Hand to Hand hurricane telethon gets political

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, September 13th

Stevie Wonder opened last night's Hand to Hand telethon with a statement about peace and love, but then pivoted to a statement about climate change deniers being either "blind or unintelligent". 


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Morning with Kim and BD. Boston's morning shell. WR KEL. Coming up here in the the next 45 minutes or so we're gonna talk about what's happening over his piano. We're not happen and we're not particularly financial hole for this morning hasn't. It is it is his personal amount what should happen if you know. We'll get an of that night hours but we well who talk about last night we will play for everybody in this lesson with a big hand to hand. Telethon to raise money for hurricane victims and this is how the show started. We've come together today. To love on the people. That have been devastated by the hurricanes. When liability action. If Turkey doesn't know color of skin. Note ethnicity. No really it. You. Know sexual preference. And no political persuasions. It's just. As we should begin to eleven guys on the planet. And 81. Who believe that there's no such thing as global warming. Most people line. Lords. Please take this hour. 978 Stevie Wonder is opening statement made me shut the television off immediately leave it to the beautiful people play politics of natural disaster. Hello beautiful clean that people play politics with everything. Any time there's a microphone. I would assume even some of the beautiful people were taken aback by it if you're gonna do its hand to hand in to get tonight we come together was the Montrose of the blue moon. And that's your opening. That's tough man. So little. Two parts on this first of all it is you overs from the tunnel which you were you blind or on intelligent zoom in most of the RKO listener ship. Would consider. Again what they do is what Steve he's done there zeevi either your all in with Stevie or your climate and higher. As I've told people for a million years there can be a third option which is. Convinced me yet another great job of it yet but convinced. So I'd argue Steve yet and I. Maybe I'm on intelligence that's for someone else to say I'm not blind obviously but I'm also not I. You know I'm not sorry dean and can I'm not alarming I'm not just. The sheep as whatever you know food analogy you wanna use in this thing. So I what I was fairly offended by that I got to be honest rilya awarded to stop me from giving I was watching a live and have them on the way. It probably wouldn't I'd let it roll off my backers are okay Stevie thank you. But. I find that ridiculous. What Rigas said. Jim I would save this argument is the same argument that people make when they say after a mash shooting Moses and the times talk welcome control well when Imus. OK but it did you get in this case like we're not talking about it we're just being lectured to. So I would argue with the as I had this almost exact count rescission is there where. So. If we all laugh about it but like so it is the worst flooding Jacksonville has ever seen. Since 1846 when you know what happened in 1946. There was no orders to Bermuda hurricane or the Bahamas are came on. They're a massive arcane that brought even more rain and water than this one day at 1840s it was a bad year for carbon emissions and to issue and now. I said that last part time in cheek Q I've in 1928. Yeah I mean we'd sell a thousand people were killed in Florida in a hurricane might. Well first off her and it's a secret that workings of always occurred and it's good news is it's not a seek cliff. No it's not as in everybody knows that I think I don't know that they do well I think they do now want to think what they you know they knows that of course he does he knows that their than hurricanes forever I don't think he does I think. I think car working started with a hurricane Andrew. That's it from now orient depending on how old memoir I think they are going oh they're not all her needs. I think that his comments. Are ridiculous and are taking advantage of the situation. I think that this is what. Hollywood. I think they're ridiculous at all I think three quarters of the country believes one thing and is being held hostage by the one quarter that doesn't believe it but to improve. OK you don't find it odd that two of the biggest disasters of all time happened within a week give each and are now I know I I don't because I think because I think it would we were to look they're being. Hurt in disastrous hurricane of this level yes but they just may be didn't hit the United States both of didn't hit states. All it can't I mean I think we can look back in I'm sure. And all that at least he's honest it doesn't. Did what happens is I have in this congress issue and anybody because now select snowflake is like Ayman. I'm a neanderthals. Know he's I don't say that at all I I don't consider acting. I am back I think it willful ignorance but 19100 Galveston had. One of the war one of the top five worst horror teams to ever hit the United States thousands of people killed billions of dollars in damage. Yeah why because in 1905 they didn't have the resource as we have now what what I'm telling her Cain would have no wouldn't have done nearly as much damage now or Sherwood you have no you're no where well and I are one and I are good at any true about death because I think that people don't I think we are. Able to warn people more rattling that's