Harvard accepts rap album as senior thesis

The Kuhner Report
Friday, May 19th

Kuhner writes a rap and wants a degree from Harvard too. 


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On the voice of Boston. URGL. Old boss C sure all. That's right I want you all to remember this name all bus. Now many of you may be rightly saying jab. Poor bad hell is all bossy Shaw. Well my friends. This is now one of the greatest. Call lidge trend setters. Of our time I'm not getting. This is now a cultural watershed. Finished just taken place. Not at half vote communism on the Charles listen now to this okay. All boss C Shaw. Was a sorry as he still is is a senior at Harvard University. And for the English department. You know if you. If you want to put out you don't write a seniors he says so I had to do was seniors pieces to graduate with honors. You normally you have to write you know all our research paper for example I got my degree in history I dated on James Madison. And his role in the constitutional convention. Date that was my senior thesis which I graduated with honors. Well all bus. How is a very difficult time writing and I'm not getting. And so he didn't know what to do three seniors thesis for the English department. But all bus she show all apparently thinks he's a very good rapper. And sold jury in the Christmas holiday. He then was went back to resent originally from a suburb of Atlanta he went back to the suburban Atlanta. And he was telling his mother mommy I don't know what to do for my seniors thesis I can't really write well. I have no skills and maybe doing a novel or short story you're writing poetry year just you know writing is not my thing. But the one thing you loves to do is wrap. And so at Harvard he would often you know this thing on open Mike night. And so he would wrapped in front of an open Mike. And apparently some of the moon bats at Harvard thought all bus he was a good rapper. So the mother tells all bus seat listen to this committee. Why don't you cut a rap album. You love to Iraq don't chew and old boss he said man. That sounds like a great idea. And so we found additional EO at Harvard University I swear to you. And you put together 810 track album. And submitted the door rap album. I Z senior thesis. And harbor in fact his professor. Not only accepted it saying you don't need to do a research paper like everybody else or Arnold do some kind of creative writing. Melanoma on home. Rap is now a great art form. And sold the is not only be eighty except the rap album. As his senior thesis. He then passed it around to his colleagues in the English department. And apparently they thought it was groovy. There were bobbing and weaving. They were moving and they loved it they in fact they thought it was some of the best rap music they ever hurt. He ended up getting an a minus. For his rap album. The only reason why he didn't get an eighty. Was apparently they thought their the singing was great the lyrics were great the message was great. But that does this sound production the mixing of the sound. Was not what it should be. And so all bus seat only got any minus when they want to give a man may because he's got to work more on the production mixing side effects. But they accepted it they gave him an a minus. Which means he will now graduate. With honors. And you may wonder. What is the rap album I'll vote. He talks about. It's brutality. He talks about how difficult it is for him to exist in modern day racist oppressive America and in particular. It is the it's that the change that's still buying from slavery. That's really still upset him. And so he felt the need to express himself above the change that's still buying. And sold not only were they impressed with his album but listen to this waste is harbor now. What have they become. What talent agency. Harvard now has put the album for free online. In though hopes that all bossy Smith listen to this will get a break in the music industry. Now. But before he goes off and becomes the next item all fifty cent. Or should old dog or whenever OK before it becomes a world famous rapper. All Boxee now upon graduation. Is heading off to Seattle you know YE. Because these are the chains that bind and America okay that the chains of slavery still bind him. He's going to be hired. I'd Google. As a software. In Jeanne year. Most likely making more 150. To 200000 dollars a year. So here's a guy who I will bet you do all urged did donuts. Is probably barely able to right which is why he needed to rap album and couldn't do with seniors thesis. Who probably was admitted probably open edit on some kind of affirmative action admissions program. Who probably ends up getting a job at Google because of affirmative action. As a I don't well paying software engineer position. And he's cutting albums. Instead of an actual seniors these since. About what it's like to be a press as a black person in modern day America. Black lives matter police brutality. The memory and legacy of slavery. The change still buying and