Governor Baker on Sanctuary Cities

Kim and guest host Geoff Diehl discuss Massachusetts as a "sanctuary state" and the governor's position on sanctuary cities in general


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A morning show with Kim. Co Heimlich and he beat. Literally the most news. The man in the world WR TL. Self important. We're targeting not a movie yeah. Yeah. I let the other top Virginia guys you know amazingly. I was just say we could they could be a diplomatic meeting at the WR TO conference and it's got like fifty shares and one side fiftieth and exaggerating a little bit. Really don't know if you're very low post founder Derrick learned that you boy the salespeople must have in extremely. You know the. They're productive meeting with so many people they don't sit around there it's actually beautiful it does look like something from a movie there's actually no two ways about that yeah it's like a Wall Street. Conference room you know it. You yeah I love to which you said you can guide to fill the house of cards in there yeah president can be at one and the need Russian president that the younger and we can have you know. I just with me this morning good Japanese can be elevated not love coming to our TO. I get three days this week which is awesome today tomorrow Friday and Friday if you wanna meet Jeff or camp. We'll be it though we are Steiner and Quincy can. I actually didn't know where we're going in now I see it up on the brand new right forward and how amazing and by the way I may be running for United States cinnamon and make an announcement AMR's. And show how. That is true people should go to WWW dad deal for Sendak on DI EHL for senate pick up but Quincy by the way what a great city you don't really. With. John Quincy Adams if he the kind of what the founders of our country quit he's a great place to go. And the summertime Quincy is amazing so that we are Steiner will be home. Outfit and about an happy to talk to folks when not to come up I can't wait for you to go to one of these diner tour is with us it's a ton of fun. It really is so he goes out of my hagel want Richard gag on that last one just go to four I was jealous because they if they were famous for or is it the highest of highs I heard you guys talk about the pies and gone home so can I tell you what happened we were at that go on diner and the adorable ladies who own the place they're just incredible. Thought he Ngo and Ethel. The pies. And Jim I had chocolate pie had a bite fantastic and there was a couple of other. They need at the end of the day they were like known to you must take pie home. So I had whispered that my fever kind of pie is lemon meringue. And lo and behold I get this brand new beautiful. Lemon meringue pie take home. It was the fourth of July weekend my family was on the way at it when we were there at the Agilent from Missouri which are in full sized pile up hill is. I don't not even just leave your body full pied a case huge high. To what a small. Oh yeah and why is in magnificent. I'm not put more pressure on the wheel house the united. Yeah I often stay at home a full sized up what I really by alphabetical. Yes let's coming up on Friday we're looking forward to that. And Jeff will be with us for the rest of the week so it's great to have you here Jeff and I do wanna hear. And we're gonna talk about that a little later in this hour I want to hear how the fund raising has been going in and hear a little bit more about what's going on. We pay the possible campaign what do we call it at this point it's exploratory right now and within a few weeks it's gonna be we'll have much more information. Solid information about art in order to more about that coming up at first we have talked about Charlie Baker. Jerry course running for reelection in 2018. Charlie's being pressed right now on this issue of making this a sanctuary state. Viewers then there's been you know a movement afoot and Charlie apparently according to some has been playing footsie with this idea. Yeah what people need to know about. That term sanctuary. Whether it's city or whether it's state is basically this that there are. Politicians in office who would prefer to have. Ice officials immigration and customs enforcement officials not work. With local police or sheriff's local law enforcement basically where there is a city or whether it's a state. To identify. Detain and potentially deport people who are in this country illegally now. That's there's also people whose country illegally with criminal records they have. Started to build up while being in the United States. And I think a lot of people are saying OK if they came here illegally let's try to get them through the naturalization process but if they are here illegally and committing crimes. Let's get them out of our country that is beyond just the criminal act of entry and come country legally right and there are again politicians are saying now. We're gonna protect them as well we're gonna create his status by which in our city or in our state. Ice officials cannot identify or deport people who are here illegally with criminal backgrounds. To