lunacy. I do Baylor track it can't help but let's look at that fact is that it's there. Segregated them out again in Britain and all of them. What extent they want their whole tablet made it agreed to take on how are they can sit out that many. All black plague shoot that I know are or act in their cap the amount. They eat all white all. And yeah I sit and that you are white people pay. They act gal situation and their Korean. They had how to say by the people that. I while fear I mean you're gonna come out here politic entered the iPad without equal delayed. And look at their obligation with the college is put the lunatic. Cut that is socially indoctrinate them they take away the identity out to get back and out there. Big time they do that not the time they give them their own Becker needed identity its welcome like it's its own country. Carol great call great call I couldn't and instead I couldn't say it better myself. Look call me crazy okay. How about we have a graduation ceremony. Where we all attend. How is everybody attendants you don't Bojan deserving those who actually graduated. And how about instead of white black brown. Were all way forward now as a very radical break for a were all Americans. I mean I'm just thinking out loud here. 6172066. And how crazy I just crazy stuff here Burma's thinking out lout. 61720666868. Segregated. Her graduation ceremonies. Good idea. Bad idea. And what's behind the students his decision to do it. Your calls next to 25 here on the great WRKO. OK in my friend's major controversy now. Over Harvard university's decision to allow. Block graduate students to have a separate. Segregated. Graduation. Ceremony. Other universities are now following Stanford. Temple and Colombia. Should there be segregated graduation ceremonies. And why would do students. Want to self segregate. I mean what's what's driving them to one even Fink and do such a thing. Brittany and earlier Diana weigh in on this. Go ahead Brit. Let me get this straight so they're going to go and do their regular graduation. Yes with everyone and their class yes. OK and that and do their own little graduation. Only among blacks. Yes cool the hell assistant thorough still gradually sheds. I did sit there at graduation with all the speakers have begun to everyone's staying in Africa and then graduate students dollar added takes up the hole today who wants to sit through to graduation it's I don't. So. I honestly I do feel bad that they feel this way I wish that they wouldn't feel this way that they would have that there their own. Their own graduation. I don't think this is good because. Nobody did do when you have to you know when your graduating have to go to work and you're going to be working with other people. That are of all different nature as your Damian so woody didn't do. You're not gonna go to work because you don't like the person sitting next year and it's all it's ridiculous we're not preparing them third for real life. This you know this is it's not deem yet. Act like destiny Maher on his theory is it. Yeah as a former student college student yourself where you think are they getting this from their professors you know. I Ali see this I didn't see this when I went to school. I didn't see this at all I am I if I felt like everyone was one minority mean and growing up our member and you know growing up in Salem and an elementary school middle school in and in high school we had like diversity days. See you learned about everyone and their cultures so I was just so used to growing up with people that are different from me and that was fine and dig you know he guarding mean. So I feel bad that. They feel this way because of growing top. Everyone has the same to me so all. I had just I don't know I don't I don't really have anywhere at and I honestly feel bad they feel this way I wish that there could be a conversation. About why. Jeff in two looks very Europe next go ahead Jeff. Absolute. Power. Welcome job. Thank you. They. I don't expect we'll be universities. For a good sources. We had great. More. Than an hour in the recent quarters. Or aren't they. I. Can. We serve on each what. Why. Don't we. Close the Oprah period. I young adults to go into the real we'll be able to get out on. Brilliant bingo our Yunel that. And Jeff thank you again for your service and out of your wife. I love all of you that serve in the military don't look my friends this is the question. Are we now slowly seeing the resegregation. Of America. I mean Anne and easy good I don't think it is but I want to ask you because it's too and think it's good Ann Arbor thinks it's good and many liberals think it's good. Are we now seen the resegregation. Of America. 