why some of these have more deaths than what we have possibly more but what do his point is that is don't you run an audit tools these amendments. Galveston had one of the worst turkeys in the history of the country in 19100 and then in 1915 they had when that was worse than the one man in 19100 at the same area. That would be a statistical oddity except that history is littered with statistical oddities. Especially when it comes the world took climate. Here to ideally how many ice ages did we have to one ice age you would think would be like wow that was pretty weird but how many have their bent. For me for me Jim my response to this is that. I do believe that the climate is changing. But I think it's cyclical and I think it dies but and I fact there are cyclical changes doesn't change the fact that were also damaging. The climate OK that's it that's very it's not an either or you can have both I I think that's where there but I ice age doesn't mean that were not doing. Think there are hurting the bigger the environment but I think we have done a lot to. It's too slow that process as humans we do live on this planet. We are going to you know it it is good that we are gonna have some kind of impact there's no question about that. But the idea that the debt. The earth is going to implode as a result of us being here I think he's just an overall implode we're just gonna get more and more these disasters. I I don't will say that that I got it jets and right and on I'm one thing that is Jack let let's go live that out to no reason why these are happening I mean my our that's my argument I don't have kids aren't the one that could care less about what you wanna destroy the planet a hundred years that's not my problem. That's the problem of anyone that has children and grandchildren but I think to scare her to scare people in such a way this day. That your kids in your grandkids are not going to have a place to I think that's where I think the beat goes too far I don't think that I don't think they're knocking have a place to live I think they're going to not be able to live in Miami. I think that if we. I think if we change your ways or we don't Miami may end up underwater. Back Damien underwater but that's because again I just think this is cyclical way to go for the earth functions. And I think that's a willful ignorance. They're really don't but then I would say the U willful ignorance is when you're using this the the problem I've always had with the Al Gore is in the world. Is that when your steadfastly. Like you are ignorant if you don't acknowledge that we caused these things happened. Mike Condit Mike. Come back to that is then you'd tell me how the hurricane of the 1846 after 191195019231928. You tell me how we know these things do happen on their own but what we're doing causes them to happen more frequently we have you don't have any statistics because I'm not a scientific what are they don't always know that scientists that do what you have a phone in your you're on Twitter FaceBook if those statistics exist they keep you would be tweeting them out they don't. Because. Katrina was not the worst hurricane that's ever hit that region people think that was it wasn't. Galveston but I I'm no expert on this stuff believe me the Okeechobee disaster in 28. We as well with him. As her. Really think he's either party is legally agree and how let me ask Eric what what how how are you how are you defining horrific. Because remember again I think a lot of that is the impact it has and you know that there were tornadoes in western Massachusetts many years ago they didn't have. Cyrus are beautiful life and dated New England was I was one of the top ten war I mean my point is you know the strength of the perky is what we're talking about here not how many people died at the effect well again that has to do with how we can prepare. So yeah I guarantee if you could only get off of Florida by horseback can write a lot of people would write if there were if if we didn't have the warning for a week and a half. Like we do now thanks to equipment in and our ability to. You know that makes those kinds of by events more horrific. But my point is that it did I do think there's been hurricanes that have existed. There were cats four and five and they were in one hurricane season. She's breathing get hit behind him. Morton has some days we did again did this this is the first cat five to ever hit some. How say Puerto Rico. It was the first or near Puerto Rico since 1928 that was the only other taught me that that storm was was as horrific. But it by the measured weaned that it did by the financial damage that it did if you put it for today's dolls are way worse of obviously the death tolls was higher but the destruction was higher turtles. And there must be a reason why there was this massive cat five storm. Long before there was any significant use of combustion engines. You haven't convinced me in any way shape or form that. The rise of the automobile is leading to more frequent and more destructive storms because these storms weren't that destructive war what you're telling me is the cause now. Was ever employees. URG you know the voice of Boston. As we should begin. Eleven value out. Who believes that there is no such thing as global warming. Most people line. Loans. PC console. I won't I'm with one texture that that road and it's like is it a little. All of that Stevie Wonder is using blinders of which are well if I think that was his point that you know and it was a little extra memory all