Fake vegetarians and other "tee-totalers"

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, September 20th

A new study says that a third of vegetarians eat meat when they're drunk. What other things do people "go without" and how often do they adhere to that?


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Let me just changes a little bit though and it and this another what we're gonna put out there for you to participate in the peavy found this. And he's been for as fascinated by this you've found this study in Britain. That says that a third of proclaimed. Vegetarians. Get drunk and beat me. This is a big Twitter thing and and for some reason it got hot. Last night into today but. Now a third more than a third actually the eggs the exact numbers 37% of British vegetarians. Admit that when they get drunk they will eat meat and so one of our Kelly trying to double questions that is a Kennedy. Is what is what is there are larger number of in this world. Real vegetarians. Or fake vegetarians because I would argue that you're a big vegetarian if when you get drunk you read me. I view because of the the premise is nothing when moves are heads. What you're drunk or not it should be nothing with those adds to your fake your phony. Drunk generally exposes you for your walk it's just make sure more of it. So you're okay if you read me when you're drawn. And so. Awful that question what I want and always in your life. What do you know more Rauf. Real vegetarians are fake vegetarians I of course told you one criticism I have a Ben Carson is that. Ben Carson admits that he's while campaigning for example in Iowa. Win nothing else at the fair he will eat the meat on the stick and I. I don't understand. Yeah I don't understand it either I mean especially as vegetarian if you're a vegetarian. Most that I have known. I'm not a vegetarian. But most that I've known are repulsed by meet. If your make his then make the stand Yasser appear repulsed by it. And what changes everything when you get drunk and you see the left over pizza with. You know cover oh yeah in the fray. So this too distant things it is warning year old in your travels and experience. You know more real vegetarians are fake vegetarians number one number two is there's something that you do so overt don't say sex. They because 617 is I know people that only smoke when they're drunk and they have so I have I don't know the exact same people through my life. So within don't talk about criminal behavior that are there things that you do drunk that you never do other one. Given dvd Boston's morning show. WR KL. So some deadly terror I mean real vegetarian since 97. There are no circumstances in which I won't eat any serious. 617 I'm kind of a second hand vegetarian. Yeah cows eat grass aideed cows secondhand vegetarian that's coming. Somebody when I'm drunk is it by its nature in the inhibitor it makes your natural instinct and natural defenses go down which is why you tend to do the things that you think are wrong. I get I get that. But it could it that's why vegetarian is that's a funny survey because. Which one is the stronger impulse in you know and one is. Clearly not strong for 37% of the people that in the secondary. Defenses go down they don't meet on a stick now I have it. Yeah I it's it's funny because I mean I'm I'm looking. And like I said most of the vegetarians and ever known in my life. Are. Pretty strict about it so much so there repulsed by meet. And I was just looking this up to see things you know there'd been these testimonials like on YouTube and there are but they're people who were saying. I accidentally ate meat to their like cry. There's so. Torn up about it. We are are you a vegetarian like that or do you know one like that I. Do you have anything like that I think like for me. If I if I drank alcohol. I never have my whole life Ayman Al gap I'll kocharian hazard and when government Tito learn. But I accidentally did I would be a little. I that I might lose lost sleep over it but. I am not thrilled that I would have done it either once put it that way. Yeah I so I get word some vegetarians would be upset to hear. But it but it. In this case is a conscious drunken conscious decision right it's not like I did this there was nothing I noticed a hole right when it turns on its beef right. In fact that's that's the whole point of this whole thing they'd make that decision once they have. Consumed alcohol that they will in fact he. Eat meat. So it's not like somebody snuck in new be different some recent academia I mean you know. I think this is more of the people that are the lake are sort of morally against eating animals because they're animal rights people but. Actually really like Batiste and Eaton break down and just do it. You know. I'm just gonna do this one time you know. Yeah I think that's probably true. I think that's part true six notorious she isn't it shouldn't were vegetarian. I am boy and you've been you've been known to enjoy or beverage to. Yeah but I've never even had never eaten meat any time and over ten years when I have ever taken. Whatever you had alcohol but I think no I definitely dated someone who was a staunch vegetarian but in sit and every time we go out like I noticed there was a hand and might play then and flick relatives alcohol. So that we know that claims to be a vegetarian but eats meat almost every time we steer the or chickens. So I might give this is a thing on my wife where. We don't see her often but when we do we jokingly say to each of our wonder which is gonna get for lunch or dinner because we know it's gonna have. And poultry or fish on our I get that fish is a right some. She too mean she's the furthest thing from a veggie but she will tell you like if I introduce shooter or she would tell you she's a budgetary what she should just say isn't only being I don't eat pork rent she even does that say they heard of it she's the queen of will get pizza. Ha and so I'll get my usual sausage pepperoni no cheese she gets a salad but. Always takes a piece of my PT got a lot just have one I normally would never do this. She does every time every time. Earth and we did go OK she wants to believe she's a vegetarian so I have added but she's not a budgetary. I I yeah I have had friends like that I got to the point where actually said to them I'm buying you