GOP delays healthcare vote until after the 4th

The Kuhner Report
Tuesday, June 27th

Should Republicans just burry the healthcare bill? What about single payer? Will that save healthcare?


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133. You know the great WRKO. OK my friends. May Day May Day May Day event set it health care bill is now on life support and it may be going down. There are no more Republican defections as you know Rand Paul was leading the charge. However now Susan Collins from Maine has joined that insurgency. Our senators from Nevada they're now at six maybe seven Republicans. Are in yet they know. If they key honestly at this rate. Q you're gonna see 1015 Torre Republicans. Turn against this thing all they need each 200 effect and the bill is dead. It dice. So right now it is on life support. And so they're trying desperately to get a vote Don by the end of this week before the fourth of July weekend that that recess. Let me just say this. I think the more the American people see what's in the bill they don't like it. Conservatives don't like it moderates don't like it independents don't like it. What they see now is a bill that creates a massive new entitlement. And that will drive up premium costs I don't care what they say premiums are not gonna go down. Deductibles are not gonna go down healthcare costs are not gonna go down. It is a massive bailout for the insurance companies. It's a huge hundred billion dollar slush fund that they've created now for the insurance companies. And in the end it's obamacare light. You still have all of the subsidies. You have massive tax credits you're cutting people checks to buy health insurance. Now is it a little bit better than Obama care yes it's obamacare in a death spiral yes. But this is not the answer I mean it's just not. And so the more the American people look at it the more they don't like it. The more Republicans look at it they definitely don't like hit and so another question is this what is Mitch McConnell up to. Because Mitch to squish says no matter what come hell or high water. He's gonna put this up for a vote on the senate floor well if you got 67 Republicans already openly saying. No way in my voting for this and every Democrat is dead set against it. This thing's gonna go down in flames. So either he's got to do any follow up Paul Ryan. Which is how the gold down once. And then see if you can cobble conservatives for a second try. Or. Maybe he's just saying look we don't have the votes trump once a vote let's have a vote. It goes there own and then we can move on infrastructure. Or tax reform or all the other issues. In other words look we don't have a consensus. I'll give the president the vote and remember Don we're moving on. And I've got to say at this point. Deceiving disarray the Republicans are in. I have cassettes really I've got to say. Seven. Freaking years. They have been seeing. They're going to repeal and replace obamacare. Sending years they had to get their act together seven years. And notice. When they had the house and the senate but a Democrat president the dear leader. They had no problem just repeal. Then they kept sending camera appeal after appeal after repeal. But now that they have a president who actually may sign a repeal all of a sudden now. The lobbyists have to get him on the insurance companies have to get in on it. Woo all this special interest they've got to get take a bite out of the apple. And so now they've concocted. This entitlement monstrosity. That is really nothing more than an alteration. Of obamacare. The only thing you're Davos. Is that down the role it will curb some of the costs in Medicaid. It curb some of the Medicaid expansion. Got sick. So BC BO has now come out with their big score. And Mitch McConnell said he wouldn't put it to the floor for a vote until the CBO came up with numbers the CBO came out with their numbers here is not what they show. That under the senate health care bill what people they train they say what these two million Americans will lose their health and shorts. Under the Ryan plan that passed the house it was 43. To basically one million less. Unlike the Ryan plan the CBO says that this will save in the long run. 319. Billion dollars in deficits. So it will help in terms of cutting the deficit. By about 320 billion dollars. So fiscally it's a little better than obamacare. However they're gonna. B 22 million people will lose their health insurance now. What they're not telling you. He's very substantial. Chunk of that 22 million. Basically people like Britain's H. Young in their twenties. They don't really need health insurance that are really want health insurance they're relatively very healthy. And so the mandate is gone it takes away the individual mandate and the employer mandate. So there are so if I'm forced to take health insurance under is what can I haven't. So then healthy able bodied people the younger ones in their twenties