what end I don't really understand because honestly I am completely opposed to Sanctuary City or state status I mean I also don't think. Our borders should be so porous that we allow people to come in illegally to begin with. There is a process there are quotas that countries are given as to how many people can come over to our our country we have we have work we have student visas we have H one N pieces we have a lot of options for people to come here. But I think if you talk to anybody who's immigrated legally they will tell you it's not fair to cut the line but. We're not talking about that right now we're talking about. Trying to deport people with criminal backgrounds and they think that so let. Like kilometer run through just her second Jack because he's one of the things that can be gets murky just due to make clear. We're not talking about if we're not talking about. Every single person. Who is chatted with by a police officer. And so officers walking on the street and these chat with people with a lot of it some of these communities there's the foot patrols with any start chatting in a police officer has the right to say. What you were immigration status the trouble we're talking about a lot of that. I mean again decades into the old discussion of profiling you know they're not profiling and by the way. Police aren't actively taking ice lists and and trying to identify in their neighborhoods people who are of interest to be. Held detained deported all that sort of thing. At the the other misnomer or the argument that fallacy that is out there is that. Steve and or local resources are being used to do the job of icing agents that's not true ice officials. Officers. Are here in our state they're in every state. Working in offices working to identify themselves. Sort of their target group of people are trying to identify and deport. And they're and they're only asking that information be shared that they get the same access to. Databases so that if somebody is arrested for a crime let's say violent crime. The ice officials can scanned the that the police law blotter or log and see that's persons on our list right of could of somebody that you know if they. Are here illegally and have committed a crime Ari we wanna get them out so all I wanted to have access to obtain information to be honest with you so if we have it if we do away with the sanctuary. Cities. We do away with the fact that judges and this is what gets me. That judges. Let people off the back door knowing what hair. So gear standing in front of a judge so clearly you are there because you have committed some type of crime or you alleged to have committed a crime. And the judge torch out the back door because of your. Immigration status that kind of thing would would go away. That literally. Happened in order did it have it exactly a judge allowed an illegal immigrant to escape ice officials were in the courtroom to take that person they let them go out their back door now. That's one backdoor sort of judge action another one. Affected us here in Boston. The man who was. Twice accused and of robbing. Thanks yes the judge sentenced him to 364. Days rather than she 365. Because that would have triggered. The deportation of he came into killing two doctors so you know again we we need to talk about sanctuary OK so let's talk about this more let's talk about. Charlie bakers status when it comes to sanctuary state where he stands. And what what you think about that. These cost a morning show. Kevin DB MW RKL. All right so what's it about Charlie Baker and the fact that he's being criticized for his stance for the comes to sanctuary states that. I know Vick. I don't know if you noticed about the (%expletive) and I'm a big Charlie Baker for and and I know that people are gonna criticize me because some liberal conservatives who are not as big turley baker fans is I am. Think that I carry his water. He's the most popular governor. In the United States let's just put it right out there no way and he's. Doing you know with the I think he's doing the job that he's able to do up on Beacon Hill when you have a super minority in the house and in the senate and the legislature. You cannot just steamrolled. You know go go. The Democrats who say when you're governor an and that's not a good policy to begin with anyway you've got to work together that's. A big part of why government needs to do better job in the long haul it Charlie Baker has been trying to bring a different. Vibe to governments in seeking an office thank you. I never understand Republicans in our state who say. I don't care who it is I'll never vote for Charlie Baker because of you know things he's done the past and I T a myself. Well then who you gonna vote for because it is he's running against Democrat. Any of it like to see if you're Charlie Baker type of Republicans. You have a hard time get a leg getting elected in this state as a Republican to be saying that to somebody specific in the room. I say oh yeah. Having said what I've just say if I. Back to the Sanctuary. Cities slash state issue driving criticize because Charlie's response to this is that