6172666868. Discussion among corner country listeners. Next to 35 here on the great WR KR OOK are hurt and bought seat. They are now sanctioning. In fact Ava or officially approved. They segregated. Graduation ceremony for black graduates. Only they will be allowed to have a separate ceremony. This is now also taking place at Stanford. Temple Columbia. It is now a new growing trend so far only limited to the African American slash black community. But it's only now a matter of not you know it's only a matter of time. Before may be Hispanics. Or Asians or whites. May be LG BTQ women who I mean you know you can start segregating a million different ways. Before other groups begin to demand their own segregated. Graduation ceremonies. Is this leading now to the slow breakup of the United States balkanization. Are we beginning to re segregate as a country. And is this good or bad. Tom Europe next go ahead Tom. Q. That ignited. The New England area virtually diet and don't smoke also armored Columbia College in Columbia University back in the late I'm late eighties. And would wait Allen bird and by the way do a lot of us have sought. Barack Hussein Obama on the walls and they have. And there at the core curriculum goes so you know that a baby Abigail minister for colleges. I Columbia as Columbia College which is the art school and Q. And then there's Columbia's school of journals studies which is the sincerely doubt that Barack Hussein how good times you art lit currencies see. It peppers civilization and all those things that he had to do it two years to graduated. From. Columbia college and not toward graduated from to get your Ford. Visit the culmination. Of the balkanization. That I witnessed as a Maynor a candidate who really. Who grew up there very judged by society. Who really. Very few. Opted Americans and our areas before they bought football but most of us out but. Basically. They what I what I noticed where institutions. You almost hear about. The where's the hate coming from where's where's. The vitriol where's you know it's got a view from the professors. You know what I never really got it from the professors and they are our leaders not really have a conservative bent. I went to class so they are to the like process that started it by saying. But every once while you've been walking across the ball he's chick you know (%expletive) in you know in Colombia's you know. They're notorious for their. Grievance mongers in the city. So tough on register where where was late coming from them what to students. The student activists. No you know it getting even noticing adopted its wired to be actors you know are covered Portland Maine look at it and you know any of those you don't so. All I would go with that. Where I think it all started just sort of in few days. Is that. It integrated less in the classroom but more in the fraternities. That he's. Middle Eastern studies kids would Carol enjoy and all be with this game. Sort of area. And room. Perry says seeing. Like Middle Eastern studies group that this group disaster Britain and I was an. I would be an all white fraternity which of doctored in the name of truth to receive data once sixteenth at Riverside Drive. And I was the white aided you know our privilege but what one thing is I did notice. Is that I've never seen such hate walking along campus suburban new guy walked along Columbia register and and I noticed that a lot of them who it's going to be straight up front frank with you. Obama claiming that whites are the only racist is. Let's call it poo -- as our our our guys Elizabeth Warren reported. That Tom I've never I've never felt more. Hatred. And I Iowa and I really was brought up in the main school system look like total liberalism of. Why are you I hear you talk thank you Tom thank you very much for that call looked angry and listen look. I remember I was shocked OK when I did my Ph.D. course work at Ohio University. And one thing that really surprised me when I walked around Ohio campus at Ohio University great school. Great history program that's why I went their Duma Ph.D. You're right their fraternities and the sorority houses. I'm the wrong I mean just it struck me to call segregated. And it was like blacks the blacks and your right middle easterners like Arabs would Arabs Muslims good Muslims. It was there were few Asians and they hung out together. And so I remember. I asked her to the cafeteria. Workers they all hang out together I guess their friends or whatever. I'm sitting in the cafeteria. And I'm looking around mean. And it was 199419951996. Of this with it's gotten much worse now this report years ago. And it was like the errors what the Arabs are from der Middle East students so the middle easterners. The foreign exchange students so you're the foreign students the middle easterners the Asian girl at the Asians. There were many Latinos at least in Ohio the blacks the blacks and whites with the whites. And I remember looking around saying boy Martin Luther King's got to be rolling in his grief. And I just remember I found it's so sad and you're right. So much of it came from the fraternities and the sororities. Now however. It's spilled way into the campus. Now. It's the teachers it's their professors it's the student bodies it's now it's it's everywhere amounts coming from the from the media it's coming from. And it's coming from you know Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the Democratic Party Maxine Waters the Congressional Black Caucus and you know. Jared maybe very good point Jerry and if you wanna weigh in on this on the air but you made a very good point about