are gonna say no. And that's gonna make many people lose their so called obamacare health insurance. Now. What is now happening behind the scene it's. Is that there is a push for single Payer. And Judy Woodruff. Interviewed Warren Buffett. Whose on PBS. An Indy interview with Warren Buffett. She says well the senate health care bill is in chaos and there's so much opposition and Republicans are in disarray and even very divided or what to do with obamacare. Warren they're great sage. The investment tycoon. Hillary's body and charm. What do you think we should do. And his answer. We have to go away British or Canadian style single Payer government run health care system. The whole time this I believe was the liberals ultimate game plan and this was Obama's game plan. Were rammed through obamacare. Which would smash and destabilize the insurance markets. Creates so much chaos in their healthcare. Sector. That this would pave the way for the eventual government takeover of health care. But the question is this. If you want an example of single Payer and I know many people that's why I always like but Jeff what's wrong with single Payer I mean it works in Britain. It works in parts of Europe is supposedly works in Canada why can't we have it in the United States. He won a crystal clear example of single Payer. The V. Veterans administration. It's a complete single Payer government run health care system. How's that working out. Long wants. Veterans unable to see their doctors. Many of them in fact even dying before they get to see their doctors. No choice. No competition. No options or alternatives. And that's what life is like under a single Payer government health care system. Welcome to be honest with you determine the confessional. One of the reasons why I came to the United States. Wish to fully Canada's health care system. I saw socialized medicine upfront. With my own rights. I saw take the life of my mother. I saw a pick a life of my grandmother. And I saw take the life of my best friend and mentor. And I'm telling you. That if you love your country. And if you love your fellow citizens. The last thing you'll ever do is impose a single Payer government control system. Because then you're at the mercy of a vast impersonal. Bureaucracy. It's not that there are problems in the American health care system nothing is perfect things can always be reformed and improved. But this idea this canard. That a single Payer government run healthcare system. These are utopia it is one of the talk about fake Louis is one of the biggest lies ever told. My grandmother. Who survived World War I. World War II fascism and communism. Who worked most of her life. Which she was struck with a heart attack in their elderly years intercepts. My father and only had to rush her to a hospital in Canada. She league only grew me in the hallway. And nobody was able to see Europe for three base. And when we confronted the nurses and doctors. What they told us was very simple. We don't have enough medical people on staff to serve everybody. She's gonna have to wait her turn. You know we'll get screwed in shafted under a government run health care system. The elderly. Why. Because you're no longer productive. You're no longer productive. You're not a tax paying member who's paying into the system. You're now our recipient of the system so blinking oh. You wanna order deft little is its Canadian healthcare is British health care. If you're all the elderly and sick believe me believe me you're in big trouble. And so after three days they finally saw her by then it was way too late and she passed away several days later. Now I could give you example after example after example. I want to rescue. These are humane. Is that fair. That justice. She was covered. She I forget who but one Republican member of congress made a brilliant point in May have been around Paul but don't quote we. Technically. We did difference between health care and health insurance. Health insurance just says your quote unquote covered health care is the care that you received. Our main interest data in health care I'm not interest stayed in health insurance. So if you look at Obama. There are millions of people aware of quote unquote health insurance yes. A 101000 dollar deductible plan. That by the way cost you an arm and a leg it's a 101000 dollar plan. Or 121000 dollar plan and is a 101000 dollar deductible so yes you have health insurance yes of course you do. But what's the point if you get sick you're getting out of pocket. And it's gonna bankrupt you in the process even pay for the outrageous premiums. So tell me they're sure Obama care is repealed the better. An area with Rand Paul 1000%. We did not elect Republicans. To put in corporate welfare. And they massive slush fund for the insurance companies. Roll it Jack. The Republican plan acknowledges that we're gonna still have this test borrow which is sicker and sicker people in the individual