this actually. He believes. Debt is sanctuary status should belong to communities and not to a state as tall as a whole. And that it's up to communities to make the determination as to whether they wanna be sanctuary community you're not in an ultimately voted and decided there on the on the local level. Yes that is meant for those of you are extremely conservative that is not Charlie Baker standing up saying Sanctuary Cities should go way period. But what it is is sir Terry baker saying I do not support the idea of this state being a sanctuary state because of these or any diet. He's saying luck you know it should obviously go to the communities and they're gonna have. To make that call so in January of 2017. Not that long ago Charlie Baker in a globe article. Specifically says Massachusetts. Should not be a sanctuary state. He is clear on the record as far as that. But like you just said he is also on the record in eight innings herald article saying that. He thinks it should be best made at a local level in this where he and I disagree because I think. You know when you open the door to any one city or town becoming a sanctuary. Location you're basically allowing that to becoming a haven for people with criminal backgrounds that then. Become negative or or potentially hazard. To not only the citizens of that city or town but also the neighboring cities and towns and potentially you know elsewhere in the state that's right I really don't believe that. But it though he's approach to this is it he's put together. A group. For local communities to depend on right. Two to try to examine this and to inform local communities a little butter. Yeah and that's I mean that's worth while to get the feedback okay and by the way some of the feedback may very well be that people who are here illegally. Are being terrorized by those who are here illegally with criminal backgrounds because they know that those people here illegally are afraid to go to local law enforcement and and tell them what's going on so there is a sort of predatory group within the legal community that's making life difficult for them. Therefore again. Creating its sanctuary policy it makes it very hard to root out the bad actors in your legal community that are taking advantage of other people here illegally. Don't mean anything they want them out just as badly is as anyone else. I understand the general fear is that ice is here just to round everybody up and get a map but that's actually not the case and it's been proven time and again. They are looking for the bad actors. You know that are out there with. Clear criminal backgrounds beyond illegal immigration why do you want. Charlie Baker to dictate what's happening in your community though. I mean because if you if if you're gonna open that up for sanctuary status and you open it up for everything correct. Well are you seeing that you think that I I think the idea that he says look as a state we're not gonna be a sanctuary state I don't wanna or I'm gonna fight that. What happens in swamp Scott Massachusetts is going to be up to date did those who leads while Scott. And those hooligans want Scott as a state and the state government we will not. I will not support the idea of a sanctuary state. It shouldn't governor being going into swamps. Newton. Chelsea. And making those kinds of decisions. That's what I'm asking you to you know I is he wrong I think Charlie is a. A traditional Republican much like myself you know I'm more of a Federalist where I am trying to. Take power less. Less power in DC is better let states make more decisions in if you follow along that path letting towns in states that have make their own decisions is good. You can't help that there's going to be towns like I was as a Lexington that they end. Plastic water bottles for example or. Trash bags in Heber and answer your grocery bags in Cambridge and he just McNamee will help the fact these towns are gonna do that but. You know what people in those cities or towns can then elect new officials or. People who are consumers may or may not want to go to that town because of those decisions but to me. One of the problems is and this gets into federal law where I do agree their job is to protect citizens in the country protect citizens in our states. And so you know it is a federal purview that I think. You know in protecting people who are coming into the country illegally and then having talents seem to think you'd be a haven for those federally. You know illegal. People here illegally from federal law it is the right to go in and try to get out again. In this case ice is trying to make it clear they're going after the bad actors the alias so I'd you know it is a tough one to wrestle with but what what we're talking about here too. Is basically at a bill that's up on Beacon Hill that is you know been tried in the past due to pass it to. They because sort of a trust factor is safe communities they're calling it sikh community Jack now and that is to say that again. Towns ordered or cities don't shouldn't have to work with federal federal enforcement I think that's totally wrong I think that's where