Friends with Parvarotti?

President Trump stated in a joint press conference with italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni that he is "good friends" with Parvarotti. The problem with that statement? Parvarotti passed a way some years back.


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URG you know all the voice of Boston. I attempt. Let's let's shift gears kills thirty minutes and hours so we're talking about Paris happened yesterday uses a lot of all the layers to that and a lot of interest things moot questions that need to be hassle especially on his heels are this election yes about to happen this weekend. And unfortunately I don't would this show would. Put any show these days. Not a week goes final we'll talk about a terrorist attack in this that's going to be no different and turns out we'll get to that 8805. Also wanna remind people go to WRK dot com you can take partner Kelli financial poll question today. Julian Assange hero or criminal. Or both also you can find my latest column did it yesterday it's advice for president trump. And the advice is pretty simple next time you're in a host of sports team at the White House call me first. You'll see why I say that and I think you'll enjoy it when I think trump should have done with a New England Patriots at the White House. That's up at As well now speaking of president trump. So we heard yesterday press conference 345 Michael finally got a press conference and we find out it's a joint press conference of the time prime minister and like now caddy which is like his third with that foreign leader but we'll get really had some you know answers at least five. Won't be as rock them sock them as we hoped. But there there was a moment there and you might not have even caught it at the time. But was this a major. Gaffe or was it not cures trumps opening statement. Talking about how great Italians are in see if you noticed what a lot of people on the left noticed. Through the ages your country has been a beacon. Of artistic. And scientific achievement. Heck continues today. From Venice or Florence. From birdied. Two Pavarotti friend of mine. Great friend of mine. It is. So I laugh like you laugh yeah hot I'm in the minority here. Let me so would that being said. Pop variety friend of mine great friend of mine okay quote that's a quote you Google trump pol variety what comes up immediately. New civil rights movement dot com trump tells Italian prime minister Pavarotti is a great friend of mine. Notice they've added one key word there all right is. Next one Palmer report trump doesn't know always great friend pop Roddy died ten years ago. Next one trump calls pop variety good friend Alvarado as widows things different tune right. Next one trump gives shout out upon variety not realizing he died ten years ago. Then you go to the Twitter Kyle Griffin was the first guy I noticed it tweeted this out. He came up trump gives a shout out to far right because of my good friend of mine Pavarotti died ten years ago that's congressman non. I cover from one if you care. But. Another next when it comes up is a matter drinks at par variety in Frederick Douglass right now on pot Roddy says he's no friend of mine. Global. So. And I wanna play it again. Because I think the key here is what that first one the new civil rights movement dot com watch trump tell Italian premised upon variety is a great friend of mine. Listen again. Through the ages your country has been a big can. Of artistic. And scientific achievement. Heck continues today. From Venice or Florence. From birdied. Two Pavarotti friend of my great friend of mine. So the the the argument has become already and it's that the left is hyperventilating over the fact that he said Paul variety is a great friend of mine when he just said great friend of mine can move the right is. Bending over backwards going to great pains to say that. Not know trump is talking about he was a great friend of mine has he meant to say he was a great friend of mine so I'm going to ask you camp. Which do you believe it is that trump didn't know Palmer Roddy was dead in thinks that he's still alive or. That he was implying he was a great friend of mine. I think he was implying that he was a great friend of mine you know if you followed that up with god rest his soul or something like that nobody would have ever thought anything on it's I think that there are turning this into something that it wasn't putt I think. The bigger story. Is that sure that that puff rod he's widow and daughter Ers. Would beg to differ number one and they told the campaign to stop playing his songs during campaign stops. Because. They did not meeting meaning pot of Pavarotti and day. Candidate trump did not have compatible views of the world. And then we go one step further there's an account that in 2002. Pavarotti. Gave a lackluster performance at what it Trump's casinos. And try demanded that he give the feedback. So I'm not sure they were such great friends I think they probably knew one another. But I don't think there's any any reason to believe from the comments yesterday. That he doesn't know that he is passed away and passed between 2000 trapped. So does that here you reportedly are well Kelly I don't know I think that elation on the part of our I guess we all laugh on this one I think he thought. I don't know where you would still mean he. I