Emory Zink (Morningstar, BSBIX)

Emory Zink (Morningstar, BSBIX) by The Financial Exchange


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As promised everything joins us now to do little bit of mutual fund talkie on a mutual fund Monday and Emory thank you for joining us. Ratting me Emery the fun that we're talking about is the beard short term bond fund. And can you talk a little bit about what this fund dollars. And what makes its stand out within this investment class. He has Lou. The short term bond fund complicated. Something that allowed us and that it had been talking about it especially given go green to you know. Questions about the economy is growing at that night and then we interest rates rising and those. And ordered him on Biden pointed carry less interest rate and is. A reason why not the year outlook your iPod into an interesting discipline is run by Mary Ellen indicator that there it. They're thick primary portfolio manager they averaged 33 years of experience. They put together on the fun incident that it without them or have a pretty incredible track record. Lower volatility won the that we really like about the fund it that if you hire quality and and that in order to combined category where even you have. Term security funds and not have much time in order anything in and out of the portfolio. Air quality at a little more conservative. And they even within that category then particular by and carried a little bit let's get straight risk and it. Here and that's one point nine. Period is what from the point victory in the category which. In the current environment if you're really hit about volatility that could be. A very confident character and. Every match that this obviously is somewhat of a hedge against interest rate interest rate risk is wells being made up of very high quality bonds. I'm assuming that you have to sacrifice somewhat in yield in order to move into those safer bonds. You commute though it'll. If I were asked you know but he is in third at intermediate and currently a core portfolio. Is worried about interest rates and barely can I can. We can't tell the funds that you and he were to come by and I wouldn't necessarily say these but if you're someone. Do it's really really concerned about volatile volatility interest rate risk and you have a little bit of money that you want it back in your interest in and short term but I'm into the next one option. Amber what are your expenses on this fund what does it cost for someone to own. Up well toward the end it musical chairs out with an incredibly low period in the the for the retail shares that they keep by the at this point it is below average. Defense quality. You know. Apartment their record is the lower volatility and you're really getting it at an adequate content. What are the off fund minimums for each of the share classes. I believe that for after the incident about 25000 explored every guilty of the 500. OK and there's no while front or back and I'll loads or anything like that that. Very good Emery thank you very much for the time today. Emery zinc for Morningstar the fund that we were talking about is the bear short term bond fund ticker on the institutional clients there is BS VE. I axe. No Puerto Rican bonds that fund I know I would imagine I'm looking at what they own and it largely is you know a lot of high quality either beer treasuries high quality corporates. It's it. Leo's is very stable there but obviously you do give up a little bit yield but it tends to be a very consistent. Perform with not a lot of volatility. There's Puerto Rico's back in the news he'd be here it's and it's a story we're gonna cover in the next hour but. The there haven't real challenges he's here they're not making payments. So that some of their debt obligations. The pensioners by I'm dying to see what happens it's going to be very unfortunate to watch it. You'd see pension obligations being defaulted on with the in comfortable with in months in I believe there they're asking the US to get involved trying to square this away now correct. They are but the US is saying no thanks literature during your senior US doesn't want anything to do with that. With a it's so much money yeah you did that you know the US does want to check and it's not a state it's territory that they have lesser obligations in this particular instance. They are asking route Puerto Rico is asking for help. I don't think the help is on the way and that that's what's gonna cause the pension obligations to the default is just the moment.