that the camera was so. Good that even Stevie Wonder could use it and Stevie did the senate obscure but he's always done that for his home for his life and I like Stevie Wonder I'm disappointed that that's what he said in Pudong fine home we should all of our planet that's fine you don't need to be you could just stop there have been. You can't. For lack of better term I'm gonna do it now myself not what you can't look in the camera I know Stevie wasn't looking in the camera that you can't look in the camera and looked at me and tell me you're either. Blind unintelligent. Always unintelligent a good idea now it's not. Should talk 17666868686. Say detects find skillet financial Paul. He's up right now and what we're asking. These are you blinder are you an intelligent you know if you're going to want to raise and let's just look at the practical part of this regardless of where you stand on this I don't care which side you're on. You're about to ask people open their wallets. DD insult anyone. I mean that part of that is what I just don't. Boy this is all up for me it's all about it's whatever the issue is strong climate change tiger what is Hillary's right. Why is is so hard for like snowflake I can have launched together after the show clearly we don't agree on this issue at all but. The vibe that Steve he's given often is I'm not interest that he knew if you don't sign up. And say yeah I guess I. My room one of my major arguments and as I just know historically. Man has felt the need to blame. Ourselves for everything that's wrong in the world I feel like this is just part of that I know I had. I'm willing to admit that I may be wrong on this I may be the Neanderthal on this and if that turns out to be true I'll be the first to tell you right now is wrong. Let's carry on. But. When you start going your flatter third year on intelligent you start drawn out stuff like that. You tell me why you're so intelligent and Stevie break it down form well. I just don't like anybody who pushes their views in such a way that they immediately say the others ink to be more open minded part of me how feels like that would hurt it here. Asking for money part of me feels like that particular statement was made with the hopes that one particular person who is influenced by people saying things like that about him was watching. 280. Any is at Boston hey Andy good morning. Guys earlier oh god thank you. Good article the background noise in my toward Cuba but look at it fall. Army you know reportedly ordered all of us that we would be keep them whether record for a real little more than note. Slaughtered 5300 years. In the in the in the world and not oil more local. You know and and it you know we and it is certainly conceit. That this planet that's been through you know asteroids comets and earthquakes tsunamis in all of Cain knows and you know everything else this has been through and the conceit that we important industrialized. People the last 300 years so it could either scoring or. It amazes me. All right so I think almost a conservative note. I would argue I'll give you similar sought most conservatives. Don't like to read the planet. Aren't I agree on the on that absolutely. I do what I really do what quote attributed jumping another narrative is all in all. You know that are up there one of oil almost Andrei news they don't mean and the other don't care what they buy it I don't I don't believe that at all. A baker caught up armed rebellion that you know when you have to audible we all manmade. Global warming other global wanted to go to global warming. He won't change called I'm the temperature for the look all I'm you know what. When you got to believe this narrator and give us no evidence. So you don't believe this to say look I. I would argue there's a lot of evidence out there it's just not evidence that you find convincing. And that's fair to that's that's a fair state and I would also say that I don't think anyone on the left to sing we're destroying the planet we're going to destroy earth they're saying we're making it uninhabitable for our particular. Who are making it's that humans will have a difficult time living here I don't think the planet's going anywhere policy in rain and ray good morning Paul. Good morning guys you know the problem. Jim yeah there's. That first off this. Too much of the global warming cult. That relies on this idea of consensus which by Croatia in relevant actually all that concept we don't care or both we care about. How things are bigger and how they're not measure. Would you glider at all who didn't opt out with the actual climate scientists who have signed on to paper saying that the for the budget jumped. Because you have eight idol I'm pretty sure that. That the percentage is 94. Of ninety to 954 and five to ten against it I think that's that's pretty badly. You don't wish it was a publication. Dictate poll which is live in 97 comes from it actually will you researching these numbers you can. Where the source of that 97 comes from the pole and then now what its territory to. Talking point should eat and the problem that our club when testifying before congress. Couldn't come up with anywhere it back up any of your number then subsequently. You know he couldn't even get banned all what are the gap though the eighteen year point 10 by the way climate change could stop. We'll get back in the eighteen hundreds. And eighteen year. Now. Secondly. The problem is we have. That you were a Republican I feel like they're. Pocket a separate there hi I would