market and helping people don't buy insurance. They acknowledge is about putting over a hundred billion dollars of insurance bailout money. To try to sell we're gonna chant down prices rocket to fix the problem we acknowledge the problem will continue forever and we're just gonna Powell taxpayer money into it. That she's not a conservative notion absolute federal program to bail out insurance so you think of the Obama care subsidies in this bill. Are actually greater on the Republican bill than they are under the current obamacare law that is not anywhere close to repeal. He's right and I think that's why in the end this bill is gonna go down. Because you can throw whatever you want to TV screen you can demonize Rand Paul you can criticize Rand Paul. But on the facts on the merits and on the arguments. What he's saying is the Lorch truth. Tony in Gloucester go ahead Tony. I just can't go back to call about dash area. Very quickly gasoline and are very quickly and it until I to clarify I campaigned for Ron Paul. I bought a full on poverty ticks me off because. Donald Trump as president he's got yeah. Inside information on what's going on he's very adept at all this and pump when he came out with a whole false flag saying it really ticked off he should keep his mouth shut. And let the president do his job. Tony how do you feel about health. I thought how can I don't think the government shouldn't have been involved culture in the first place. That probably got is you know if they don't do something it's gonna be all on the Republicans I would I hope they let it they that they get rid of obamacare altogether. I wish they would do not take into political back and open it up for competition. But therein that hard spot if they don't do something. And they're gonna use it they're gonna use that against that's what it conundrum. Tony thank you very much for that call 6172666868. Lines are loaded. Greg in Brock didn't go ahead Greg. I just want to amplify what you sang I've married to a Canadian cent. Her story of coming here might be like yours I can give you some examples. She saw on the death panel essentially that's what you call that would she would do us a major. Businessperson. In Vancouver Island British Columbia. The issue is on a panel that decided who would die and who wouldn't who would get health care who wouldn't prone family lived in London Ontario. Where I mean that's a big city like 400000 people where. The hospital in order to replace the X ray machine and then they failed. You know you wanna get a hip replacement in Canada you're it's rations. I remember telling this to our student that I teach in my private school. I played its ration you may or may not be out on the golf course is here elderly may never get a hip replacement in the a girl who is stated daughter. Participated insurgents attacked my iPod that does 300 of them a year in in the states. And I Greg look. I don't you go on and on and on Americans don't understand or think they take for granted. How good their help at least before obamacare how good the American health care system once. For 80% of Americans it was phenomenal first class. For the other 20% yes there were problems coverage. And other issues we could've built upon a great foundation. Instead we took a wrecking ball. And that's why I say we repeal. Obamacare. Root and branch. We had the escalator WRK you know until voice and Boston. 154. Here on the great WRKO. OK more Republican defections. From the senate health care bill. Mitch McConnell will push ahead it looks like a floor vote by the end of this week. It's gonna go down in flames if current trends continue. Do you support the health care bill are you four are you against. And Warren Buffett says America should and can't afford. To adopt they single Payer government run system. Is buffet right or wrong Bob in Nevada thanks for holding go ahead Bob. They get hot arm. And he'll probably whereas Sweden is that single. Payer health care insurance for years. Because whoever these so called what was called rationing in adults. They became very dissatisfied Serbia is now our failure supplemental insurance on the side that people who want to bypass where. So here's my idea. Caved in let go with single Payer okay now give me out. We'll go single pay that but we won't have an opt out. Clause. Whereby anybody that wants to opt out of the single pay after. Can get a ER I'm like a or not I vulture. For what you know the government would have. Act act. Allow a lot of that that they can then used to walk in buy insurance separate from that form the Arab. On the open market. Bob what about what Bob what about the taxes as you see the way the system works like saying Canada or Great Britain. Is everybody by doing your taxes go I mean do you think we pay high taxes now you're she was like in Canada and Britain the taxes or through the roof. So they have massive high taxes. And then they pooled the money. And that's what pays