FBI Director James Comey testifies on wire-tap allegations. 3/20/17

The Kuhner Report
Monday, March 20th

Comey said he has no information to support President Trump’s tweets about the Obama administration wire-tapping him at Trump Tower. 


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237 here on the great WRK. All all cam my friends. It's pretty much now official. The FBI director is at war with the president of the United States he pretty much wrap up this testimony about may be. Rule ten minutes ago. And it there's no question about it. He took a knife. Any stuck it right into Trump's back again and again and again. It was the James called me dog and pony show up on Capitol Hill. And right from the beginning. He was there to do the bidding of the Democrats. The deep state. And the mainstream media. Listen to him in his opening statement. Saying nothing will stop us from continuing our quote unquote classifying investigation. Into the links between trump his campaign. He's associates. Which opened. Up joining quoting. Eight. Core criminal investigation. To see of so called crimes. Were committed. He couldn't be more sensationalist. And how we delivered his opening statements. Giving the connotation dissents. That there is a big smoking gun that he and his crack shut. A crack shot Jinan. Arch just on the verge of uncovering. Roll it. Jar I have been authorized by the Department of Justice to confirm. If the FBI as part of our counterintelligence mission. Is investigating. The Russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016. Presidential election. And that includes. Investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the trump campaign. And the Russian government. And whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia's efforts. As with any counterintelligence investigation. This will also include an assessment of whether any crimes were committed. I mean you've earned it Democrats for just I mean there were hopman. I mean you could see they're almost fist pumping your fists. This was the opening statement they wanted but it got worse. Call me then again and again kept making the point. That the Russians are how we just declaring this without showing the evidence just no evidence he showed no evidence today. But he declared. Unconditionally. Unequivocally. That the Russians not only how the election. Bush did so to try to benefit from at the expense of Hillary Clinton. Then when asked by a Republican member on the committee that House Intelligence Committee will it be change one vote. Did they change any tallies are any vote tallies well no they didn't. So hot they impact election. If it didn't change one vote sorry how they impact the election results it didn't matter. Call me is a creature of the establishment. He is a creature of the deep staked. And so he was doing their bidding. He then went on after trump again and again. Saying that he believes deep ground. That the Russians are an adversary of the United States that they pose a threat to the United States. That what they are now doing is trying to undermine our democracy. And he didn't quite say it. But wink wink hint hint Naughton odd. There were using trump essentially. As their puppet because somehow they sold feared madame Hillary. And then there was one point. Where to meet this I wanna know when the show always done I'm gonna find out if this was under oath. Because if this is under oath he liked. At one point he mixed the ridiculous claim. That Obama. Never wiretapped. Anybody. Here are our doctor anybody. Because according to him. This quote unquote statutory framework is clear. The president can't wiretap anybody he doesn't have the power to do it so of course she couldn't have wiretap trump. So when trump claimed it is tweets that he was said the victim of surveillance. There's no evidence. There's no proof. It never happened. According to con man to call me roll it. Jared and not gonna care tries to respond to the tweets themselves I can tell you in general as as rob and I were just saying there is a statutory framework in the United States. Under which. Courts grant permission for electronic surveillance either criminal case or national security case. Based on a showing of probable cause carefully overseen. It's a rigorous rigorous process involves all three branches of government. And it's one we've lived with since the late 1970s that's how it works is no individual. In the United States can direct electronic surveillance of anyone it has to go through an application process asked the judge the judge can make the order. So President Obama could not unilaterally order wiretap of anyone. No president could. That's a lie. Number one there's two points to be made in these are the two key points. Number one he lied to heat light. And I'll betcha dollars to doughnuts it was underworld and if you did lie Eric I'm think this is pretty much should you want to smoking gun you like your it is. Trump. FBI directors. Are appointed the ten year terms however they can be fired. For example Bill Clinton