Charlie. He's in agreement. He's against that. All right. So it's it's conundrum if this is a commander I don't believe in Sanctuary Cities either I don't like it at all because I do think. That in the end we we end up with these pockets of hill listen these these criminals are Smart enough to know that if I can't live in. You know box for then I'll move to whenever Chelsea you know orchard to Somerville. I mean I I don't like that at all laurel moved to Boston for that matter I I do think you get into a big issue but I just don't know what it is that people. Why. What Charlie to deal why they believe I think he's been pretty clear how he feels about the sanctuary status but he's not going into the communities. He's he's leaving it up to that Williams had a focus group sort of try to shield some of this information Leno and maybe that you like you said maybe they'll come to the same conclusion there is a role. For ice officials to. Get the bad actors at that are causing brightness for those people who are trying to you know at some point naturalize themselves let me go to Scott Weymouth hey Scott good morning. Hey good morning Jim good morning Jeff he's got. It was part of my comment on speaker I know we're up against the clock bottom of the earlier but yeah I'm happy to hear you are coming to a better Quentin that's in my neck of the woods. And Cummins CS well you. I looked up with a few but I have to wonder what happens if I wanna comment on this note like to step outside of myself schools. Now if you will have only just in front of the Mike OK okay without sprinkle don't know that's really cool. All right Charlie Baker. In like a great man but let Stuckey so they are yes sir I know he's not a conservative but he's the best for Greg gonna get in office in the state of Massachusetts. Could you imagine if you re in as a Republican Texas or Arizona or Florida you to be laughed so the thought he wouldn't get out of the primary. He wouldn't get out of what over the sub prime area I have no idea what you call that. It's let it destroy war and I'll certainly be voting with its so I think that aren't yet and iron to a name that at the thought it I mean you kidding me. But Scott you admit you're you're a 100% on it though because he's he's not in taxes he's in Massachusetts where everybody had. Right. Well no not happy yeah actually. Yeah we want and I'll make that I'll be making that he's got an look forward to seeing you at the wheel house diner in Quincy this coming Friday to you that it's going to be fun six to ten on Friday. You Archie go all the boys of Boston. We're talking about Sanctuary Cities folks and the fact that Charlie Baker has put together a panel. To just don't go on doing little investigation related to use a sanctuary state there's a bill that's moving across Beacon Hill. It's gaining popularity by the way Jeff on on Beacon Hill. May be one additional legislators decided who supported him have I mean he's hard to honor clarity I at that seems like I cheated reporting. Very fake news. Please know that I did not say that I got there they are qualified that I think English yeah that may be speculation anyway Charlie has said that he is not in support. A Sanctuary City and that he feels like when it comes to Sanctuary Cities that needs to be thrown back to this city's he's been very clear that he is not in support. A the sanctuary state and no I was just trying to get Jeff's. How to feel about this and what he thinks this is a tough place for Charlie Baker to be some people would there argue no it's not it's not tough at all I got to see why. The thing last year we had a budget come back from the senate so if people don't know the legislative process of budget comes out of the house seat goes to the senate. And then comes back to the house first with final changes and then goes on to the governor for signature or veto overrides things like that I can't stand that process is simple down. How dumb down and what. Happened last year I voted against the budget with two other represented Sean O'Connell of time Jim Lyons and handover because. When he came back from the senate to the house there was a inserted into the budget was driver's licenses. For illegal street illegal immigrants and I was adamant that that wasn't gonna stand and governor baker to his credit I will say. Of scrub that from the final version when his desk in that and that ultimately was signed. When senate budget he did not include driver's license for illegal so he does I think recognize. That there is a concern about. Catering too much to people here illegally but at the same time I think he wants to make sure where this panel that he's getting sort of feedback from the community as well sure. WRKO 68 days of summer by the way powered by the block island ferry today on the twelfth day of July is art day at the museum. For children in each day and it's really cool it's a master's program that mimics some of the great masterpieces and teach your kids how to do it. Your kid can be a van Gogh a Monet and other artists if they attend this event again it is the Children's Museum in east in its art day all