a slice of pizza. And then they every time they say a minute and I don't I don't wanna as a bullet you don't want to do not take a piece of mine because I am buying as much as I want to eat. Right right right. Let me go to Armenia in Salem hey maybe. I did my ankle according to a great day. You know I didn't do cherry and I turn vegetarian and I don't think that it hit it right now I love it. Let's spare me like Beijing and I just go crazy elaborate I'll. I just don't need it and it doesn't matter I got caught Opel and I yeah are. Aren't intentionally. Eaten meat at I know politics sometimes thought. Going to. Get beer and got beat they are being out there are no notre. I can always tell that there is my body it used to not having it it'd make that. Sure right sensitive to it at this stage they won't. So what I wanna check out we we see that I'm so surprised by that because I think I vegetarians I've known are repulsed by the don't want touch it. They don't each you know when there really should correct. Yeah yeah I mean I'm I'm stricken that I don't eat it I want to chicken stock or stock issue or any or high I don't eat chicken or are. I'm everybody else and I Italy I mean they are that people that it Thanksgiving miracle in the Arctic Turkey has their favorite I'd I get pregnant. Now include myself in areas that and I don't like technique that I don't like it acts are. But again you know I got a clue that edged stock and a Barrett are making earth or anything like that nobody at all. Amy thanks for the call so very woman Moammar whites and non militant vegetarian crispy bacon is her indulgence. It's like a cheap date kind of thing society so there is likes it Saturday's bacon day I don't know. By the right to defend myself you're 97 ADB is no business calling anyone a snowflake she's the one. He loses sleep if you don't rum cake. For not only capable of I wouldn't hate I don't need sugar much anymore so I wouldn't eat cake but if module Hewitt the difference hack so what difference in that case would be the one thing that when I was eating sugar. And I actually it's the only time I've beaten. Sugar and nor ice cream in the last three years. As a dog Democrat dessert I ordered bananas Foster which obviously has alcohol house burned off in it from. But what I was talking about is like. If if somehow. You're toasting the new Digg like Troy tonight I have slugger champagne I drank up floated it. I would be upset at myself because I would find that hypocritical I can't be eighteen to. Oh Larry Nancy but that one time was school like now it's never cool under any circumstances somehow but I will say to our listeners that. You're not militant like I don't want anyone around me who is drinking you don't you're not I've got no more militant as I've gotten older however I will acknowledge that. But your not like that like you've been with me and I've had a glass of wine I don't like it in my house and I am less comfortable when people bring in my house I have and not to the point where I have stopped them from who but I would prefer it not be there and I'm getting more. If there's one person in particular who I'm like I'm not. Thrilled that you keep to one has a malignant goal for now well I think there are also people who push limits and not thinking probably of people in your life and there's other things they are doing as well which cut picked out what to do or right. Back at a vegetarian things my son is vegetarian my daughter is begins. It cracks me up that they eat fake to me. I'm sold on this with 603. So soy meat like then why would that money something that tastes like dead cat now if you're. What some other words. One of the things that food it's funny when Mosley. I don't eat meat but if it looks like comedian pace like me I'll leave it why would you want her well I got a goal I had I had I had I lie yet I don't like you say it's because they don't want to kill the out right Dan all right I know I play like me like I don't bail me out right. But he writes it is. If you eat tofu why does it have to look like Turkey what to who. I eat tofu I think it's I ask you despite I don't need it shaped like an animal but I think I don't I don't even higher shaped like the animal just tastes like yeah I think it's because they've big like every ball and I you know there's a lag I won't say it doesn't actually taste like the animal of its post it tastes like yeah yeah. If it tastes like garbage yet days days days like tofu that you put a whole bunch of things in to try to make it taste like. And a meat. I'm as far from snowflake as it comes on this category I want me I want it to be actual meat I want to know which animal if came from and I want to enjoy eating it. In front end all the vegetarians who were angry about. He's right about that here is not just Konami subs just an hour on I get it but why do you. If you once you've made a stand why would you want even make of why why would a meat substitute good okay for you kind of. I guess I guess probably. One of the big reasons people who are vegetarians and begins armed and that is just 'cause you're looking for the pro team that it's like trying to nonalcoholic. Beer like why. That I don't get I would see I think meet all I don't know nonalcoholic beer is somebody just likes the taste of being your life nowadays that taste of fear you'll likely reaction beer has in your body. I don't think that's true I think there are people who like the taste to be there because no one their drinks beer drinks not alcoholic beer. I think I do if they have a problem making it three that's longer right. But if you just like the taste in the make it taste like beer but it doesn't and alcohol. The average so called like to drink alcohol guy doesn't drink beer okay but why can't we are why do you have sugar free things and you know or you made this people later he's still shows error. And finally I know you keep your assaulting me later write something to give you applause on the island. But yeah. I don't know it's Kazmir I think we're back this up yet it is she's made the determination out of the reason exists coast. I don't know what I think it's because people like the taste of beer. New RKO. Voice over Boston. This is turned on me at least that's why I'm not sure why but you can head back and that's fine. Five OH. OK TV since you don't hear