he can free himself from these chains. The change or their everywhere he doesn't know what to go because the chains of slavery still buying him. Even though we got rid of slavery. In 1865. That change is still buying all bossy. And so he's got now a dual track career. He's now got the possibility of becoming a rap star. Or he's got a lucrative job at goal goal as a software engineer waiting for him. But he's oppressed in modern day America. Now. Only at Harvard. All three in modern day academia. Now. Harvard. If no one else has. The guts to say that I'm gonna say. Harvard University. Is an absolute. Joke. What I'd sure. You're accepting or rap albums now. I think seniors piece of us. Because you want a cover up the fact that this guy probably can't write. You know I understand you can do more research paper. Okay how about a novel hub on a short story how about poetry I don't know something to justify you getting some kind of a degree. In English on top of engineering. Call me crazy. But this is now part of the new trend. Listen to this wrap is now becoming so widely accepted. Isaiah quote unquote great art form. That at Clemson university in South Carolina listen to this. They are now giving people PH peace. Ph.D. dissertation it's. And instead of actually you all writing a dissertation for example graces dissertation. Was over what six. Now you have to do a rap album. Now for that one that was a fee is 34 track album wasn't just ten tracks on our hey that's a double that's a double album. If you want is to give you a dissertation. What's next. Really a porno. I mean dot I can be considered a great art form. Like really why stop at rap music. Saying hey you know what you do a pornographic video you're you're an artist your very creative I'm. You've got something good to share when everybody you've got something you want to express yourself. It's a great expression vehicle. Give me a porno tape of you. You get yourself a senior thesis that suddenly norm and get his degree while he's in prison that's always gonna guess the other thing that's exactly yet. Go to Harvard or climb sim. And there you go with a wee Herman and put this whole thing together I porno video and before you know he's gonna be a Ph.D. a doctor from Harvard. They're no better yet how bold class engage in one. Mean guys to be creative about it mold to individual porn almost everybody in the class do one giant weren't altogether you get it. And then all of you instead of doing a senior thesis that will give you all each and a uranium mine is annual graduate with honors. I mean there's just there's going into this stuff now. In all country music got a rock I'll bum right how about a comic book. Gold dry yourself a little comic book and there you go one bridge Beers a comic book. This this is the decline of any kind of intellectual or moral standards whatsoever. If it if if if a student walked up to me when I was a professor at the deal. I mean I would honestly think they're insane and say you know professor corner ranked you know I want I'm. One graduate with honors Lagardere senior thesis here but I don't wanna write a natural research paper you know forty page research paper. Tom Cruise. He could give your rap album. You know anybody. You wanna be a rapper. Courtroom one of the most clubs. Go to one of the corpse and don't tone. You've got a voice you think you've got some talent good. In my close no way in a university no way to go out a year. You know instead. They don't it's durst not even any shame. In step. Disguising hero. He's all bossy. He's all bossy Smith editorial bossy Shaw he's so bossy show all. There's like Mo we go to Harvard wait you understand the talent that we have here now we've got a budding rap stars among us. We want you to achieve your dreams. Song they can okay Greg wanna do the wrapping up by the porno thing we want you to achieve your dreams you wanna be a porn star. Got us that video. It away or whatever works for you. 61720666868. Is the number OK let me ask all of you this. Harvard University. Is now accepting or rap albums for senior thesis seeks to as a senior thesis. How does the Ivy League lost all standards. How does Harvard lost. What ever prestige it once had. And should we be now accepting or rap or any other kind of quote unquote art form. As a substitute for actual writing or research. 