in 1993 fired one of the FBI director's. Because of an ethics report that came out so you can either pushed amount and asked them for their resignation. Because they ultimately serve at the pleasure of the president. Or. If you can claim that ethically there compromised you can definitely say your fired Bill Clinton did it so Donald Trump can do it. You want and I'll tell you why I know he liked. Because there is eerie few global evidence. And I mean reported by everybody everywhere. From the New York Times to the Washington Post to the Wall Street Journal a faux news to CNN. NBC. To CBS. To the entire European media. Katie evidence here is beyond doubt. Obama. Ordered in a Merkel cell phone wiretapped. He was spying on Merkel. He was spying on Nicholas Sarkozy. He was spying on Bibi Netanyahu he was spying on Silvio Berlusconi. So we know for a fact we know for a fact. Got President Obama did conduct wiretaps nevermind James Rosen and Cheryl I consider members of the press OK let that go. This is a fact. World leaders were spied upon at the direct behest of the president of the United States. So for him to claim what he claimed. I gotta be careful I don't wanna be Fareed Zakaria and say the word but it's it's bull crap though we call this what it's bull crap. It's complete BS. That's number one and either he's so stupid he doesn't realize it or he's a liar. Either way he's got to go. The second key point. Notice now what they're doing this is their game this is their game. Their arcing Woertz. Notice that this plane again notice what the Democrats are doing and Colby. They're delay and the media is doing this they're deliberately horror sink splitting hairs and arcing Woertz. To try to portray the president as a liar. Roll the cut of him again. Saying about feed the wiretaps. No president can do that role a chart. Works is no individual. In the United States and in direct. Electronic surveillance of anyone it has to go through an application proud isn't asked to judge the judge can then make the order. So President Obama could not unilaterally order wiretap me who. Know president could. Home school. Lol it's impossible it's impossible. That's not the issue. The issue is not you see they're trying to play on two words. Were heard and wiretap. When would trump obviously met wiretap his surveillance. Monitoring. Not worried they blogging his home. Okay you didn't mean it literally blogging the foam all. He meant that I was spy on surveillance monitoring wiretapping. He's usually your more general way. And the key one is ordered. That's not the issue. Let me take the most extreme example okay. No historian worth his or her salt has ever proven. That Hitler. Underling to work ordered. Ordered the whole cost. You can't find evidence. Of course happened. Of course he authorized it was part of his master plan but there's no smoking gun document. All right there fuhrer is (%expletive) is that six million Jews must be wiped out of scent of a gas ovens and the concentration camps. That's not how things happen. In the real world. John Gotti with Satan a mob bosses. Hundreds thousands of hours of wiretap conversations. They never say. Oh yeah oh. Big old Jimmy I don't want you to a critical moment. I want to applaud worry bullets and not score by Jerry George and usually put the fishers the night. May be in Hollywood movies. But in real life. Wink wink. Nod nod. That's how it's done. The question Cormier did not answer. Was there a Pfizer court complication. To surveil trumps computer server. I trump tower. Well that came from the Justice Department. That came from the FB RE dot push part of our ongoing criminal investigation. That's a the boy named. Weiss trump being monitored and surveil that's the key issue year. Now of course Obama new about it. If his own FBI. Is looking into Trump's computer server and his own Justice Department is looking into Trump's computer server. And the CIA and the NSA. And now you're even admitting the FBI. Is conducting some broad sweeping investigation. It did trump his associates and the ties to Russia you mean to tell me. The dear leader never knew about this none of us is entirely innocent. That's somehow. Suck all the big departments of government are involved in this. I did dear leader he just doesn't know he's just left completely and a dark. He had no knowledge of this he never Wayne Wang. Authorizes it. You're playing us for fools. You're all liar. What's called me did was save his own rear end. This was saved my block I use a different word but I'm on the air that's what he did because that fights a court application. That was him. That was his FBI. They were in on the spying and monitoring of trump he's part of the problem. And so he went up on Capitol Hill today not to be honest and forthcoming. Normal rule. But the cover up the links to which there was a conspiracy. In the deep state. Not to get trump elected as the alleged with Russia. But to make sure that trump was not elected. 61720666868. It is time for trump to pull the trigger. And fire. James call me.