part of WRKO's 68 days of summer if you want more details you can go to WRK a dot com. Or you can check out Children's Museum in eastern dot org. Back slash summer drop days. Powered by the block island fairy with daily high speed and traditional fairies they can get you to the island in as little as thirty minutes. Details of block island very dot com still way to block island. Let's go to Karen Karen is in Dorchester this morning. According to parent. I'm good morning Carol hardly be eighty you know you guys to an option job. Chaos there is is just deal like this but hey that's cool I'm leaning hard and BBs are. He did today mention every so I did image MacBook act in ashes as when initially you I don't I'm owed a debt deal a good idea rescinded that announced the definitive about it. Go ahead though I'm OK Ali yeah here's what I have experienced the Occupy Boston movement. Lonely legislators how how could they don't have the Sanctuary City specifically is. I don't. You could hear Ali voting for something that's going to have. High impact. On me personally. And as a community in and that and there are. And the and it's pretty light just say that sanctuary didn't always seem to be not in the area where people that if it. It don't you know only to Karen thanks for the call don't you know that when we talk up on Beacon Hill in the collective we. We need to do more about this we need to share the burden what they mean he's you. You'd need to share covered you need to take on this issue yet no I ate totally understand what you're frustration is there and I agree. A lot of times it's due to look. When when no mayor Marty Walsh said that he wanted to open City Hall to illegal. Immigrants and he let them stay in their people civil have a senior house and is that he would that work till I never heard followed by an act that question. Well hopefully you know. And somebody like Kerry will get an opportunity to voice her opinion to. This this committee it's being put together it's out there trying to get some feedback on this issue Jimmy is in with doing good morning Jimmy. Yeah exactly go in and I kept the Republican campaign thinks she didn't. Disabled governor pick I have a bigger supporter. However yeah I I don't so I don't support this increase state. And just a couple of comments. Not my usually that I think when you have a lot of illegal people you know live living in the community and you know one on the one hand you know on the practicing Catholic game and I hit a priest talk about how we have to be kind to the downtrodden. And I believe in net. I really believe in net and but the problem is when you get a lot of illegal people in the community. Will leave if they see something say like drug dealing and drug activity going on gang activity. They're not gonna called the police because they're afraid because then they're afraid because they are here illegally. And they are afraid that the police will what dropped the dime on them and then call ice. So what you have to give the standard of living in the community trickles down another thing to know is it affects all because of state is that when people like you were illegally. Big spill are eligible for some programs listed children's book that and the local schools. They are fell available for various the social safety net programs that go on in this state. And I think we really did it take a hard look at this and end. If he had and a lack any comments from you guys on this. The well Jay and Jimmy real quick you know that's always been a discussion is the fact that. You know YA YA in our state when we say we can't afford a proper public education for our kids you know leave the affected veterans returning sometimes aren't able to get housing because they're they're taken by people not you know in our country that may not be here legally there's always is frustration that the state can't do more for people who say well. Do you know that one point eight billion dollars and that number by the way it was given to us. By the Deval Patrick administration several years ago so that number may have increased to one point eight billion dollars of our annual budget. Goes towards. The eve of people who are here illegally are supporting that network in it again. Union jobs are undercut by people working under the table because they're not here illegally. There are a lot of sort of side effects to the calm the core problem which is illegal immigration so I I totally agree anything you touched on that other subject which is. That the illegal. Immigrant community. Isn't willing necessarily to go to law enforcement when there's a problem and that allows sort of an internal sort of abuse of them by people who pray offer people who won't go to the police. That's the argument in favor of a Sanctuary City situation price because they're the the issue is that it no are you protecting if you're protecting them. Then you know if I'm not breaking the law but I'm illegal all go to police and say this person is causing problems. I mean that's your argument that people use right in his favor and I think their I don't know if that's true or not I don't know