Eric Bolling fired from Fox News.

The Kuhner Report
Tuesday, September 12th

Bolling was fired from Fox News late last week. After his firing was announced, his son committed suicide. Liberals on Twitter were celebrating Bolling being fired from Fox News. What do you make of this?


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And Fox News now being run by the Murdoch boys said you know what buddy I'm sorry you do about the wrong opinions. You're out. Your routes. Now if you're a liberal and you support Bill Clinton who raped women that's OK. That's okay the if you are dead vanity. Who was boss about a banging cocktail waitresses two what do popped. At the capital grille that I would see them often in Washington DC and you not kill a woman in a car Chappaquiddick. That's OK. Okay eight era liberal that's okay ray bumped tellem batting him 21 at time that's not a problem. Hey relax. If your Bill Maher. And you're storing cocaine off their rear end about prostitutes of walkers and that's okay. Relax. But if you're trump supporter. You better watch yourself. Who better watch yourself. Anything you say or do. Can and will be held against you now. In the wake of this and in the wake of faux news is decline in rates. They've actually made a sensible decision. So as they stop Eric Bolling in the back. And awesome to the curb they've actually made a half decent decision. They now realize there are just nowhere near as many trauma voices on fox. It's become essentially the Ryan known network. And so in a reaction because now since bowling is officially gone. They show all the specialists. They've taken it last year. Sold nor more ebony Williams pat cash and kept tenth. Thank you Jesus. That there is some justice and the world so they've canceled that horror show all that was the specialists. And they're gonna take a five which is currently on at 9 o'clock to 9 PM they're gonna move it back to its original times slot which was 5 PM. So as five gets pushed a five pushed back to five they're gonna move Hannity back from Tenet. Clark to his previous slot 9 o'clock that opens up 10 o'clock. Laura Ingraham. Is now going to be hosting her own show. They had mentioned this a couple of months ago. Sewing you Laura Ingraham was gonna be getting a show it's now official she's gonna have her own show Monday to Friday. 10 PM I don't know exactly when it starts but it should be happening soon so that means that faux news is prime time lineup. I think now just got significantly stronger. They kicked a five which to me I'm not impressed with. Out of prime time you've got Tucker Carlson had an idiot nine and then Laura Ingram attend. So now you have primetime lineup. Pro trump Tucker wrote trump hand maybe roll trump Laura Ingraham. My prediction. It's gonna be a prime time ratings monster. It's gonna be a killer a beast. That is gonna anchor Fox News and catapult them right back to the top. 6172666868. Britney let me I wanna ask you to weigh in on this very quickly then I wanna throw it open to the active corner country. Number one what do you make of Eric Bolling is departure at Fox News. And the liberals dancing on the death that the great of that the death of his son. And number two this new prime time lineup bringing Lori in a ten moving Hannity to nine and moving the 5 back to 5 o'clock. Is that gonna help Fox News in Europe and I. So. Mare anger she filled and third Tucker Carlson on the when he was on vacation I thought that she did a really good job not a big fan of her radio show but I thought that she was great on television. So I think. Amid a bill uttered not a little upset that he nannies are going to be at ten anymore but I like that he'll be on at nine so I think that they are gonna kill it and the ratings. This whole Eric bowling thing I think it's actually discussing with the liberals are doing. Just it. The fact that a son killed himself right after he was tired from fox news's actually discussing while we have no idea whether our polling dated or not. When I was telling you on the phone. I don't believe that Eric falling did that because you know one Geraldo Rivera. Infamy Wiener almost pictures came out you know whenever there's a visit texting scandal are you know a sexting stance he handle us they say. The pictures and text messages always come I'll. And we haven't heard anything since he's then he was on leave from. Fox and now he's officially been fired so I don't believe it and I think that it's very sad that you know his son took his life because his dad and ultimately lost his job over that. So. Bring I completely agree if you and that's why my friends let me be honest with you like I'm in the confessional. Look I don't I don't think he did it I don't think Eric Bolling did what they accuse him of doing but let's just leave them off the table okay. Your children always look up to you. Your father in your mother if you're a parent. You're not just their role model some wager their hero. I know that changes as they get older of course but for the most part your children look up to you. And that's why I'm not saying I'm perfect amount being self righteous believe me I've got my share of flaws and sins. But every day I know that my children look up to me I always try ta cock in guide myself according. I never want my children to be ashamed or disappointed. In anything that I do. And that's just the way I try to lead my life. Especially. When your public figure. And my thoughts and prayers go out to Eric. His wife and his grieving family. 6172666868. Double barreled question. The departure of Eric Bolling and what's your reaction. And the new primetime lineup at Fox News. Will this bring fox back to the pop. Will you start watching fox again if you stop watching fox what you start watching fox again. 6172666860. A little boys of Boston. Arcadia. Grace can skip switch you're up next go ahead grace. Yeah I don't very often but I think yeah every day you have stepped radio show on here. Greens are. High. If they felt you really let. But anyway. I was so glad you thought that they are following I that the story. I've met here believe you whipped they felt it was one of my favorite. It without Hendry did the same thing he said he says. It supplement that they accepted that child who is on Fox Business. At that he did something even black and he's backed back out on that it. And Eric Bolling I put it they do at this visited app on Fox News by media matters and Hewlett. If it'd I have been attacked yet and it and that meant that. Grace that's a brilliant point. You know and look are you Charles Payne he's back now is any Britney. Yes he came back the same day that Eric Bolling was fired. Now what can be accused of like I think each having an affair having an affair on his yes yeah so I guess if you're trump supporter you now. There's different standards for you I'm out allows the value. Now you know what I think could be by the way killer lineup. All all if they did this this is a leg jujitsu. This would blow the competition out of the water I would take a little dots. From Fox Business at seven. Parole on the fox at seven. And I would go Lou Dobbs 78. Tucker Carlson eight to nine Sean Hannity nine depend Laurie Ingram ten to eleven. By buying. Up that's what I would say another word for troopers. For problem. For trump supporters back to back up back there back and then use weight to the rest of the media by body. They would slaughter rom in the ratings just my opinion Bobby inland field go ahead Bob. I think the market out there. Couple comets won on Eric bowling. You know I I particulates in guilty. And nor in nor anyone else by. Economic I think it's hurtful you know Q what do you like it to Cuba into the fight commodity not. You know pursue all legal properties yet an attorney so I don't know what happened Abbott and any current. It's what it is an aunt acrobat but am I took out his family. You know it I I have assigning and there's 36 and our I don't bet I can't match that slightly camp on our part a lost child. You know my heart the subs won't. I just wanted to make a point about the Internet. Bobby quickly I got thirty seconds so don't go. Potty and nobody came I just don't understand also this. All this Accenture which where there are written. And you know I mean why people get it's I'm with you cheers. Bobby I'm so we phew I got look again I don't know what happened. I don't mean attacks like you know we're gonna do for the show tomorrow did you see this story but. It disliked texting like pictures of yourself and where in nevermind your body parts hears me at a party years. I I stay away from that. And that's might think that's why I've survived this long gone LP. You 680 WRKO. Bust in 937 WE.