Geoff Diehl on lowering state sales tax

The Kuhner Report
Wednesday, September 13th

State Rep. Geoff Diehl is leading the charge to lower the Massachusetts sales tax. He wants to put a question on the ballot to lower MA state sales tax. Will this help tax payers in Massachusetts?


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Voice of Boston. 1237 here on the gray WRKO. OK my friends we are broadcasting lies. Here at the Randolph comfort inn located on route 28 off exit five route 93. Please if you can come on down join mr. with the American Red Cross we're having our annual blood drive. I'd love to see all of you meet you talk to you shake your hand please if you can come on down. Joining us now. Is state representative Jeff deal he is also going to be challenging Elizabeth Warren. For the US senate in next year's election. State representative deal do we have you on the there are you there. Always great to hear you how are high in doing so are you doing Jeff. Good luck I appreciate you getting people to come in donate and obviously it's important with the hurricanes and helping people out wherever we can. But I have a lot of people given blood sweat and tears on the campaign trail to beat Elizabeth Warren for US senate itself. Go to great integrate time right now here in Massachusetts just stand up for liberty and freedom in and try to do what's right for the 2018 so thank you for that Mia I appreciate it. My pleasure Jeff are we gonna you gonna come down and give blood are we gonna see you down here Jeff. Well right now I'm sitting at the Statehouse were actually take it up some override of the governor's budget so unfortunately it looks like they're asking for more blood from the yet taxpayers you're happy he'll try to try to play as many many hours and here. Of course it is day. Mark you left a modular left that you don't have to worry about him anymore he's taken all the blood regatta we all the bullet now. Up again notice did you see embedded in me just look more red in the face like just more life more vigor original is different than. And it. Are there okay joke. You held a press conference I want everybody to know though I know why you held your press conference. It is now time in your view and I agree with you completely. To now give the taxpayers of Massachusetts some relief over the sales tax. Tell everybody what your plan and proposal news. Well let me to tell people that like for shrimpers state representative and 2010. The person they ran against the undefeated had voted increases sales tax in 2009 from 5% to six in the quarter. And it's been it'll be ten years of were able to get to repeal the middle and ten years of having Massachusetts continue to be uncompetitive. First of all other neighboring state of New Hampshire which has no sales tax but secondly you know Internet sales is killing a lot of these brick and mortar stores in our hours. They are they're losing revenues there's less jobs for people so I announced yesterday on the Statehouse steps puritan Boston. That the campaign team from ideal person race deal percent. The volunteers. Have we talked about it they want to be involved in it we are going to collect signatures them and me for the next few months. Collect signatures to make sure. That it gets on the ballot match retailers of the association of America match retailers association. Here in Massachusetts filed a to a different. I attacked different. Ballot question 14 and a half percent one of pipes and when they decide which one are gonna go and I think you're gonna go by and we're gonna support that effort to roll back this just extra five cents I need people. Like we did back in 2014. Like a country did and delivered in a big way all the signatures to get on the ballot committed. Any campaign team. To deliver at least 101000. Signatures. To get those sales are expected under 5% and we're gonna work hard and we can make sure I get about that. Has Q in 2018 so we can improve our economy here in Massachusetts. Jeff let me just play devil's advocate for sack in what do you say to the argument well if you reduce the sales tax. You're obviously gonna reduce revenue into the government's coffers. This is gonna lead to more deficits. We're not going to be able to fund roads hospitals. Schools. Whenever I afterschool programs. In other words that you're hurting the poor and your hurting the basic safety net and the social programs. That we need here in Massachusetts. What do you say to one argument. Jeff does a great question because people are going to be asked all the time but the fact of the matter is that sales tax is regressive. Tax it affects the middle to low income in the the most because everything that verges has increased cost because of the soap or are we help them. Secondly getting rid of the sales tax it helps that he's more competitive increase our economy we're gonna see an economic boom we knew we should reduce taxes are more people enjoy you know that chances. Purges that lower cost and it really ultimately our original post at the real question is. Revenue to state and Massachusetts people probably remember this at the beginning of the session. The legislators on speaking here you're just gave themselves forty or 60%. Raises in 1918. Million dollars they gave themselves. Because they didn't see there was any crisis. But he can help for revenue that's first of all first and foremost. Secondly. We also have immense used it as people probably heard in the past at least one point eight billion dollars each year is going to. Find those who are coming into horse they are still. Illegally one point eight. Billion dollars okay and then also today I'm up on Beacon Hill as I mentioned earlier that there are about to override the governor who had a budget at a lower cost. And the Democrats have done hundreds of thousands of dollars on top of that budget they're about to override the governor of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Back into the budget. Evidently that money must be there are so there is no argument be made that the revenue isn't available to reduce the sales tax we absolutely have every right to do this isn't gonna help. Text is in Massachusetts and those families are struggling to make ends meet. They haven't seen their incomes rise. 1% in some cases let alone forty or 60% like these legislators gave themselves at the beginning of the session. So is Jeff I don't wanna put words in your mouth which are we saying is this if the politicians have the money like Bob the Leo when Stan Greenberg. To put give themselves an eighteen to twenty million dollar in total pay raise they got money to line their pockets. If they've got almost two billion dollars a year to give to illegal immigrants. If tickets and pork barrel spending after pork barrel spending in the budget now all of a sudden there's money for us. We want