if there's that kind of problem within the immigrant community ice can't do any job of getting anybody out if he can't look at the back right the person that's got a criminal record and that's where we that's where we need to start. Dick isn't that's very good morning. Good morning or you'll see great thank you sir. My. Opinion makes you little oversimplified. But I think what's happening it's very carefully calculated. And on the part of Democrats to weaken baker. If Charlie bullets but this is gonna lose support a lot of the week the Democrats can be a lot of Republicans has some independence. And you know that. Chinese scary very much Democrats as well a lot of independence to be able to get the get that to get it deductible per. The old alienate some of the Democrats are now grid dip probably some of the ultra left once but I hate. Image and my opinion I think the darling of the Democratic Party issues is Smart he'll. Doesn't look like she could beat Charlie right now but any any any big ticket take Charlie down mr. Hurd then. What still drives to work with Boston's morning show with Kevin BP. WRG you know. Well you know coming up in at 9 o'clock hour we they're gonna be talking first offseason solutions which is always fun and that's coming up the bottom of the elephant. At the top of the hour we're gonna talk about degrees. And progress. Yet you have a degree from college that you're not using and you wish you would have gone ideas or original. Yeah. I can't tell you this is like this corner does does stories that were put my fingers in my ear and go lot of and not hear it because. When we get the check for college which I'm in the heat of right now. I do not want to hear oh gosh I wish I wouldn't have gotten that degree but may you know. So if you got a degree that you wish you would not have gotten we wanna hear from you and what you've done with that since. That's coming up at 9 o'clock repeated in Wilmington this morning hi good morning. Good morning I had. I hope he would give him that they were there to give him give you my historical perspective here and a market too much time but I like her depression but it does. That means they might be so. Look. It started in the eighties okay and and and and and and Reagan. Is is my absolute hero. Although it is a mistake she started it so that live amnesty program day with good intention. And what happened and who again. That deliverables and Ange you know where that goes and it didn't lie. Some are they extreme outrage lingers with I am not. And that's why just I mean I call you carrier. I sure hope you run with just did you well. And I think you have a good chance you got yet if you you have to you. You know you have to get a lot of people on your side. And you know what Kim and and I have I absolutely love you and you you are. You know you're meeting and what you do but the problem I have with it and time. Is it you know you're you're shot because you are chances didn't lie. That that that people have no right to it just can't pay and when somebody said I have a liberal trample it said. Charlie is a good you can get and is being and the problem is when unit and Tracy back to that issue is the U preventing independent technical. What am I criminal. Encrypt I don't crave them. It doesn't he would hit it is. You know I'm in jail. Debt debt debt that you know it is not as. To contact I had to this sentimental old lady can be keyboard so he'll get you know IPO. Heading. Essentially the end quote it. Again all content and federal law is just to me I don't understand and it is like who are. Right repeat I agree with you I I am I am absolutely 100% against sanctuary. Cities states. I think it's a danger to the public I think it's a danger. Two other people who are immigrants legal or illegal I think just it's a danger to the public in general. My issue is just that I believe he. That if Charlie were to go. And we're to just base an election on Hughes hardcore base he would not get elected in this state. So this is why I think. While saying. I do not support the idea of a sanctuary state. He's been very clear about that. He is said I'm gonna put this back on communities hey is that pain politics you've batted it he's playing politics is he playing footsie. Maybe he adds but I think that that's what he's got to do to make sure he holds on to some of the end of. And it's in this state and some of the Democrats who voted for him and who will vote for him again to getting back in office and overall I think Charlie continues to. Beer Republican in office and make those kinds of decisions that he has you know Charlie always likes to talk about this little story about how his mother. It was Democrat she passed away and dammit his father's a Republican. And he would sit at the dinner table and they had these these greedy discussions at all sort of things I think usually to tell people he's kind of a bland he's sort of a mix of both at the N. At from the family background so you know I think that's fair. For him and again it works for him. It's it's certainly an issue though that is something that I think. If you look at the polling a lot of