trump. Taking care essentially of illegal immigration. Did you wanna repeat that are out I make so many good points and try to remember this one act in illegal immigration law. Oh yes that one right so I think part of this is. It's trumps based fear about now owe the Democrats. Are looking at immigration being down 70%. And they're thinking there could be a wall going up and what's happening is. The 1% Democrats no longer have a victim class to quote unquote champion for. So now they are going to college campuses and they're trying to create one through this type of site vs subversive identity politics. X you don't. I mean that's what this is they're trying to portray themselves as victims. Not I think what you can help sir Denis Harvard. And by the way they're not undergraduate or graduate students there on they're getting either Emmys are Ph.D.s. They don't walk 06 figure salary job winning form plus you kicking affirmative action. Are you kidding me. Almost every single one of those people whining complaining. Our nudges guaranteed a job they're guaranteed a great professional job starting salary hundred K guarantee. And you're still claiming victim. They come on enough is enough. Tony and chokes merry go ahead don't. As (%expletive) tech like well. So and that illusion that the same institution that. You know one day you can claim that your email that you can claim that your mail that old transgender. At their claim that Matt and they want to have this separate shot and they're gonna say that's OK guys do that. There are open up the door so many problems. They don't need an emotional. And what you're and that opened the back brigade and be over here what about the people that. Following that ideology where well to have a coward Robert all right well that she can be transgender can be transracial also. Aren't in brilliant so busy with it a QB a white person Phil black. By night put I wanna be included in that segregated. Graduation ceremony tried you can become a senior senator from a statement common. Not. Oh. I mean it worked for the chief she said she is Indian so there you go she's an Indian until she's not an Indian. I am really bold thing is I'm telling you right now and bark my words. It's not gonna stop with black students. Muslims there and demand guaranteed segregated graduation ceremonies. Filipinos are gonna want in on the action and the Asian they're gonna feel compelled. And then the whites this is the inevitable reaction. Whites are gonna feel while they look I mean c'mon. If they're all having separate graduation ceremonies against us you know the natural reaction to a blanket oh we're gonna overall graduation ceremony. And then everything starts to fall apart. Dug in his car go ahead dot. Page (%expletive) I rate it very important issue. I don't like to take one no quibble with the way you characterized it. I would not call it all and Terry segregation. Perhaps cause private. Because I am being involuntary. Voluntarily excluded from attending these black hole. Interest and interest and okay I liked the way you phrased it got going what's your point my friend. Well I mean it's it's it's a violation of civil rights. You know the fact that there are excluded people who are black and attending this just like. You're using violence in the college campus violation of civil rights people First Amendment right. Where is that he ought. I just got booed and all black call. Margaret you you you stole my thunder you anticipate or I was gonna say god that poor woman I want you think about that's okay. She gets invited to give the commencement address and an historically black college. And do we have the audio bad guys we don't okay it's a big deal she. It is about to deliver. She has even delivered the address. Now remember. She's invited by the president of the university chew master com. Billion as she kicked around adorns our our wanna speak league anybody hear me. So she's invited. At the university's request. She shows up. And the much of the student body doesn't black students graduates. Start boy horror and turning their back harder. Yelling and screaming you know get wipe be out here we don't wanna hear from her. On and on and on. And the president of the university and the leading officials of the university conceit or openly they're embarrassed they're humiliated. And sold the university president takes the microphone and basically tells him stop Boeing basically says shot up like be safe. And you know please behave properly or we're gonna send your diplomas in the mail. And some begins to be eight and others continue to turned her back in his symbol. Now is so wide because she's white. Why because she's a conservative. Why because she's what a trump cabinet official. Now to mean. OK to me I'm 21 years of age I'm graduating from college. That an education secretary. Came to speak to our guests. That's a big deal. That's a big deal. You know I would look at my parents and say hey while look at our college how look at the kind of people we can recruit to speak at our commencement address. And I would look at her and say what can I learn from her. I mean you don't have to agree with her