for the government run health care. So you see what's happening intended announced like Sweden they are starting a privatized. Businesses all working. So I think Canadian and they would give me like my dad my dad has parkinson's he shafted. So he has to pay even more to gore or private clinic on top of the massive taxes he's already pay. Is he so I noticed though you're trying to say you're trying to point out all the people don't want it they'll go to a private system. But once you go to single Payer your taxes are gonna go way up I mean wake up. In Canada they pay about 60%. In total close to the government. In Britain it's also I think 556065%. So. Did the level of taxation is crashing. And then the other thing which a lot of Canadians Wal-Mart tell you could there embarrassed of it but it's a fact and I'm gonna get in trouble for saying it but I'm gonna say it. But my sister is going to be very mad at me. It's like in other single Payer systems there's massive corruption. You get cancer in Canada. But my mother what she was diagnosed yet pancreatic cancer. It's a death sentence. There is a six month waiting line. By six months. She'd be dead. Now because my brother in law easy doctor. They'll only get in trouble for saying that but what the hell. He was able to pull some strings. And get her to the front of the line. So she could actually get treatment. Within two months or three months. Otherwise. She'd have to wait 678. Months. By 678 months she gets cheered very aggressive on the stage for stage fire forget what it was but he was one of these. Very aggressive forms of cancer pancreas. After 678 months forget it you're dead you're dead. That's what this destroyed my mentor. He got one cancer. By the time he waited to see a doctor that's spread all over his lungs in his throat like absolute poison. So yes when Michael Moore of course the cannon ball short the propaganda he does he interviews 25 year old Canadians. They say you like your healthcare system all you know we love America we love it yes if you'll get sick. Where you have a cold or whatever are we get your parcels they cannot or gallbladder operation. But if you're really sick. And god forbid if you're elderly or you get cancer or you need whenever triple bypass surgery or whatever. My friend you who aren't screw. But here's the kicker. Where do you call. Because the government owns. Do. You have no option or alternative. Each one massive government system. It's like Dave PA. Like kids don't like it that's the only game in the auto loan okay. Breaking news on their health care fraud it just broke right now on the AP. I'm gonna have got. Take more of your calls single Payer. That's now what many liberals and Democrats are poor showing. Should we have a single Payer system here the United States and this Saturday healthcare bill. Should it be buried once and for all. You are calls that story next. Voice Obama stand up. Surprised. First it's been sort of obamacare light. It's not gonna work this is from actually non operational because it'll encourage people when they're healthy defensive system and then go back into the system when they're safe. And that's a recipe for death spiral in a lot of places so I think functionally something where. To all five here on the great WRK. Oh okay. It is breaking right now I can't say I'm surprised when it's coming in right across the wire. Senate Republican leaders led by Mitch this squish McConnell. Have now dumb lady their health care vote. They wanted to do it before the fourth of July weekend. I would defections are now piling up they're not even close to getting the votes necessary. And so they have now kicked the can down the road are breathing in all you want away in. Just really quickly. Also Donald Trump has invited all the GOP senators the White House. For talks. Such should be interesting to find out what happens tonight. I agree with you look he should try to salvage this thing obviously he wants to move on he wants to get this thing passed. He wants to get taxes Donny wants to get infrastructure Donny wants to get the wall built he's got a lot on his plate and he wants to do. And health care is like the logjam. That's blocking everything so I understand it obviously from his point of view. But you know they said this to Britain injuring the break you put lipstick on a pig it's still a bag. And this bill is still panic. He just it's not in good bill now easing slightly better than Obama care yes. But that's not saying much. And you know the Democrats are demagoguing this our people are gonna die children are gonna die you all people are gonna die. Nobody's gonna die. Let nobody. Is the most ridiculous that in fact for the next couple years under if you know this in actually expands Medicaid. So for example Charlie Baker came out and said. Who do shudder health care bill lifted posture is we're gonna lose a 100000 people on the health insurance rolls here in Massachusetts yet and