people. Independent Democrat Republican are against the sanctuary status the other thing we haven't even talked about is the fact Donald Trump. Jeff Sessions the attorney general have talked about. Read oh cutting back on federal funding to cities or states to declare themselves sanctuaries. And that is an economic factor that we have to consider down the road as well are these towns gonna hurt themselves. By voting and then ultimately not receiving my federal funds for let's say public safety well. And again. And put that back on the town's if you live in the town. You make sure that doesn't happen if the people forget that you have the power of a vote. And a lot of people forget these issues Jeff I say this all the time this is short memories as voters. We all get worked up about something and then when the time comes we go back and appalling that it Leo well. He hit out John might be an idiot but he's are idiots on the vote for a began when we. It voter fatigue I mean this last presidential cycle just I mean who wasn't ready to move art of politics after that but you forget that. Just you know after the two dozen sixteen elections elections. There is going to be 2017. Elections for your local selectmen for your city mayor yes you know people half to realize that you are continually being asked to participate in this democracy that we have in America. And that is go. And vote for who was gonna represent you whether it's. Federally whether it's locally is critical that you do your research do your homework and get out there and vote you bat poles in Woburn he's got a question for you Jeff. All people will Kim Kim and a number one goalie Dow closes because the United States Indonesia. Okay. And now you know the speaker and Asia Jeff you have my support on percent. The whole world into live. We just had to talk at this yeah what's that all I agreed Stanley Carlos and I let me make my points. And that's it that's what are your loved ones they've sacrificed their whole life to become productive members of society. This animal smiling court you know he's been caught. Because the look female liberal judge didn't wanna have them support she she has blood all over here it's. She could add this guy deported because it robbed two banks fusion piece of paper I'm not gonna shut it down on the cape and we have a Jamaican. The home invasion. So to me I think it's white liberals who are afraid to be called racist. I judge people by the content of their character you come into country illegally. Hugely exploited by rich people that I Charlie big just wants it to dole which you ball west mostly. They have those people work on their rules in trade be communicated children and cleaning and to really educate and that's why they exploit them there. And I hate some questionable former American. And I moved out of some warmup because it was a Sanctuary City but now he's probable pulled the child positive. As appalled to wrestle some hope. You would never know you were some mobile these simulation doesn't take place. The money that they make they said the fact that spirit world skull that they came from the so called profits warning that this force they get here no there exploited. So it's almost like slavery is brought it military invented servants it's Cecilia and Shelley big he can get the registry you know we have people getting licenses. L lying a popular identity. I need to be just become a common thing that would accept it. Paul let me ask you do you have a question for just. Like his narrow that time. Camp right. Up I'm a pop and he may have missed the the part of the discussion of just about half hour ago when I mention the fact that we had a judge that they please and Activision Johnny did since the guy to three and 6040 so he couldn't be deported I totally think. That is not just politicians it's judges that are. Are are abusing this whole. System and allowing people to remain here illegally with criminal backgrounds we gotta get him out I agree with the pol thank you. Well that's the part to his amazing is people like Paul don't jurors say I disagree with this 100 per cent equity yeah. Since high price of credit for gears here. Well I appreciate him gone absolutely. Six foot 726668. Dictate let me guard Tony real quickly here Tony we're gonna run out time Tony good morning. Great I'll be very quick cam might think the last caller said at all but I think the issue that gets lost in the shuffle. There's a lot of times especially a lot of towns especially around Boston. Which certainly left would leaning. That property values and I especially for the high priced homes that are run though is sounds. There's going to be creation I mean you have the first thing I would go to this. In this past the city I live and soccer is. I I nowhere around the rest of saga should vote on this when they have so I don't know but obviously. You're six. Yep that did it here right Tony hey if I would think that if suddenly your town votes in this becomes Sanctuary City. You get a paid the price may be from federal aid as well as very possibly your your property values of a lot of references going to be affected.