a little Cutler sales tax. If they got the money to spend on themselves they certainly got the money to it was a it was a 11 and a half percent sales tax MI wrong is that watchers. You're not wrong you know technician say to the listeners to I voted against that that. Increase location people like Sean O'Connell Jim lines they'll voted against that I'm donating back the money that they're that there adding to my show so I'm donating that back already. Already couple thousand dollars and done. And and looked. Here's the other thing you know. In Massachusetts again we're talking about about question also gonna come up in 2018. It's gonna bet put four more percent. On people who make a million dollars a morsel what do you progressive Democrats appear trying to do is say hey you know. We last year checks we want 4% of people who make it more than a million dollars or look if they really believe that they want their taxes and they should help that the middle to low income families that are hurt by this regressive tax. But I guess my mind that it could be that they're going to be against fish were reducing its sale to all corners. They they want architects and they don't get along a creature attacked and that is one more taxes that the Democrats. And it'll opponent Elizabeth Warner all of. Well bingo hey Jeff look I think you gotta buy the console on this one because you're right. There's less money now for them to steal. The line their pockets there's less money now for their special interest there's less money now for the illegals that's why they're going to be against it. But you're completely right look sales tax cheats who. It hits. You know when you buy water when you buy food basic necessities. It's the most regressive tax imaginable. And so Jeff my question to you is this what do people have to do to get this issue on the ballot in November because I think we're gonna win. I agree I think we're gonna win and the match retailer really appreciate them doing the legwork to make a language had been now we just have to get it on the ballot sort. I'm asking people correct country. Everybody is listening please go to deal for Seneca dot com DI EHL apple are. Senate dot com a CN ET dot com go to do you present that come. Sign up to the volunteers are placing itself inform you put the bucks to be volunteer and we will send you information on how. You can immediately start working on getting these eloquent this questions formed out there and get signatures we have to do it now we get it would get text ballot question. People access to there's no way you're gonna get system would just volunteers. We needed to collects 67000. Signatures that we had to collect another 111000 NATO we'd never get it done. We ended up with go to countries help with your help everybody we got. 120000. Signatures delivered in 2014 to make that. Ballot question to repeal they get to score every year without a vote we get that done that we were gonna get it done with volunteers again I promise you are going to be up there with the volunteers. Collecting signatures to them until we make sure. We can at least 101000 from from our our group and hope and other groups get involved as well but wouldn't deliver at least 101000 out of signatures to make this happen. Jeff I know Europe against that you got to go back up and in in the state legislature but just very very quickly. In total just to the audience understands what is the process how many signatures do we have to again. To get this issue on the ballot in November what's the target. Right so. But I throughout the clarify this it's not just to the to reduce the sales tax of 5% but it's also to make sure. That the sales tax holiday weekend in August that helps those retailers during the slow months. Keeps us competitive. That is staged gonna make that permanent terminal. Yeah so what happens is people take these forms that we would somewhere to get them okay they're gonna take each one's gonna go out there and people are gonna. Sign their name in agreement signed their address next to a we going to go to mark also places will give it ships somewhere to get signatures to get them from friends and Stanley there will be collecting them back in and what will do as well taken to the secretary of state. And we'll get them certified and we'll make sure that we do our part. To deliver as many signatures as we can get the values that critical. Now what's the ultimate number that we need is it what 67070080000. What's the total number we need. Well you know they're always gonna try to cross that remains appear on beacon that it monitored in making this typical as a catalyst it they can invalidate any signatures so worse you again we're shooting it and try to help. The effort it's gonna try to collect at least a 100200. Mile delay. At least on it does that's at least what 800000 so look need as many people as possible there's no. No doubt and by the way we want him back in 2014 we were outspent by three million dollars against us. All the TV ads triple it was working against everybody was not and we ended up conceding that anyway because we had great people out there telling people about the gas tax. In about life that we need to repeal it we needed this same thing the sales tax this time. Jeff look I can just tell you this I know your support is big and growing. I can just tell you because I know I see the numbers how many people listen to this show. If corner country gets mobilized if we get mobilized. We can raise a 100000 signatures I'm telling you we can do we could easily do it. And that will put it on the ballot. We will slaughter the Democrats in November we will cut the sales tax I'd rather go to for an have to be honest with cubicle that far I don't care or any god is a good cut. I get a to a 5% sales tax a permanent a sales tax holiday in August. And give the people of the hard working tax paying people of Massachusetts. Some freak in relief we deserve it. And we're gonna put the Democrats the liberals and Elizabeth Warren on the defensive. I Jeff I commend you for your courage. Buddy I stand with you shoulder to shoulder and together I believe we can do it. Everybody corner country please go to deal for senate dot com. DE I the HL. Deals for senate dot com let's start signing those signatures let's get that petition drive going and let's cut our taxes for wants. Jeff keep up the good fight buddy. Sure you'd you would think again Perdue and border Manama pleasure yeah I just I I just wish she were here I did it but that's okay. Well well we'll see you will see the bill tell you event right. You are exactly on the point third OK god bless Jeff daycare. I. 6172666868. Let me ask all of you this. Should we slash the Massachusetts. Sales tax. And should we give retailers a permanent sales tax holiday in August. Is it time to put it on the ballot. I say yes what do you say.