anything that's healthy I'm that I ever say that. I've that I need sugar or alcohol but okay. Would you be upset DV if somebody brought inedible arrangements to your house or cheese platter. No I wouldn't be upset because we have other kids and people in my house besides me if it was just me I would throw out the cheese platter I wouldn't touch really anything edible arrangement either because that's verboten to hear you much for. I don't I've gotten a little because of the kids. I really don't but I I am starting to cinemas on why am I not bought so. To truly edible arrangements is the woman I would particular avoid. I'm turning it a lot. I have a couple of grapes recently. You could feel free to bring that she's played and here I what I what I always frustrating all my neighbor would tell you don't have to he's like Yates when I knock on the door because he's. What else is already there's always going to be food Brit. I don't know why it's a problem for me that you'll probably meet because vegetarians actually meetings on days. Alan McPeek solar OK and I don't HE a turn out the butter eternity cheese and I don't eat sugar that's that's my things that moment you know. Now right exactly well interesting conversation it really is this whole idea of folks you. Are at a mic during the day that they don't eat one thing in and they drink alcohol in the name change their mind about it and especially. Especially begins and and. What you wanna defends the air here and save it. Loyal non alcohol beer is an okay thing where we are telling you know because. Well I really do believe there are some people who. Actually light the taste of beer I I will get together our beer common sewers Al yeah error that truly genuinely enjoy the taste of beer. I still think the vast majority of people that drink beer are drinking beer because it's bill least path of least resistance for them to get drunk I think that's true. But I I don't think that that many people drink non alcoholic beer either and that's because it doesn't as are your other amenities that day while the question would be if you could maybe get. Such that I promise this thing tastes exactly like I make him. Why would you then drink I can why would you do the alcohol if you could get it the exact same taste way without it. But they can't do it they can't make it taste like it without all alcohol is the thing yeah. That is why I always say to people when they they say that alcohol has no taste it it must. It in the process that says it doesn't guy telling Syria doesn't. It it has to affected because first they cannot make it taste like it otherwise. I mean I understand what you're saying I'm just saying I don't I think. They're in debt let's face of the non alcoholic beer market isn't very big. I mean gays did not that mean it's producers may won't it do not the actor says you know joking is a daily meetings. Non alcoholic beer is for non alcoholics. I mean I I I do I believe that thing yeah no one. I equate to this thing you cannot how many that you don't taste the difference between see something that Scott sugar in it was on the doesn't. But people like me you know they like at me like a cake early like a whenever they'd be like that so they need they Eaton and Sherwin. Wall mine's seven and how about the strong Vijay new laws are expensive leather shoes. True. True it is the one thing on all of this style like we we we all do this where. We're all hypocritical on everything worse and it's okay. Sold the VP of the vegetarian that tries real hard but then gets drunk and he's the chicken on the stick. It's. Why we feel the need to go our way Ager are the why don't like it scores that's a big point I've got yeah all I and we get to tell you you lie right. So what is the woman wears leather shoes but she doesn't need me like it's these shouldn't be as big a thing you know I agree that if she gets in your face about not eating meat and kind of thing where she's going out that is. Good point yeah that's a good point I absolutely agree with that we are all week and we all tried hard but some we all have our shortcomings and we all fail and as mud. I can't tell you that I haven't had sugar in the last month I hate when I go to a restaurant. Yeah the bread it has butter and as sugary and I'm sure of it so I'm not under present if that makes me hypocrite fine like that's okay. Think it makes you hit that is why help each year about yeah 'cause there's gonna say I don't you know I never I gotta be honest with you. I am a pretty mighty general rule. All like the I diet. It's pretty strict and IE you know and I do cheat here an idea chief there and whatever but I'm pretty strict I don't preach to anybody I feel like hey. Whenever you wanna do is great for you may be added when I do it's all cool and it's all good you know I I'm just not want to do that. Bush could do exist 97 ADB you were wrong you don't know where you're talking about own tools taste exactly like Budweiser and its Budweiser and makes it. What I would love to do with the old candid camera thing wherever I'd love to go to a bar and say for one night can you sure your vote this and see. How they're able to anybody who not only that because somewhat because it's awesome I heard it but also does it. What is the percentage if any that says. I think something's off when you're OCO two hours because it doesn't taste like yeah I had in American provide right. Or would they everyone that walks and be like happy like I got blood denied in the world. I don't drink beer so I what I wouldn't know the difference because I don't drink beer when I know the difference Jim. Me and. It's a really bad pitches I had. I knew exactly yet I've in just a bad dear to me that's all that you would probably you probably go wow this kind of watered down I don't know if you wouldn't realize there was no alcohol and it would just teased watered down the effects and once as well there is half of. Percent of alcohol you know took hold tools. It's on its price for that or not that's near beer than mattered. Probably not a good idea to do that was an alcoholic or if they're still out calling them but nonetheless. Dvi seal it. That's one of the reasons I gave up sugar resided dog died and Ari how diabetics do and so I try to night. No I normally do when it's time after you got to challenge yourself and your best.