where they're gonna go. There are enormous self. So either have a mono obamacare we have a one mass self either way we're playing for reference. You just stretch her from a federal program to a state program. That sit nobody's gonna die. Now as for single Payer. OK let me just say this about single Payer. Every country that's trying every country. Ends up having to privatize. Or partially privatize. Their health care system so hit Canada as these obvious example. If health care is working so good up there why there's only private clinics. Why. If it's working so well how come so many conducts. Come down to the United States for all kinds of procedures and surgeries that are frankly in this country almost routine. And to me this is the kicker. May be in a nation of six million like I'm sure it. You can maybe bite the bullet even then your paying 775%. Of your income in taxes. What that means by September or October you're done paying the government. So we have a couple months for yourself and your phone your basically your surf. Or surf. The government effectively owns. OK but let that go. Any big country like the United States 330 million and counting. Each single Payer government run healthcare system he such a massive. Entitlement. It would financially. Bankrupt us. It would hook cost would be so huge and crashing. Our taxis which shall work. It would decimate economic growth but in the long term if you think we got a problem with the deficit and the debt now. Do you sharp putting a massive entitlement like single Payer look how expensive Medicare it's look how expensive medicated it's. Look how expensive mass health it's. You wanna do that for everybody in the nation of 330 million look. In California. Jurist California more bad California. They try to say we're gonna do single Payer for California all won't. When they started to crunch the numbers and that's what's California 35 million people. It would finish California off financially and fiscal. He wouldn't poll such a massive burden on the debt and the deficit. California it would be bankrupt overnight. They had to scrap their single Payer bill. So if California can afford it you think America can afford it. So I look at something like Warren Buffett. We says hey you know I think for America the way to go single player I'm asking myself what are you smoking. Are really a what are young crowd. 61720666868. Double barreled question. Senate Republican leaders are now gonna kick the can they're gonna postpone the vote till after July 4. Should they just give up altogether and move on. And be. Question number two. Should America go towards a government run single Payer system. Mike Warren Buffett wants like Bernie Sanders wants like Elizabeth Warren wants like which you have in Canada or Britain. The winds are loaded Bruce and Connecticut Europe's first go ahead Brooks. The picture of or cheer battering the. But savage had no idea what she Eric K right now. The doctors there are actually. Probably get into and out. I have a artwork here accurate that it partly models are iBook but I don't quite big but quite. I'll call center there's more on plate interpretation so blunt. Well outshot crackpot semis are a bit haven't just east battle black outs. Shorter all out I try to arteries. The silly about it called it his three month wait right out again. But you're willing to attract moderate in my LG include all other facility a lot of opening it ought. I'm out via a back and tried but what about almost or bad but aren't healthy enough to drive or can't get to the actors. It is and it did that let's watch as a percent to ten million people. You put it that you've got people in his system tell me outlets don't work out. It's gonna collapse. I mean Bruce it's a brilliant point Bruce. No you know what Canadian fuels like. Now you would have Brett feels like. Now you know when mother felt like. But you all do look Bruce Reece I respect your service all of you that's out there but we're not talking about a clogged artery something. But a series karma try and underestimated or twelve minimize. I'm talking pancreatic cancer. I'll never forget the call. My sister called me up to jump but got to sit down look it's going engine a color gender name is Jennifer. She was. We just found out when we got pancreatic cancer. And I was a little bit ignorant about cancer at the tone Kennedy a new cancer is bad but not. Okay regular breast cancer prostate cancer those people be dancer. Christian OK gents she was little Jeff you understand pancreatic cancer. You'll survive pancreatic cancer. And I mean I hit a ton of bricks. And she says you don't understand they've already put mommy with color. We always put mommy and six that they've already put mommy and 68 month waiting list. Marty that's my brother in law the physician says in 68 months with her aggressive form of cancer she's big. How much home caught shall write a wealthy what I'm thinking get her down to the