61720666868. All bus siege saw. Remember that name. He's gonna be big. Big. May be. You to want me to hear on the great WRKO. OK all bossy show off trustees commonly known as a Abbas C. Dead now graduating from Harvard where if an honors degree because he submitted a ten track rap album. Out of Harvard in place of his senior thesis. And they love it. You know it makes a very good point I mean if they're gonna give Bob Dylan. Howell a Nobel Peace Prize a Nobel Prize for literature. Why not give this guy a senior thesis and hand graduate with honors and give emanate. I mean what Al if Bob Dylan can get a prize in literature why can't go busted dad. Are rap album and pass that off as a senior thesis. So you know what it. I just did this over the break I said if it's good enough for Abbas seek it should be good enough for the corner man so what I did was. I get a trample wrapped. I did my own trump rap I wrote this thing up. And I wanna know if this will get mean and a at Harvard. Jerry do me a favor drop me some rap music anything to drop it. Then Donald re draining the swamp. Because it's what the voters one on. Call me in my own home mean. He beat Hillary rotten. Because the American voters was forgotten. Drain them swamps. Mode amount. Will show you what America is about. Drained them swamps. Drain the swamps. Drained them swamps. You know. Drained down swamps. Altogether where. Where's my day. Where's my day I want to make plug Margaret but giving me NA. Oscar. While pet rock you never thought I got a musical career in me up. Police frakes and Napster every now as a head coach and I think that way every night wears one of my favorite songs. Yeah but are. I think they'll get a man Harvard what do you think Ed how are known. Liberty University yeah. Actually I. I think judging give all bossier run for his money you know what I wanna put my wrapped my track against the Abbas sees any day. A buck all right how about it I'll go man oh man with the boss the anywhere I think I'm a better proper. And nick in Weymouth go ahead minute. Yep I'd direct what I'm. Put the ballot Abbott. Saying is that I get a new rap name poor dog eat dog. Days. Let's try to get as professor only that he would do to win it. I didn't you typically get one. Medical lousy till date the permanent that's that. And out like coach yet. I wish that Jerry did I get yep. The south of the border legally because India has done that allow. You to. If you don't all of it you Britney do and everybody you know we study insect. Just remember when you're at the dairy whatever and it has been in. Favor what got you baby daddy. Did you meet some light color movement thank you ready. What church. Hold on do we have I want my EDT. Let's get I want mighty BP so let me ask all of you there it's okay if you had to give yourself for a rapper named what would it be. I'm just curious what would it be. How well it is BJ dog but Kate dodged a dog at I don't know yours be Britain Ali BS Britney herself. Rush us. I mean I yeah I yeah I I mean really I got it done I mean I ya ya know so I got this one here OK I got Chad draining the swamp. Dead dead drained them swamps. Let's get my EDT I want to hurry up two tracks. I want Mike's dvd. I want to Mike EPT yeah I want it now. Cash money baby the I want my EBP. Who liquor stores. To crack cocaine. Lottery pick gets. Sick these. I want it all scratch tickets don't. I want my EDT. I loved them then it's just. I want my feet. EDT. I want my DVP. I want my ECT. I love them themselves. They line my pocket. With your mind means that. Now it's mine mine meet up blank you. I love my EDT. I don't know if DJ jazzy connects career is gonna take out just a few shots Christina totally out here where's my BA from Harvard. Where's my BA from Harvard. A. I. Actually. But what do you think K dog what do you think now she gets sick and by the way I franks and captured today don't just change floors or something and maybe use that's that'll be three songs they'll be three songs I'm on my way of my friends. OK let's go to blood cheer up next go ahead butch. And it would all be proper. Call you know corporate or you should go a little bit aren't. I have. Boot that expand its practice so. I you know no universe would be out there. One quick thought you guys. Do you have contact the word the president in oh well Armitage and yes if we could shut down. All unit case coming out about why else. Sort of a liberal but has not been. Brought our. A thirty days. And get cute little lap so implode. Our bush is basically like just go dark. I mean honestly that's he is being advised to do that on why I mean I don't wanna get you know get off track here but he is being advised to do about just give them nothing. I don't wanna. You know but I don't wanna I don't wanna gets I don't wanna get sidetracked here I don't wanna room which is David I think that tunnel mail us your phone number after pat Patrick yes totally. Marco and I don't add you know honestly if FICO goes back to the Celebrity Apprentice. I think you're gonna have me on as an aspiring rapper. K dog you know Jeff K dog corner. No I didn't fit and by the way. For the French version of I want my EBT it's the Asia I'm only BP. Jet MO EBP. Know I love my EBP guys on imported at three songs already. I am trying to lag I'm on didn't mind it when they get rap album and sell a non on the web site. I maybe I mean how we go how he's got to show me how to sell it properly you got to do a duet and nobody can marketed better know how we're not we'll do would do a duet how we and I. Yeah. Okay my friends 6172666868. Coming up next speaking of all lurid. Bombshell. New study ball. Do you think media bias is about the IE I U I you you got to hear this.