would never say that about somebody that died great friend of mine I would say he was a great friend of mine and I would never gloss over that. The way it came out sounded to me like he didn't know several tax is going really. Using this is news absolutely I do this is the trump White House were talking about. This is the Sean Spicer didn't make news yesterday which prompted in this is what happened. Five void please trump Newt I was dead you can't I mean he did do I think he knows he's dead I think he did I I. I just don't think that he was really great friends with him quite frankly adding that's the part of that. It's not true well but why aren't you know sports has it where they see you know they had their. They're sort of implying he didn't know. But they're also saying. One thing about trump is everyone's a great friend is even though he barely knows most of the people that he says they're great friends but it's the name comes up pieces great friend Mike as you madam ones. Right and you know soul others would take by implication of that being yet justly acts not a great friend of yours even though you're you madam kind of thing. I I heard him the second I heard him I said to my wife. Did you hear him just say that. And she said I don't know. Are thought that was a mistake and it didn't take long before Twitter caught on. I know you're gonna rip me I know you'll. I think he didn't know so here's what here's my consistency on this. Member Kathy Lee Giffords she's got mark lord on the show up and she looks right out commences. How is your wife got haven't seen her and so launch such I've got to get together yet as I love getting together with your right Mark Geragos. How we love those get together as you know since she's passed we have many able obviously do those got a if he tries to cover firm fast and remember all ripped Kathie Lee Gifford for not knowing that her great friend could. Great guy friend right because it was ridiculous if hi Mike that is trump. Off script he saw the name pop Roddy in just without thinking it's a good friend of mine back great friend of mine. He felt it very murky to me art. Let me well let's put this question out their first off do you think that he said it not knowing or realizing that have brought he's been dead for ten years. And or do you think he said it and it just wasn't a true statement he knew that he was dead. But they are good friends which one which do you think it is. Or is it neither of those do you think that he you know knew it was his good friend and he's passed away he was just making commented. He's my friend he's a role reversal in her final well you're actually out at trump I mean again. And I I was saying here that I believe that he knew I think he knows he's dad and I think he knew that and I think that was just sort of a mystique. I'm just not so sure that I think they were great friends I think. That's probably the bigger. Misspoken comments yesterday during that during a press conference it's. The way Boston gets too worked with Kevin DV. Dot com morning show on W I. A participant. And scientific achievement. Pack continues to war. From Venice Florence. From birdie. Two or Pavarotti and in my. Great friend. Or things so you just sat there and everything we should've played Pomeroy either but I disagree because. I'm a lyric I love this to. There and it's not my genre of music at all but I don't want Dean Martin but all of this soon I think I love through a variety LCI that he was spent after he was my good friend. Craig I hated it. Frank you know I think Donald Trump which. I'm not sure does say this is criticism folks so don't come after me that I'm I'm here tell you right now I think children is one of these guys to. If I'd bet you and we had a conversation. And went OK and in the end I didn't see you in new didn't suit me that's different that's a great friend. I've got a lot better and I knew he is about good for a but I think we all seek friendship may be a little different than he does. So in this case I don't I'm not I am certainly not criticizing him for what he said because I'd I think he'd just met a friend and good friend. So that's the way. A new Kelly financial poll question I didn't lightning to put up a double your spirit are com but I'm I'm just woven with a poll question today because there's so many of these little stories are like you know get into these. So I just put it up and be be the wise it's going up WRK dot com right now. But president trump so far variety from the mine great friend of mine are writer died in 2007. Did voters know that. Yes he meant was. No he meant is. Currently. In the voting is pretty fast on this 89%. Say he's he man Wallace. She did. I'm in the eleventh yeah. I don't I would be someone who would say great friend of mine grade from my. In money doing it and I wouldn't necessarily stop and say you know. And it does situation he was gonna stop and say you know god bless him or whenever nothing like 603 on the Tex lines as in Rico prologue so we're trumps great friend. Naked gun reference always loved those yes I go ahead of me I don't think I don't think Pavarotti was this for. 50 wait only nitpicking lefties player perpetual game of gotcha with trump to discredit him O'Connell and well here's the deal OK we all play gotcha games for example old. And I'm one of them one Obama says it's written there on the paper. We