states. I was living outside of Washington and caged in in Maryland. Get or don't know Maryland I don't Carol layup put the house up mortgage it whatever will pay will pay any. She said the at all Maurice got contacts. He thinks we can Derrick to the front of the line. Now quite honestly what doctor might as are my brother in law wasn't a doctor my mother wouldn't of made six months. The wanna make six months. Anyone who pulled back here. My mother began to get chemotherapy. I would visit her lot and she still want to visit me in Washington okay issue of the climate the winters are much nicer there than in Canada. She would disagree so for a couple weeks. I forget what happened I had was a minor full. I had to go to the hospital I forget what it was it may have been like summer no mall you know or whatever it was lung infection anyway. We in the gore the hospital for me. My mother joins me along with grace. She comes in. Multiple TV screens everywhere. Beautiful comfy chairs. The nurses the doctors she says like surfing certain at a restaurant. There warmed their careers their cordial their Paul why. She said hospitals in America. They are not a hospital it's Derek holt Peltz. She told me this and she said and they wanted to have obamacare here. They want government run health care here. Are they crazy she says that the U Croatian to speak to me Croatian she sipped our big crazy how the Americans lost their minds. That was what 89 years ago. Sorry seven years ago. Yes seven years ago. An issue is gotten worse since. 6172666868. Levi in Everett go ahead Eva. Thank you for thinking like. I'm originally from Canada and political necessity that. They had two beautiful they're both here and there. No other cultural unless the Catholic hospital. Government to call back they couldn't beat because that Catholic hospitals here let the other one note that. How has her nephew he has date code to land at the floors and now they only have a few afford to let our patients. Via I have a nephew. We've been waiting over two years fire hip replacement. And he still waiting. So that no no please no. No single Payer yeah no single payers I get there and that movement. They've I love your accent. My friend check that I love that French Canadian accent god bless you don't be a strange April please call again OK okay thank god bless you. I look. You were what the corner reporters are sharing attacks. It's Canadians who listened to my shoulder I guess I'm a former conduct. Are there like Jeff please tell him tell the Americans police just column whatever you do don't go single Payer. The Canadians are telling you don't adopted sort of relived say adopted. And I of the extremist. And we don't go to all right buddy I'm good Harry you just how I'm still trying to get by a bit. I think for one week you wanted to try to Tom Collins come from there and it not that that Ryan here beta open a Republican care bill. Because for eight years that that other spots and other like oh we should do something about that. But one they should pick Obama care. Revert the last eight tutors and give credit but they're not in the city so close minded about the situation. Why don't they put like 10%. Tax on alcohol ability to break toward out here and then federally legalize marijuana. Eight and accident and all the taxes go towards new air second period these Obama previewed it still probably not enough to do it single Payer. But at least the gonna take a front of all the pot away from people. It just common and then that I don't know then that that. Politics sometimes get. Too political at UT get on a. We Jin ME ST this just to play devil's advocate. Why you know for example if it I don't drink from the people there but let's say Britney wants to have a nice are cold beer. Or Jarrett wants to have a nice cold beer why should they have to pay to subsidize. Other people's health care. In other words you know like I I know it's fashionable to tax alcohol or cigarettes. But you know why should they bear the brunt of this shouldn't somebody just pay for their own health care. Sure and that's how I feel about it but it's it's gonna go in the direction where they're trying to force it on our broad. I think we should get help from maybe substances like you know some elect our callers cigarette sort. From they're not eaten people Albion and that the government really huge feeling like you know. They're pushing a single Payer then we'll take some of the that. You don't overly upbeat people in fact that and it's gonna help go to what they'll do that some of the stuff and actually go out. Jay thank you very much for that call Virginia in Quincy go ahead Virginia. Great to attract you you have a bad what you read that. Our Christine Pelletier and all of Matt Olson Q do you that I non sexual. That it's on your mind Virginia I'm right. I have an idea I work with the elderly. And the elderly have Medicaid. Medicare. And then Medicare they have to pay 810 dollars