like you to explain to me that eighteen year old to eighteen year gap this is the first I'm hearing that. Okay what are you global no place I'd like everyone explains me please I am genuinely asking. Well. What we have and we had eighty trend of bear number they went a certain direction. Now that direction is not very keeps local change in temperature and that temperature change. Basically stopped for the last eighteen years completely stopped now we're gonna Wear. Where's that fact coming from the diseases and again the first ars that I've seen it is odd angle and okay. Actually you can go right and goal. I believe it was Ted Cruz who looks cross examining the presidency or quote all political on the senate floor so this. Indeed numbers all. In our purview did not exactly like they'll come in from some deep dark corner of. And right there were out there for the public on an iPod family right there but it's it deliberately leaves let me know on my question and you I'm asking you so I don't look that up yes you need a little clarification. He can make you know let me clarify. Let's clear that it's just DP Boston scoring jell OW RKL. Coming up here at 8 o'clock we. We are going to be talking about yes yes. It's 8 o'clock I'm sorry 7 o'clock. Not a day so we may still be talking about it yes I don't I don't I don't you have to move. Yeah. Develop hill and what she tweeted out Monday. And her status at ESPN this morning so that is coming up at 7 o'clock meantime ricks in Nashville this morning American morning. Corning. What they picked up and being. Called a world full. Idiots and it respects because I happen to have a difference of different opinions we're different. All train of thought. Arm. Then. I guess three quarters of the population of America. To be ferret don't say well thought idiot I said willfully ignorant does are two very different things. OK so woefully ignorant. You know strengths that's an argument guests. When we get bigger and you're basing it on your your three quarters of all you can record of America population. What ploy basing that on. Steve poll hope is that Hillary Clinton would get a win the election. Pools. So that give people believe that too close. Partly people will leave that to direct your point is why. I pour it has to be combustion. Gasoline engines were developed hole like 1893. Fact there were developments Springfield Massachusetts. What the first gasoline. Powered vehicle. In the great hurricane the great bear hurt in an eighteen point six within 1846. Jim what caught that. The Indians make activity prior. All right I I would argue that nobody is saying that her teens are the result of global warming be denied a little now there's a lot of ideas are able there's a lot of people aren't. Good news we just put out there and this all is back to Newsweek from Newsweek would not that anyone knows Newsweek is anymore. The state put out to tweet on Monday as a here was that said Al Gore warned us this was gonna happen Harvey and karma why didn't we listen and that's just. Old but now play medal awaited. And again I don't think the global warming is why we had two hurricanes back to back like they'll give the IR I Tuesday. The glitz and let's interpret this the right way are they saying it's because of her that we had hurt teams period are they saying because they're back to back. Mean I think if people are blaming. The the intensity. And did big number of hurricanes coming at us. More on global warming demean our that there was idling anybody's arguing that there had been her working through. The centuries. Wall I think what Rick sand or what and you know what I'm saying is that. While you say that you see you okay there's been arcane sort of centers wanting his wall. Why is it to you feel like you can explain them now when you cannot explain them them. I agree with that sole cause natural climate cycles and manmade climate change are not mutually exclusive they are both OK but so what happens for me that is like guys trying to sell me Iraq government and you know have. Street sale when averaged Schweitzer won okay solely on and then eventually IE either convince me that I do need that I'd or more ago. It's nice item don't need a nice stride good talking to you thanks. On the on the climate change things for me where I'm Matt with the things I liked it it can't be healthy for all the stuff being emitted into the dammit I don't know what. That does but it can't be good a good thing. So I try to do my part is just a jam and our recycling a formal fine but. I ultimately walk away from you and say thanks not buying any because you you'd. The number you your first challenge would be to convince me is to show me statistical empirical evidence that says these things are happening at a much more rapid rate any much larger scale than they've ever happened before in to meet. That evidence is nonexistent the ball I mean I feel like it when Katrina happened everyone kept saying it's a once in a thousand near hurricane once in a thousand or hurricane and we had two more ten years later but Katrina wasn't ones and 1000 at the time I'm like but again know your history you got to look to stuff up you got to understand we live in the now and one of the things the following does. You know in this era of cell fees is that we always think that what's happening to us right now is the first time it's ever art and is the biggest way that it could possibly act and that's that's just what we you're hyperbolic nation but when you calm down on what scientists are supposed to