much sing after the just what can and learn from her now how hard is it. Forgive me but to sit down shut up. Be quiet. Be even be respectful. Listen to a an accomplished woman I don't care education secretary's education secretary of care Democrat Republican Obama trump it doesn't matter. And just listen be respectful clout. I think get up and pick up your diploma. I mean it comes down to almost basic manners and civilized decency. Instead. A soul can't stand the site server. That they turn their back and start kissing and Boeing that are. Would there won't elders. The people invited him obviously embarrassed and I find Betsy and she's smiling she's trying to be graceful. But honestly I would look at the president and say I mean you came in discipline your own students. I mean didn't they know I was speaking I mean it's it's pretty obvious. It was advertised everywhere. This is the tribalism. This is the polarization. This is the profound deep division the balkanization. That were now seen. Now. It's a graduation ceremony not the end of the world. But those attitudes. That world view that mindset. That's gonna stay with them. You take that into the workforce. You start taking that out until life. Portrait just think just follow through wait wait two years three years four years five years. What separate restaurants. What we can work together. I mean literally what we can work together at the office what we have separate rooms separate offices separate departments. Separate neighborhoods. Separate communities. Separate mean this is now the logic of what's going on here. And so it's about time I just on a basic level listen. You're getting a degree from Harvard. It's a ticket to the upper middle class at least put a smile on your face and be grateful. Stop claiming victim would status when Europe Harvard you're not a victim. I don't care what race what religion or what gender in other words shot up and smile. 6172066. 6868. Agreed. Disagree. Your calls next to 55. Here on the great WRKO. You can text us as always 68680. A lot of really good attacks I can read all home. But let me just single out a few. This is from 97 named Jeff. If I was interviewing one of those kids actually 97 in I would call them small flakes but let that go. If I was interviewing one of those kids for a job from that university. You can believe I wouldn't even consider them I agree with you. 978 different 978 Jeff is all part of the global list plans. To weaken the United States. Through segregation. Class warfare. Identity politics. Edict from inside. Bingo. 978. As I would say you hit the nail right on the head. Let's go to rein in Boston go ahead way. We're just going to what job I am good how are you went in very good air from. What's on your mind and job doesn't you know what mr. telephone that the assault Wednesday playbook body. This is what Obama and Hillary will we get morning. And we know it can't on this particular Obama at an office date date they're sourcing playbook that you get particularly young and impressionable you train them. They established Abu gray school now adjust not just colleges. The regular gold is gold at which each and always stop and gloom in the school that great you know an ancient great great great great. I. Didn't train like you that would basically don't. Now Wayne if you are let's say the president of Harvard and these students came Q what their demands would you tell him get lost. I ask you are trying to graduation ceremony wanna show up and get your diploma great you know on we're gonna mail it to you. Exactly exactly just look at that it can't control like talk taught me that girl go when I totally original said. Did your frustration to me is it got control it's such. The bitter end or justice and what they're doing and Obama and only apparent. And methodically and plastic handle artillery and shoot into the growing. Pat they found out that America that we and I mean I'm not doubt there are being. Wink thank you for that call I appreciate it I think it's Tommy Lam rim. But. You know I won a quibble with the Boston accent and he and Chelsea go ahead and eat. Wrap the ORU apps I have yeah. It's. He definitely emails I have my little open came. A. It's a good point ball really mission replace Martin Luther King Day would Malcolm accident. But that's why I think we're heading right now. All right let's go to JNL west they're going ahead Jake. Are I do not agree what aggregation separate ceremony and I achieved that reminds you of having read now. Biography. That ball goalie Patrick gage but I'd disparity. In boot for a spot. Quite a disparity from the demographic they act Guam at both of you. I'd be disparity and Holden at Pope to the central urban district what I'd be disparities. In on the oh all right not I'd been. Just bite demographic and terms of these. Democrat. Background that these you'll be okay jam up against the very quickly you know whats your point. My point is I do not see in. I do not believe in the minds of more. People of opera hole. I. And with the liberals and what Harvard is now doing we are going to move the days. On that happy note if not I got a bomb up against it by body.