Greg Carlson (Morningstar, ARTRX)


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We know that many of you have jobs to keep you busy all day long sweep made easier for you to catch up with the financial exchange with most convenient for you just download the I heart radio app on your phone or tablet search for the financial exchanging you'll have access to all of our content including individual segments and full shows. We're joined now by Greg Carlson from Maurice U2 on Monday welcome Greg we're talking about where is that the artists and global opportunities fund. That's coming on right. So looking at this it seemed like a pretty well rounded mainly US but. Globally diversified find out what's their real competitive advantage that they bring to the table here. They've got a really eat eat eat you know about fifty people. They have a twenty year track record on US one caller and the gap could close new. This one started out as days US it's and had gradually add on that would car. There are walked back category that well and it went in. It looks like there are. Sorry. It looks like they're about half in the United States and half outside to do they have any limitations on where they can go. No not really appear that way to get very. Oca. So how has it done over the last you know 13 years as I always compared to you know the benchmark I'm looking at say you know vanguard total world index and it looks like it's app form pretty significantly over the last few years. Yet look at some of that is due to the fact it's pretty growth oriented but it even gone well or Europe or in a global. And where where expenses lemon. About average a kind not not cheap but not. A cut. We would see this fitting into a portfolio I mean it's pretty diversified is it very concentrated any of the positions they go like you you know where could this fit into any other retirees portfolio for instance. I think it could be somewhat of a core holding there at the volatility here because it but it concentrated at about forty buys stock. But. Not to be and should be that term. Well Greg appreciate your time on this after those looking it's the artists in global opportunities fund ticker symbol is a RT RX thank you for joining us strength. I.