a month and they have coped Asia like Abby attaching it. Medic aid that they these people that that marble black eyed and analyze. Out free medical I'm mad I hate. Why can't we take Medicare from Lansing area. And give them Medicaid and yeah of people that haven't worked Medicare. I've got you there won't be anybody on wild. Crack. I love it Virginia I love it or how about this. If you're getting free healthcare. You have to get a job. Community service. I don't care picking up trash on the high way whatever it is if you're gonna get freebies from the state no more sitting on your rear end. Get up and work 6172666868. Senate health care bill vote has now been delayed until after July 4. Should the Republicans just bury it once and for all. And single Payer is it the answer. Your calls next. Vendor to 44 here on the great WRKO. OK cougar country let me ask you a question please don't cheap. Don't go on Google research it online. Game here artist visceral reaction right now. Communist. China. Do you think they have guru run health care. Japan and do you think they have government run health care. South Korea. Do you think they have government run health care. Nyet. Nyet. Nyet. Think about it even though free and Konami stuff. They'll freak and Communists. Have a private healthcare system you know why. Because they go are we a billion people if we adopt single Payer China financially. Copilot. Bobby and saw this go ahead Bobby. Our puck. My my slogan is repeal in return. Return to their health care system we had prior to Obama Chia. There was no we've never had a health care well we had an insurance challenge but never health care problem. Do agree I agree completely. What why actually match salute Charlotte Church in Mount Washington. Sees that it's not advocating for or repeal in return. But Bobby I'll be very candid with you it's it's a senator Rand Paul. I mean Ted Cruz Michael either others as well but. That's senator you just laid out senator Rand Paul's argument now to be fair. Senator Paul says look to deal with the insurance problem could we do have a health care probably an insurance problem. OK so what he said wise. How the insurance sold across state lines more competition. I played the cut I think what was it yesterday or whatever it wise I played the cut of him it was a brilliant cut. Why can't people have you like the general the car insurance really low cost discount insurance. Ripple said look what can we just I don't know a ball or a day health insurance bare bones bare minimum. It's up a gold platinum plan would go whatever for whatever suits your needs figuring Kabul apple. So Rand Paul has been saying this the whole time huffed tort reform shall blockers are practicing defensive medicine. Have come health savings accounts have insurance sold across state lines in other words get the free market involved in health care. Because when the free market gets involved what happens. Costs go down. More competition. More choice. If I have more plans to choose from. They're gonna sing hope to get quarters it was harder and money. All right I'm not gonna get my 4000 dollar plan at all from 3000 dollar point of it is that I picked up for 2700. Big enough for 2500. In other words competition will drive down costs. That's Rand Paul's argument is completely right. Instead let me tell you what really happened okay. This senate healthcare bill like Ryan care. It's the swamp. The lobbyists debt to get paid. Then health insurance companies they have to get paid. The pharmaceuticals. They have to get paid so all of their special interest have to be carved into this massive bill. And so that's why you have to have subsidies you have to have credits you have to have bailout funds you have done a 142 pages it has to be a complex piece of legislation. Because everybody needs that take a giant bite out of the apple. What was wrong with simple repeal. It just repute. And then we'll deal with replace or whatever down the road who repealing it. We had the greatest health care plan in the world. Just repeal obamacare is dying anyway that's the additional I don't get. The thing is collapsing of it's own weight. Just repute. But if you just did back. Where would that lead to swamp. Where would that leave the lobbyists. Where would remembered the whole system in Washington for decades and decades it's built upon favors. It's built upon access it's built upon money. It's built upon how worked its built upon corruption. So you have these lobbyists who have been buying off politicians for decades. And now all of a sudden got this guy in the White House and he's gonna shake things up. That's why I love Rand Paul. Are scared and with Rand. Do we you. 6172666868. More with your calls and any shocking study are you wanna know why healthcare costs are so why. This study is gonna blow your mind next we knew Archie you know the boys from Boston. It's a delay on health care. Good afternoon and have an average WRKO.