do is they're gonna supposed to. All that always goes away here are the facts. Again. Depending on who you believe one of these we all do which is we search out something to prove argument rather than searching out quote unquote the truth but. What are statistically the ten worst hurricanes in the history of this country. Katrina I would argue is probably one or true. But again well how are you defining the worse you gig you've got to define because I would want out I would go by money it well because I don't think you can do that because I think what you had you have to. You know what you have to see if we're talk about climate. You have to talk about the velocity of the hurricane the impact of the hurting we'll back itself extremely nice though. But not extremely hard to know what the 1846. The velocity of the like I'd OK I get that they had a rough estimate and they did have some science. But they were doing what we're doing now so would you can never been an 888 he did in. I would I could argued that that may have been a cat five I think like waters but the it the financial impact would be the same is what Katrina was because you hit a populated area. And and those were not populated so. And that discounts that that hurricane gives you and I'm saying you have to talk good about science and the impact of these hurricanes he can't talk about the dollars. You can't talk about the the loss of life you just have to talk about what the mother nature produced. I agree but on the other end there'd been no one's gonna tell you about our team that it you know some African. Uninhabited region of Africa or is it just some tribes there that number because nobody knows and it's. It's I do I don't forget falls in the forest right but that's that's what makes this almost intellectually dishonest dishonest because it makes it hard. Because you're you're not your we can't talk about how would impacted people we have to talk about what the hurricane was favorite talk about the climate. And and how the mother nature has actually the only metrics we really have is a wind strength right. Society's. Yup but also damage is one of those metrics both to human life into it just cost of what. Sold that to me is one of the metrics that I would use in if that's the case. Her life is gonna be up there Harvey is in there are there in the top twenty. But there's many a lot of storms over the last 200 years that have done a lot of damage so that's where you lose me on the argument. That's and that's where that's where I and I think Richard Nashville's coming from his you have to start to explain how the I can tell you why I think Babe Ruth his best runner of all time why because. There's no one even close to doing what he did when he was doing it it was so statistically out of whack. What he did it's unbelievable. Vermont Harvey Katrina Gloria they are not statistically out of whack. We have hurricanes in North America over the last 250 years they're not out of whack they're not. So that's my factual argument can do in order for you to get me to buy into something he's changed now you have to explain how what he's changed and you haven't sold via flamingo or quickly here to John he's including good morning John. Bigger effect could have meet our secure it sure. Hey guys what sent. Four model took things let me make a point not a question. Quite Reuters. Beat. Believe in global warming ain't happening not here in northeast anyway. Aggression creed every some are well yards littered with Paula every spring. The only use fall on the ground by October 31 and the way it is a random but it does know what it is cold. And my question is why is it always celebrity's. And politicians. Announcing global warming why isn't this summer from the international. Weather Bureau. Standing on the podium and saying this so award thanks. They do it and there are regularly blow fish product concern I haven't seen quite a bit because they don't I'm on TV because they're not as interesting as one wanna act deputy B was asking was. We just approach one crew is look up the word recession. Which is a shifting of the currency. Or access and no explain it there is in effect which happens every 26000 years. It may lead me to believe that something is happening that's our concern for the 55 is open on the planet. I'm not seeing any group that they can be worried. All right. 617266686868680. Is our tax slide when we get to Mike Timlin feel the same Ike. Good morning guys I want to chime in on the consensus. Point. I would say I think people want to there's no consensus is actually. But let alone if they were that well or suggest people do. But when you hear something about hurricanes coming specific. Under the content is just a look like it's like the debt so that the IPC's senior national panel of climate change. For the UN under the what's its IP PC. Duck CH. But a look at just put what you for hurricanes. And I don't know consensus on that. The consensus by the fact that there's the world health they have no consensus that climate change that there will global warming campaign to do with hurricanes. That's the truth. So who else you want turned her. I mean they're Peter Jennings president says if it bleed to believe. That's what we're here we're hearing the media make these claims. My caddie and I Karl. But I would continues to joining its good ideas and all the stuff of finesse guys don't but I don't you can blame droughts and hurricanes and Salma Giddens. All of this soft on the same things and you start to lose credibility with the.