play that consistently NCAA couldn't even think of the word constitution that's how little he thinks of it right we all play gotcha games you do what on a case by case basis. Trump doesn't get held to a different standard for meat gets held at the same standard in this one's murky enough which is why I love it. We don't know we can never know. What might gut tells me that he thought Bob Roddy was like well. I can what are you talking about a great friends I can tell you something that he did add that I definitely know right now I know he knows he's not. She knows now I want a. Rock creek is in Wilmington. Good morning. Good money the money that you morning I'm. You know I don't know lose he would that are not that here's what I know unfortunately. And and came touches on this on the kind. And I think she's she's right on CEO would have to add that extra edge. Still a lot of statements techniques and I think he is learning but he's learning slowly. Not not not to not to put director because you know lack. I'm so excited about what trump can end and probably will do for this country over the next four years. Bet that that little sprouts I mean you know CNN man and a whatever can make and Jim can look to remind all of they are. I bet let us started and I gonna bother me but I wish you learned a little bit quicker because they're starting to bug me. You know I how I got a lot of I don't have bothered to charity to fight but pick up all played this I think he's getting better and better added I really do and I think he is realizing that it's those little silly things did take causing problems. And one thing I'm really happy to see. And it if you've noticed that now that pretty much anywhere he goes he just he's reading off proctor he's sticking with a script. He's. He's making sure that he's making the points that he needs to you and me ask you a bit like like for example earlier this week key way is at Pete the tool factory talk and you know and he was read enough of a prompter. Terrell and really really good here and no really not so great there. The generally speaking he's doing that and I think that's just part of learning curve for him he's figured out that he's more effective that way. So Rafik one uneasy you mentioned and where. Let's not forget one thing about the trump White House's and it is a reality show I'm all in on. I thought it. And I love first story second story third story and then not alternate story you know any good sitcom there's always that alternate one that's not the primary. But it's funny distances down this. We had a nice this attack yesterday we've got a lot of trade deals being worked on yesterday we've got to. New Supreme Court justice of viewing cases yes a lot of stuff going on but there is another thing. Where he said something really weird and or once it weird in we don't know. And I love how America and a lot about the US in general acts like we don't love the reality show and we do love the reality show this is part of the reality show. And I'm not share. Poll do it it's 83%. Right announcer it's gone up to 17% to think he didn't know somebody on the tax liked his DB I'm just telling you you're out. You completely miss under. I don't miss underestimate is what they're going or I'm sure. Tom's influence in New York I sit on the map toward trust me when I tell you he knew pop Iraq. Oh I believe the new model that there's any question about the 617 when I just told you they performed it at their one of its casinos. 617 so is let me get this straight so trump logs off her body hates mosquitoes. That's absolutely true the more we know from what I have to honor Obama played the gotcha game without three years and now you're continuing his work to be viewed by doing this. Do we any this could change my opinion of trump I only Lazarus trump I think serious work is getting done all the time. Trump's talking about his first hundred days today and I think he's gotten a ton Don and I think he's really. Shifting a lot of the policies of the country and a good way right now this doesn't change my mind I think. I think it's what Kim said trump went off script ever so briefly in totally unnecessarily. And he may or may not have got himself into a situation but my. God is. Then he burned himself and you know led folksy gal lighten up you got I mean Garrett the world is heavy and there are so many things that are going on I would much rather him say he's my good friend not even realize. Big pop right he's dead. And you say. You know has something about Kim Jung un the Vick could cause problems as part of the reason why a lot of stories like this 71 DB clean your ears he did not utter the word is that they're in Europe from Peter are anyways now. Well yes yeah. And they didn't utter the word wise so I mean you are you're in that gray area. I choose to believe that he does know he's dead because I do believe he was a paparazzi fans pushing played his music at. You know so this campaign stops. And unfortunately was Toby I couldn't do that. We honestly he knows what's going on honey be completely honest yes if you asked me yesterday upon variety dead or alive I what do civilized would you yeah. So I don't buy you some ideal I don't know home I don't. I actually thought I would have probably set I didn't trump trying to get him at the August I would've probably thrown that out there I don't know I wouldn't know.